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Wednesday, 8 August, 2001, 08:08 GMT 09:08 UK
Birthday wishes for the Queen Mother
The Queen Mother
The Queen Mother is celebrating her 101st birthday with hundreds of fans outside Clarence House.

Often known as "the nation's favourite grandmother" she is probably the most popular member of the Royal Family.

The Queen Mother was determined to recover from her recent anaemia in time for her birthday.

This debate is now closed. Read a selection of your comments below.

Your reaction

May you see many, many more glorious years

Tracy, USA
To Her Majesty, The Queen Mother - Congratulations on your 101st birthday. May you see many, many more glorious years of happiness and joy.
Tracy, USA

A very happy birthday to you, Your Majesty. Please bless us all to be at your age on this great day.
Bhaswar & Sohom Chakma, Bangladesh

My son is two next week. I hope he contributes much more to society in his next 99 years than the Queen's mother.
Bruce Walton, England

It appears that sycophantic crawling is the order of the day. But to Tracy in Australia I would say that the Queen Mother's secret to long living most likely has a lot to do with having never done a stroke of real work in her life and her jumping hospital waiting lists every time she so much as sneezes.
James Crosby, Telford, UK

Happy Birthday to Her Majesty The Queen Mother! What's your secret to Long Living?
Tracy, Australia

Congrats, Ol' Girl! You're made of the same rare fortitude too seldom seen anywhere in the Western world anymore.
T.J. Cassidy, USA

Mam, The only thing we have in common is our age, I will be 101 this October, pleased that you seemingly had a happy birthday with your family all around you. I wish you the traditional Greek Birthday Greeting of "Chronia Polla" which means many more years to come.
Mrs Dimitra Kaletsanou, Greece

How about a "congratulations" from the UK? You must have received thousands. Despite the snide remarks from Dan/UK she has been an inspiration since the Blitz - that has been her full time job and she had done it superbly for over seventy years.
John Gant, UK

A snapshot in history

Tina Gunawardhana, UK
Having camped outside since 2.00am, it was indeed worthwhile to see the world's favourite grandma - the Queen Mother. She is unique and seeing her with the family was an unforgettable experience - a snapshot in history.
Tina Gunawardhana, UK

I wish you a very happy birthday. Your determination and steely resolve is an inspiration for many people, young and old alike, around the world. Wishing you many more and healthier birthdays.
Shoaib Haider, Pakistan

I bet she was the only 100-year-old in this country to get a blood transfusion so quickly. The reason she has lived so long is because she has never done a day's work in her life and because she is magically able to jump NHS waiting lists.
Dan, UK

Happy 101st Queen Mum! You are Gran to the world. Your health, long life and pleasant smile are a boost to us all.
Tom V, USA

Just want to say Happy Birthday to a beautiful person. She is the symbol of Britain. I am from Norwich but live in the US with my husband. Keep going Queen Mum.
Valerie Elizabeth Rose Slusarz, USA

I wish her Majesty the Queen Mother a very happy birthday, good health and happiness. I remember her as I saw the Royal Family when they visited Rhodesia in 1948(?) when I was a little girl. Dear Queen Mum - you are an inspiration to us all. God Bless you!
Margaret Rutherford-Matzener, South Africa

Three cheers for the Queen Mum!

Mike W, Vancouver, Canada
Three cheers for the Queen Mum! Your spirit and elegance makes you the 8th wonder of the world. Have an enjoyable birthday!!!
Mike W, Vancouver, Canada

Happy Birthday, Queen Mother. We, the people of the West Indies also love you. May the Lord continue to bless you.
Ken Thomas, (Journalist), Trinidad and Tobago

Happy Birthday to you Queen Mother, wish you good health and more birthdays to come.
Nuriam Hain Attyah, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

We love you. You are an inspiration to us all. To a real Lady, Happy Birthday.
Eileen Peberdy and sons, USA

I would like to express my admiration for HM Queen Mother's remarkable life. I wish her health, happiness and may her life remain as fulfilled as it is now...
Katya, Austria

May her love radiate to every one of us who knows her. Our love envelops her on her special God-given day.
Jean Quan, Singapore

Many thanks for remaining the very essence of grace and dignity

Richard Banner, USA
Happy Birthday Queen Mother. Keep smiling you look just great!
Angullia S Y, Singappore

Happy Birthday to the Queen Mother. It is wonderful to see such a famous and popular person as herself to reach a magnificent age as what she is today. I only hope that one day I'll be able to reach that age - and it's over 80 years away!
Rachel Olver, Canada, formerly of Cornwall, UK

Queen Mother, you are a great symbol to Britain as the Big Ben is to London! Happy birthday and wishes for more 100 years!
Cristian Lima, Brazil

To a woman of inspiration, May you have a very happy and healthy birthday.
Taki Anayannis, Australia

Your Majesty, best wishes for a wonderful birthday and many thanks for remaining the very essence of grace and dignity.
Richard Banner, USA

Happy birthday your Majesty have a wonderful day.
Lesley Lawson, Germany

How proud we all are of you!

Mark M. Newdick, US/UK
Happy Birthday. Wishing you the very best this year and the rest.
Leo Nelson, Zambia

Many, many happy returns Ma'am. You are one very special woman, a rock, and a huge inspiration to all of us, telling us over and over that it's all right, this living. Enjoy your special day.
Judith Lessiter, Canada

Still looking good! Many happy returns for your b-day, and I hope that you still look as good in 20 years time!
Rosie, UK

How proud we all are of you! I wish joy and many, many, many happy returns.
Mark M. Newdick, US/UK

Her Majesty is an inspiration to us all

David Logan, Australia
Happy birthday to you on your special day. I hope that you have a great day and you have nice weather.
Salluy Ann Johnson, England

Happy Birthday, good health and luck for many more years to come to you, Queen Mum.
Udo Joerges, Hong Kong

Last year, I was in London for the Queen Mother's 100th Birthday. She was amazing! Happy Birthday, dear Queen Mother!
Melissa Kula, USA

Happy birthday and many happy returns to Europe's grandest grandma.
Elain Cappers, Italy

Happy b'day ma'am and hope you will remain well & healthy!
El Jay Lee, Malaysia

Happy birthday to you. I request my God "Allah" in my praying to look after you and give you a healthy life.
Mustafa Elemara, London

Long may she live and give us pleasure and stability in our hectic lives

Prakash Karsan, UK
Happy Birthday to Her Majesty the Queen Mother, you are a wonderful woman hope you've had a wonderful 101 years so far. Happy Birthday.
Christina, Scotland

Happy Birthday! It is fantastic to think that we can watch the birthday celebrations live across the world via the internet. Technology has advanced amazingly in the last 101 years!
Joy Rogers , Papatoetoe, New Zealand

Many Happy Returns to our very dear Queen Mother. Her Majesty is an inspiration to us all. Australians remember her with great affection from the time of her visit in 1927 when as Duchess of York she accompanied the Duke of York (later King George VI) to open our then Parliament House in our federal capital city of Canberra. Long may the Queen Mother have excellent health. She is a person we all treasure and truly love.
David Logan, Australia

We remember with fondness the many visits Her Majesty has made to the Toronto area. Sadly, it has not been possible for the Queen Mother to make the long trip to Canada in recent years. We wish you a very happy and healthy birthday, ma'am.
David Brain, Canada

I wish you a happy birthday and more happy returns
Gilbert Mutti, Zambia

The Queen Mother was always close to HM the King during the difficult times of the war. She visited almost all the sites after the raids to meet the wounded and give her support to the nation. Happy birthday.
Alfred and Mary, Qormi, Malta

Kudos to the Queen Mum! If you ever start a class called Health 101, please let me know!
Sam Prasada, NYC USA

Belated Birthday wishes from across the pond! Please, for all us retired folks just starting to really live, HOW DO YOU DO IT?
George Krill, USA/UK

Happy Birthday to our Gran! Long may she live and give us pleasure and stability in our hectic lives.
Prakash Karsan, UK

Happy birthday to you. May the Lord bless you abundantly for the great works you have done for Britain. Wishing you happy returns.
Chibamba Douty, Zambian student in Brunei Darussalam

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