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Friday, 30 November, 2001, 14:03 GMT
George Harrison: Your tributes

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Your tributes

Not many people know who paid for the whole thing ... but I have never forgotten

John Taylor, England
Many years ago I was the manager of a private hospital for natural medicine. A beautiful new wing dedicated to natural childbirth was built on to the hospital, and fully equipped. It cost a great deal of money. Not many people know who paid for the whole thing ... but I have never forgotten. That kind person died today. A truly great guy.
John Taylor, England

When I was a baby in Liverpool, a teenage George Harrison once helped my aunt push me across Halewood Road in my pram - not that I remember, of course!

The Beatles were such a part of my life - I feel as if a part of me has gone. He will be sadly missed. Goodbye, George. Brighten up heaven with your music!
Paul Lockwood, UK

When I was learning to play the guitar aged 14 (now 31), George was my biggest influence. I admired him because he was quiet and there was no showing off, unlike most lead guitarists. He did it so well. Thanks George, safe journey....
Simon, Wales

The undervalued talent of the Beatles, George Harrison has inspired me as a musician and overwhelmed me as a listener. 'Something' is one of my favourite Harrison songs, his lyrics, melody and delivery make it simply a masterpiece. When John died, so did the Beatles, but now George has left us it shows us all how we loved them individually. If music is the food of life, play on.
Chris, England

The inevitability of this news does nothing to dull the impact. My condolences to George's family and friends. On Sunday I was lucky enough to meet up with Ricky Ross of Deacon Blue. In recognising that I have to acknowledge that it would not have been possible without The Beatles.
Ian Peters, UK

Certain people come into this world and leave it richer before their passing

Brian Clayton, Australia
Certain people come into this world and leave it richer before their passing. George Harrison is one such person. Millions of us would want to express our gratitude to him for making our lives that much brighter. Thank you George.
Brian Clayton, Australia

George was a character in a band full of characters. They were as close to us as family in way that modern bands can never be. George was 'the baby', the youngest Beatle. Like most youngsters he had to fight his older, louder 'siblings' for the recognition he deserved. He did this with a grace and understated power through his own words and music.

By the time the 'brothers' went their own ways George was more than ready to claim his own spotlight on the world stage.

We all feel we've lost a family member today but forever he will be in our hearts and minds - one of the band of brothers known to all as John, Paul, George and Ringo.
Richard Burton, UK

He gave us "While my guitar gently weeps" what more can one person do. He has left a wonderful mark on the world and will be sorely missed
Nigel, England

When we thought this year could not possibly get any worse, it does. George was part of the most famous pop group of all time. There will never be another group that can radically change music in the way the Beatles did. My thoughts go out to George's family at this sad time. Let's not forget cancer. It needs stopping now.
Munders, Peterborough, UK

Bad day. The sad irony is that this private man who wished for nothing but peace and Love dies during one of the most unpeaceful times in recent history. When asked in 1965 what the most important thing in the world was he replied "love". His music and message will live on.
Jeff Prior, London, England

As a cancer survivor, I feel so privileged to have lived during the same years as George--and so lucky. God bless you.
Tony, Switzerland

The world will not be the same without him in it. He was my special Beatle and I had the privilege of meeting them all several times in my teens. He was a lovely, gentle, unassuming man and if the world was full of people like him it would be a safe and peaceful place. God Bless until we meet in eternity. Love to his family.
Pauleen Fowler, UK

So many sentiments have captured all that I've thought and felt about George, his music and the way he influenced others. One of the few men in the current world who got down to the business of being who he was. Thanks George.
Brad Pendergraph, New Jersey, USA

I just wish that George knew how much he enriched our lives

Neeyam, Woking, UK
In a world that keeps getting poorer all the time, I just wish that George knew how much he enriched our lives.
Neeyam, Woking, UK

Thank You George for being an inspiration and for creating such brilliant music. Many people including myself have become musicians and formed groups influenced by what you and the 'boys' were doing. With profound sadness please RIP George.
Bryan, Lincoln, England

Thank you for your music George, you and the boys were the background to my teenage years. We'll never forget you and our thoughts and prayers go out to your family.
Pam Markham, Dunstable, UK

George Harrison fans have always known what a magical talent he was. As the tributes begin to roll in, the rest of the world will soon begin to realize what those who loved George always knew...He was a gift to our senses and to the world we live in. He is and will continue to be an inspiration to everyone - as we listen to his music and study his life. We weep today because of the irreplaceable void created when George Harrison passed from this life into the next ...Long may you Run Dark Horse
Neil A., Kingston, Canada

George, you have now entered the posthumous Rock "n" Roll Hall of Fame, along with all the other greats, such as Elvis Presley, Carl Perkins, Roy Orbison, Buddy Holly, Eddie Cochran, Gene Vincent, Bob Marley, and of course not forgetting John Lennon, you may be no longer with us , but your music and your legacy will never die, you are one of the greats of Rock "n" Roll, and you are now in great company in the Rock "n" Roll Hall of Fame
Rock "N" Roll John, Lancashire, England

I think I'll put on 'Abbey Road' when I get in from work tonight, skipping 'Octopusses Garden', I'll head straight for 'Here Comes the Sun'

Jason Elliott, UK
He knew his days were numbered and faced death with calmness and dignity, still finding the wisdom to give the world one last message - 'love one another'. Well, I think I'll put on 'Abbey Road' when I get in from work tonight, skipping 'Octopusses Garden', I'll head straight for 'Here Comes the Sun', maybe have a little cry. Bye George.
Jason Elliott, UK

I was nearly 4 years old when I first saw the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show. I remember it like it was yesterday. It's difficult to comprehend that half of this group is gone. If the world was filled with people like George Harrison, we wouldn't be fighting a war today. Thank you for the music George, you've done your bit, now it's time to go on to even better things. Rest In Peace and may God bless your wife and son.
Natasha Cromwell, Canada


I felt I knew you, maybe not in real life, but I knew you in my heart. The tears I cried, when I heard you had died, has left a rip I fear may part.
My dreams, I had full of pride, when I heard you sing and shine. you have never met, or heard my name, but I knew you were all mine.
Sadness felt, by everyone you loved, and of course those who loved you too. Yet we must remember the happiness you had and put aside the feeling of blue.
Up to heaven you must go now, I hope you rest in the stars and sky. You will be remembered forever George Harrison, all is left is to say goodbye.
Deb, UK

It hit me. Bang. Square between the eyes

Tom, London, UK
This morning I discovered that I was a Beatles and George Harrison fan. It hit me. Bang. Square between the eyes. George Harrison's and the Beatles' music is totally ingrained in us all even if we may not know it. The Beatles and George have influenced us all and that can only be for the better. I was only 6 when John Lennon died - too young for it to influence me (although I remember it) - but this has made me sit back and think. Once in a while a death can bring you alive. Wherever you are now George, thank you.
Tom, London, UK

George, come home your mam says your tea's on the table - God bless you mate.
Vic, Liverpool, UK

As a born and bred Liverpudlian it saddens me to learn of Mr Harrison's death. I am very proud to be 'of that era' and can vividly recall his dry sense of humour. Always proud of his roots he was, and will remain, a true son of Liverpool.
David Fairchild, Sierra Leone

Today there are two guitars playing in heaven, while we in sadness reflect on happier times heaven has just become a better place
Peter Walker, GB

And the law says whatever you do is going to come right back on you,
And though for some, tomorrow never knows,
George knew: The answer's at the end.
No problem George: Here comes the sun.
Come home, friend of God; You're not alone anymore.
Joe Greenman, Germany

I fell in love with George when I was 11 1/2

Edith Goldmann, Austria
I fell in love with George when I was 11 1/2. I wrote to his mother Louise in 1969, and she replied within 2 weeks with a hand-written letter. I've kept this like a treasure. Now George followed his mother. May they be together in heaven. I'll miss you, George.
Edith Goldmann, Austria

Always my favourite Beatle, wonderful songs I have been playing constantly of late, you left us far too early George.
Bridget, England, England

In any other band George would have been the main man but being part of the greatest group of all time means that he is a legend that will live on through his music as A Beatle, a Wilbury and as George. Rest In Peace.
Bill Leggett, Australia

"Here comes the sun" was a three-chord trick, but was full of hope that the long lonely winter would pass, the ice would melt, and there would be something better. Those are the sentiments that George should be remembered for.
Robert, Scotland

What a great songwriter. I read somewhere once that if you assembled George Harrison's Beatles contributions from 1966 on, you'd have an album that could arguably hold its own with the band's achievements. Let us all celebrate in this achievement on this special day.
Stephen, Ireland

Perhaps the greatest homage to George's song-writing abilities came from Old Blue Eyes himself

Carol, USA
I can't put into words what I am feeling. Perhaps the greatest homage to George's song-writing abilities came from Old Blue Eyes himself, who covered the song "Something" and called it the greatest love song ever written. The joy your music has brought to me is immeasurable. Humble, unassuming, multi-talented, it's amazing what a difference one man can make in the world. I'm sobbing but I know he wouldn't want me to so I shall put on "All Things Must Pass" and remind myself that "...the Lord is awaiting on you all to awaken and see, by chanting the names of the Lord and you'll be free." Thank you George. Love and condolences to Olivia and Dhani. John's waiting for you, mate.
Carol, USA

I was never a huge Beatles fan but the songs that I really did like were more often than not George Harrison numbers. To me his stuff had more poignancy, substance and depth. He certainly deserved more recognition than he actually got. Unfortunately, it's often the way with great talents that their true worth is only fully appreciated after they're gone. A great shame.
Alex Cutelli, UK

How hard must it have been to compete in a band with two of the best songwriters of the century? But George still managed "Taxman", "Here Comes the Sun", "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" and "Something", which was dubbed "the greatest love song of the past 50 years" by Frank Sinatra, no less. Sad news for Beatles fans and the music world, but even sadder for his family and friends, having been taken from them at only 58.
Paul, UK

I am deeply saddened. Thank you George for having let me know about Eastern Music through "Revolver" first and then "Sergeant Pepper's" afterwards. You will always be remembered.
Marco Rossi, Rome, Italy

As a Beatle fan who wasn't yet born when John was shot, I could still bring myself to tears when I thought about his death. But living through this, is almost too much to bear. I look to George's lyrics from All Things Must Pass for the only comfort I've been able to find... "Darkness only stays at night time. In the morning it will fade away. Daylight is good at arriving at the right time. It's not always gonna be this grey." One thing can be certain however, the memory of George Harrison, a beautiful man with beautiful talent, will never pass.
Zev Nevo, USA

If you ask those first generation Indian immigrants, I'm sure they'll still remember George Harrison with great affection

Vinod Chhotu Patel, West Bromwich, UK
What sad news. Like a lot of people my age and from the Indian community, he was the first Beatle I knew the name of, because of his involvement with Ravi Shankar and the Hare Krishna movement. Even today, if you ask those first generation Indian immigrants, I'm sure they'll still remember George Harrison with great affection. Condolences to his family. He will be missed.
Vinod Chhotu Patel, West Bromwich, UK

You were the first poster on my bedroom wall. I will deeply mourn your passing and keep you with me always
Tricia Perry, U.K.

When I first heard "My Sweet Lord" and "What Is Life" in the early 70's at the age of 6, I instantly fell in love with George's music. After that, I became a fan of the Beatles. I'll really miss him, with him a part of my childhood and youth has disappeared. Let me express it with another of his big number of songs, "Your Love Is Forever".
U. Jansen, The Netherlands

'My sweet lord' the first and only single record I wore out. CLASS!
Michael Mccafferty, Scotland

Being a boy of 14 I did not have the chance to witness the greatest band of all time. I wish to God I had that chance
Darragh McGeown, Ireland

Wherever he is, I hope he knows how many of us have been enlightened by both his music and his humanity

Richard Topping, USA/UK
I missed Beatlemania. I was born on the day the Beatles went to No. 1 with 'All You Need Is love', yet still George's death has moved me to tears. I'm sitting here listening to 'My Sweet Lord', thinking that after the apocalypse of Beatlemania, George emerged as the most talented, noble and honourable ex-Beatle of them all. Wherever he is, I hope he knows how many of us have been enlightened by both his music and his humanity. Cheers George. We're going to miss you.
Richard Topping, USA/UK

'All Things Must Pass' always made me cry, but it will be especially poignant now. Thank you George, for the beautiful songs - you will be sorely missed.
Nicola Coffield, Glasgow, UK

I'm not going to pretend to know everything about George, but what I do know is that he was a member of one of the greatest and most positive phenomena that mankind has achieved, The Beatles. Some of the tributes I have read today have given me that tingly feeling that I only thought possible whilst listening to his music. I'm sure this is a sign of his legend living on.
Jonathan West, France

George was enormously talented, and very unassuming. His death is a great shock. It comes at a time when my own mother is dying of cancer. His family has my sympathies. I know what they're going through. In my mom's words, which she dictated to me this week and which was to be included with her Christmas cards, "I ask that you not be sad about my passing, but take this holiday season to reflect on the time you've shared with family and friends. And take some time to be with them, and enjoy them while they're here. That's the greatest gift you can give them." I'll miss them both.
Carl Coling, USA

Much of my taste in pop music was formed by listening to the Beatles. And George Harrison was an integral part of that formation. He was one of the first to bring spirituality to the 'rock' music scene. And that wouldn't have been possible without his recognition of his God given talent's, which were plenty. May you rest in peace, George. And may God continue to be with your family and friends in this time of need.
Lee Graf, Tucson, Arizona, USA

They defined an era and George was the glue that held them together

Kev, Scotland
The impression that the Beatles left on the world will never be erased. They defined an era and George was the glue that held them together. For that he will always be remembered so take a moment, put 'something' on and remember.
Kev, Scotland

George was always special to me when I listened to Rubber Soul over and over as a child out of time in the 1970s. Tomorrow I'll take my little boy, who now loves the Beatles too, down to the Mersey to say goodbye to George. This city has given the world something wonderful.
Helen Tookey, Liverpool, UK

I am a DJ at a classic rock station and I just talked about George Harrison tonight during my shift. It was a sad thing to come home and hear the news of his death. Another piece of rock and roll's soul has died. At least we were lucky enough to have him leave a legacy of music for many more generations to enjoy. Now all I can do though is quietly cry and try to figure out how to pay this wonderfully talented and spiritual man a fitting tribute. May peace fill your hearts when you think of Mr. Harrison. Peace, Love and Rock 'N Roll Forever.
Nikki, USA

Your music has been the sound track to my life. Thanks!
Maurice, UK

It was hard to wake up in a world with another Beatle gone

Liam Wilkinson, Scarborough, UK
It was hard to wake up in a world with another Beatle gone. George didn't get much of a chance to shine in the Beatles, but when he did, he shone with great intensity. I hope his passing will ignite the recognition he truly deserves.
Liam Wilkinson, Scarborough, UK

I idolised George as a teenager, and fantasised about becoming Mrs. Harrison. When I met my husband he was known as H, as his first name was John and there were 5 Johns where he worked. On our second date I asked him what the H stood for - when he replied "Harrison" my heart lurched. George would have said it was meant to be,Karma etc. Today all these memories have come flooding back, and I will remember George Harrison and his music forever.
Elaine Harrison, England

The great band in heaven has just acquired a wonderful new player. I'm sad that we've lost George, but it was even sadder to know that he was so ill. Have a good time now, George, and thank you for all the beautiful songs you gave us.
Giovanna, Italy

Thank you George. You were the one who introduced Asian culture and spirit to Western people. I hoped that you would soon be back, but you've gone to see your sweet Lord. I really miss you. Rest in peace, and say hello to John.
Kenny, Japan

For me, and most of my generation, everything changed, music would never be the same again

Terry Mc Keown, England
I was 13 when I first heard "Love Me Do" on my crackly transistor radio, on a warm March night in 1963. For me, and most of my generation, everything changed, music would never be the same again. Thank you.
Terry Mc Keown, England

I fell in love with The Beatles in late 1962... but most of all I fell in love with George. I never thought of him as the quiet Beatle, because his playing and his songs said so much. And he had a wicked sense of humour! Thank you, George, for everything.
Ann, Hong Kong

I am a long time fan. I also lost my mother to cancer in August. Thank you George for being part of something that brought happiness to myself and to millions.
Michael Fernbach, USA

Although I am finding it extremely difficult at the moment, this should not be a time of tears and sorrow, but an opportunity to celebrate the life of a truly remarkable man who has had such a huge impact on the world today. I'm glad you are no longer suffering. You can be assured that you have gone to your grave with all the world's love and respect. See ya George.
John Dunn, England

Just a few days ago I found myself wondering what the world would have been like if we did not have the Beatles and their music. For me there is great humanity to their music. I was born in the sixties and my mother would always play Beatles records when I was a young boy. I never tire of their music. As an adult their lyrics are much more meaningful to me. I am thankful to have known their music. George is now on next part of his journey through the cosmos.
Manjit, U.K.

I can hear you and John rocking Heaven already

Bill Harrison, U.S. Air Force, Texas, USA
I think he is loved and missed by more than he could have possibly imagined. Thanks for the music, inspiration and humanity - I can hear you and John rocking Heaven already.
Bill Harrison, U.S. Air Force, Texas, USA

I was lucky enough to meet George at the Henley regatta in 1990. He was a perfect gentleman. God bless you George. Always loved and never forgotten.
Andy Ward, England, UK

I had the great pleasure of working for George and the rest of the Beatles in the late '60s, just before their split. George was one of the sweetest and gentlest people I have ever met. He lived for his philosophy of loving one another, as I'm sure all who met him would agree. My thoughts are with his family and friends and anyone whose life George touched. God bless.
Jeni, England

I've had bits of 'All Things Must Pass' running round my head since this morning. Rest in peace, George.
Simon Hewitt, UK

There will never be a band as great as the Beatles ever again. Thanks George for giving me one of the few reasons to be proud to be British.
Rick, England

Thanks, George, for all that you have meant to me and my generation

Steen Laursen, Denmark
It is with great sadness that I have just heard the news about George Harrison. The world has lost a truly remarkable person with a sense of humour that would make him laugh at me writing a tribute to him. Thanks, George, for all that you have meant to me and my generation
Steen Laursen, Denmark

Had he just been a great musician his death would have been a sad loss for all his fans. That he was also a wonderfully warm, loving and gentle man makes his death a loss for us all. So sad!
George, Japan

Though preparing for this news for weeks, I find myself at 3AM in tears. Thank you George, may you find the peace you sought. I hope you know how deeply you were loved by all of us. I love you and from the bottom of my heart I thank you.
David Jenkins, United States

You were my first pop star crush, my first and most enduring. Thank you for too many memories to count, spent with good friends and your lovely music. God bless your family and loved ones.
Wendy Reynolds, NYC, NY USA

He wrote some of the best songs and nearly all the best guitar lines produced by the Beatles. He helped popularise the music of the East and also introduced its influence into Western popular music. He even helped us smile through his company Handmade Films. 'Always look on the bright side of life' (although I'm having a hard time doing that today). We all miss you George.
Jeremy, England

A great Beatle, a great Wilbury, a great man! We will miss you.
Tore Fjeld, Norway

Every member of the Beatles was indispensable and gave us so much that we are grateful for

Michelle, New Zealand
George, your dry wit, sensitivity and ability to hold your own within the Beatles, as a counterpoint to John and Paul, made the group more dynamic and more interesting. Every member of the Beatles was indispensable and gave us so much that we are grateful for. Love ya George - you are one sweet man.
Michelle, New Zealand

Farewell to a lovely guy. I never got to meet him, but from the Anthology interviews, and other interviews, I saw a person who really cared about others and was full of love. He gave us so much terrific music, as well as producing many films, including 3 of my favourites: Life of Brian, Time Bandits, and Withnail and I. A very sad loss to the world. You were far too young to leave us, George. However, I am glad that your suffering is over and that you can rest. I wish you peace and happiness, wherever you are.
David White, Everett, WA, USA

Today I have the same feeling I had in December-80. An important part of my life has disappeared. Tomorrow my life will be a little bit different. I´m glad for my records
Thomas, Sweden

Thank you George for your exquisite songs, your droll sense of humour, your balanced approach to life and the invaluable contribution you made to the joy of music in our lives.
Jack Hanbury, Perth, Western Australia

Only 58 years old but what an inspiring 58 years!

Juan LesScousa, NY, NY, USA
George's music brought joy and happiness to millions. Let us remember him through this legacy. Only 58 years old but what an inspiring 58 years!
Juan LesScousa, NY, NY, USA

George was a great guitarist, a wonderful lyricist, but an even more wonderful person, showing us all how to persevere in the face of illness and misfortune. He will be missed greatly.
Christopher Reynolds, U.S.A.

George has always been my favourite Beatle. He has always had the knack of stirring the spirit, with the simplest of riffs, the most poignant of words. I will miss you George, and will always treasure your music. Good luck with the next turn of the wheel - and God Bless.
Christina Renou, Australia

George was my favourite Beatle when all my other little teeny-bopper friends loved the others. I liked him because he seemed like me - quiet, shy, and with something to say if you just asked him. Now, part of my youth is gone, with the same shocking finality as when John died. May your sweet Lord take care of you, George.
Alison Greene, Canada

Without George what standard of excellence would we aspire to?

Robert Breen, USA
I can't imagine a world that never had a George Harrison. I'm very thankful for the countless hours of joy, fascination, intrigue, and inspiration I've gotten from his music. I work in the recording industry... without George what standard of excellence would we aspire to? We'd almost all be doing something else. Thank you so much George for a very different and much more exciting life. God Bless you on your journey.
Robert Breen, USA

I grew up with the Beatles. They caused me to pick up the guitar and want to be a Rock Star. I still play guitar and sing some 30+ years later. "All Things Must Pass". Go with God George.
Bob Douglas, USA

I have just learnt the news of George Harrison's death. It is 8.30pm here, 30th November, and I am truly saddened. I am yet to break the news to my father who lives in the country. I was only 11 years old when, with my dad, we heard the news of John. I can't believe another chapter has gone. My dearest expressions of strength and love to his family are true. A great man, inspiration, talent, is now in heaven for all there to enjoy.
Kelly, Australia

In this part of America we felt a special connection to George because he spent time visiting here before the Beatles. He left here with a little piece of our music and now he leaves us and the world with music that will never die.
Greg Bailey, USA

A world without George Harrison will take a very long time to come to terms with

The Hideaways, England
Although we had reluctantly come to accept in recent days that this news was coming, the world is a much sadder place to wake up to this morning. Our deepest, sincerest condolences to Georges family and friends. A world without George Harrison will take a very long time to come to terms with.
The Hideaways, England

I was 10 when 'Love Me Do' was released. Over the next decade the finest pop music of all time was written and released - always pioneered and led by the Beatles. George was an essential ingredient, from the sharp, precise solos to the beauty of his Abbey Road songs. A sad day indeed
David Morris, UK

I read the news of George Harrison's passing with great sadness, he was a wonderful writer of music and probably never got the acclaim he deserved having being overshadowed by Lennon and McCartney. Even when the Beatles were no more he continued to produce quality especially the albums 'Cloud Nine' and with the Travelling Wilburys. He will be sadly missed.
Anthony Dry, Liverpool, UK

If the goodness of your heart is a measure of entry to heaven then I know where George is now. Love one another, the greatest commandment.
Pete, Wales, UK

Although he was often in the shadows of the Lennon and McCartney partnership, George was a vital part of The Beatles, and songs such as Something, and Here Comes The Sun are as good as any in the Fab Four's cannon. Respect.
Paul Brown, England

2001 will be remembered as the saddest year for all music fans over the world.
Yuji Matz, Japan

Wish there were more like you

Tom Tesar, South Africa
Thanks for the music George. Rest peacefully. Wish there were more like you.
Tom Tesar, South Africa

George Harrison wasn't just one quarter of the Beatles, he was a fine musician and a spiritual man in his own right, and he will live on forever in our hearts and in our music - most of which to this day is inspired by what George and three pals from Liverpool produced in the Sixties.
Ted Bugler, UK

Your talents have brought & will continue to bring so much joy & pleasure to all those who listen to your work. As they say, our loss is heavens gain. Rest easy now... all is well.
Amanda, West Midlands, UK

Like Dec 8th many years ago... The impact is so visceral. Such a loss. I really want to hear All Things Must Pass. When I first heard it, I thought I had a warped LP. On successive plays I heard what he was doing bending notes. Haunting work. That whole album is what I remember even more than Hard Day's Night movie or Ed Sullivan show. Really marks a significant passing.

What runs through my mind right now is how different the media/music world is now vs when John was shot. And how I learned of both's passing. Heard about John on the radio. I barely ever listen to radio anymore. Remember just gathering with my friends and we listened to the radio for days nonstop... and I rediscovered all of his lyrics. With George, I learn of his passing while online at a message board and trade exchanges with others via postings.

I'm sad. That part's the same. He leaves a legacy. And I'll be rediscovering all of that again as I play the music I grew up with. From kid with crew cut and then slowly we allowed to let our hair grow like the Beatles, then high school years with Sgt Pepper and beyond.
Richard, USA

The great music he produced made me a music lover from a young child

Katie Moodie, France
I am deeply saddened this morning on hearing this news. The great music he produced made me a music lover from a young child. My thoughts and prayers go out to his loved ones.
Katie Moodie, France

George Harrison, the first and last Beatle to have a number one hit in the US, underrated by many but he had the last laugh. God Bless you George.
Kevin McLoughlin, England

Aside from being a Beatle, a brilliant musician who inspired many a bedroom guitarist/sitarist.
Tim Lewis, UK

Your final words should influence the world as your music did. No goodbyes.
Kit Welch, U.K.

Why do the brightest lights burn half as long? The world has prematurely lost a true, true genius.
Tim, UK

The most tasteful guitar player of the 60s. The leads on Taxman and And your bird can sing are the best in rock. Made my early life better.
Dan Everett, US

A sad day indeed but we can all draw comfort from his faith in love conquering all. Taxman is and will continue to be one of the best if most underrated Beatles tracks of all time. I hope his musical legacy will continue to affect others as it did myself. Rest in Peace George.
David Phillips, UK

Two of my favorite Beatles' song - 'Here comes the sun' and 'Within you without you'. Thank you George. You have brought popular music to a whole new level. Our prayer will be with you and your family.
Mark Lam, Hong Kong, China

Not many people can say they made a major change in the world and did it in such a positive way

Brian Morris, USA
Not many people can say they made a major change in the world and did it in such a positive way. No question George Harrison will be remembered for that.
Brian Morris, USA

The world has lost a true, true genius.
Tim, Woking, UK

On the early Beatles records he played pure melody - most guitarists are too busy showing off to do something so simple. Later, he discovered slide guitar and played pure soul - listen to his sweet dobro playing on John Lennon's song Crippled Inside. His singing was sublime, especially since his accent came through - listen to Let It Down from the essential All Things Must Pass. Then there was his deep spirituality combined with a sly sense of humour -combined well in the song Crackerbox Palace from 33 1/3. Let's not forget his work in bringing some great cult films to the world via his own Handmade Films. Classic songs? Loads of them! Simply put, a legend.
Andrew Bradley, England

Your music has been part of my life since the day I was born. Thank you, and God bless.
Miles, GB

He's moved onto a place he fundamentally believed in and had no fear of. What a jam session there's gonna be up there - John, George, Jimmy H.
Dom Mellonie, Spain

In Heaven it's a beautiful sunny morning- a little brighter now George is there

Peter Maher, Liverpool UK
It's a grey rainy day this morning in Liverpool. It looks a little more miserable than most rainy days. But in Heaven it's a beautiful sunny morning- a little brighter now George is there. God Bless
Peter Maher, Liverpool UK

I keep hearing he was the quite Beatle. But his music speaks volumes & will be heard for years. Thank you George.
Paul Watts, England

Besides being a talented musician and songwriter George was a man who gave more of himself than anyone could have rightly expected. He always seemed to put the cares of others before his own. He seemed to realize how fortunate he was in life and felt a need to pass his good fortune onto others. George was always and will always be my favorite Beatle and, more importantly, one of my favorite people and a true role model for everyone. We will miss you George.
Scott Thompson, USA

He was simply one of the best song writers and guitarists ever

Liam, Scotland
Often overlooked as part of the Beatles, but, I'm sure, reflecting back as many people will be, he was simply one of the best song writers and guitarists ever. I'm sure he's found peace now.
Liam, Scotland

George Harrison, The loss of a legend in his own right and as a Beatle. He was an inspiration to many. Now he will get the acclaim he deserves and should have had in life for his brilliant music, writing and film work. God bless and sleep in peace, you were a lovely man and will be missed.
Linda Elliott, UK

I think we'll all be listening much much closer now for George in the the harmonies, in the lyrics and in the melodies.
Glenn, Italy

I thank George Harrison for his music. When I lived in South America in my teens in the 70's, I could collect Beatles and solo albums and enjoy the sound in a merenque and disco dominated time. I wish his family lots of strength with the loss which is felt around the world.
Ronald, Suriname

The world did get smaller and darker after this night

Laurynas, Canada
I am staring at the little square field of this comment form, and I do not know what to say. I don't have to tell what George meant to the world, I don't want to quote him because it seems so inappropriate. The world did get smaller and darker after this night.
Laurynas, Canada

George may have been the quietest Beatle but he was the first to achieve solo success with his completely original song "My Sweet Lord".
A J Salmon, UK

Thank you George for My Sweet Lord, What is Life, Something, Here Comes the Sun, and for making such a wonderful soundtrack for my childhood!
Kimberly, Los Angeles, CA, USA

A very talented musician and composer. But most of all, a man of love, humility, spiritual warmth and peace. We loved him and will miss him.
Andy, UK

George is star that will not stop shining . . .
Naman, Germany

Thank you for you music George, I don't think any fan would be able to listen to your " My Sweet Lord" without weeping.
Luke Woodiwiss, United Kingdom

Behind his songs, his guitar playing and all the magic around him, he's also a human being... I just never thought I would realize it so soon... We are all going to miss you George.
Sergio Acosta, Mexico

George was 'my' Beatle then as he is my 4 year old's now

Daniella, London, UK
I remember being 4 years old listening to the Beatles albums on my Playskool record player over and over. George was 'my' Beatle then as he is my 4 year old's now. His music is timeless and eternal. Peace George!
Daniella, London, UK

A great musician, and an even finer lyricist. I always admired George's perception which shone through his lyrics; he kept a clear head despite all the fame and fortune. Rest in peace, George.
Jon, UK

A Simple man with basic humanitarian thoughts, Love One Another , it's not much to ask of each of us when you think about it...?. Rest easy Mr Harrison, sadly missed....
Eric Clark, UK

Bangladesh has lost a true friend & the world has lost a great musician with the sudden loss of George Harrison
Aminur Rashid, Bangladesh/UK

I'll be playing your music tonight, over the weekend and for the rest of my life. Thanks for everything you've done.
Steve Dewsbury, Poland

A unique talent and inspiration, a kind and gentle man. I remember as a eight year old child crying when I heard that the Beatles had split up. Thirty years later I find new tears swelling in my eyes. God bless you George, we will miss you dearly.
John, Budapest, Hungary

"Thank you for the music". There must be a great band forming up in the skies now
Mike Harradence, UK

All of Liverpool, Beatle fans or not, are sending our best wishes to your family

Sinead Connolly, Liverpool
I cannot put into words just how sad I feel today, yet another Beatle has been taken from us. All of Liverpool, Beatle fans or not, are sending our best wishes to your family. We will miss you and hope you are happy and at peace with John. Goodnight George.
Sinead Connolly, Liverpool

'It's All Too Much' - can't say anymore - the best Beatles song....George you are the man
Ross Mowat, Scotland

Thank you for your tremendous contribution to our collective experience of life
Simon, UK

I have just heard the news about George and I can't believe it. I have been a Beatles fan all my life and saw them in Lincoln in 1963 at the ABC theatre I was 11 years of age then and I am 49 now. They changed the world with their music and they will never be replaced. My heart goes out to there family and also to Paul and Ringo, the remaining Beatles.
Robin Wilson, England

I am in shock! John and now George. It is like loosing a very close friend. I shall be playing my Beatles albums tonight and toasting a fond but tearful farewell to a fine and sadly underrated talent. My thoughts go out to all of his family, friends and supporters.
Gary Clark, England

Cancer took my Dad away too. He was a massive fan. Play him a song while you're up there mate.
Steve, England

This morning I was very sad indeed to hear the news of George's death. His dry humour will be sadly missed.
Frits Broekema, The Netherlands

Every guitar riff he plays is tuneful and to the point, no waffling and there is no one quite like him

Nick Giles, England
George was one of the most underrated guitarists ever. Every guitar riff he plays is tuneful and to the point, no waffling and there is no one quite like him. Amazing man who will be sadly missed. Thank you George for many many hours of happiness.
Nick Giles, England

His music still influences us immensely, whether we're writing our own songs or just listening to his. Thanks for the music, George - take care, man.
Dan, UK

George was an underrated genius a great, great songwriter, musician and person, his last words were 'lets love one another' sums up the message of George and The Beatles.
Greg, UK

Life flows on within in and without you. George has contributed both with the Beatles and on his own, to some of the best remembered moments of my life. As George once said, he has just taken off one overcoat. With love and affection.
Helen Czinege, UK

Having been an absolute fan of The FABS music for over 40 years, I am very sad to hear this news. I am glad I got to see him play in December 1974 in Toronto MLG. His music has made me very happy over the years. So long Mate.
Michael Bond, Lancashire, England

I was very sad to hear the passing of George Harrison, but it came as no surprise. He had been sick for a long time. I lost my dad to cancer last year, and I know how his family must have felt watching him become sicker as the days passed by and now with him being gone, the loss is almost total and so unreal. I really feel for them. My condolences to his family on their great loss.
Hairinnisa Jaafar, Singapore

Not only has the world lost a great musician, but also a fine example of a human being.
John W, Liverpool, England

George donated his house for use as a temple in North London -The Hare Krishna Temple. He did not ask anything in return. God Bless George.
Ashwin Thaker, United Kingdom

A man of genuine dignity, humility and wisdom, rare traits these days and virtually unique among personalities of his achievement and standing. As the creator of the finest body of solo work amongst the four Beatles, as one of the most graceful guitar stylists Britain ever produced, George's reputation will only grow in the coming years. There aren't many celebrities I would like to have known, but George was one. I know I shall think of him often, and with great fondness.
Ian Hunt, UK

I didn't cry. I just felt I have one more friend gone with the time and with love that has been given to us with their music. Lets keep this love in us forever.
Dauren, Kazakhstan

I fell in love with his Gretsch Country Gentleman guitar and his rather unassuming attitude

Tom Holler, USA
At the age of 9, I discovered George Harrison and the Beatles. For some reason I fell in love with his Gretsch Country Gentleman guitar and his rather unassuming attitude. Now, at the age of 47, never having been famous but still active as a musician, I still credit George Harrison with inspiring me to become a musician. Thank you George for your music and who you were.
Tom Holler, USA

I was brought up on a diet of The Beatles and The Beach Boys. Two members of each band have passed on before their time was due. It's a constant reminder that noting is certain, nothing should be taken for granted, and we must make the most of every moment we have.
Kevin Sterry, England

I was 10 in 1970 when I bought my first Harrison. I still have it. If we have a "My Sweet Lord" I trust that Harrison now has another audience. Safe journey George.
G Lawson, Oregon, US

My hero, a truly great and inspirational man. May he rest in peace and his star shine brightly forever. We love you George.
Monica Dixit Harrison, UK

Let us celebrate and remember a talented, spiritual man

Tracy, London, UK
I walked down the aisle to the song "Something", written by George Harrison, and surely the most beautiful love song ever. I will be playing it as soon as I get home tonight. Let us celebrate and remember a talented, spiritual man.
Tracy, London, UK

God bless you George. Thank-you for the music. Few may remember your Concert for Bangladesh-one of your greatest, but ALL THINGS MUST PASS. Greetings to John.
Peter Dodd, South Africa

"Love one and other" and "Give peace a chance" Always associated with George Harrison and how appropriate, given the current world circumstances with leaders meeting in Bonn.
Steve, UK

This is a huge tragedy, I only hope that it will let people who wouldn't have listened to George before take note on his messages of peace and love, rest in peace
Stephen Darwood, UK

Free As A Bird now George ....high on the wing.
Soar on the wind forever. God bless.
Paul, Manchester, England

He had a great life in the greatest band of all time. He can rest now having achieved immortality.
James Lawler, England

George will be missed by millions across the world - irrespective of colour, creed and beliefs

Colin Barratt, UK
George will be missed by millions across the world - irrespective of colour, creed and beliefs. God Bless George and thank you for sharing your life and wisdoms. All Things Must Pass. Our loving thoughts go to Olivia and Dhani.
Colin Barratt, UK

It's a great shame to lose such a beautiful talent, but at least we can believe that he is in a better place, probably knocking out a few tunes with John.
Christian McGettigan, UK

Dear George
Thank you for inspiring a generation of people like me to pick up guitars and learn to play them. Every guitar will be gently weeping, especially yours. Travel safely.
Matt Wheeler, Thailand

There'll come a time, When all of us must leave here,
Then nothing Sister Mary can do, Will keep me here with you,
As nothing in this life that I've been trying,
Can equal or surpass the Art of Dying.
Lyrics by George Harrison. I will miss you and your humanity, George.
James Galloway, California, USA

I was sad and mournful upon hearing the news of his passing. Apart from delivering vital contribution to the Beatles' sound, he was also vastly responsible for developing their spirits...
Eirik, Norway

Let's not forget just how critical George was to the Beatles sound and thought

Andy Sowter, UK
Let's not forget just how critical George was to the Beatles sound and thought. He brought the Byrds influence to Rubber Soul and the Mod sound to Revolver ('Taxman' - dutifully covered by The Jam in 'Start'). He visited the West Coast scene long before the other Beatles and was central in selling this new vibe to the other three. An ambassador of the eclectic. A great example to other musicians.
Andy Sowter, UK

All Things Must Pass, but George lives on in our hearts forever. We'll never forget you, George.
Ee Lynn Wong, Malaysia

Today I suddenly felt old - the hero and pop idol of my youth has gone and taken his sun with him - may he find his way to the light
Gay Richardson, UK

Even after The Beatles his brilliance shone through

John Penfound, UK
George was very underrated in The Beatles. I'd put his song writing up there with Lennon and McCartney. Even after The Beatles his brilliance shone through, especially as a member of The Travelling Wilburys. George's death is a great loss to music.
John Penfound, UK

George you will always be alive in our hearts
Agnieszka, Poland

Always remember by many people in this part of the world. Goodbye George and have a great time jamming with John in Heaven.
Pang Boon Tien, Singapore

Today the world has lost one of the greatest figures of 20th century music. There was so much more he had to give us, it is a loss I find hard to describe. Thank you George- you'll be alright in God's hands.
Oliver Martin, England

21 years on from Lennon, another Beatle is gone, again prematurely. The shock is the realisation that time has passed so quickly. The tunes from the 60s still sound fresh, full of life, love and happiness. These truly were men who left a lasting legacy.
Steve Cahill, England

Moments like these when the Beatles reaffirm themselves on your lives

Jeremy Fourteau, France
What can I say. It is devastating news. Moments like these when the Beatles reaffirm themselves on your lives. Thank you for the memories. Give my best to John. God bless you and your family.
Jeremy Fourteau, France

Another chapter closes on the life of one of the most talented musicians of all time. Without the Beatles, music would have been a more staid affair. George's contribution to the Beatles and to the whole of the British music industry should not be underestimated. For me, 'All things must pass' was his finest hour. Another music icon has sadly gone, and we shall not see his like again.
Stephen Brooks, England

George brought more theory to the Beatles than they ever had before, he also brought Ravi Shankar into western music, which most people forget, he was ahead of his time musically, and I'm very thankful for his beautiful timeless expressions that will forever bloom in this spiritual universal garden we all share.
David Anderson, Portland, USA

All the more fortunate I am, for having been witness to Paul's 'Tripping the live fantastic', the closest thing to Beatles live, ever. At least I got to cry out in joy and thanks to one of them in life. It's a sad thing I can never do that towards George. Goodbye Sir. Thank you so much.
Michiel F.E. van Reenen, The Netherlands

You have to stop to consider that they really did change the whole face of music

Adele Rinder, UK
I wept when I heard the news, not only for George & his family for their sad loss but also for me and all the baby boomers because the Beatles and our youth are so closely linked. George and all the other Beatles had such an influence on so many lives in so many have to stop to consider that they really did change the whole face of music. They were the start of "pop". Condolences to Olivia & his son Darma " your loss is felt around the world"
Adele Rinder, UK

The most underrated Beatle - a great guitarist and a wonderful self-effacing man. Such a loss to have so young.
Dave Maloney, UK

It's like losing an old friend. I guess all things really must pass.
Tracy Wright, U.S.

It saddens my heart that another light in the world has gone out. Thanks for your contribution to the world George...
Tom, UK

Thanks for all the wonderful music, George

Gary McArthur, England
Thanks for all the wonderful music, George. You will be remembered in our hearts and minds for eternity. Rest in Peace, man.
Gary McArthur, England

Each Beatle was integral to the bands success. George Harrison's contribution to the worlds greatest band must never be forgotten
Chris O'Donoghue, UK

A fine enlightened human has moved on but his music and love will always be with us.
Stewart, Wales

They taught to me the meaning of feeling the music. 'If I needed someone' it would be you, if "there is something" great is you. It's been a 'long, long, long' time with your music. Bye George, hope you find your 'Sweet Lord'.
Andrés García, Spain

I'll miss you. There is sun here in Sweden today. You songs lit up the world.
Mikael, Sweden

May your god take care of you George-you can join in with John and Roy and start a heavenly band - RIP
Rick, New Zealand

The man is an inspiration to youth that anyone from any background can achieve anything

Chris Dalton, UK
As a young man living in the north west all I can say is the man is an inspiration to youth that anyone from any background can achieve anything. One thing I remember saying to my brother a long time ago was, he never had many songs on one album but the ones he wrote counted tenfold. He will be greatly missed.
Chris Dalton, Widnes, UK

Passed away? I don't think so, I am listening to him as I write this and he, like John and the other Beatles, will live Forever. God bless You George.
Peter Hollis, UK

The quietest and most talented of the four. Underrated by many but simply the best of the four and one of the greatest guitarists.
May the turf lie gently on him.
Milhar, UK

Twelve-string Rickenbachers will never sound the same. Farewell, George... You're missed.
Michael Kuker, USA

Goodbye George.
All guitars gently weep today.
Mats Elfström, Sweden

This is very sad news. George's spirituality contributed a great deal to the Beatle's style. Also he was a fine guitarist. He will be greatly missed.
Steve Wallace, UK

His legacy is to love and live in peace

Elaine Lewis, UK
George was an inspiration, his music a comfort and a joy. His legacy is to love and live in peace. He will be missed but never forgotten.
Elaine Lewis, UK

The Beatles were before my time, but their class shines through even today. We have only two left, so memories are all everyone has really. My thought are with his family and friends and I hope they will be left to mourn in peace. To survive an attack and stabbing and then die a couple of years later is very sad. God Bless. I am sure John will be looking after him now.
Dave Wright, UK

A very sad loss. I always thought that George was one of the best song writers that this country has produced. A man with a truly original talent in both his work in the music and film industry. I'm sure that he will be very much missed by all music fans.
Steve, UK

All things must pass, but why so soon? Its a bit like hearing the news of an old friend passing away.
John, England

My sweet lord - bye George, you are a star
Natalie, England

Goodbye George...thank you for your quiet dignity and strength, your music and your gentle spirituality.
Terri, UK

It's funny that I was just watching Paul McCartney's Wingspan.. Watching the Beatles parts,rts, it made me start going through some of my albums, and remembering how much I loved George's songs..
It makes me terribly sad that such a peaceful and talented individual had to die to such a difficult and painful disease... far too early in his life.
Andrew Foster, NYC, US

Today is a very sad day for me and I'm sure for all Beatles fans around the world. Thank you George for your music. I will miss you.
Heidi Self, Germany

Aloha George.
May Buddha bless you and lead you forward from this lifetime to the next one . May your way be full of peace and light. Know that there are a lot of folks grateful and appreciative of your time here with us. You were so cool man...
Aloha ka kou
Robert, Hawaii

A genius of music, will be sadly missed. It is as though we have lost someone we all knew.
Jim McClean, England

A lovely man and a very underrated songwriter - he will be missed
Martyn Lake, England

Say hello to John

Jim LaCas, USA
Great talent, great songs, great man. We will miss you George. Say hello to John.
Jim LaCas, USA

Goodbye George and thank you for warming my heart throughout cold times. God bless you.
Paul Hart, UK

Another great has gone away.
Alex Tapaccos, UK

Fabulous man, fabulous music - he will be sadly missed by millions of people around the world.
Rest in peace George.
Will Faulkner, Hale, Cheshire, UK

Bye bye George, A sad day for Beatles fans around the world. Another Beatle taken form us too early. God Bless
Michael, England

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