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Thursday, 15 February, 2001, 11:26 GMT
Should Eminem be banned in the UK?
Controversial US rapper Eminem is due to arrive in the UK for a three-date UK tour, amid a barrage of protests.

His musical career has gone from strength to strength, with four Grammy nominations this year and four NME award nominations. He has recently been compared to poet Robert Browning.

But his music has been banned by Sheffield University students' union, and was condemned as homophobic. His critics also say his lyrics promoted violence against women.

Should he be banned in the UK? Does his music inspire violence and homophobia? Or do you think his act is just that - an act?

This debate is now closed. Read a selection of your comments below.

Your reaction

I am outraged that they would even consider trying to ban him, what sort of society are we living in people should have the freedom to listen to what they want just like having the freedom of speech if you don't like it don't listen but don't try and impress your views on everyone else this is the 21st century after all. Long live Eminem.
Louise Spring, UK

Parental control and censorship to protect the young and impressionable is required

Its a straight censorship question. We (nearly) all understand the sense in categorising films as 18,15, PG etc. and all understand the thinking behind the TV 9 p.m. watershed. There is no case for banning Eminem, parental control and censorship to protect the young and impressionable is required.

Most definitely not, shall we have a poll to ban free speech as well? The music is dull but the lyrics tell a different story of a man who has been ignored by the very people who need to open their eyes
Jen, UK

In the 60's they tried to ban the Beatles for references to drugs. In the 70's they tried to ban The Sex Pistols for references to the Queen. Then, as now, people have a choice to either listen or to not listen. Eminem's controversial stance may have upset certain fractions of society, but the guy is speaking his mind. We live in a democracy and I believe if he has something to say, let him say it.
Jezza, UK

The memories will last longer than the controversy

Emma, UK
I saw Eminem on Friday in London and was blown away by the whole show. He has so much talent and basically made a lot of people very happy that night. There was no violence or trouble at the gig and to be honest, if Britain became a country that was able to take that away from me then I wouldn't want to live here. Thank you Eminem, the memories will last longer than the controversy.
Emma, UK

I think that too many people take Eminem too seriously. Many forget that not everything that is recorded on a CD is the truth. Do we really believe that S Club 7 can "Reach For The Stars", or that Britney Spears is actually "Crazy"?
Lee, England

My 13 year old son listens to Eminem in much the same way that I listened to David Bowie. The last thing that will stop teenagers listening to this unsavoury character is people like me or the Government banning him. You may as well have him deified.
Ian, Scotland

On behalf of the entire United States, I apologise to the UK for creating the market for Eminem. Unintelligence has become somewhat of a fad in the US these days and, of course, if you want to be stupid, you have to be smart. This is exactly why Eminem will never make fun of or write lyrics depicting African Americans in a negative light. If he does, his career is over. Listen with an open mind, but always remember what your own personal values have brought you.
Andrew Baker, USA

No Eminem shouldn't be banned - the content of his songs are not for the faint-hearted I admit, but he's a performer - it's a role. Should we ban all press for Anthony Hopkins as "Hannibal" due to the extreme nature of the character? Let's give up on the "nanny state" and live in the twenty-first century for goodness sake! Many radio stations already bleep out or dip the sound on portions of the songs already as they break (or at least stretch) broadcasting rules and codes of conduct. My advice - if you don't like it, don't listen to it. Personally I find it some of the most interesting music I have come across in a long time.
Ian McArdell, UK

The problem is not with Eminem but with the society that gives him his material

Elizabeth, UK
Elizabeth, UK I agree that Eminem's lyrics are shocking but that is exactly what they are supposed to be. Everything he talks about happens every day. Banning him would be banning telling the truth, shocking as it may be, and what kind of example is that setting to children? My argument is the problem is not with Eminem but with the society that gives him his material.
Elizabeth, UK

Are people not allowed to entertain fiction within music. If I wrote a song about violence it does not necessarily mean I am violent or that I really advocate it. Is this sort of fiction only allowed to authors of literature. If our children took more notice of literature would we ban them from reading certain books.
Tez, UK

I'm 16, I love modern music and freedom of expression, but having listened to Eminem, I must say I was deeply disturbed, not by the language but the content. He seems to be becoming an idol for those younger than me, a fact which I am not comfortable with. Should Eminem be banned? No. But stronger controls on the music that young children are allowed to buy need to be introduced.
Neil White, Scotland

Much as I loathe his music and bigoted opinions you can't ban something just because you don't agree with it

Daren C, England
Eminem is a talentless offensive idiot but to ban him would just play into his own hands by giving him the publicity he craves. (Anyone remember Frankie Goes to Hollywood?) Much as I loathe his music and bigoted opinions you can't ban something just because you don't agree with it.
Daren C, England

Thanks to this bigot, after being a citizen for 26 years in the US, his fans racially taunted my daughter. Thank you Eminem, but there will be backlash somewhere, I for one will stand up against hooligans like you.
Bharat Shah, USA

I don't think his music should be banned. If parents train their children with strong morals and values, then they don't have to worry what they listen to in music or stuff at school. Kids are very smart, they know what's right from wrong. Long live freedom of speech.
Garry, Canada

Instead of banning Eminem, who has talent and originality to his works, can we please ban manufactured dross like Steps, S-Club 7 and that (ugh) new band coming out in "Popstars"?
D Jones, UK

The popularity of this debate has given the opportunity for many of us to question our own beliefs

Simon Matthews, UK
Whether or not he should be banned is a question I am uneasy with. However I would say that the popularity of this debate has given the opportunity for many of us to question our own beliefs on to what extent individuals should get away with expressing bigotry on groups in society.
Simon Matthews, UK

It's the media again, stirring things up! Fortunately, not all people believe what the papers want us to believe. I believe in freedom of expression. If he had a difficult childhood it's good he can express it through song. Considering that most pop songs are really meaningless without any depth, this type is more interesting although not exactly run of the mill.
Jacinta, UK

Yes - Eminem should be banned as he promotes and celebrates 'thug culture'. However, banning him will just guarentee his popularity, so we should not grant him the centre of attention that he so obviously wants. I suggest a media blackout.
David Brook, UK

All this has certainly got my mother up in arms, that's all I can say!
Wendy, England

The concert at Manchester was excellent, the albums are fantastic, he is just so cute, wears the most wonderful clothes and has got to be the most talented person to come out of the USA ever. Why does anyone want to ban him? The men who do are jealous, the women who do need to lighten up. On a more serious note, freedom of speech is a terribly important thing, and never ever to be taken lightly, whatever you believe.
Rose, England

I went to the show last night in London and it was amazing, you can't ban Eminem, so many people like him, it wouldn't be fair, you'd be depriving a large majority of people, just because some people over-analyse his lyrics!
Claudia, England

Please don't ban him. I'll be forced to go out and buy the CD... and I don't like rap. I guess I could put it on the shelf next to the Sex Pistols and Spycatcher.
Navigator, Cincinnati, USA

Since when did the state have the option to decide what music we listen to

Jonathan, London, UK
Since when did the state have the option to decide what music we listen to. On that basis, we should ban a whole series of controversial books, films, videos. Maybe we could have big bonfires to burn all the banned material, and find someone to blame, and persecute them! I think that the 'moral majority' should see this for what it really is - cheap, tacky publicity and sales promotion. And by calling for it to be banned, they are actually giving the record company some of the best publicity of all! Come on, people, let's not play in to their hands!
Jonathan, London, UK

We had the Sex Pistols in the 1970s didn't we?

Mark Haber, England
I have a 13 year old daughter who loves Eminem. Though a lot of his lyrics are his own personal thoughts and lifetime experiences, I took the step to ban her from playing the CD in the garden last summer as we have elderly neighbours and when my nieces (8 and 5) are around. You can't stop them listening to the radio and watching TV. I am surprised that Stan wasn't banned by the BBC completely. I don't think it is a real problem, after all we had the Sex Pistols in the 1970s didn't we?
Mark Haber, England

Eminem is the best. Don't ban him from the UK.
Lauren Hunter, Brazil

I have always believed that music represents the era we are living in. We do not live in a nice Barbie world, we live among all those things Eminem sings about so why hide from reality? Why refuse that part of the truth Eminem sings about? Sad, hard to cope with, unjust, but still true.
Laura, Italy

Eminem is truly a lyrical genius

Mike Hughes, England
After watching Eminem live in Manchester I was blown away by the sheer presence of the world's biggest music figure. Eminem is truly a lyrical genius.
Mike Hughes, England

Hitler used censorship to control Germany in WWII, and the European Convention on Human Rights guarantees freedom of speech. Alongside that is freedom not to listen. I am gay, and have also been beaten up for it, but music doesn't make people homophobic. I say let Eminem rock - I enjoy his music.
David Waldock, UK

I remember about 30 years ago a similar fuss about Alice Cooper's 'controversial' stage show - he used a guillotine on stage and faked executions. The shock, the horror! But did all of us who went to these concerts come out and murder people? I think not. Have some regard for the intelligence of the audience. My 15 year old daughter is a fan, but has the sense to realise that 'Slim Shady' is simply a persona, an alter-ego. For God's sake, everyone get a grip - do you really want to ban music you don't like??
Claire, UK

I am at Sheffield Uni and believe the ban to be undemocratic, pointless and misguided. Yes he talked about 'killing faggots', then in another song said 'there's no reason a man and another man can't elope'. These songs are old fashioned morality plays that provoke discussion. Censorship is a morally bankrupt process that prevents discussion. Long live freedom of speech.
Chris, UK

If Eminem had not released his singles. Then we would never have heard of Dido. So just ignore him and listen to Dido. Much better
Gavin Jones, Wales

Never heard of him before seeing this item.
John Atkins, Finland

Eminem is only expressing his thoughts and feelings through music. Maybe that's the only way for him to do so in order for the people to listen to his problems.
Jannah S, Malaysia

There is a fine line between freedom of speech and the freedom to spout hatred towards certain groups

Philip Davis, UK
It is a sad so see yet another high profile bigot emerge and enjoy such seemingly blind widespread support from the many and justification for his apparent bigotry from the few. In April it will be the anniversary of the London nail bomber outrages that resulted in scores of injuries and in the deaths of two gay men and a pregnant straight woman who embraced diversity. I knew one of the two gay men who were murdered. The apparent misogynistic and homophobic ranting of Eminem in his lyrics gives succour to those who are filled with irrational hate and fear and who are the cause of countless gay bashing and male on female violence each and everyday. There is a fine line between freedom of speech and the freedom to spout hatred towards certain groups. It seems sad that we even have to worry about banning such a person in the first place.
Philip Davis, UK

Because he's white there are many offensive words such as the racist N---word that Eminem probably would never dare use in his lyrics! But it has been used by many other black hip-hop artists like Public Enemy, NWA and the Fugees. Some of these artists have used very racist anti-white comments in their music, and I remember one rap star commenting "my music is dedicated to blacks only, and is not intended for whites". Can you imagine the uproar if Eminem said that about blacks? I am not racist myself and I don't support any kind of offensive comments but if Eminem was black we would not be having this discussion!
Andrew, UK

Gosh, Guy Ritchie's films aren't terribly wholesome either. Could you please ban him too?

Am I the only gay Eminem fan?

Sam Turner, UK
Am I the only gay Eminem fan? There must be more of us out there. His music is brilliant, Kim is an amazing track, it is really disturbing to listen to. The fact that a song enrages such emotions is definitely a good thing. Music (art) has so much more potential than the bubblegum pop that rules the charts today. Let him be, think of it as a performance and if you don't like him, don't listen to him. I will gladly turn off the radio if the all-so-familiar tones of Westlife start to play.
Sam Turner, UK

Martin Price made a good point but came to the wrong conclusion. Respect to his 12 year old son for finding the lyrics sick and vulgar and for choosing not to listen to them. But this only goes to show that the buying public are not zombies and can make up their own minds about right and wrong. Likewise I do not agree with the content of the lyrics but I like and listen to the music for its shock value.
Dunc, UK

Ignore him and he'll go away.
Guido Malfunction, Singapore

No don't ban him. But his music is dull and his lyrics shallow and infantile. Rap is a subcultural cul-de-sac. I have seen him compared to real poets (Keats, Shelley etc) which makes me alternately cringe and howl with laughter.
Edward, UK

Why does Martin Price allow his 12 year-old child to buy CDs with an explicit lyrics warning on the cover?
Michael, Northern Ireland

What is the point in banning him when people will just listen to him on the Internet

Paul Lovell, UK
Moral outrage at Eminem's lyrics is misplaced. In truth they are an outpouring of despair and anger at the lack of love or meaning in Eminem's life. Eminem is a product of today's society - a society we all bear the responsibility for. If we wish to sweep Eminem's words under the carpet it is more out of a desire to hide the moral failure in our own hearts.
Chris, England

Definitely not banned, don't be silly, let the protesters protest as they are legally allowed to and let him write his lyrics as he's legally allowed to
Richard Shaw, England

What is the point in banning him when people will just listen to him on the Internet or by buying pirate albums, further damaging the music industry.
Paul Lovell, UK

Why ban him? If you don't like his views or music you're not forced to listen. I personally don't advocate his views but at least they're invoking a debate.
John Garrick, Scotland

My son now uses his CD as a coffee mug mat which he says is the best place for it !!!

Martin Price, UK
Yes he should be banned. If this is music, then we have all been conned. Even my 12 year old son (who bought one of his CDs) agrees that the lyrics are sick, vulgar and total rubbish and that he is obviously just out for 'cheap publicity' by trying to shock everybody. Well unfortunately in this day and age it doesn't work. My son now uses his CD as a coffee mug mat which he says is the best place for it !!!
Martin Price, UK

Wake up Britain! Have you never listened to the lyrics of songs by Tom Jones, Elvis Presley etc, all 'respectable' musicians? Try 'Delilah' for a start - it's about stabbing someone. Eminem is just more explicit and the current climate is more disposed towards self-expression. Violence has always been in music and always will be. You can always turn the radio off.
S. Jackson, Oxford

For the record, I think his music is no better or worse than the rest of the 'Gangsta Rap' genre, although I thought 'My Name Is..' was funny. He is no more a threat than Ozzie Osbourne was when the Parents Music Resource Centre in the US went after him. This is all about censorship, and people wanting a squeaky clean world with everyone having the same opinions. The world isn't like that. Get used to it.
Mark B, UK

Well I don't like Cliff Richard, so ban him too

Keith, Northern Ireland
Sure, let's ban him. And while we're at it, well I don't like Cliff Richard, so ban him too. And boy bands, they really get on my nerves, so can we ban them as well? How about anyone who's ever had a lyric I disagree with - can we ban them too?
Keith, Northern Ireland

Well, let us all think for ourselves. I think he's great.
Kpanah Sao, Liberia

I think the sort of people that are offended by Eminem are all too easily offended. The likes of Tatchell have whopping chips on their shoulders and are continually looking for media attention. Much of Eminem's output is quite responsible, as well as displaying real creative genius. He is entertaining to those that like to hear it, and that ultimately is the business he is in. Anybody who has their prejudices reinforced by his lyrics will find approval for their views wherever they look.
Dave Jewell, UK

Is anyone seriously suggesting that this horrendous stuff is music? It sounds so awful that I have to turn my radio off as soon as I hear it. I'd rather listen to my washing machine!
Jacky Rodgers, UK

Believe me, there is a lot worse than Eminem in the world of rap. Let the man get on with his music and get a life!The rest of us have the right to listen and see what we want and that is thanks to that thing called FREEDOM.
Koby, US

To ban someone so minuscule and meaningless as Eminem is silly

Tibor Saringer, Hungary
To ban someone so minuscule and meaningless as Eminem is silly but to condone his spiteful contempt, just because we can't "mirror his bigotry", is simply irresponsible. We should highlight his primitive shortcomings in civilised public discourse instead, there is enough written of him. We cannot in any way give credibility to misogyny and homophobia.
Tibor Saringer, Hungary

In spite of what he says, the man has not committed a crime (unlike Mike Tyson, whom you did let in). Any nation that calls itself free cannot block anyone from entry simply because the words they say or sing.
Tom Byrne, USA

Eminem must be laughing all the way to the bank. Whatever people have to say about him, good or bad, it's all publicity which is exactly what he wants. He's not the first artist to be controversial and the more he offends people, the more records he sells. He shouldn't be banned because he's not exactly a threat to society, just a rapper who everyone will get bored with eventually.
Amanda, UK

I believe that the university was right to ban him from performing, as there are opinions highlighted in his music that conflict with those set out by the institution. This certainly does not amount to censorship. Preventing him from appearing in the public forum is a different matter. That said it is difficult to see how his songs do not have a negative influence given the age groups of the children that I have heard listening to and repeating the lyrics in his music.
James, UK

We all watch horror films, slasher movies, psychological thrillers, real life dramas....this is the soundtrack

Neil, England
I think he is a superb artist and poet. The first rap artist to make me sit up and listen to what is being said. "Stan" and "Kim" on the latest album are quite exceptional pieces of art. Why shouldn't he rap about his own life? He is not telling you to do it. He is a musician/rapper/whatever you want to call him who paints pictures with his music. We all watch horror films, slasher movies, psychological thrillers, real life dramas....this is the soundtrack.
Neil, England

I think at some point or another you see a rising of a star profile ...which Eminem embraces proudly. Its the uniqueness of his music and lyrics that make people listen to it and relate to their own life ... another great speaker was the late Tupac; provocative lyrics about the society and injustices but true to certain extend. I think the rage in his music is the kind of inner instinct that probably everybody has it but afraid of letting it out.
Jimmy Singh, USA

If I stood in the middle of a city protesting how much I hate Gays/Blacks/Disabled/police, would I really be allowed to continue by a crowd who says "oh, we live in a country of free expression, lets listen" or would I be arrested for public order offences or would I just be beaten up? What do you think?
Helen, UK

I think that banning Eminem is a terrible idea, his latest album was a best-seller in the UK last year. Also, banning Eminem will only encourage more people (especially teenagers) to listen to him as a way of rebelling. Finally, just because people listen to his music it does not mean they share the same views as him.
Michael Morter, England

I thought we live in a free country with freedom of speech. Ban a musician? Then we are no better than Hitler.

While I personally find Eminem's music nihilist and atonal, I think banning his music is a knee-jerk reaction that belies the root cause of youth violence and rage.

Sharon Langworthy, USA
While I personally find Eminem's music nihilist and atonal, I think banning his music is a knee-jerk reaction that belies the root cause of youth violence and rage. It is all too simple for the Government to ban music, art or writing that highlights the views of antisocial individuals. Such conduct allows them to maintain the image of taking action, without having to actually acknowledge and forge solutions to societal problems. The more things change, the more they stay the same.
Sharon Langworthy, USA

Surely the mere fact we are discussing this means that Eminem has done a good job. For him all publicity is good publicity, if he believes what he says then good, but chances are he says it too sell records and he seems to have it down to a fine art.
Dominic Ward, UK

The government's recent comments ring true here. We should ban a man (Eminem) who has committed no crime, yet we didn't ban a man (Tyson) who has. Banning someone because you disagree with his opinions is the first step towards totalitarianism, where perhaps people are barred from religious expression because they are Jewish? Let's stop the rot before it starts.
Dave Tankard, UK

I don't like Eminem but that does "not" mean that he should be banned. If Eminem doesn't like homosexuality, as far as I am concerned there is nothing wrong with him voicing his opinion. We should be free to make our own choices about what we ourselves consider acceptable.
Nick, UK

Censorship at this level is a bad thing because it could lead on to other stuff being banned too. This is the 21st Century, grow up! If it offends you, don't listen to it but, don't try to stop everyone else listening, and allowing them to form their own opinions.
Graeme, Germany, (ex-UK)

He should be praised, not banned. My mother said to me a few days ago that he says "disgusting things". It's no more than would see or hear in an 18-certificate movie. His lyrics can be seen as offensive, but I prefer to think of them as challenging. He's just trying to express his opinion, and he has every right to do so. And anyway, if people don't want to listen to him, don't listen to him!
Andrew, Scotland

Let people be given the credit for coming to their own conclusions

Joe Green, UK
Stonewall claim Eminem doesn't rail against black people because "he's scared of them". Hasn't it occurred to them that he might be homophobic but not racist or is that notion too dangerous for them to contemplate? Let him play and let people be given the credit for coming to their own conclusions.
Joe Green, UK

Certainly not until we ban Steps and all the rest of the boy/girl band "fall in love" lyrics that are doing far more damage to society than Eminem. I personally am sick of the politically correct brigade objecting to freedom of speech when it doesn't suit their cocooned little world....
Ian, Nottingham, England

Whatever happened to freedom of expression. Just because a person listens to something it does not mean they have to agree with it. If individuals mirror this bigoted behaviour then those individuals should be punished. Has Sheffield SU banned all literature holding racist or homophobic views from it's libraries?
Phil P, England

He creates awesome music from his rage

Jonathan Dale, UK
To be honest, I would rather see a ban on the soulless and talent-free drivel from teeny boy-bands that pollute the airwaves. Here is a man who raps with an astounding lyrical dexterity and talent that is remarkably refreshing today. As for accusations of homophobia and sexism. I think Eminem is an equal-opportunities hater, his rage is directed at all groups - himself included. He is just very, very angry. Fortunately he creates awesome music from his rage. As for M Fox claiming he "ruined" Dido's tune: listen to the song, actually listen to the lyrics and you will see that they, combined with the story of the chorus, have a haunting tragedy that Dido is probably pretty proud of.
Jonathan Dale, UK

Should we ban Eminem? No because he has talent! He may have questionable morals but he does have ability. No one ever talks about banning the likes of the Spice Girls and Westlife and all these other ridiculous excuses for pop groups. So why ban someone whose famous because he is talented rather than because a faceless record company executive said "make it so!"
Simon, UK

I was always proud of how the university claimed to accept all cultures and beliefs

Llew, Wales
And here I was, thinking that censorship was a thing of the past and that we now live in a tolerant and multi-cultural society. Oh well, guess I was wrong. I'm ashamed to admit that I did my degree in Sheffield as I was always proud of how the university claimed to accept all cultures and beliefs. I didn't realise that this was on the proviso that they didn't offend the ears of the chattering classes.
Llew, Wales

Personally I think that his attitude stinks and that he is probably a xenophobe. His music is awful - look what he did to Dido's song to turn it into Stan.
M. Fox, UK

Make your own decisions, take your own risks, be responsible for the outcome of your own decisions. No-one is forced to do anything they don't want. If you don't like his music then switch it off but you have no right to force others to do the same.
Dean, UK

Having actually been beaten up, just for being gay, I say yes ban him.
Pete B, UK

I do not think you can ban someone on the principle that you should never block freedom of expression. What saddens me is that people are willing to fall for Eminem's undoubtable skill for marketing himself and his image.
Dominc Peters, UK

While Eminem's lyrics might not be to everyone's taste, I do find this hysteria a bit disturbing. He's a pop artist - nothing more. If Sheffield SU can't see that for what it is then that's their business but I do believe that the rest of us can make up our own minds. If you don't like him, don't buy a ticket to his shows or buy his records.
Richard Davies, UK

I'm sure the same thing was said of the Beastie Boys when they first swore in an interview on national TV. The band were criticised as aggressive, their lyrics declared misogynist and their behaviour condemned as abhorrent and something to be discouraged for fear that our young may replicate the image. Eminem's music is simply representative of modern day images transmitted to our screens on a daily basis. Sad, but unfortunately true. To ban the US rapper from the UK would be highly hypocritical given the present state of the medium of television and cinema.
Rebecca Southwell, UK

I think that Eminem is a fount of misplaced rage

Ashley Hall, England
I think that Eminem is a fount of misplaced rage. He is so self-conscious about his own life that he sings about it to comfort himself. I believe that some of his work is very good but other bits are just mass produced over-commercialised songs with no meaning or thought about the effect that they may have on the audience which he operates in. I am sitting on the fence on this one but he would not be where he is if he wasn't talented would he?
Ashley Hall, England

Surely we learned something from the "Frankie Goes to Hollywood" fiasco some years ago, when attempts by DJ Mike Read to ban the song "Relax" caused sales to jump and the song to go to #1. Ignore Eminem and he will go away. Make a fuss and he's here to stay. (Gosh that rhymes !!!)
Steve Bush, England

No! Eminem should not be banned. I believe that people have the right to express themselves through their music. It is up to the listening public to choose whether any viewpoint is a valid one in each person's belief system. If we begin to censor music then it will become less expressive as a result of musicians being scared of censorship. It is my view that music is a way of communicating your emotions without them being taken literally. It is when music IS taken literally that we see arguments and problems related to its message.
Formvision2001, UK

Of course it should be banned, along with all the other songs with naughty words. We should only listen to government approved music. Nanny knows best.
Martin, Reading, UK

The only thing that should be banned is banning things.
Steve Miller, UK

What use will banning Eminem do? People already listen to his music, and have every right to do so. Banning it will make it seem 'glamorous' and therefore attract the more suggestible of the population. Also, we failed to ban convicted rapist Mike Tyson from fighting in the UK even though the law said we should - so why should we ban someone who hasn't even committed a crime? One law for all and freedom of choice and expression - that's what we need.
Kev, UK

A little more publicity won't hurt now will it?
Chris Lyon, UK

I commend Sheffield for raising the issue

Matthew Guy, UK
The best thing about the ban is that it has certainly got people talking about the issue. I think his lyrics are disgusting and highlighting them will show him up for the nasty little man he is. Remember Shabba Ranks - another homophobic bigoted rapper? No? Pop stars come and go and the quicker Eminem goes the better! I commend Sheffield for raising the issue. I have my own personal ban on my car radio.
Matthew Guy, UK

Yes - but only because his "music" is horrible!
Keith Legg, UK

M and M's? They're only like Smarties and they haven't been banned!
Pete, UK

I think that if we were all brain dead drones then maybe he should be banned. Since we are not and CAN THINK FOR OURSELVES, I believe that we can choose for ourselves too.
Phill Smart, UK

No, he shouldn't be banned
David Chesser, England

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