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Wednesday, 14 November, 2001, 15:36 GMT
The views of British Muslims
Here is a selection of your earlier comments on this subject.

Look at all the other terrorist organisations in the world

Shanur Rahman, UK
What I don't understand is why countries such as the UK, America and other international powers are inconsistent in their approach towards terrorism. In saying this I mean look at all the other terrorist organisations in the world which are beyond just the Taleban regime as they like to call it. If the decisions were consistent then maybe the majority of Muslims would not argue that this is a war against Islam.
Shanur Rahman, UK

I must say it's so bad for the families of those lost in the tragedy of September 11 and I cry and mourn with them. But the issue of war on Afghanistan is really not the solution to bring peace to the minds of the deceased.
Humphrey Lupyani, UK

Now may be time to poll the residents of Kabul in Afghanistan for their opinion on the military action there. I think the BBC news reports yesterday that people in Kabul have started playing music, men shaving beards, women discarding veils and rejoicing clearly indicates what they think. Do we really need a poll??
R. Panwar, USA

These people are destroying Islam

Houman Taheri, Canada
I, as an Iranian Muslim think that the war on the Taleban and other terrorists is the best thing to have happened to Islam. These people are destroying Islam and the funny part is that they think they are expanding the faith.
Houman Taheri, Canada

The war must end and end now. Why doesn't the PM listen to British Muslims?
Mohammed Fiaz Hussain, UK

How can British Muslims say that this is a war against Islam when the Northern Alliance have been fighting against fellow Afghans with the Americans? If people believe that this is a war against Islam then why aren't they in Afghanistan fighting with them?
Anonymous, England

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