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Wednesday, 4 July, 2001, 11:07 GMT 12:07 UK
Jack Lemmon: Your tributes

Oscar-winning actor Jack Lemmon has died after a battle with cancer at the age of 76.

The star of Some Like It Hot and The Odd Couple had recently had surgery to remove his gall bladder and was recovering from pneumonia.

He was renowned for his versatile acting style ranging from comedy in The Apartment to the drama of Days of Wine and Roses.

Of his seven Oscar nominations for lead actor, two were for comedies, five for dramas.

Send us your tributes to Jack Lemmon.

This page is now closed. Your tributes:

Thank you Mr Lemmon for proving that laughter is a universal language

'Kemi Robinson, Nigeria
As a West African, I often feel untouched and unmoved by Hollywood productions and people, but Jack Lemmon touched and moved me and many other Africans. Funny as it might seem to some, we could identify ourselves in you. Thank you Mr Lemmon for proving that laughter is a universal language. You have joined the great ancestors
'Kemi Robinson, Nigeria

There must be some good jokes and laughing in heaven now that Jack has joined up with Walter once again. Two of the best.
C Bennett, Canada

A man with a huge degree of talent - the ability to say as many words with your face as with your mouth and a smile to die for! Your humour will live on. I was only 12 when I first saw Some Like It Hot and it quickly became one of my favourite films - at least 15 viewings later and it still makes me giggle and chuckle and laugh just as much as the first time...FRESH!
Caroline Taborn, UK

He somehow managed to express important things about being an ordinary person

J. Kerr, UK
Jack Lemmon was great; he somehow managed to express important things about being an ordinary person. The film that hasn't been mentioned is "The Front Page", which for me was up there with "The Odd Couple". It's the partnership with Walter Matthau at its very best and all Jack Lemmon fans should see it.
J. Kerr, UK

You made me laugh! Thanks Jack.
J. Edwards, Holland

We have lost a great actor.
Beatriz Aubert, Mexico

"The Odd Couple" and "The Out-of-Towners", among other Jack Lemmon films, are masterpieces of comedy.
Paul W, USA

Jack was the funniest character that I have ever seen

Stephen Garner, Baltimore, USA
As a child, my parents took us kids to see Some Like It Hot at the theatre. To this day, I believe that Jack was the funniest character that I have ever seen. I purchased the DVD of the movie last week. This guy could not only do comedy but as a drama actor could make one cry. We have lost one of the kings of acting and I still mourn today as if he was a member of our family.
Stephen Garner, Baltimore, USA

Jack Lemmon was one of those actors who was good in everything he appeared in. To quote the famous last line of Some Like It Hot - "Nobody's perfect" - but Jack Lemmon was as close as it gets, movie-wise, cookie-wise, and everything-wise.
Kathryn, England

It was so sad to hear of the passing of Jack Lemmon. He was a truly great actor, and a gentleman that myself and the world will never forget.
Nabeel Al-Mehairbi, United Arab Emirates

We all grew up and genuinely matured watching the great movies of Jack Lemmon. Thank goodness those films will be here to comfort and teach us always. Best wishes to Mr Lemmon's family.
Mairi Mac, Scotland

Another light goes out in Hollywood

Barbara, USA
What a loss to our world and his family. Now he is immortal on the screen forever. I adored Some Like It Hot, Odd Couple, everything he did. Another light goes out in Hollywood.
Barbara, USA

I am only 25 but I saw him in Some Like it Hot and he made me laugh. I loved him in the Grumpier Old Men Series with Walter Mathau. I was saddend when I had heard he died last year and now Jack joins him. That is a loss not only for Hollywood but for the rest of the world.
Kristi Danyluk, Canada

All the greats are leaving us. The ones we have left are ignored. Like John Savage, one of greatest we will ever see. I wish he would get the recognition he deserves. There are only a few great actors left. Pay them some attention before it's too late.
Judie Etinger, America

Jack Lemmon was one of the last great legends of the old Hollywood legendary films. His performance in masterpieces such as Some Like it Hot, Save the Tiger, Mister Roberts, Missing, The Odd Couple, The Days of Wine and Roses and The Apartment (in my opinion his best movie) were superb and put him on my top five list of the best actors of the 20th century. He was good in both comedy and dramatic roles and was one of the best actors of his generation
Stef?n, Iceland

I found him small in stature but big in heart

Foster Hails, UK
I was lucky enough to see the late, great Jack Lemmon in a play he toured in this country with Michael Gambon some 15 years ago. I found him small in stature but big in heart. A Hollywood legend, he is gone but not forgotten thanks to his wonderful evergreen performances.
Foster Hails, UK

I sat here and began reading some of the tributes to the great Jack Lemmon and it brought a tear to my eye. Thanks Mr Lemmon for giving me cause to pause and feel our loss. You will be missed.
Rick, USA

I am not afraid to admit that I shed a tear when I heard of Jack Lemmon's death. One of the very first films I remember watching as a kid was The Odd Couple - I was about 7 or 8 years old and I sat enraptured by both Lemmon and Matthau's comic genius. A sad, sad loss for the world and not just the film industry - when the world loses a good man, we should shed a tear.
Andy Freeman, Notts, UK

The great comedian and the serious campaigner will be greatly missed

Claudio Gonzalez-Carrasco, Chile
His eloquent performance on the Chilean-banned "Missing" helped to show outside the country the collective suffering of thousands of families in the early days of the CIA-sponsored Pinochet dictatorship. The great comedian and the serious campaigner will be greatly missed.
Claudio Gonzalez-Carrasco, Chile

The characters Jack Lemmon portrayed in films like "The Apartment," "Some Like It Hot" and numerous others were universally accepted, they did not require translation. His personality will remain a landmark the history of filmmaking.
Yury, St. Petersburg, Russia

A gracious man and a fine actor. His passing is a very sad loss. God Bless.
Daphne, UK

To me Jack Lemmon was one of those rare actors who not only could act brilliantly in comedy and drama but was also a genuinely nice person off-screen and was a "gentleman". I have enjoyed many of his films but the best one for me is "The Apartment". He will be sadly missed.
Louise Sime, England (living in Australia)

His charm, style, and acting has made him one of greatest leading stars of his time

Muhammad Ali Nadeem, Pakistan
The death of Jack has highlighted the ongoing glimpses of his art. Indeed, he will be missed by generations ahead. His charm, style, and acting has made him one of greatest leading stars of his time. With an outstanding row of movies to his credit, there is no doubt that the Odd Couple has reunited; Lemmon and Matthau.
Muhammad Ali Nadeem, Pakistan

As a child I loved Some Like it Hot. My children have grown up watching and enjoying his films. I had tears running down my face for Grumpy Old Men. I shall still watch his films - now with fond memories. He will be missed along with Jimmy Stuart, Cary Grant and Spencer Tracy to name but a few.
Elizabeth Ryder, England

Throughout the 80s, as a single man angsting that I would never find the woman of my dreams, The Apartment was a movie that offered me no end of solace - and amusement - at my predicament. If Baxter can get the girl, I reasoned, then maybe I can, too. He did, eventually I did, and I still love that movie. You made my life a richer place. Rest in peace, Buddy Boy.
Nick Cass, Australia

My favourite movie with him is Glengarry Glen Ross

Victor Abriles, Peru/Canada
One of my few truly favourite actors. All my respect to his career and memory. My favourite movie with him is Glengarry Glen Ross. When Al Pacino says about Lemmon's character, "he's the Machine...!" and "like you taught me...". Unforgettable sequence, far beyond just acting. Long Live Immortal Jack Lemmon.
Victor Abriles, Peru/Canada

He was an actor of fun and life. We will miss him.
Baran, Türkiye

In Hollywood today, it is blood, blood, blood. In Jack Lemmon's blood there was talent, talent, talent. Try creating that in the Dream Factory. Jack Lemmon made acting look easy. This was the bedrock of his talent. Actors today can sense this. That is why they take the money and run straight to the bank. Jack, see you at that "Now Showing" theatre in the sky.
Abdulfez, Japan

My heart sank when I read the news of Jack's death. His comic touch was impeccable in such films as The Odd Couple and Some like it Hot. But he was also a superb dramatic actor. His performance in David Mamet's Glengarry Glenn Ross will surely go down as one of the finest in cinematic history. And who of sound mind will ever forget The Apartment. We have lost one of the true giants of the acting world. Rest in peace Jack. You will never be forgotten.
Duncan, Brazil

His wit, charm and humility made him one of Hollywood's greatest leading men.

Alex, Scotland
With a multitude of films to his credit it is no surprise that so many people have left tributes here today. Jack Lemmon will indeed be missed by generations. His wit, charm and humility made him one of Hollywood's greatest leading men. I can only hope that now Lemmon and Matthau are re-united "Odd Couple style"
Alex, Scotland

Jack Lemmon was one actor who was never typecast. He was absolutely brilliant in every role he chose to play, from the hapless slob having a nervous breakdown in Prisoner of Second Avenue to Mister Roberts to the not so happy drunk in The Day of Wine and Roses. It was such a treat to see him work with other actors. We will never forget Kevin Spacey telling him to go to lunch in Glengarry Glen Ross or his face when Walter Matthau sprays room freshener on his linguine in The Odd Couple. I will still stay up late to watch Irma la Deuce with Shirley McLaine.
Kim, Texas,USA

Jack Lemmon was, and remains, one of the truly great actors of the 20th Century. Adept in both comedy and drama, he lit his characters from within, and allowed us to see what we often never expected - whether it was the good soul of a cad or the darkness within every decent man. His skill and craftsmanship will be sorely missed. Many people felt as if they had lost a good friend today, although they had never met him. This is his eternal gift to us all - he understood us all, and portrayed us all with kindness and hope. Farewell, Mr. Lemmon, and thank you so very much.
Will Heigh, Canada

I will always remember the tears of laughter my Dad and I had watching Jack Lemmon in the 1965 film "The Great Race" - one of our treasured memories.
Mike, UK

Sadly, he's gone, but will never be forgotten for his films are living proof of Jack Lemmon's honest, brilliant and skilful mastery of a noble craft. The ultimate accolade in this age of a Hollywood where flim-flam, spin and pyrotechnics take precedence over talent and artistic perfection. I'll miss you Jack, but only until our next video together.
Frank Davies, Thailand

A truly versatile actor. Cinema today is poorer without Jack Lemmon. I enjoyed all his films, both comedies (Some like it hot, Odd Couple), and dramas (The China Syndrome, Missing). May the Lord rest his soul. He will be missed.
Dean Moskos, USA

The variety of characters he portrayed was fascinating but, oddly enough, with all his talent, the snatches I've seen of his skill on the p1ano at jazz improvisation are what I shall miss most
Pat, Canada

Jack was a genuine, non-manufactured funny man. He will be sadly missed. He is remembered for many films, my favourite being The Odd Couple. One of his finest roles.
Jim McClean, England

One of the best actors ever and certainly my favourite. God rest his soul.
Alexis Morphis, Cyprus

One of the last of of what could be called Hollywood Greats

James, Scotland
Jack Lemmon was a truly funny and very capable actor, one of the last of of what could be called Hollywood Greats. However unlike many of the current and I suppose past movie stars, he seemed to be a fairly modest man, who had a genuine sensitivity about him. His performance in Some Like it Hot made me sore with laughter. In the film ' Days of Wine and Roses' his performance as an alcoholic was chillingly convincing, RIP Jack Lemmon.
James, Scotland

Jack Lemmon was truly a legend and a wonderful actor. His dramatic performances in such movies as "Save The Tiger" and "Days Of Wine and Roses" are quite special to behold. I think that everyone is aware of his remarkable sense of comic timing, especially in classics such as "Some Like it Hot" and "The Odd Couple". Another sad loss for the movie industry.
Paul Bradley, Ireland

Oddly enough, I remember Jack Lemmon as two absolute opposites. My favourite films were Avanti and The China Syndrome. Here was a true actor, who did not simply play versions of himself as so many do. He could really act.
Bryan S, UK

Jack Lemmon's death is very sad news indeed. He was an actor of unrivalled comic genius, profound sensitivity and touching humility. The cinema has today lost another true great. We can only be consoled by the legacy he has left us. His superb performances in The Apartment, The Odd Couple and the unforgettable Some Like it Hot, as well as his more serious roles, ensure that he will live on and continue to give great pleasure to generations to come.
Karla, UK

Jack was a great actor who brought a real human quality to his roles. Superb in Some Like it Hot with Tony Curtis and Marilyn through to the telepathic quality in The Odd Couple with Walter Matthau who played off each other beautifully. I only re-watched Glengarry Glen Ross last week and he ran Al Pacino very close. One of the best!
John McDermott, Leeds, UK

Everyone's got a Jack Lemmon film in their all-time top 10

Strebor, UK
Jack was my favourite actor and my all time fave film is The Apartment, this is a very sad day but as the great man would have said, "That's the way it crumbles... cookie wise." Good night, God bless.
Alan Fussey, UK

"The Apartment" is one of my all time favourites. And the inimitable smile of Jack Lemmon will always be one of my most touching memories. Thank you, Mr Lemmon.
Ricardo, Portugal

A loss of a great actor who was equally at home with drama as well as his legendary comedy appearances.
John Joe McGinley, Scotland

In three words: A True Gentleman. God Bless his family.
Karen, Malaysia

What a great lightthat has been put out. A talented individual who will be sadly missed.
Claudette, Britain

Another great exits stage left. Goodbye Jack, and thanks for all the laughs.
Ian Thomas, England

the inimitable smile of Jack Lemmon will always be one of my most touching memories. Thank you, Mr Lemmon

Ricardo, Portugal
One of the last few remaining gentlemen actors - my condolences to his family - a great loss to us all.
Billy, Netherlands

One of my favourite actors from some of the best US films ever made. A Great loss.
Martin, Coventry, UK

When I first saw Some Like It Hot I didn't know who Jack Lemmon was and didn't know beforehand how great the film was. After it had finished I said to myself, "I hope that guy's still alive, because it would be such a loss not to experience his talents again". I found out he was still alive and 15 years later I feel lucky to have had another 15 years. Long live the memory of Mr Lemmon.
Paolo, UK

A well loved and respected actor, his performance in Glengary Glen Ross was by far the best. I think a number of actors today could learn from his example. A sad loss to the film world.
Lias, England

I admire a lot Jack Lemmon he's my all time favourite actor. He did marvellous movies and also is a great human being. His life and his legacy an example to be followed.
Paulo Silva Lopes, Brazil

Another great exits stage left. Goodbye Jack, and thanks for all the laughs.

Ian Thomas, England
My favourite was Grumpy Old Men, so cute and funny. I'll never forget when Ving Rhames tried to give his Golden Globe award to Jack Lemmon because he thought Jack deserved it more. He was wonderful and I will miss him.
Callista Maris, United States

Delightful man that was always entertaining, admired, and from now on, sadly missed.
Rod, Australia

Let us not forget his compassionate political activism, reflecting in films like Missing and The China Syndrome.
Graham Howard, Canada

Jack Lemmon was clearly one of the finest actors of his generation. From his fantastic comedy performances in such films as Some Like It Hot and The Apartment to his more serious roles, Jack always shone. The fact that even when he was given below par material to work with (Bell, Book & Candle springs to mind) yet still put in a great performance, is only one of a number of suitable testimonies to his great career.
James Coles, United Kingdom

When Jack Lemmon was on screen the ordinary man had a mirror to see himself and laugh. It was a rare talent. Now it's extinct.
Mark Seymour, UK

Such quality. Such talent. When Lemmon movies continue to be shown over the years ahead it will be as if he has not died.
Clive Bailey, UK

Never met him, but loved him all the same. The world is a poorer place today without one of Hollywood's very finest.

Neil Bailey, UK
Never met him, but loved him all the same. The world is a poorer place today without one of Hollywood's very finest.
Neil Bailey, UK

Today the world is a sadder place - Jack was simply the best actor to come out of Hollywood.
T Cousins, UK

What a tremendous loss. One of a few very great actors who sustained their talent and appeal for decades. His work in Some Like it Hot and Glengarry Glen Ross were unsurpassed. He will be greatly missed.
Paul Baker, UK

One of the greatest comedy actors. He had the ability on film to make you feel what it was like in his shoes. Everyone's got a Jack Lemmon film in their all-time top 10.
Strebor, UK

I have always loved Jack's films. Right from the start when he did that film with Marilyn and Tony Curtis, Some Like it Hot, to the Odd Couple with dear old Walter, and Grumpy Old Men. The world will miss Jack, not just because he was a good actor - he was a gentleman as well, a rare quality these days.
James McCambridge, United Kingdom

I always admired Jack Lemmon for appearing in Missing

Robin Basak, UK
I always admired Jack Lemmon for appearing in Missing, which was highly critical of US involvement in Latin America, as well as his excellent performance in Glengarry Glenn Ross and all his comedies. A great actor who maintained credibility.
Robin Basak, UK

One of the finest and funniest actors of his generation.
Claudette, Israel

Not only a great actor but one of the nicest people in show business, I'm deeply saddened to hear the news of Jack Lemmon's death. Thanks for the wonderful memories and laughs, Jack, from a true fan. You'll be greatly missed by anyone who loves films.
Grenville Tanner, UK

What a wonderful actor

Roy, Australia
Jack Lemmon - what a wonderful actor. He will be sadly missed by all who enjoyed his many films. He certainly knew how to make a film and audience come alive.
Roy, Australia

Jack Lemmon's heritage is secure with actors like Matthew Perry and Nicholas Brendon continuing to please audiences with the same style of acting.
Paul T Horgan, England

One of the few actors respected by young and old alike

John Lime, Africa
A true acting genius. He will be greatly missed.
C Jones, Austria

One of the few Hollywood actors that you felt were normal human beings. He had an absolutely natural acting ability whether he was doing serious or funny. I'll always remember him as Felix, in 'The Odd Couple'.
Ben, Sheffield, UK

Jack Lemmon should be an example to all actors and film directors. With seven Oscar nominations he was never once vulgar or crude in a film.
Damien, Ireland

One of the few actors respected by young and old alike.
John Lime, Africa

I love the film called Some Like It was the best film and he's great funny person... Nobody forget him, ever!!
Dazza, UK

We miss a great actor and a good human being.
Mathew Panakamittan, India

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