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Friday, 16 March, 2001, 14:10 GMT
How are the Big Brother celebrities faring?

Big Brother has hit the screens again this week with a celebrity version of last summer's biggest TV hit in aid of Comic Relief.

Six celebrities moved into the Big Brother house on 9 March, and one will be evicted every other day until Red Nose Day on 16 March, when a winner will be decided by a phone vote.

So far former boxer Chris Eubank and presenter Vanessa Feltz have been evicted from the house. Still there are comedian Jack Dee, presenter Anthea Turner, Boyzone's Keith Duffy and Brookside actress Claire Sweeney, who is the bookies' favourite to win at the moment.

So how do you think the celebrities are faring? Who do you think will win? Has it given you an insight into what these celebrities are really like?


Have just read how Vanessa now sees the whole experience as a nightmare living with five other celebrities. Get real, its all for charity. Vanessa, with attitudes like that, may you forever remain a b-list celebrity.
James, England

I find it compelling watching

Sue K, UK
I think it's great and now that Vanessa and Chris have been evicted the others seem to be getting on fine. It's a shame that any of these four have to be evicted as I think they are all great in their own way. I find it compelling watching. Well done to Jack, Keith, Anthea and Claire I think you are all great!
Sue K, UK

I think that Jack Dee is very funny. He has made the show enjoyable to watch. Out of Jack and Claire even though Claire hasn't been nominated, Jack has the edge to win due to his pleas to escape. Out of the two I don't know who I would want to win but at the end of the day they have committed themselves to raise money for comic relief and have done a superb job of raising money and giving entertainment to the viewers.
Sionhan, UK

Who is that girl that's left in anyway?
Andy Clapham, UK

Jack Dee is the one who makes the whole thing watchable

Edmor, UK
It's funny how Vanessa Feltz and Anthea Turner gave us live proof why their careers are over. Chris Eubank was admirable in that he didn't seem to care what others think of him. Claire Sweeney is very dignified and really only seems to be in it for the good cause, and, ironically, might have achieved what VF and AT were so embarrassingly desperately looking for: recognition. Keith Duffy is invisible, but fulfils the purpose, and Jack Dee is the one who makes the whole thing watchable, no matter whether his antics are improvised or not. Let's not forget: it's meant to serve a good cause, and the public won't be offended by the arrogance of those seemed to have ulterior reasons to appear on the show by voting them off the screen and out of the public eye. Hopefully, the message came across.
Edmor, UK

I am really disappointed that Keith can't sing very well as I always thought that Boyzone was a good group!
Juliet Doughty, England

I think Vanessa's comments on reality TV are a real joke. Tell her that people who live in glass houses should not throw stones. She agreed to go into the house, and who is it damaging to? Maybe she should think a bit more about what she has done with her awful and phoney show first!
Christine Boulby, England

I have always admired Anthea. I voted a few times to keep her there but I expect she is glad to be out. Well done!!!!
Helen, Scotland

C'mon folks they are only acting for goodness sake. The only good thing about this program is Jack Dee, otherwise it is a pile of pants like the real Big Brother.
Tim, UK

Let's just be thankful we weren't all subjected to Mel B's self-obsessed cackling, after she wisely opted to pull out

Luke Matthewson, UK
While no-one can doubt the worthiness of any venture raising money for such a good cause, the concept of a Celebrity Big Brother is flawed as we all have preconceptions of the participants. Even before it started, you could single out Chris Eubank, Vanessa Feltz and Anthea Turner as being the most publicly ridiculed in the tabloids over recent years - and, voila, they're the first three to go as soon as they're nominated. The others have a modicum of street-cred (or anonymity), so get to stay. Let's just be thankful we weren't all subjected to Mel B's self-obsessed cackling, after she wisely opted to pull out!
Luke Matthewson, UK

What a surprise! I've never been a fan of Anthea, but good on her for doing this - she may have saved her career and convinced those of us who despised her from no reason other than media coverage, to actually give her a chance.
Sarah W, UK

The most amusing scene over the last few days in the house, has to be Anthea Turners face upon hearing Jack Dee's controversial comments regarding how he hates the whole Comic Relief persona. Surely he was only being true to his stage character and trying to goad an argument out of someone there?
Mark Y, UK

The idea is great, I reckon many people who wouldn't normally bother pledging money to Comic Relief will have phoned to get people out of the house, and donated cash to a good cause. Jack is very funny, it's all a set up but an enjoyable one. Very addictive TV.
Sarah b, UK

James O says they're all concerned with their image except Jack Dee. I don't know about all of them, but Jack Dee is partly there for his career, and certainly cares about how he comes across - he's just cleverer than the others. I like him anyway, and he makes it more interesting, but his "escape attempt" was to pre-empt looking bad if he was evicted, and to avoid looking keen to be there. When he visited Vanessa when both had been nominated he was trying to make her look worse than him - I would say both Claire and Anthea were less concerned about how they're perceived than him.
Jo, UK

He was just happy to see the cash rolling in for Comic Relief

Andy T, UK
After watching the way Vanessa behaved compared to Chris Eubank, it makes you wonder who is the one who has really lost the plot! Okay, Chris might sound like he is living on a different planet to you and me but at least he knew why he was there, to raise money for Comic Relief. He left the house, did the obligatory round of interviews and at no stage moaned about being voted out. He was just happy to see the cash rolling in for Comic Relief.
Andy T, UK

Celebrity Big Brother? Who are these so called "celebs"? What are they? Have they ever done anything truly important or useful for anyone other than themselves?
Anne S, England

Considering that it's all for a good cause, Vanessa Feltz's behaviour was just appalling, It was so obvious that she did the whole thing to try and save her career. This became evident yesterday when she was on nearly every TV show.
Ed Karten, UK

PLEASE keep Jack Dee in the house to thwart his escape attempts (or were they part of the big gag?).
Betty N, UK

The celebrity Big Brother is far better than the original. The amazing thing is that the celebs seem more genuine than the wannabes last summer. Jack's bound to win. He's the only one who seems to realise what it's all for with his Rwandan woman, or was this a ploy to get the public's sympathy?
Woody, England

Vanessa, get over it girlfriend!
Bob, England

Lets support them and remember that they are doing it for charity

Steve D, UK
Fair play to all of those who have taken part. The original was a lot easier as there were no preconceived ideas and they had no idea how it was going to work out. These celebrities have 2 big disadvantages. The first is they know how intrusive Big Brother is and the second is their fame. Like it or not they have worked hard to get the recognition that they all get, and the realisation that they are under this scrutiny must be very difficult. Vanessa hit the nail on the head. Lets support them and remember that they are doing it for charity and sometimes this can make complaints even more difficult!
Steve D, UK

I was appalled at Vanessa Feltz's behaviour in the Big Brother house. She knew what she was letting herself in for before she went in but still complained and whined the couple of days she was in there. Which leads us to the point...why did she do it? The paradox is that she was there to raise money for people throughout the world who are suffering, but complained that by being in the house SHE was suffering. Get real, Vanessa, and get a grip on reality.
Jess, UK

Jack Dee ought to win for the following reasons: a) It appears as thought he is desperate to leave, so don't let him. b) His apparent glum mood his the funniest thing on the show. c) On numerous occasions he has reminded the housemates what they are really there for. d) He is one of the few that has the strength of character not to get to disturbed by being nominated for eviction! I'm looking forward to a new series of Big Brother!
Tim, England

The phrase "Celebrity Big Brother" is a bit worrying given the line-up of people in the house

Paul D, UK
The phrase "Celebrity Big Brother" is a bit worrying given the line-up of people in the house - a failed daytime TV presenter, a ex-children's TV presenter, someone from a pop group, the token soap star, a former boxer and a comedian. Hardly A-List characters! Evict the lot of them and get some real celebrities.
Paul D, UK

I agree with James O. Jack Dee is very funny and doesn't seem to take himself too seriously. He's silly one minute, the next, he's reminding all of us about why they're in the house - to raise money for a serious cause. His "tree" design was very touching - a lady from Rwanda carrying water. This is exactly what Comic Relief is about!
Laura J, UK

I hope there will be another Big Brother and I would like to join it one day

Claudio Pimenta, UK
I'm originally from South Africa and there we don't have any reality shows so when I first saw the Celebrity Big Brother I was intrigued and am find it interesting. I must say if these people are doing this for charity, I don't know why they complain and act like spoilt little brats. Get over it Vanessa you're doing it for the children, stop being so self-absorbed. And think about what you have done for the kids. Otherwise the show is great. I hope there will be another Big Brother and I would like to join it one day.
Claudio Pimenta, UK

The question on everyone's lips is, "Who is Claire Sweeney?". As a relatively unknown celebrity, she will undoubtedly win.
Jeff Scholey, UK

Who cares?
Nige, UK

I think it's a terribly poor show on behalf of all the housemates, with the only exception being Jack Dee. They are so absorbed with their own image that they fail to realise what a good cause they are doing it for.
James O, UK

Mark B has nailed it. Feltz's reaction speaks volumes about how desperate she is to be loved - 2 days for God's sakes!!! You have to pity her. Fantastic viewing though - let's have some more programmes like this because they are just like real life aren't they?
Chops, UK

The original Big Brother I found annoying because so many of them were clearly only there to get on TV and/ or become famous. The celeb version is far more interesting because that's not the case. Would have been nicer to see it last a full 8 weeks or so, rather than evict someone every 2 days.
Owen, UK

Vanessa Feltz must be the biggest, self-absorbed drama queen of all time! She was only in there for a couple of days, but she makes it sound like a ten-stretch in the Bangkok Hilton! Gateau withdrawal symptom I reckon!
Mark B, UK

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