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Monday, 8 October, 2001, 15:40 GMT 16:40 UK
America launches air strikes: Your reaction?
Your comments:

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We will not win a war on ideology through violence but through understanding

Brian Andrew, USA
The US further implementing its arrogant imperialistic one-world-culture based on consumerism, wants to hide behind its past mistakes of causing unrest in the Middle East by acting on a rather emotional basis and striking with violence against a nation and its citizens for crimes, which the US alone could be to blame for. We will never win a war on ideology through violence, only through understanding!
Brian Andrew, USA

I am horrified that Tony Blair has taken it upon himself to get so involved in the USA's problems. I do not know any one who supports his involvement and do not think British warships and missiles should be fired. He does not have the support of the great majority of British people and in bombing Afghanistan is no better than Bin Laden because innocent civilians will be hurt and killed.
J Davis, UK

Like many Americans, I'm divided about today's events. No option seems definitely right, and I want to apologize on behalf of our President if he makes it seem as if we all think this is "you're on our side or you're not." I would like to use this forum to thank the British people for their support. Let us all keep a vigilant eye on these events so that these attacks are measured, focused, and with clear goals. Like citizens of many countries, our leaders are not always under our control nor do they speak our wills.
Elizabeth, USA

I am completely appalled that once again the West is engaged in military action. I am not convinced of the guilt of the Taleban. I believe the West has been supporting terrorist activity around the globe. I believe the use of force once again undermines global security and indeed is an evil in its own right. We must strive for reconciliation and justice in order to build a peaceful world.
Richard Morley, England

A terrorist must be seen as a virus in society

AMT, Saudi Arabia
No decent honourable person would support terrorism. A terrorist must be seen as a virus in society. However, it is not enough to kill the virus leaving its cause untouched. The cause for such terrorist acts is the double standard that is used by the USA towards other countries in general and third world nations in particular. Therefore such war is needless and worthless as it may result in more, stronger and different groups of terror.
AMT, Saudi Arabia

This is all pre-planned for the sake of the untapped proven oil and gas reserves in Central Asian countries. The incident of September 11, have hastened the implementation phase. Osama Bin Laden is just a scapegoat. Afghanistan is the only feasible country through where the oil pipeline could be laid. The US and its Western allies want a puppet government in Afghanistan, which can bow to their wishes and greed for oil.
Ghulam Mujtaba, Pakistan

I believe that bombing Afghanistan is a step in the wrong direction. Destroying a nation just to put one man on trial? In my opinion the military action should be cancelled before this war game gets out of hand.
Natasa Jovanovic, Yugoslavia

All these conflicts have their origin in some previous outrage. The problem is that terrorists can never forgive nor forget. They take things to incredible extremes that no sane person can ever understand nor condone. The time has come to take a stand against an evil that affects so many countries in the world. That causes fear and horror to so many innocent people. We must take a stand and attack terrorism wherever it exists in the world. We must do this together. Not as West versus East but united and sickened by the outrages that these evil and misguided people create in the name of revenge and justice. I only hope that this eventually leads to peace in the Middle East.
Peter Ridgway-Davies, England

There should be no mercy for those who support terrorists

J Jensen, Norway
We are at war with terror, and fighting a war means casualties. No matter what religion, race or country, there should be no mercy for those who house, feed and support terrorists!
J Jensen, Norway

The strikes have eventually come. I wonder how people can need more evidence? This is a man who killed over 300 Kenyans and their friends on 7th August 1998 - he himself claimed responsibility. The fight on terrorists should not end with Osama. Proceed to Sudan, Palestine, Angola, Colombia. Those practicing state terrorism should be pursued.
Osinov Charles Obare, Kenya

How can we say that the attacks in America were an outrage if we kill innocent civilians in Afghanistan? I understand that a lot has been done to minimise casualties, but I still feel that with the nature of the military infrastructure that we have been told exists in Afganistan (i.e. not much) missiles are an inappropriate response. I hope that there will be no civilian casualties because it will turn many of those who expressed condemnation for the US attacks against us.
Linzi, UK

Muslims see one murder as the murder of the whole of mankind

M Saeed, Peshawar, Pakistan
First I condemn the suicide attack on the WTC, and then strongly condemn the air strike on Afghanistan, because I am a Muslim and Muslims see one murder as the murder of the whole of mankind. These strikes are not the solution to the conflict. The Alliance should examine the root cause of the suicide attacks first. Why would a person killed himself for a cause? The root cause of all these events are the unjust policies of the USA and Western Countries.
M Saeed, Peshawar, Pakistan

Wassim El-Hassan states that "If one innocent soul dies in this attack, then there is no difference between Bin Laden, Bush and Blair." There is a clear ethical distinction between cold-blooded intentional murder and the inadvertent killing of civilians in a measured operation against legitimate military targets. That is why, for example, modern civilian courts of law distinguish the crime of murder from that of manslaughter. Intent is extremely important. Nobody involved in these military actions wants innocent Afghans to be harmed in any way, let alone be killed. Strenuous efforts are being made to avoid civilian casualties.
Lawrence, San Francisco, USA

History is witness to the fact that you cannot fight terrorism with terror.
Abdul Wasay, Hyderabad, India

And so the cycle of violence continues

Des Johnston, Dublin, Ireland
And so the cycle of violence continues. It did not start with New York; it will not end in Kabul. Rather than allow Bush to play redneck politics, perhaps the US and especially the UK (I am a UK citizen) should acknowledge the causes of Western/Arab conflicts and attempt to resolve them.
Des Johnston, Dublin, Ireland

The terrorists have persuaded Western governments to set aside the rule of law and create martyrs. That sounds perilously like they are winning, to me.
Guy Chapman, Reading, UK

I agree completely with Guy Chapman. If Bin Laden is killed he will have become a martyr. War was his aim, a war to unite all Muslims. I wish that the USA and all supporting countries would stop to wonder if they are not just playing into these extremists' hands, and killing countless innocents in the process.
Andrea Smith, Stevenage UK

Unfortunately the biggest villains in history always think they are doing God's will

Anthony, Reading, England
When I heard of the Islamic suicide bombers on 11th September, I wondered what kind of awful religion this is that inspires such hatred and evil. When I hear President Bush state 'God Bless America' as he gives the orders to bomb and kill, I wonder which God he is talking about. Certainly not the God of Christianity. But unfortunately the biggest villains and tyrants in history always think they are doing God's will. The real followers of Islam and Jesus love their neighbours, and help with food and money, not with bombs and terror.
Anthony, Reading, England

This is the best thing to happen in the new Millennium. At last the western world has come to know how dreadful it is to suffer from terrorism. The attacks against the Taleban are the first step in the right direction. But the attack against Taleban would not solve the problem. It would have been more appropriate had there been a simultaneous attack on the other terrorist organisations worldwide.
Jeetu, India

It is nice that Tony Blair is using England's resources to help the US in its little emotional crusade. Will the US help England versus the IRA? I doubt it. They probably won't even stop funding them!
Paul Charters, England

It has come to my knowledge that several civilians have been killed in this first attack of revenge by USA. How many more people will have to die to still the bloodthirsty? It never was a war until now. Enough with violence.
Ronnie Alsing, Sweden

There is no such thing as civilized war efforts against a faceless enemy. If the Muslim world wants a war with America, let them relish Allah from the inevitable nuclear catastrophe that we are leading up to.
Marceli, Indianapolis, USA

Every violent action breeds another

Richard Myers, Tokyo, Japan
It's criminal. If everything is taken away from a people, what do they have to lose? The attacks on the WTC were inhuman and vile. They were a direct result of the dehumanising processes that go on all around us. In attacking Afghanistan, the USA and all its followers are sowing the seeds of nightmare for years and years to come. The more you take from someone, the more violent the eventual reaction will be. Has no one learnt any lessons at all from this century of wars? To go in fighting is sickening and incredibly stupid. Every violent action breeds another, even though it may not happen for years to come
Richard Myers, Tokyo, Japan

Why can't this worldwide assault on terrorism be just that- worldwide? When the US fights the good fight, it's only the UK who stands by their side. Shame on the world's other leading military nations like Russia and France for not involving their forces immediately.
Joseph, Prague, Czech Rep.

Many people on Talking Point are asking for negotiations? With who, with the terrorists? Can I ask what exactly we are supposed to negotiate and who with? Osama? Thousands of innocent people have been killed without a single tear shed by the people who are responsible. Negotiations are pointless there is no conceivable common ground. You might as well say we should have negotiated with Himmler about his policy of extermination.
John, UK

When New York was attacked on September 11, the media showed endless footage of how ordinary people were devastated by this attack. Why is the media not reporting the casualties in Afghanistan now? Are innocent lives different when they are "collateral"?
Humayun Mirza, Luton, England

Today Israel and Russia are the two most content countries on earth. Russia is keeping its fingers crossed for the USA to put its men into the hell of Afghanistan. If the war drags out, I am sure they will be the ones to arm the Taleban to take revenge for their defeat in Afghanistan!!
Mohammad Afridi, Pakistan

The US should hit other terrorist bases in other countries simultaneously before the terrorists disperse into the general population.
Steven, Singapore

Turning the other cheek does not always work

Dan, Worcestershire
It is about time we realised that 'turning the other cheek' does not always work, it just gets more innocent people killed. The only way to stop terrorism would appear to be by using force! I know it is a horrible thing, but sometimes there are no other options but to fight, and this is one of those times!
Dan, Worcestershire

There will always be arguments and counter arguments as to the validity of the American attacks. But, these strikes are inevitable and the US should have woken up to this terror even before the September 11 strikes. Now that the US has been rudely awakened it must use its power to root out the breeding grounds of hatred being operated from Afghanistan and Pakistan.
Deepak Vats, Kharagpur, India

What's the difference between the attacks on America and the attacks on Afghanistan? Simple, we won't see the suffering of the Afghan civilians.
Andy, Wales, UK

Throw away such foolish, jingoistic national pride. This isn't a ball game. Only thorough understanding will bring about a resolution. Why is there so much anti-US feeling in the world today Mr. Bush? War may achieve in the short-term and bring down the Taleban and Bin Laden, but will only create further anti-US sentiment and pave the way for more widespread attacks on the West. Europe knows through bitter experience that the arrogance of the strong and the pride of the powerful always precede a fall!
Gavin, Milton Keynes, England

How many innocent Afghans will need to die, and how many terrorist reprisals on the UK and US will be needed before Bush and Blair realise that military action will not solve this problem? Attacking terrorists in temporary camps with cruise missiles is pointless. I can't imagine they will have stayed put, with a big sign saying 'terrorist camp here'. It is not camps and hardware that fuel terrorism. It is hatred and resentment. I cannot imagine that bombing an already shattered country will do anything except breed a whole new generation of suicide bombers.
Sam Kimmins, London UK

What has Blair done about the IRA here?

Jon Dobson, Hampshire
Tony Blair wants to be seen as the new President of the EEC and dragged the UK into this without even informing the Parliament first. He is the most dangerous man in Britain and I am suspicious about his real motives. I wonder if the fact that Afghanistan sits on one of the largest untapped oilfields in the world has anything to do with this? As far as the bombing is concerned, it is hardly targeted - innocent people are being killed. What has Blair done about the IRA here? Only two weeks ago he allowed school kids to walk down a road to school when a bomb went off. What was done about that?
Jon Dobson, Hampshire

I condemn the attacks on Afghanistan! Who does Bush think that he is, God? He thinks that he can decide every ones destiny, but he is wrong. Why is he so ignorant, he knows that there were no Afghans in the September 11 attacks. I think he has a racist attitude towards the Taleban and the Afghan people, why couldn't he negotiate before using military actions. It was his goal to attack Afghanistan, even if they had handed over Bin laden. He will regret taking the lives of innocent Afghans!
Arian, Norway

Can the media not be biased towards the U.S and give us a true picture of their evils. We all need to hear both sides of the story. Why is the U.S acting like a big brother? Personally I think the U.S and Britain are a bunch of terrorists themselves.

Unjust regimes such as the Taliban should be dealt with in their nascence. I am baffled at why many Muslims support the Taliban when it is oppressing and killing its own people in Afghanistan for the most minor infractions - and yet they blame America for all their ills instead their own corrupt governments. What I find even more astonishing and ironic is that those Muslims who decry Western and American values and culture are the same people who seek shelter and residence in these very countries.
Maria Verdi, Berkshire, UK

There's nothing like peace especially for those of us with families

Ozzy, West Midlands, England
As a soldier I will do my duty but remember one thing: there's nothing like peace especially for those of us with families. Let's hope for the best, and God bless us all.
Ozzy, West Midlands, England

I may detest Bush, his views, and his government but I fully support the attacks on the Taleban. Bin Laden begged for this. The Taleban begged for this. Now they will reap the whirlwind. Yes, innocents will suffer and die, but the US and its allies have very little choice. The Taleban, on the other hand, had the choice to save themselves. And make no mistake - this is not Vietnam, the US is not playing games, and the Taleban will be crushed.
Alex Guenther, Munich, Germany

I hate that we live in a time where violence begets violence but the Taleban was given ample opportunity to turn over those responsible for the attacks on the WTC. Thousands of innocent people lost their lives there and not all of them were American citizens.
Pam, Calvert City, USA

In Britain, everyone is allowed the freedom of their own religion and their right to express it

Name Here
In Britain, everyone is allowed the freedom of their own religion and their right to express it. Yet, it would seem from some of the responses above that we have the image of a Muslim-hating country. What absolute rubbish! You won't find people here suffering the death penalty for daring to adopt their own beliefs. The good, peace-loving, "free" Muslims around the world must cringe at the stain these extremists are smearing on their good name.
Chris, UK

The military action is not the solution to this tragedy. We should have taken more time to find a peaceful answer. We ought to know this attack is a barbarous act.
Yuki, Japan

Good on you US and UK - go get these evil people. As for the people suggesting it's only Muslims who are persecuted worldwide, get real. How about the Christians in Sudan and East Timor and half a dozen other rogue Islamic countries
DG, Thailand

Sometimes it's difficult to be proud to be British

Nik Patel, Leicester, UK
Somewhere in Afghanistan a three-year-old child is scared, lonely, crying silently hidden in a corner as bombs and bullets are raining down around them. There is no electricity, it is completely pitch black and killing is all around them. This child has no idea what the WTC is or was and does not belong to any political party. It's just a child who will probably die, if not by a USA or UK missile then by hunger in the aftermath. Sometimes it's difficult to be proud to be British when we're so joined at the hip with USA. The military action on Afghanistan will only inflame passions in Pakistan and make this a very unstable country, with nuclear capability. When the UK is hit with an IRA bomb we do not blow up Northern Ireland even if the USA does provide funds to the IRA.
Nik Patel, Leicester, UK

Deter al-Qaeda? No amount of civilian deaths has deterred them so far

Ben Drake, York, UK
What are these air strikes supposed to achieve? Overthrow an oppressive regime? Didn't work in Iraq or Serbia! Deter al-Qaeda? No amount of civilian deaths has deterred them so far. So what exactly will count as success?
Ben Drake, York, UK

Why is America killing innocent Afghans? If they want Bin Laden they should cordon-off the border, stop the food supply and appeal to all Afghans who are not with Bin Laden to cross border. I think the American game plan is to control china by having a military base in Afghanistan. It is as stupid as an elephant attacking an ant. Shame on you, America.
Peacock, Singapore

Peacock of Singapore wrote "Cordon-off the border, stop the food supply and appeal to all Afghans who are not with Bin Laden to cross border." That is ridiculous, that would kill many thousands more innocent people than the bombing!

I cannot believe just how stupid western foreign policy has become. Your bombs kill people and destroy important infrastructure, then you wonder why people are prepared to crash planes into buildings full of your citizens? This policy of bombing didn't work in Vietnam, it isn't working in Iraq and it won't work in Afghanistan. It makes me ashamed to be British.
Rex Lombardo, Moscow, Russia

I agree with the sentiments of Rex Lombardo. I too woke up this morning feeling ashamed to be British. The actions being undertaken in my name by the British Government will only fuel the hatred and circle of violence. Does the west not realise that it is now playing into Osama Bin Laden's hands and making the recruitment of further terrorists a much easier job? We have missed an opportunity for the west to break the circle and show true compassion and tolerance by helping the starving Afghan people and avoiding a humanitarian disaster. Someone please tell me how I can explain to a child how our violent acts are different to those of a "terrorist". Peace.
Jason Kilby, Leicester, GB

What is being civilised - using even stronger violence to strike back?

Stella, UK
Such "striking back" is just like a ping-pong game, there will never be an end. What is being civilised - using even stronger violence to strike back? Making innocent people lose their home and family then give them food to comfort them? And what about the children? No matter which country they are in, the first thing they'll learn is to hate and fear. Isn't it sad?
Stella, UK

An eye for an eye, making the world blind -Ghandi
Grant, Melbourne Australia

I fear that, however justifiable the air strikes are, the failure of Western leaders to reveal any of the evidence against Bin Laden and his organisation has been a major blunder. Too often in the past have we all been asked to take at face value the assurances of politicians that attacks are justified; that the evidence is there. Mr Clinton's mistake with the Sudanese pharmaceuticals factory changed all that. Non-western and especially Muslim countries are already deeply suspicious about the intentions of the West. The opportunity to show them that we have clear evidence is one we should not have missed and a mistake we may come to regret in the future.
Nick, Berlin, Germany

No one likes to hurt others, and we're not here to teach the Taleban a lesson we're here to get rid of them, militarily or otherwise. What the Middle East needs is some government that isn't based on a religion, but politics.
Martin Owens, Cheshire

Firstly I am supporting this action. It should not limited to the US problem only - this operation should be all over world.
Harshal, Pune, India

You cannot defeat terrorists using diplomacy

Ross McDonald, 17, Leicester, England
I am afraid that you cannot defeat terrorists using diplomacy. It has been tried for the last month, and has resulted in nothing. Now we must talk to the Al-Qaeda organisation in the only language they understand - violence. It is a shame if innocent people lose their lives - it always is - but in the way it is carried out, the assault would produce only marginal civilian casualties, and certainly less than the 6,500 who lost their lives on September 11. We must stand behind our leaders in this. Now is the time to act firmly, not to appeased. We must make sure that never again can such a terrorist attack be carried out.
Ross McDonald, 17, Leicester, England

Well there's a first - extradition bombings! I am sure the citizens of Kabul and Kandahar fully appreciate why they will have to die - after all, Americans need revenge, and tough luck they are in the way of this cowardly attack.

Laptop warriors should realise that just because we will never see film footage of Afghans jumping out of burning buildings, and emergency service personnel being killed, doesn't mean it isn't happening.

Yes the US and the international community should get involved militarily, by rooting out Bin Laden and bringing him and his network to justice. But this should never, never involve bombing a capital city from hundreds of miles away. We all know how accurate American "smart" missiles are. Shame on America and shame on Britain.
Dave, Brighton, UK

The only to defeat terrorism is justice not rockets. No justice no peace. War never solves any problem because terror creates terror. If you want the others to feel your pain you have to share their pain. Justice is for all human beings, regardless their religion. What happened in NY is terrible and I am sorry for that. But how can the US & the West justify their policy in Palestine?
Agazal, Saudi Arabia

American and British attacks on Afghanistan are dangerously short-sighted. Those behind the attacks on September 11 wanted escalation. We can now expect more terrorist bombs, possibly the horror of biological weapons. As the number of civilian casualties rise in Afghanistan so will the number of retaliatory attacks on those that support them.

The danger of a critically de-stabilised Pakistan cannot be under-estimated. That danger could spread to other countries. And, after Afghanistan, what next? Will more countries be targeted? More civilian deaths? How many civil wars will break out? Feeding the flames of hatred will result in more terrorist attacks. After September 11 what the world needed was a great and courageous statesman. It didn't need a warmonger. Those that don't learn from history are condemned to repeat it.
MKH, Cambridge, England

Bin Laden didn't kill 7,000 people in New York because of Israel. He did it because he's opposed to anything that is not his "Islam"

Tami, Tel Aviv, Israel
Many comments relate to Israel's role both in the current attacks on Afghanistan and the attacks on the WTC. There is no doubt, that Israel existence annoys many Arabs and made them fight it both in "regular" military wars and in endless cases of pure and simple terror attacks. But One thing is for sure: when Bin Laden and his followers talk about the "Holy Land" they do not refer refer to Israel, but to Saudi Arabia - where the prophet Mohammad was born and buried. Bin Laden talked yesterday (in a pre-orchestrated video performance) about the liberation of Palestinians, but he emphasised that no one in America will be in peace until the US leaves the "Holy Land". Bin Laden didn't kill 7,000 people in New York because of Israel. He did it because he's opposed to anything that is not his "Islam".
Tami, Tel Aviv, Israel

I'm terribly concerned for Yvonne Ridley. Has she been released? If not, I'm even more worried for her safety. I wonder if the US would have held off if it was an American woman that was being held? I'm dismayed that Britain is the "staunch friend" in this attack. This certainly makes me wonder if the rest of the world is as behind the action as everyone seems to think. It makes us look even more like a puppet government, or worse (the 51st state of America?). I wish we had let them make the first strikes on their own. I don't support revenge attacks. The US has created more martyrs who will inevitably be willing to die for their cause - to our peril.

So much for America and Britain trying to spread the gospel of diplomacy, democracy and the rule of law

JG, Glasgow, UK
When the US went on its bombing sprees of Libya and Baghdad, how many innocent people died then? Did the US really expect these countries to lie back and take a pounding? I thought lessons would have been learnt from the Gulf war. So much for America and Britain trying to spread the gospel of diplomacy, democracy and the rule of law.
JG, Glasgow, UK

What if the Taleban did hand over Bin Laden and his executives, and did tear down the al-Qaeda camps? Would the west leave the Taleban alone? Would they turn a blind eye to the atrocious conditions that they force men and mostly women to live under? Was the Taleban OK by western standards back in September 10th?
George, Athens, Greece

What makes me feel very sad is that people (including Bush & Blair) are eager for revenge for the lives of more than 6000 civilians. Aren't the lives of innocent Afghans as valuable as those of the US and UK?. Yesterday Musharraf was a dictator; today he is our ally and a great leader. Is this the well known double standard of the West, where interest comes before everything?.
AB, Denmark

Our leaders should be stressing again the awfulness of what happened on September 11th

Neil Thomson, London
There's only so far you can go in justifying a right cause. If anti-Western sentiment is so high that people who directly or indirectly caused the deaths in NY and Washington are to be protected and praised, then persuasion has to be replaced with force. Perhaps our leaders should be stressing again the awfulness of what happened to 5000+ people on September 11th.
Neil Thomson, London

They are killing people for killing people to teach us killing people is wrong.
Mike, UK

This is a very sad day. Make no mistake: innocent people are dying today in Afghanistan, hopefully as few as possible, not that this makes it OK. But how many innocent people have the Taleban killed in their own country, how many will they kill in the future? How many women will be beaten with sticks for a slight mistake in how they wear a garment not native to their people, allowed no education, not allowed to work. It is with a heavy heart I admit I think this is necessary, but I am ashamed that it has come to this, that we in the West financed these people and helped them into power. This is not the west against Islam, this is the west against a monster of it's own creation. Let us hope that when the war is over we do not forget the Afghan people as we did before, but rather give them all the support they need to rebuild their country, along what lines they wish.
Colin Wright, UK

Killing Afghan civilians is no way to fight international terrorism

Gholam, The Netherlands
Killing Afghan civilians is no way to fight international terrorism. If they want to fight terrorism they should begin with themselves!
Gholam, The Netherlands

Try as we might to apply our humanistic, caring approach to people bent on a war of oppression and terrorism, time and time again it has been used by these people to advance their cause. The terrorist acts in Northern Ireland provide sufficient proof. Are the appeasers honest enough to take responsibility for the loss of life lost during negotiations with terrorists?
Barry Fagan, Windhoek, Namibia

The recent attacks on Afghanistan have come after weeks of requests by the USA and the coalition to hand Bin laden over. This is not a hot-headed move by the west. The Taleban had their opportunity to hand over the suspected terrorist and they declined. What else are we supposed to do? All these people who are asking for a peaceful resolution to this are not being realistic. If the Taleban are not helping us bring this terrorist to justice then they are aiding him. Innocents will no doubt be killed, but the US are targeting military bases, unlike the cowardly terrorists who attacked a civilian-populated target.
Felice Cirino, Wales

Care must be taken to save the lives of innocent Afghans

Ramesh Ankineedu K, India
The war against terrorism is a noble cause. Everyone must support the US in its fight against the brutal, uncivilised regime of the Taleban. But care must be taken to save the lives of innocent Afghans. Otherwise the fundamentalists may try to spread hatred in the Islamic world.
Ramesh Ankineedu K, India

I believe that the western alliance has been put into a war which could quite easily escalate into a global war, enless these terrorists are caught quickly with minimum casualties. I agree with what the western alliance is doing but have regrets at the possible outcome and its effect on our lives, as well as our children.
Dazz, New Zealand

Danish Hafeez writes: "War has never brought peace in the history of any nation." He was obviously absent the day they taught history in his school. The Allies defeated the evils of the WWII axis and the communist bloc through sheer bravery and determination, resulting in lasting peace. The same will happen here, as the terrorists are vanquished and a decent government is installed in Afghanistan.
Robert, Williamsville, NY, USA

This bombing will not solve the problem

Christophe, Munich, Germany
I am now awaiting the bombing of Belfast, San Sebastian, and Corsica, which also harbour terrorists. This bombing will not solve the problem, because what is going to be destroyed is peanuts (rusted Taleban material), and the Taleban leaders and the terrorists are well hidden. I hope that the roots of terrorism, i.e. the blindness and cynicism of Western democracies in pursuing their own interests instead of trying to promote peace, democracy and freedom, will be eradicated.
Christophe, Munich, Germany

It is an inhuman act carried out by two countries, who claim to value human life. This is killing of innocent people, and destruction of their property. Israel, America and the UK have only one thing in common: The killing of Muslims. I do not know when the Muslims of the world will understand that these three countries are their worst enemies.
Saleem Siddiqui, Lahore, Pakistan

How has the killing of innocents become a means to pursue one's ideological, political, regional and religious goals? May better sense prevail, and the murder of innocents not be made a tool for pursuing your goals however pious they may be.
Abhay, Mumbai, India

One must not forget that Osama Bin Laden whom the US is so wildly pursuing is its own creation. Also the present military action by the US will not solve anything as the past has shown us.
Mazhar Pasha, India

We are attacking Afghanistan in the name of justice as we did in Iraq. Nothing changed for better in Iraq and not much will be changed in Afghanistan. Only one thing is definite - we shall see many more Afghans fleeing their country as Iraqis have done. However, as much as the West is willing to take military actions, it is unwilling to take the responsibility of refugees and asylum seekers. Even worse, Europe is tightening its laws on Asylum. Countries like Australia are even proud of turning away boats full of starving asylum-seekers, but are still eager to provide military support to bomb Afghans!
James, UK

I am against any sort of aggression.
Hassan, Lahore, Pakistan

An eye for an eye will leave us all blind.
Linda Mcgill, Northern Ireland

What does the USA hope to achieve by killing innocent people in Afghanistan?

Imran Aslam, Pakistan
I am really very sad. What does the USA hope to achieve by killing innocent people in Afghanistan? The USA and UK are continuously insisting that their war is against terrorists and not against innocent people, but missiles do not know whether the people they are going to kill are terrorists or innocent.
Imran Aslam, Pakistan

How sad is the response of my fellow countrymen. Those who blindly follow the rantings of men who have perverted the words of the prophet. Our faith is not as the Taleban would portray it, full of hate, murder and assassination. Islam is a faith of peace, as millions of devoted followers all around the world will attest. I do not cry for those who have bought such disrepute on all Muslims, I hope the forces of retribution are well aimed and do not inflame Islam by killing the
Achmed, Pakistan

Don't Bush and Blair know that the chances of hitting Osama Bin Laden and his supporters are pretty slim? So why carry them out? Just to appease a vengeful streak, or to show their big bully tactics? What difference then between terrorists and "the civilised world"? Why must already crushed Afghanis suffer more?
Seemin Shafi, Pakistan

Who will be free after this ends - if it ever ends

Linda Korver, Amsterdam, Netherlands
War has never been a solution to solve problems, it only causes new problems and what do we have to do then? My first grandchild was born three weeks ago and it makes me very sad he has to grow op in this world as it is today. How can I explain to him that innocent people have to die in the name of "enduring freedom". Who will be free after this ends - if it ever ends.
Linda Korver, Amsterdam, Netherlands

You can only ask someone so many times, before you have to act. The Taleban had three weeks to conform to an international request - surely if the US-led attack had never taken place then this would have sent messages to non-democratic countries that they if they don't get their way then they can use terrorism to frighten people into submission. This has NOTHING to do with religion, but the right to be free. If you live by the bullet then you can expect to die by the bullet.
Jeff , UK

I have read the comments that people have entered upon this page, what some people fail to realise is the on September 11 nearly 7,000 innocent people died in an act of pure evil. Air strikes on Afghanistan were not an option, they were necessary. The only true losers in all of this will be the people who threaten freedom and democracy in this world, people of whom Bin Laden is one.
Matt Drake, England

I think that it is about time we had some action. Bin Laden needs to pay for the trouble he has caused!
Chris Fox, Reading, England

Twenty-first century crusades have started
Samin Ahmad, Karachi, Pakistan

Twenty-first century crusades have started

Samin Ahmad, Karachi, Pakistan
This is wrong. Targeting terrorists is one thing, but attacking a country in this regard is completely over the top and probably illegal. I believe it is a mess America has created and they alone should sort it out, preferably without making innocent people suffer. Thank you for pinning a target on the UK, Mr Blair.
Richard Allen, London, UK

I really feel sorry for innocent Afghan people. We still do not know who is behind this terrorist act against the WTC. Only guessing is not enough, we want to see solid proof of who is behind this. Many innocent people are dying in Kashmir and Palestine. No one cares about them, why? They are not human? We all want peace around the globe not peace in just US and UK. I hope we will have peace in near future - please do not take the lives of innocent people. I would like to thank the BBC.
Muazzam, Kuwait

The humanitarian aid being given to Afghans is like chopping someone's arm off and then offering them a band-aid. What is taking place is revenge, not justice.
NP, Athens, Greece

I just want to know why is it so hard for us humans to solve things peacefully. Why can't we stop fighting each other? Is there any answer to this?
U, Halifax, Canada

After watching John Simpson's report on Sunday night's Panorama program, in which it showed the Taleban publicly lynching young men and executing women just because they dared to uncover their faces in public. We need to eradicate these grotesquely evil people from the face of the planet.
Kevin, London

Last night the BBC aired a documentary on Afghanistan, the journalist being the daughter of an Afghan. I was shocked by the extreme brutality of the Taleban, who seemed to place more value on publicly executing as many people as possible and treating women like animals. If the attacks help to end their murderous reign then good, but I somehow doubt that that will happen. What really surprised me is that organisations like RAWA do not exist in more countries where women are treated like non-humans.
Theo Stauffer, Zurich, Switzerland

The only ones who really suffer are the innocent civilians

JP, London, UK
We call ourselves the civilised world but in all these centuries we have learnt nothing. We still believe that the only way to defeat violence is to use greater violence. And, as ever, the only ones who really suffer are the innocent civilians.
JP, London, UK

The attack should be total so that irresponsible people who decide to give support and protection to terrorists will think twice.
Sam P., Ghana

It is a pity that a country which ruled over half the world not long ago, today is a slave of U.S. Shame on you British people.
Noor, Bangalore, India

It is good to see British and American forces working together to defeat the greatest evil this world has ever known. I wish both British and American troops all their best in the coming battles
Chris, Redhill, England

There is a horrible inevitability about these bombing raids. Also the aim seems confused - Jack Straw on Radio 4 unable to clarify whether the intention is to remove the Taleban from power. Many of us who have called for a strong stand against the Taleban prior to September 11 for its appalling human rights record hoped for a more imaginative and diplomatic response.
Alan Kerry, UK

It could not come soon enough

Lucy, Portsmouth, UK
I support the raids on all terrorist camps, training installations, etc. It could not come soon enough. My one concern, that although there is worldwide support in this fight against terrorism - will these raids be continuous in the sense that we will finish what we have started. Going back to the Gulf, Nato put an end to the conflict before allied forces finished the job so to speak. I do not want to see innocent Muslims die as a result, but this will happen just as it did on Sept 11. Anyone who does not think that these terrorist networks are ready to fight back is a fool. The attacks on Sept 11 were well planned and it almost seems like a provocation for the allies to counterattack. This will have been anticipated by those responsible and my worries now extend to more terrorist activity on mainland UK and in the US - Bin Laden said as much yesterday in the video recorded. It's chilling to think what will happen next.
Lucy, Portsmouth, UK

America feels threatened by one man! Or does it appear to be so? Anyone would shiver at thought of a super power going after just one man! If terrorism is it's enemy why a war against one man! Why is the simple logic not understood - when an enemy is cornered from all sides, he fights with even more vigour because his survival is at stake? Has the US considered the aftermath of war? Wiping out terrorism is a must. However, the means adopted to crush it shows immaturity.
Prabhu, India

Terrorism, whether by an individual or by governments is regrettable. While we all mourn and are angry with what happened in USA, one cannot condone this attack by USA/UK on innocent civilians already impoverished. The old saying "two wrongs do not make a right" is very evident here.

Bombing Afghanistan is a show of strength and will not solve the underlying problem of destroying the network of these terrorist groups unless all governments take corrective measure to ensure that no safe haven is given. If another country give a safe haven is the USA/UK going to bomb that country too, I don't think so. Use economic/sanctions and other methods to bring these networks to the ground, Get all suspect countries to the mainstream.

Now that America has shown her force may she also show mercy to innocent lives.
Kevin B. Grebe, Dubai - UAE

Cutting the trunk doesn't eradicate the root!
U, Khi, Pakistan

Cutting the trunk doesn't eradicate the root!

U, Khi, Pakistan
I am not entirely for these attacks, as I don't think they will achieve anything. Only to unit the Muslim world and to destabilise the area. Yes, the Taleban regime adopted extremist Islamic policies, and need to be replaced with a more democratic government. They could have been brought down by uniting opposition in the Islamic world. Bin Laden states that America should get out of Saudi and the Jews out of Palestine. Is this so as to promote a similar regime in those countries? America is only in Saudi to protect its oil interests, and defend Israel because of Jewish American corporations.

If America wants to help, they should give aid to Afghanistan to develop a civilised society, and not just desert them once the bombing stops. Also the West should assist in creating a Palestinian state where society can flourish and get out of the killing mentality.
Paul, UK, London UK

If one innocent soul dies in this attack, then there is no difference between Bin Laden, Bush and Blair.
Wassim El-Hassan, Denmark

What is the UN doing?

Savio Carvalho, India
It is sad to see the world being pounded. Those who take these decisions are far removed from reality. They have created a monster (the Taleban), and why do civilians have to suffer if the monster has gone out of control? What is the UN doing? Have they no say or control over the situation?
Savio Carvalho, India

The action taken last night in Afghanistan was definitely against the American people as I am sure they will be the biggest losers when all of this ends, if it ends.
Abdul Hameed, Qatar

I think this war is pointless because no one wins in a war, even if all the Taleban have been murdered. The US and the British strikes won't get ride of the terrorists because there will always be someone who wants revenge.
iain, England

The only people who will suffer in the long run will be the innocent

Robert, UK
It was inevitable that some action would happen but I feel greatly disappointed that Bush and Blair do not seem to have followed the diplomatic route to the end. Has anyone from the UK or the US taken the "wealth of evidence" to the Taleban to convince then that Bin Laden is responsible? The only people who will suffer in the long run will be innocent people. I only hope that Bin Laden is captured swiftly and brought to trial. I hope that in the future Bush and Blair listen to the voting people a little bit more before action like this. It may be inevitable but it is not supported by myself or many others.
Robert, UK

We strongly condemn the air strikes against Afghanistan, because war is not a permanent solution. Killing innocent people anywhere in the world must be condemned. Why didn't the USA take action against killings in Palestine, Bosnia, Chechnya or Kashmir (even with the UN resolution in favour for the local people)? One must treat each of these issues with equal justice.
Sajid M Tahir, Pakistan

Those people who have been doing evil acts for long on innocent civilians should be destroyed from the root.
Molla Hunegnaw, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

What about the people in Afghanistan? Aren't they innocent?

Bilal, Pakistan
Last month, people were complaining about innocent lives being lost in the crash and at the WTC towers. What about the people in Afghanistan? Aren't they innocent? Why are they being punished for something they did not do? Isn't there another way of resolving this issue? War will only result to something far worse.
Bilal, Pakistan

If this is a war against international terrorism, when are the USA and UK going to send special forces into Eire to capture or kill the known IRA and Real IRA terrorists, or is this campaign only against terrorists who upset the USA?
Colin, England

USA has made the worst decision of its history. It will achieve nothing from air strikes and their land troops will get nothing but death, and the American public is not accustomed to that. This is all bringing Muslims closer together, and developing hatred for the USA. This could have been dealt with a bit of wise thinking, but I guess Bush needed support for his missile defence system and this has all been set up. Furthermore, Afghanistan is a good place to be to keep an eye on China. These attacks are the worst mistake and we all condemn it.
Jotish, Pakistan

Diplomacy has never worked with terrorists. It would indeed be flogging a dead horse to choose the diplomatic path. These air strikes by the US and Britain are a good message from the civilised world to the terrorists.
Ugyen Dorji, Bhutan

We have given Osama exactly what he wanted: a war

We are at war... It is a grave day for humanity once again. Not only are we at war, but we are at war with an invisible suicidal force who will stop at nothing to bring about what they believe. No matter what we achieve in Afghanistan it will not enable us to eliminate the risk of further attacks. We have given them ammunition for further strikes on the West. We have given Osama exactly what he wanted, a war. Is it only a matter of time before this turns into religious conflict? I do not have the answers only sadness my heart for all those who have died and for where this may lead.

I am ashamed of the fact that my country France is not yet fully engaged in the military action. We had so many deaths in the past due to terrorism attacks.
Gerard, France

Can we really think of no other answer?

David Wilson, USA
I admit, something has to be done and sadly, diplomacy is never going to work with these extremists. However, why is the UK the only EU nation taking an active part at such an early stage? Of course it is reassuring (and right) that France, Germany, etc., agree to action being taken, but where are they? They are also free nations and they too lost nationals in New York, so why aren't they there standing "shoulder to shoulder" with our American friends?

I too feel sorry for the starving and oppressed people in Afghanistan; yet they are already living in terror and death by the hands of their own government. This is a message from the world. The world is not going to allow these radicals to murder thousands of people on US soil, or anywhere else, where freedom is the way of life. I also think the negative reaction that I have seen from the people in Pakistan doesn't paint a positive picture. I am not very convinced that the rest of the Middle Eastern states are not going to turn this around on all of us; closing their eyes on the destruction and devastation Bin Laden has caused in NY and Washington DC. They will also be turning their backs on the Muslims in Afghanistan that are suffering at his hands also. Thank you BBC.
Kassy Hall, USA

I have just read the comments on this page, and namely those by Karen Cole from Saudi Arabia. I hope she gets to read what I have written. She says that there is no need to attack the al-Qaeda network as we can now expect retaliatory attack. So do we just sit down and wait for the next suicide mission? Clearly something must be done, and against such an organisation, the only language they seem to understand is war. Diplomatic requests were denied while the Taleban said that they did not know the whereabouts of Bin Laden and yet today they assure us that he was not hurt or killed in the attacks. They obviously have ulterior motives.
Alex, UK

A necessary step

Dean Randle, UK
This military intervention is totally wrong. Why the innocent civilians in Afghanistan have to suffer? Firstly, before starting the war the helping arms from other country must have helped the poor innocent people to move out from the country and should have given some base to live. They cannot kill the whole terrorism by a war. War is not the solution to end the terrorism, I can even say that this war is also a kind of terrorism by taking revenge directly.
Jazeela Riyas, United Arab Emirates

I am with Bill, Maria and James (UK) on this one! The statements made against the action are totally unbelievable, have these people forgotten the 6,200 innocent people killed 11 September. We all elected our leaders to lead our countries and deal with this type of thing, We should stand behind Tony not turn backs on him when the going gets tough, he has had some hard choices to make and has done an excellent job so far.

And the people that carried out these attacks on the 11 September are not doing this in the name of any so called cause, they just want to oppress people and force their views on them, they are scared of the free world.
Joe, UK

Americans would term these strikes as "pay back time". An eye for an eye. Is that how a civilised American citizen thinks? I have a question for Mr Bush lets say US intelligence can pin point where Osama was hiding if given a chance would he like to be the pilot of the suicidal plane which would hit the hide out of Osama? The first thing after the attacks on WTO Mr bush did was he went into a hideout himself. A suggestion for Mr Blair clear up the mess in your backyard before you go around solving the problem world faces. United it?
Lovie, India

A necessary step. As long as the military is careful and uses their intelligence prudently then I support the action. I expect it to continue for many years if the political will really exists to destroy terrorist organisations of any significance.
Dean Randle, UK

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