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Tuesday, 18 September, 2001, 10:09 GMT 11:09 UK
US under attack: Your reactions
Thousands are feared dead after a series of devastating attacks targeting the USA's financial and military centres in New York and Washington.

Send us your reactions to these unprecedented attacks.

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The horror of this tragedy has hit too close to home here for me

Barbara B., Washington DC, US
The horror of this tragedy has hit too close to home here for me in Washington DC. I work 3 blocks from the White House and live 3 miles from the Pentagon. My professor from Georgetown, Leslie Whittington, was a victim in the crash at the Pentagon.

As we try to make our lives normal again, even though there are military police trucks at the street corners, I have been encouraged and moved by the support of many of my friends in the UK. I have received emails with words of love and support, that their thoughts and prayers are with us. To hear these words from people across the world, and to know that we have the support of all of Europe, as shown in their 3 minutes of silence today has encouraged me. I am sure the families and loved ones of the victims appreciate the gestures that have made, such as the playing of the US national anthem at the Change of the Guard. Thank you!
Barbara B., Washington DC, US

No words can express the sadness at what has happened this week. I am stuck in the USA and trying to get a flight home. I am saddened how even small children have been affected by the events this week. My five year old daughter is seriously upset because in her little mind she thinks daddy cannot come home because he is trapped in the WTC and has to come out and then wait as the aeroplanes have to be re-built. My wife and I cannot convince her that I am ok. I am lucky but this example really brings home the true grief for those other little ones whose mum or dad have been lost in these attacks.
Stewart Gebbie, Currently in California but trying to get back to Filey, North Yorkshire

I worked in 2 TWC up until mid-august. I went down there in the aftermath of the collapse to aid in the rescue and recovery. It was horrible. Every thing was covered in volcanic like ash that used to be the WTC and everything in it, including the people. This hurt my city very very much. We are all stunned.
Christopher, New York City, USA

The events of this week are shocking and distasteful. My deepest thoughts and prayers go out for all those who have lost so many because of what has happened. But I also extend my grief to others in the world who suffer from actions far greater than this on a daily basis, such as the bombing of Iraq on a daily basis. I grieve at what has been happening throughout the world for last twenty years (we could go back 50) where the western governments have purposefully manipulated poorer and weaker countries to their own advantage.

I believe like so many reasonable people that there needs to be careful analysis of how we have got to this point. This is not something that just suddenly happened, bitterness and hatred in hearts of a people does not come over night. The demonisation of any group does not come over night. We in the west must finally begin to examine our role in this whole affair. Going into any country and shooting like we own the world will of course ensure that what happened this week happens again, but on a much larger scale.
Selvyn Wright, Birmingham, UK

What happened on Tuesday was a tragedy, nobody innocent should be at the receiving end of political vengeance. But I think, by the terminology used by the US Secretary of State "the civilised world" is unfair and based on small minded thoughts, that only America is a civilised country. America too kills several times more innocent lives, but not in one go. 500 children are killed a month by US forces, America too needs to think about what horror they cause to innocent people. Please do not interpret this wrongly, NOBODY should have to go through what NY people have gone through, but the argument is not just one sided.
Rikki Mistry, London, UK

We need Muslims, Arabs and Afghans on our side against this terror

JS, London
I stood outside my office building today to hold three minutes silence with some American visitors. It was tough, we were all dabbing our eyes. This atrocity could be repeated anywhere in the western world at any time. We must all stand together and be vigilant; now the Americans feel as vulnerable as we have done all these years faced with the IRA, this can only bring us together in mutual understanding and resolve. We have to guard our freedom so carefully now. Please let nobody subside into hate against Muslims and refugees, it will do no good and may even turn them into the next generation of suicide bombers. We need Muslims, Arabs and Afghans on our side against this terror.
JS, London

There is only one way to obtain justice for the victims of the World Trade Center attack. We must be able, one day, to bring our grandchild to the site where the twin towers once stood and read a small but significant plaque stating: "Terrorism ended here, September 11, 2001, through the bloodshed of innocent victims and the outrage of the world community."

Our world leaders must use this unprecedented nearly unanimous outcry to demand that all known terrorist be forced to surrender and all countries agree to a comprehensive resolution to punish acts of violence against civilians. All countries that do not agree should be ostracized from the world community and subject to military action.
John Barone, Long Island, USA

On a day that has left an ugly scar on the history books, the world has been left in shock and in disbelief. The harrowing images broadcast across the media will remain with us for the rest of our lives. There is nothing you can say to ease the pain of those who have lost friends, relatives and colleagues but may they take some comfort in the fact that so many people around the world are thinking of them. We will not forget the innocent lives lost. We will not forget the senselessness of it all and we will not forget the members of the emergency services who made the ultimate sacrifice in an attempt to save the innocent. Hats off to everyone involved in the rescue effort. Our thoughts are with you.
Robin Sankey, Farnborough, Hampshire

I'm very sorry and shocked with this terrible thing. And here in Brazil, our peaceful country, we're terrified about the world consequences of it.
Alba, Curitiba - Brazil

Americans are resourceful, resilient people who will learn to cope with this disaster in the best possible way

Tom, Norwich, UK
Americans are resourceful, resilient people who will learn to cope with this disaster in the best possible way. In many of our societies, however, there are Muslim minorities who are vulnerable to racist attacks. In our diligence against terrorism we should take care not to give the thugs and bullies an excuse to vent their irrational fears. All our societies are enriched by cultural inter-mixing. In spite of our anger and bewilderment, we must guard against the violent backlash of our own racist groups.
Tom, Norwich, UK

Thanks for the kind words and prayers.
Judy LaBranche, Santa Rosa, CA USA

"Out of the ashes the phoenix did rise......out of the ashes a New America will rise."
Paul Cresswell, Nottingham

I keep thinking about the children that may have lost one or both their parents..

Katrien De Blieck, Bruges, Belgium
I feel anger and lots of pain, I keep thinking about the children that may have lost one or both their parents... But we have to think before reacting because in my opinion we can't respond to violence with violence. Especially because harmless and innocent people will again be the victims.
Katrien De Blieck, Bruges, Belgium

I feel sad for humanity, sad that humans would stoop so low and indulge in pure evil; it's very sad.
Dean, Osaka Japan

It was very scary, extremely scary, but what is much more scary is to think if somebody was desperate enough to do something like this, what had the US (or the entire "Free World") done to him/her/them? That's the question that we should be asking ourselves.
Stelios, Belfast, N. Ireland

The weather this week has been clear blue skies but skies completely devoid of any aircraft of any type. Normally I always have AC above my house. This is the first time in almost a century that the skies have been this quiet. I guess overall I am shocked and angry, angry, angry at anyone who did this or allowed this to happen by giving aid to these evil people. Thank you for your coverage.
M.G. Jackson, Olympia, Wash, USA

I used to live in Washington DC, a place full of sweet memories for me. It has been hard to copy the last events in the U.S.A and to acknowledge that not only there, but in the whole world, life has changed forever. It is our responsibility to fight for freedom, safety and the very right of living.
Suzy Rocha, Recife, Pernambuco, Brazil

Now I am really deeply crying in my heart for the innocent lives

George Varghese, Dubai, U.A.E
I was shocked and couldn't believe what I heard or saw on Tuesday about WTC and Pentagon attack by terrorists. Four days back, ie Thursday on 6th, I was on the same tower, as a visitor. I was excited to be in the tower. Now I am really deeply crying in my heart for the innocent lives. I truly trust in God and pray for peace. God bless America, all His children and creation around the world.
George Varghese, Dubai, U.A.E

I just want to send my love and prayers to those in NYC and DC. As an American it is hard to believe this could happen to our freedom. Even though I live on the other side of the country, we have all been affected by this tragedy. As an American I want to say thank you to all of the volunteers who are helping the USA recover from this devastating act. GOD BLESS AMERICA and especially GOD BLESS FREEDOM
Kori, Pocatello, Idaho, USA

I was interested to hear what the BBC was saying about this attack. As I watched BBC World News, I heard an announcer say something to the effect of "America is shocked and bewildered." I can assure you that while America is shocked, it is not bewildered. If anything, we are even more resolute not to make major changes to our way of life, our liberties, and our freedom. Of course, we will heighten security, but I think Colin Powell put it best, "This is America and Americans DO NOT walk the streets afraid."
Melinda Walsh, Charlotte, NC, USA

I just wanted to comment on how incredible and comforting all the support from the "civilized" world has been

Hilary, Ohio, USA
I just wanted to comment on how incredible and comforting all the support from the "civilized" world has been. I am British and have been living in the US for 11yrs. I, like many Americans, have become complacent over the years, thinking it can't happen here! I worried about my family in the UK, it being so much closer to all the unrest. Americans, I think, have had a divesting awakening, not only in realizing that the US is not untouchable but in knowing that the people of Europe are a caring and compassionate people. Things will never be the same.
Hilary, Ohio, USA

I am shocked and saddened by this despicable act, but we must stop always looking for politically correct culprits. If the evil we are fighting is fundamentalist religion, so be it. Let us also be absolutely clear that most Muslims are part of our society and don't support any act of terror - but face up that there is a new radical face of Islam that does. The world is quite rightly mourning now - we owe it to the victims to then ensure that this never happens again.
Elliot, UK, London

"When we have secured our safety once more and cared for the wounded, after the period of shock and mourning is over, it will be time for soul searching. I only hope that these questions are confronted with the deepest spiritual intent. None of us will feel safe again behind the shield of military might and stockpiled arsenals. There can be no safety until the root cause is faced. In this moment of shock I don't think anyone of us has the answers. It is imperative that we pray and offer solace and help to each other.

But if you and I are having a single thought of violence or hatred against anyone in the world at this moment, we are contributing to the wounding of the world. "
Love, Deepak Chopra
Carrie, Bristol UK

I feel totally devastated, and have spent the past few days fighting back tears. I feel guilty in experiencing such grief, when I am so geographically removed from the recent events, and have suffered no personal loss. I wish I could comfort someone by letting them know how I share their grief from afar - but my sentiments may be nothing more than hollow words to those who have suffered so greatly.
Samantha Pugh, Windsor, United Kingdom

Rash behaviour now will only worsen the situation

Tony T, London, UK
I can only hope that the reaction to these catastrophic events will be positive for world peace. The political motives behind these attacks must be addressed. We have learned in the UK that you cannot fight terrorism with violence. Rash behaviour now will only worsen the situation.
Tony T, London, UK

Thank you so much for showing photos of memorials in other countries. As we try to go on - stunned, then anxious, then angry - it is healing to know the civilised world is united with us in prayer and support.
Rosemary Komonyi, Seymour, Connecticut, USA

I wish that there was something I could do to help those that are now left to suffer a lifetime of misery.
Helen Astrid, London, UK

Everyone is praying and at a great loss of what to do

Tracy, North Carolina, USA
Americans are stunned. It seems all we can do is spend our time and thoughts on this travesty. There is no such thing as "business as usual". We are living our lives in the moment, glued to radio and T.V. for the latest news. Everyone is praying and at a great loss of what to do. It will take patience and faith to live through this catastrophe. I pray that Americans do not retaliate in anger and racism against each other. But stay calm and realise that justice will be done in time. Please love and nurture and listen to your friends and neighbours. Let's stay strong and show that this will not curb our spirit!
Tracy, Winston-Salem, North Carolina, USA

I pray to God that he brings the truth and justice to the only known planet where human race can survive. I pray that we all learn to live together in peace.
Mohsin, Australia

It's going to be the second day since we heard and saw the incident on television. But we haven't recovered from the shock yet. The moment I heard the news from my dad calling me out with his trembling voice and tears to make a call to my brother working at network....., we were totally shocked. With total fear and panic within us, we all prayed the almighty to hear his voice from there. It was after his response, we came into life. But still my anguish, temper towards those terrorists' barbaric act is still boiling with me.

At this moment I wish and pray that God showers all the strength for those who lost their loved ones and that there is no such incident occur in our world ever in future.
Suganthi Vellaichamy, India

I was touched beyond words

Mitch Jordan, Tucson, USA
As I drove into work today I heard on the radio that you, Great Britain played the Star Spangled Banner at Buckingham Palace. I understand with all my soul what this meant. I was touched beyond words. Thank you and God bless you.
Mitch Jordan, Tucson, USA

As a distraught, weary American military wife and mother, I beg you to pray for our country. I ask you to pray to YOUR God, your healer, to pray for humanity, to pray for peace, to pray for acceptance and respect for human life. I also ask you to pray for what is to come. I have found comfort in knowing that the world is grieving with me and regardless of nationality or religion we are sharing our pain. May God bless us all.
J. Montanez, Georgia, USA

As a security officer in a local hospital in Philadelphia, I know for a fact, that the security guards in airports in the USA are not properly trained. They do not pay them a good wage, therefore the turnover is great.
Jim Mcfadden, Philadelphia, PA, USA

My son is stationed at the Pentagon. He saw the airliner coming in towards the building. Thankfully, he survived. But what about all the other mothers who will not hear from their sons? The dead terrorist have mothers, how do they feel? I wonder.
Judith Pixley, Boerne, USA

It still seems unreal after three days. The people in World Trade Centre are my former colleagues and friends and now I can only hope for their safety. I had worked in the World Trade Centre. I also spent seven years of my career within half a mile from it. I have vivid memories of many restaurants, shops and other places. It is just hard to come to terms that all of those are now gone.
Huiying Li, Raleigh, USA

This kind of action is against the sacred rules of Islam

Hassan Saeed, Pakistan

I think that Muslims are not responsible for the horrible event because this kind of action is against the sacred rules of Islam. We do not like terrorism. Now the super power will have to think to the sorrow and horror if someone destroys your homes in Kashmir, in Palestine,and in every where when you take action against Islam, the peaceful religion..
Hassan Saeed, Pakistan

I watched in horror as the events unfolded this morning. It is almost beyond belief that anyone could have carried out such an act of unparallel terrorism. The world needs to hunt these people down and bring them to justice. Those who carried out such attacks must be made to feel the pain of what they have wrought on so many innocent people, and they must know that no civilized people will ever stand for such an act of barbarism.I don't think anyone can ever feel completely safe again until these people are caught and brought to justice.
Wei-jin Wang, Singapore Singapore

Hatred and revenge cannot prevail

Di Stewart, Jacksonville, NC USA
It hurts to be an American. To know that there are people out there, with so much hatred in their hearts for people they don't know just devastates me.
I really appreciate the kind thoughts and words expressed here - it helps to know that not all the world views us as an evil force that must be destroyed at any cost. Our thoughts and sorrow also go out to those innocent victims who were guests in our country.
Hatred and revenge cannot prevail - we MUST show we can rise above this death and destruction.
Di Stewart, Jacksonville, NC USA

This is indeed a tragedy. However, we should focus not only on what we should do from here, but on the conditions that allowed such a thing to happen. The actions of these terrorists were not unprovoked, as much as US citizens would like to believe they are. These atrocities were commited by people with extreme conviction to their beliefs. The world has to come to an understanding of what pushed them to this point.
Anthony Scott, New York City, USA

No terrorist organisation is going to subdue the spirit of this country

Karen Juul, Boston, USA
I am not an American but have lived here for two years. The behaviour of the American people in the past day has shown that this is a nation that will survive. The USA has shown its very best side under extraordinary circumstances. No terrorist organisation is going to subdue the spirit of this country. It is now time for the free world to take action to do as much as it can to prevent terrorism.
Karen Juul, Boston, USA

I hung up the phone five minutes ago. Two close friends - gone. This issue is no longer academic or abstract with me. God help me, but for the first time in my life I truly know what it is to desire revenge.
Robert del Valle, Detroit USA

I think this is a real tragedy for the American people and I have family that live in New York and I don't know if they are ok. It's very upsetting.
Natalie Dawn, Bathgate, Scotland

The recent terrorist attack on USA is a shock to us as much as anyone else. Anyone who commits such horrendous acts against humanity and innocent civilians does not work for any religion, but only for destruction. No religion in the world, especially Islam allows killing innocent people in the name of holy war.
Ayesha Tanvir, Islamabad, Pakistan

I heard that a man in California, evidently overcome with grief, left his vehicle on the freeway, climbed onto the overpass and displayed an American flag. No signs, no words, just the flag. The terrorists will not win.
David, USA

It is absolutly asinine to suggest that "It is undeniable that terrorist attacks perpetuated against the US are largely the product of the US' own making.". It seems to me that people have been fighting and dying over Israel for thousands of years. It may be ineffective, but US leaders have been trying to mediate in this conflict for many years. I find this callous and ignorant pontification an insult to our innocent dead.
Peter Harris, San Diego, USA

I feel that this act was an act of cowardice by those that have done it and also want to pay my condolences to all the Americans that were there. I felt very hurt when I saw the lady on CNN telling about her son who was on the plane. I am very sorry and hope that this doesn't happen again as whoever does these things is a coward.
Hamza Ameer, Karachi, Pakistan.

We are all so vulnerable

Claire Allman, Paris, France
It has brought fresh tears to my eyes reading everyone's comments. As I stepped out of the office block in the commercial La Defense area of Paris where I work, and I looked up at the other tall buildings, I was scared. There but for the grace of God....We are all so vulnerable. Life is a balance and we are all responsible for maintaining that delicate state. When someone decides to act against that balance it is frightening to see the mayhem caused. My thoughts go to those people who are waiting to hear about a loved one and to those who have endured loss and pain through this senseless act.
Claire Allman, Paris, France

Being in New York at this time I was amazed by the strength and resilience of the people who live here. Almost everyone knows someone in the city at the time, but no one broke down, everyone in fact rallied a strength and a feeling of a common bond I have never before seen in my country.
Juan Kuffner, New Orleans USA

I would just like to pass on my deepest sympathy to America and hope that through all this death and destruction, America will find the strength and courage to bring the sick people responsible for this terrible tragedy to justice. My thoughts are with the families who have lost their loved ones.
Julie, uk

I want to thank those from abroad that share their deepest sympathies of the tragedies that have happened in New York City. Your kindness is well exhibited as I read the letters you have written. As citizens, we will overcome. As friends and allies, we will prevail. Thank you again for your warm letters of comfort in our country's time of need.
John, Nashville, TN USA

I fear that yesterday was the end of American innocence.

Jeffrey Winke, Milwaukee, WI USA
This is the day after and I feel numb. I fear that yesterday was the end of American innocence. It will be remembered as a pivotal day in the history of democracy.
As each day will pass, the individual stories of those who died and the families and friends who survive them will be told. It will be painful and emotionally draining to hear. But certainly, those who are directly affected by this trajedy are suffering more than I am. How they will live with this memory is beyond comprehension. My heart aches for them.
Jeffrey Winke, Milwaukee, WI USA

I sat at my desk and heard a fighter jet zoom past the high rise I work in and my entire being shook.
My colleagues, friends, and family have all been touched by this tragedy throughout our entire country. The comfort that I find is in the outpour of love and support from neighbors on US soil and from around the world, reaching out with kindness and kinship.
The aftermath of this tragedy is likely to change the world as we have known it, both in the United States and elsewhere. There is no untouchable place on this planet for evil. Yesterday helped remind us all of that.
Danita Henry, Oregon, USA

The sense that America was no longer "isolated" from the dangers of the world became all to real.

Adam Flores, San Francisico, CA
I have spent the past days in horror at the events that occured on Tuesday morning. The sense that America was no longer "isolated" from the dangers of the world became all to real. However that thought made me feel very much alone. When I read the sentiments of our good friends the British people I was reminded of the common bonds we share, love of freedom and love of country. It's good to know we are not alone.
Adam Flores, San Francisico, CA

Many people have rightly condemned those who participate in, and sponsor terrorism. Let us not forget that in the past, the USA has sponsored terrorism in countries such as Cuba and Vietnam. Bin Laden may well be responsible, but he was trained in terrorist combat by the CIA! In the wake of this terrible tragedy, the USA needs to examine its own foreign policy and prevent its president from taking sides in the Middle East. Walking out of the Durban talks and rejecting the Kyoto agreement are two acts which have angered terrorist AND humanitarian agencies across the world. Now the USA knows that, unfortunately, it is not immune to extremists and should act accordingly.
Kirsty Walker, Runcorn, UK

It comforts me to know that the world cares so much

John Placais, Boston, MA, USA
This has impacted all of America. This horrible event is simply unbelievable. I recently moved from New York City to Boston, and many of my friends were involved in this act of terrorism. I am surprised and overwhelmed by the amount of concerned individuals around the world. It comforts me to know that the world cares so much. Thank you all for your blessings, prayers, and thoughts. Thank you.
John Placais, Boston, MA, USA

I am scared by the rage welling inside of me due to this. Sometimes I feel like I cannot speak. If there be anyone who can see the pictures of humans choosing to jump from 100 storeys up so as to not burn alive, and not feel as if the most horrendous travesty has taken place, let that person be the first to be punished.
J Bonshire, Lexington, Ky, USA

This is the one of the most deplorable acts committed by humans against humans in the modern history of the world. What can be the motive so strong as to drive a person to this extent? Whatever the motive, the price paid for it was is way too much for humanity to bear. I'd still like to believe what I saw on TV last night was a part of a Hollywood movie rather than reality. My condolence to the families of those victims of the barbaric act. But please act with patience, and not with the feeling of vengeance. What is lost can't be undone by drawing more blood.
Santosh, Patan, Nepal

Retribution must be swift, sure, and unforgiving, but we must temper our anger with wisdom

Kevin Keefe, Dayton, Ohio
I have been in shock since 10:11 yesterday morning when I found out. My students and I watched the events unfold, unbelieving, as we watched the replay of the WTC collapsing. Retribution must be swift, sure, and unforgiving, but we must temper our anger with wisdom. We must never stoop to hate crimes, such as these the terrorists have dealt out.
Kevin Keefe, Dayton, Ohio

One simple thing crossing my mind that could have prevented the whole disaster: Why is it possible to access the flight deck on any aircraft for literally anyone? This is obviously a major weakness in aircraft design enabling hijackers to easily take over control of the aircraft - has it never been considered re-designing the access to the flight decks of the commercial airliners?
Fabian Enzinger, Salzburg, Austria

I was in complete shock yesterday at the terrible events that took place. As a Muslim and an American, I am very upset at the loss of innocent lives. My sincerest condolences to all affected families. May Allah, the Almighty Creator, help all of us deal and cope with this horrible tragedy. Killing of innocents is not a teaching of Islam, nor the display of such cruelty.
Khalid, Chicago, USA

All the culprits must be brought to book

James Akazili, Navrongo, Ghana
This is really an unacceptable act of crime against US and the peace loving people of the world. All the culprits must be brought to book but care and emotions must be exercised not to kill innocent souls.
James Akazili, Navrongo, Ghana

When there is so little that one can do, to bring back the dead, to turn back the clock, to strike out in revenge, how important it is to hear the common expressions of sorrow and sympathy from around the world - from Arab countries as well as Europe, Africa and Asia. The expression of feelings that are all so similar should remind us that there is something that we can all do right now to fight back. That is for the millions of us each to look around in our lives and find the opportunities to do the right thing, to help others in need and to reach out and build relationships with those around us. These acts can cut off the oxygen on which such evil feeds and heal its wounds in ways that little else can.
Hofer, Michigan, USA - I am a New Yorker

As an expat living here for the past year it has felt like the past 24 hrs has been like living on a movie set. Nothing can prepare you for the feeling of seeing the WTC in smoke and thinking there has been an "accident" and the next finding out it was an act of terrorism. Our hearts go out to those fearless firemen, police and all involved in the rescue effort as they put their lives on the line. Also those families who have missing loved ones. Violence has never solved issues and unfortunately I'm not sure that retaliation will be the answer as the casualties tend to be innocent women and children. There has to be an answer that this is the last time we see such an atrocity.
Autherine Harris-Bosancic, NY, USA

This is an abomination that my generation hoped it would never see

F. Webb, UK
This is an abomination that my generation hoped it would never see. Those who lived through WW2 wished that they would never see the like again. We are closer to WW3 now than even the Cuban missile crisis. There will be many calls of retribution and annihilation, but I pray that those in charge see sense and use stealth and intelligence rather than all out aggression. There may be problems on our planet, but it is the only planet and the only environment we have to live in, and I don't want to see it destroyed or plunged into a nuclear devastation.
F. Webb, UK

The 'reaction' should be swift, decisive and without mercy. A complete and utter destruction and obliteration of the country or countries (when proved beyond reasonable doubt), where these terrorists were harboured, trained, and sponsored. The only language these people understand is terror and violence so lets speak their language.
Patrick, England, UK

The ruins of New York have an uncanny resemblance to the embattled streets of Beirut. Civilian Americans have never really seen Beirut, and they don't have to. They can look at New York now.
Victoria Kapauan, Makati, Philippines

I have been speaking to many people today and there seems to be a worrying tide of racism growing as a result of these attacks. Yes, they were terrible, and yes those responsible should be dealt with in an appropriate and if possible, diplomatic manner. However, I hope, even if this is proved to be the work of Bin Laden and his associates, that this does not lead to the persecution of Muslim groups within and outside Western countries. More violence is not the way forward. We should not sink to the level of those involved in this horrific attack. If we want to show ourselves to indeed be civilised nations we should stop this ridiculous talk of 'nuking the east'.
Sue Kirk, Manchester, UK

I'm in complete shock thinking of all the dead

Patty , San Francisco, CA
I am completely in shock. I've been watching the news since 7 this morning. My mother and I were talking on the phone remembering our trip to NY last year. We were on the observation deck looking over the wide expanse of twinkling lights, slick buildings, the Hudson. It's gone. It's just gone. I'm in complete shock thinking of all the dead. We are dealing with terrorists who may or may not be foreign. But they are "foreign" to our way of life, our culture, because this is inexplicable. I cannot understand this. God bless the families and the victims.
Patty , San Francisco, CA

We are all stunned by this act of terrorism, the atmosphere at work is subdued and one of disbelief. Our hearts go out to all those who have lost loved ones, and to the rescue workers and hospital staff trying to help under extreme circumstances.
Sue Shapland, Western Australia

The most cruel and cowardly act. I am really sorry for the suffering of the innocent people, who woke up to make the daily bread for their families. I am really feeling sorrow deep in my heart, I am sending my condolence to the families of victims and all Americans.
Mohamed Aden Kalib, Dubai, UAE

Death of so many innocent people must not be lost just in tears

Atul Gargi, New Delhi, India
It is surely terrible loss of humanity; worse second to war. I would like to see this act of terrorism being punished so as to wipe terrorism from world. Death of so many innocent people must not be lost just in tears.
Atul Gargi, New Delhi, India

While the events that took place in New York City and Washington D.C. were unacceptable and completely reprehensible, we should consider that perhaps this is a reaction to our rather selfish, isolationist attitude toward the rest of the world that has filtered into our foreign policy. It seems that, in the collective consciousness of America, we have allowed the proliferation of this idea that we are immune to problems that concern the rest of the world, and therefore can treat other peoples as we please without fear of retaliation. Maybe now it is time that we realize our place in the global community and act in cooperation with its peoples, rather than force our will upon them.
James, Orlando, FL, USA

This is the most awful act against civilization since WW2

Fredrik Persson, Karlstad, Sweden
This is the most awful act against civilization since WW2. My thoughts are with the victims and their relatives. These terrorists and murderers have attacked freedom, democracy and our way of life. The civilized world must overcome the countries and dictators who give these devils money, support and - most importantly - a safe haven to live. It's a sad time for humanity.
Fredrik Persson, Karlstad, Sweden

My only hope is that when these people who commit horrendous acts in the name of religion - whether it be Allah or Christ or whatever - arrive at the "gates of infinity", they find that their God banishes them to hell and all of a sudden, it becomes blindingly clear that all human life is sacrosanct no matter what. My thoughts are not only with the Americans, but with anyone who has been touched by terrorism in any form. President Bush, please think before you react.
Andrew McArdle, Aberdeen Scotland

In the name of God of the peace... I can't believe what happened in USA. I live in Iran and I'm 18 years old and I'm far away from USA and I'm so angry because I can't do anything for the people there. I'm alive with the USA dream - I didn't go to USA yet but I do my best to get there one day. I wanted to be an engineer for USA - now I want to be a security agent for USA. If the people in USA are in terrible disaster, I'm in terrible disaster. If USA was changed since yesterday, I was changed since yesterday. Please accept my deep sympathy and I'm sharing in your pain. With love of USA people and peace... and with HATE of terrorist....
Hamoon, Shahin Shahr, Iran

I can't believe people are even asking if there should be retaliation. As a survivor of the Admiral Duncan bomb in London and someone who has spent a lot of time in New York, I can only ponder a guess at the true horror of what is unfolding around us. This attack was NOT a terrorist one it was an all-out act of WAR. The people in the Trade Centre were non-governmental civilians who were lucky enough to afford office space in such a premier site - they did not deserve to die.
Neil Cameron, Scotland

Before we demand vengeance, we need to consider who or what it is we are fighting

Robert Cooper, UK
Today we are in shock, but it won't be long before the clamour for revenge starts in earnest. Before we demand vengeance, we need to consider who or what it is we are fighting. The true enemy will most likely be a corrupt ideology rather than a particular group. The perpetrators of acts of terrorism are often indoctrinated with their ideals either by fanatical hatred or personal tragic experiences. None of this excuses their actions, but considering they like nothing better than to become martyrs to a cause, any violent retribution would play into their hands.
Robert Cooper, UK

Retribution? Unlike Lockerbie, the protagonists are already martyrs. Punishing the identified faction would be very difficult without further innocent killing. I must admit I have found the internal US flight system very lax indeed. Last year, I had my boarding passes on an onward flight cancelled and the seats reassigned. Trouble was, my baggage was already on the plane from a connecting flight. Nice security hole there!
Richard Philips, London, UK

Liberal thinking and attitudes have created this and other similar problems and made the world a more dangerous place. If you give people with a grievance a sense that you will give into demands if they make your life uncomfortable then they will act accordingly, and this action will inevitably escalate.
Bob, UK

The First World War started with a single bullet and one death. It ended in the death of millions and the destruction of half a continent. Please don't let history repeat itself, let us not be at its mercy.
Stuart Smith, Edinburgh, Scotland

The most effective form of security is a profile system

Donald Jones, Detroit, Michigan, USA
In the aftermath of the Bloody Tuesday terrorist attacks, people will inevitably ask how four commercial airliners could be hijacked, seemingly at will. My wife and I were two of the top managers for Northwest security at Metro Airport in Detroit during the early nineties, and the answer is very simple; real security would interfere with passenger convenience. Lord knows, we don't want to be inconvenienced.

The most effective form of security is a profile system, provided by ICTS and other security companies, in use throughout Europe, Israel and the Far East. But that would mean people couldn't board the plane if they weren't there an hour before boarding, and we certainly wouldn't want to inconvenience people who are too stupid and selfish to get to the airport early. The number of bags physically searched would increase by three to four times. Certainly a few terrorist attacks are nothing compared to the indignity of having our baggage searched.
Donald Jones, Detroit, Michigan, USA

Shock - horror and indescribable sorrow that man could behave like this and in the name of so-called religion. My heart goes out to all the people in the world that this tragedy has touched. America - we are all with you in your hour of need!
Elaine, Poole, Dorset, UK

I am an emergency services worker and I watched the events in the USA unfold on television Sept 11th. This is a situation we all hope in our profession, that we would never have to deal with - the carnage; the senseless loss of lives of innocent people and the emergency services personnel doing their duty to rescue them. My heart and blessings go out to all those affected by this horrid tragedy. This is truly a day of infamy.
Lorilei, Vancouver, BC, Canada

The eloquence of your Prime Minister moved me and many other Americans to tears. It is comforting to us to know that our British friends stand "shoulder to shoulder" with us in this time of tragedy.
Bill Meunier, Milwaukee, USA

There is nothing but sorrow; nothing but sadness

Seyed Ali Pourhosseini, Tehran, Iran
There is nothing but sorrow; nothing but sadness. I remember the opening day of TWC, I was in NYC, and remember the talks about the lasting age of the twins; and now in less than 30 years I saw them collapse and I consider it "the last day of an era". And the era ends when the image of NYC vanishes forever and the remaining is a cloudy picture on the mind of my generation. As usual the common people pay the highest price; the least is that never-seeing-sight of twins.
Seyed Ali Pourhosseini, Tehran, Iran

How can people dance and celebrate at the streets just after thousands of innocent people have been murdered. That's sick!
Anne, Finland

Whilst I am horrified at the destruction of human life and the misery it will cause those who have lost loved ones, I hope that the US will show restraint in its response to the terrorist attacks. The US government must really look at its foreign policy, because it has taken them down this road with these terrible and terrifying results. Nothing can excuse these killings, but surely now is the time for the US to look at its relationship with much of the world.
Dougie Wells, Sydney Australia

I have lived in the UK for 13 years. I came from New York. Words have till now, failed me, as have done for so many other ex-pats and those who have followed these nightmares as they have unfolded. I'm sure the full depth of the emotional shock has not yet been realised by most of us.

I had checked in with my family who live North of the city while the events unfolded all are well although I have yet to hear of a niece and nephew who were due to travel from the east to west coast this week.

I have always been a person of moderate, considered views this is tested now. I can speak with confidence, I am not frightened, I am not questioning my values, I am angry and all Americans are angry. This is not jingoistic, flag waiving patriotism, it is outrage and Human pain in the face of the suffering of so many...too many. I now fully realise how my parents felt at the news of Pearl Harbour. These incidents strengthen the resolve of a nation and I hope that the UK shows their support, however they can, for all who have suffered such an evil and grievous wound.
Tom Lauten, Devon, England

For us, it is a new terror -- and perhaps a wake-up call

Jacob Wilson, USA
Our stunned disbelief stems from the fact that such an attack upon the US mainland has not occurred since our Civil War, and not since the Revolutionary War has such an attack on the mainland come via a foreign nation. For other nations, this is a way of life. For us, it is a new terror -- and perhaps a wake-up call. My own personal concern is the potential longevity of any full-fledged war that may erupt. Enemies like this don't simply give up after a few bombings. This won't be the equivalent of hurling missiles at tiny nations until their leaders do what we tell them. This kind of enemy doesn't go away until the very last individual has perished. And that's a frightening thought, to say the least.
Jacob Wilson, Sulphur Springs, TX (USA)

Like the rest of the nation I am stunned. I went to bed last night feeling safe and although I live in Kansas (in the middle of the country) my sense of security has been shattered. Already I know someone who knows of someone who died in the tragic events of today. These attacks will touch the lives of everyone, I know that I will never be the same.
Kate Turney, Lawrence, KS

It is absolutely sad and unbelievable to see what has happened in America. I strongly support what President Bush said during his address to the Americans that 'there will be no distinction between terrorists and those harbouring them' in the course of fighting against terrorism. May God bless all Americans with peace in this sad period.
Clement Kivegalo, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

We have lost our innocence, the world has just lost innocence

Karl Kruger, USA
Nobody here really understands what has happened. Everyone is in disbelief. I feel so sad, angry, and helpless. I want to scream, I want to cry, I want to strike at someone, I want to see someone responsible feel the pain that we feel, that I feel. I want those families that have lost love ones to not hurt. We have lost our innocence, the world has just lost innocence.
Karl Kruger, USA

I personally was not in New York, I saw it on television like most of the people, but I did know some people who were heading to the World Trade Center today, who I have not yet heard from. The sight of the WTC building burning was horrible enough, but then to see a plane fly right into the second building was absolutely sickening. It was definitely the worst sight I have ever seen in my life.

This is truly a day which will live in infamy

Adam T, Philadelphia,
There was an estimate of around 20,000 people in both of those building at that time. Also, an estimated 90,000 people pass through those buildings daily. The burning NYC skyline seemed like a scene out of a Godzilla movie, only it wasn't. Although I was in Philadelphia today, the effects were still greatly felt here and everywhere. City Hall was cornered off by cops with heavy automatic guns. The Philadelphia International Airport was completely shut down. There was major traffic all around the city and suburbs as schools got out early and businesses were evacuated.

Many are calling this worse than Pearl Harbor, and I agree. This is truly a "day which will live in infamy." The one thing this country really needs is the support and prayers of everyone around the world.
Adam T, Philadelphia, PA U.S.A.

Got back from New York last week. Had my 41st birthday celebration in the Wild Blue restaurant on the 107th floor in the North Tower. Can only say I watched in disbelief at the pictures on TV. Hard to believe what I was witnessing. Shocked and depressed by the people that can carry out such attacks. To me religious bigotry is the most dangerous force in the world today. I suspect this is what is behind these events. Removal of poverty from the world and education is the only answer.
Keith, UK

My brother Charles works, worked, on the 92nd floor of the South Tower. We presume he has died and still cannot contact any of our friends in New York to confirm. My one observation at this time is to express my complete incredulity at the lameness, the uninspiring and frankly pathetic response of the President of the United States during the day that has just passed. It seems he went from Miami, where he condemned the "folks" who carried out these attacks, to Louisiana, to Nebraska and is now, finally, apparently, returning to Washington. We will continue to seek word of our brother but must now presume the worst. That's all.
Michael Holmes, UK

One of our co-workers was on the American Airlines flight from Boston this morning. Our thoughts are with his family, and those of all the others affected by this tragedy.
Carl, Menlo Park, CA, USA

I am in shock by the devastation that has occurred in the US. I have friends working in NY and fear that they may not still be with us. It is all so surreal but yet it is well and truly for real. It's no dream, no nightmare even. My heart and thoughts are with all those whose lives have been lost and the families and friends. May the US Government deal with this in the correct way - what that is I do not know. Peace be with you all.
Melissa P, Sydney, Australia

September 11th will mark history with one of the highest step in horror. The world will never be the same. Our hearts go out to all of you. Our hope is for a better tomorrow.
Fabien Pauchard, Paris, France

The world will never be the same

Fabien Pauchard, Paris, France
Why are we assuming so readily that Arab fundamentalists were behind it? Remember the Oklahoma City bombing. I am finding it very difficult to believe, that despite their so called open policy, the Americans failed to detect at least bunches of four Arabs times five, boarding a plane at the same time - correct me if I am wrong but I learnt it from Hollywood films that it takes at lest a foursome to take over the plane. Why nobody is talking about the Oklahoma bombing scenario? And the fact that it might have been done by the dissatisfied Americans? Or is it a scenario of an American or Americans doing this to their fellow Americans so inconceivable, even to contemplate as a possibility?
Sarah Johnson, London, UK

Well As a Muslim I am very very upset and shocked. If there is any involvements of Muslims it is a shame. But at this moment I am really shocked and amazed and as hurt as my American friends are. Patience is the best way for now..
Imran Anwar, Sheffield, UK

I feel like our world has been raped. I can't get these poor people out of my head. This is a day I'll never forget. My thoughts are with every person affected by the tragic events of today.
Kerry, UK

May the Lord bless and comfort those in this time of pain and terror. Our most sympathetic condolences.
Jonathan, Madrid, Spain

This is horrible day, my heart is with the American people.
Emir, Zenica, Bosnia

My heart is with the American people.

Emir, Zenica, Bosnia
This is worse than the attack on Pearl Harbour. Pearl Harbour was a military target, the World Trade Center was not. The words of your Prime Minister that Britain stands shoulder to shoulder with America are appreciated.
Brett, Arlington, VA USA

I'm just so far away from NY but it's just like happening next to me. It was around 10 NY time when I heard about the attack. I was working out at a gym. The woman exercising next to me was talking on phone, telling her friend that she has some colleagues working in the 1 WTC. It was about an hour later that we got the news about the collapsing. I can hear her crying.
Nancy, Hong Kong

I can't understand in the year 2002 how terrorists are able to board four or five planes with guns? Is security asleep on the job?
Corine, Australia

Seeing people jumping out of a 110 floor high building after a plane crashed into it makes one want to cry. Let's hope all people can come together to stop madness like this. Black, yellow, Jewish, gay, rich, white, poor, straight, man, Muslim, child... all of us
Morgan Olafsen, Sweden

My thoughts are with all the American families suffering the horror and those of all the others affected by this tragedy. I can't but condemn this barbarian act. I have confidence in the resilient spirit of American people and their ability to bounce back from this outrage. God help all sufferers to overcome this tragedy.
Hamid, Morocco

It's terrible. I watched live WTC southern tower's hit and all that happened after that. Then I watched Palestinian's joy and elation in Jerusalem. I think the most terrible fact is that there are "humans" that can be happy of someone's pain. GOD bless America. And GOD bless this world.
Alex Zhuravlyov, Kiev, Ukraine

Should we expect another Hiroshima?

Asif Khan, Karachi, Pakistan
I really feel sorry for Americans but that was a reaction against US foreign policy. That was like Newton's third law, opposite and equal reaction, may be more than equal. So, should we expect another Hiroshima?
Asif Khan, Karachi, Pakistan

Its simply unbelievable. No matter how hard I try, I still can't accept the fact that something so gruesome happened. I pray for the families of the deceased.
Waleed Mahmood, Islamabad, Pakistan

It's a great disaster ,all the world had shocked. We are all praying for the innocent victims and their families, the killer must be punished whoever they are, but also I think America must work hard in order to lessen the number of its enemies in the world.
M.Belal Jabri, Aleppo- Syria

I herd about this tragic event when I got to work this morning. My friends and I are all so shocked that for a while we could not say anything to each other. Our sincere and heart felt sympathy to the victims' families and we wish to wish all those brave rescue workers all the best. This is like it has happened here in Fiji. We are all so sad and worried. Those cowards need to be brought to task and should never be forgiven. We remember all Americans in ours prayers.
Tupou Kata, Suva, Fiji

My uncle Charles works in the World Trade Center and is feared dead. We have made several attempts to contact him through his cell phone and home phone but have heard nothing. His wife has heard nothing. This is something America must never forget.
Bret Warren, USA, Florida

I was in school when they announced over the loud speaker what happened. Everyone in the whole school was shocked, and stopped dead in their tracks. The one plane crashed in Somerset, PA, only 80 miles from where I was. That's scary. Knowing that there are still six or seven planes unaccounted for is even scarier. The school kept us until our parents could pick us up. I've been watching the news since I got home.
Ashley, Pittsburgh, USA

I'm from the UK working in midtown Manhattan. My company had a Customer support centre in one of the WTC buildings. We don't know what's happened to everybody. We know they were evacuating, and we've spoken to one of the staff, but he got separated from everybody else. There still aren't any realistic casualty figures.
Roy, midtown, Manhattan, NYC, US

Being only 13, this whole thing deeply frightens me. My Parents have a friend who lives in Manhattan, and Cannot Reach Him. I hope to God he's alright and my deepest thoughts go out to those injured. I hope the people who committed this horrible act of Murder realise that they will not get away with this.
Hannah Waters, UK

This is the most serious event of my lifetime. My husband is on his way home from his job at a Military Base and reiterates how serious this is. My daughter and I are crying and praying together because this is so tragic and unbelievable! The pictures are horrifying.
Elizabeth Trine, USA

I am waiting, terrified for my husband and mother to return home from their trip to the UK. They're now grounded in Gander, New Foundland. I haven't heard from them but the airline assures me they're are safe. Now they're saying this may not be the end of it. Please stop whoever you are if you have any humanity in you, just stop.
And, USA

Most of my co-workers have gone home for the day (it is 4pm). I am sitting in the office hoping/praying/waiting for some news from my boss's husband who worked at the WTC. Like all of you, I can't begin to fathom the minds of the masterminds behind the attack. I hope that there will be a rational response to these irrational acts.
Grace, USA

Here at our college on the West Coast, the campus is in mourning. We were going to translate Aeschylus this morning, but this tragedy is much harder, much worse. I hope that we -- I mean all human beings in the world -- can all use this as an opportunity to observe ourselves, to stay relaxed, and not to react violently and cause the world to erupt into war. This is the time to turn the other cheek. We are living in history; let us learn a lesson and move on, but be bullied into war, because that's obviously what the terrorists want.
Jon Gilbert, USA

Our world is not zoo, and humans are not animals to manslaughter

Angie , Brussels-Belgium
I am out of words. I am a Muslim Arab, and if speculation proves right, I fully resent all such actions carried under the name of "Allah". No religion in the world calls for the assassination of innocent civilians. I sincerely hope that the US will carry out sever action against the culprits. Our world is not zoo, and humans are not animals to manslaughter. How can we live, if even the simplest daily habits, such as going to work, actually put our lives on stakes?
Angie , Brussels-Belgium

The world is reacting in shock and in horror to the devastating events of this morning. We probably all have had a moment of "this could never happen here" today but it has. My office in Ottawa is within 2 blocks of our Parliament Buildings and the U.S. Embassy - everything shut down in the downtown core by early afternoon. There was a bomb scare at Parliament and they were searching the government building across the street from us with a canine unit. We have colleagues in New York, Boston and our prayers go out to the victims, their families and all those working so hard to find any survivors.
C. Riley, Ottawa, Canada

All that has happened is very tragic and it makes one's heart ache. Thinking of all the loss of life and property. My condolences for the people of America ,those who have lost their precious ones. This terrorist attack is a thing the people of America will never forget.
Sania Khan, Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

We need this moment to mourn our dead. My prayers are for those who have lost friends and relatives. Our spirit, however, will never submit to the craven and debased fantasies of those responsible. This was an act of war, and we will respond at the time and place of our choosing. We will never give in to terror.
Thomas Backman, Brooklyn, NY USA

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