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Friday, 9 February, 2001, 10:39 GMT
Indian earthquake: Your messages

Here we have published e-mails from BBC News Online users who have information to pass on about the earthquake.

Click here to read messages from concerned friends and relatives who are looking for information.

I am looking for information regarding my sister. She is in Gandhidham. Her in-laws are in the resort business. Their resort name is Sharma Resort. Please provide me with any information regarding them. My sister's name is Geeta and her husband's name is Parbhat Sharma.
Sandeep Sharma, Canada

Message for Crystal A. Williams, USA. All are safe in Vadodara and none of the convent buildings have been affected. All schools too are perfectly ok. Please do not worry.
Ravi Dixit, India

There is this website ( which is providing a means of sending and retrieving voice messages both on the net and by phone. Log on to and click on pop up window which comes alongside and leave your messages - both text and voice. People in Gujarat can phone in and leave messages for relatives outside by calling into 079- 9372666 (Ahmedabad) and following the voice prompts. Relatives outside can also retrieve the messages by using the phone no in Gujarat as the unique ID or they can log into site and retrieve message as explained earlier.
George Thomas, India

The news is devastating. We pray for all the victims of the earthquake disaster. We are looking for any information about close relatives, Mohamadali Lalji Gangji and family of Bhuj and Hassanali Bandali Hirji and family of Nagalpur. Any info will be much, much appreciated.
Arzina Merali, Canada

Is there anyway I can send a message to American citizen Judy Frater, permanent resident of Bhuj, who is well but we cannot reach her? Also Mahindra Schinde of Salvation Army Bombay is up there with the BBC crew and since he knows her, perhaps he can look around. Her NGO is Kala Raksha, at Parkar Vas, Sumrasar Sheikh, Taluk, Bhuj. If anyone reaches her, we are asking that she return to Bombay for a rest after her many traumas and labours.
Carmel Berkson, Bombay, India

I am trying to reach my uncle and aunt in Ahmedabad: Prof. Ramchandra Gupte, 12 Yashanand Parwatinagar Bglows, near Jodhpur Village, Ahmedabad. If anyone has any information please email me at
Lakshmi Parekh, New York, USA

There is a fund set up to go out very shortly from the Ahmadiyya mosque in Los Angeles for the earthquake victims. If you're in need of help or know of any such cases please contact the mosque at 1-800-949-4752.
Arshy, USA/ Pakistan

If someone knows the whereabouts of Mr John Lane, (possibly in Bangladesh), please let us know. Our email address is
Pilar, Peru

My friends and I have all looked through the pages and pages of devastation that has been caused as a result of the earthquake! We are from a small town near the state of Ahmedabad but we live in England. We just thought that despite all of the help and effort we have put towards the earthquakes needy that there could be some people that would require some help emotionally so we are here to help, contact us at we are here for moral support! My thoughts go out to those who have lost their loved ones
Jaina, Britain

To Declan Ring and others who want to volunteer their services: you can register at
Sudhin, N. Delhi, India

Only 2 weeks ago I was in Bhuj with my friends, a very special and emblematic family with the spirit, intelligence, commitment and sense of humour of Gujarati people. Beena Shantilal Rathoo, the brightest law student I've ever met, definitely to become the future advocate for women in Gujarat and her father a committed labour lawyer. Where are you? What happened to all the wonderful people in Bhuj? I am immensely sad but I do not lose hope. I will pray for you. I love you.
Irma Santi, Italy

If anyone has any info about my friend Hari Vasant Wada (or Vada)in Bhuj, please e-mail me. Thanks.
K. Java, USA

We are trying to find out if a Carmelite Sister living in Baroda in the state of Gujarat is OK, as well as the rest of her sisters. Her name is Sr. Nicholine, and her Carmelite nunnery is located in Baroda on Makarupura Rd. The friends who are asking are: Mary Wilbur and Sue Weber, both of whom worked with Sr. Nicholine when they were in Mother Teresa's Missionaries of Charity Order. Please email me with any news of Sr. Nicholine. God bless you all who are struggling through the earthquake ordeal, and those of you who are aiding the survivors.
Crystal A. Williams, USA

I have been searching all day to find information on how I can get over to India to help with the disaster. I have been phoning charities all day to get someone to give me some info. Whoever reads this please help me I am a Buddhist so I hope you understand the severity of my concern. I am 24 years old and 100% physically fit. If it was my family whose lives had been taken or destroyed I would want the armies of the world to come and help yet still little is being done.
Declan Ring, England

Please send me any information on Mr A. A. Wazir and family. His son's name is Salim Wazir. Here are the details A.A. Wazir and his family Plot No.107/B-1, Lotus Colony Prankunwar Mehta Marg Near High School Opp. General Hospital Bhuj-Kutch 370 001 Gujarat State- India Telephone ( 02832) 24187 Fax (02832) 55500 and 50410 email: You can email me at:
Amy Laly, USA

Rajesh. C, Chennai, INDIA

Subscribe for the info by sending a mail to You will receive all the previous information archived which is definitely help you finding kith and kin.
Sridhar Raju, India/USA

Some Phone numbers that may be of help to those looking for information: District Collector's Office: Ahmedabad (079) 5508989, 5508890, 5508077 Baroda (0265) 433000 Surat (0261) 471121 Rajkot (0281) 73900 Bhavnagar (0278) 428822 Jamnagar (0288) 555869 Bhuj (02832) 50020 Police Control Rooms: HQ: (02712) 46328 Other Control Rooms: (Ahmedabad) (079) 5630100, 5630300 Police Commisioner Office: Ahmedabad (079) 5633636 Baroda (0265) 431414 Surat (0261) 472106 Rajkot (0281) 459888 All the best, luck, hope and courage. PS: I'm located in Delhi, if that helps or at
Farhad Vania, India

I have created a web site to link missing family members and friends with people who are in Gujarat and who can help. I hope it goes a small way in trying to build links between people. Please access the message board and post any help you can at the following URL. Thank you.
Arik De, India/USA

I have relatives in Ahmedabad. They are safe and I can get in touch with them. If you need some assistance getting in touch with your loved ones in Ahmedabad or nearby I will do my best to find out about them. You can contact me at
Elango Rajagopal, USA

My thoughts go to all those affected. But family friends live in Ahmedabad: Noshir and Zenobya, Karkari, also their son Khaizad and his wife and baby son. Last known address for Noshir and Zenobya is: Chunwalla Building, Vakil Compound, near to the Gujerat Samachar, Khanpur, Ahmedabad. Does anyone have any information about our friends, or about the fate of the building? I've tried to e-mail Noshir but had no response as yet. If anyone has any information, please email me on:
Cath Hartnett, UK

I am a management guy into software exports. The trauma that earthquake and the aftershocks have brought to this region is terrible, people whose life has been saved are still not ready to go back inside their house after five days of the quake. The problem is all relief provided by the government and people is mostly going to big cities, which were struck, but, nobody is there to take care of the 500 villages that are also struck. We are group of young businessmen of Rajkot trying to provide help to this villages. If anybody needs any information mail me on
Nischal Sanghavi,Rajkot, india

Yasmin, there is no news of any major damage to the Borsalli Appartment at Khanpur.If you might have not been able to contact your relatives , the reason might be that they might have shifted to some safer places , as most of the multi-storeyed buildings in Ahmedabad have been vacated. If you have any phone numbers or numbers of your relatives over here, you may send it to me so that I can know more about it are revert you with the exact position of your family.
Venkatakrishnan.C, India

I have news for Jane McIlvaine (she didn't leave an email address) - she was asking about Judy Frater. A friend of mine has just returned from Bhuj and said that Judy is OK as she was in Sumraser when the quake happened. E-mail me on I also spent much time in Bhuj and would ask any Gujarati rotarians to please email me with information about Bhuj Rotary Club members - in particular Mohan Shah and family whose son should have married today (30.1.2001). God Bless you all and keep you strong and resilient.
Jackie Needham, England

The Government of India and Embassy of India continue to receive a number of offers for contributions to the earthquake relief activities in Gujarat, India.

Those who wish to make voluntary contributions may do so by sending cheques in dollars or rupees to the Prime Minister's National Relief Fund. Cheques/ money orders should be drawn in favour of "Prime Minister's National Relief Fund" and can be sent to any one of the following addresses. Prime Minister's National Relief Fund Embassy of India, Attn: Head of Chancery, 2107 Massachusetts Avenue, NW Washington, DC 20008.

Wire transfer information: Prime Minister's National Relief Fund (Riggs Bank, Washington, DC) Account Number - 08115910 Route Number - 054000030. (OR) Prime Minister's National Relief Fund Prime Minister's Office, South Block, New Delhi 110011, India.
Biren Shah, India

I pray for everyone, this the news that I got from Bhuj:

1. The General Hospital has gone down and is adding big time to the existing probs.

2. The airport destruction has not affected medical supplies, the military is very active and its infrastructure is in use.

3. The phone lines are down. However, got a phone number to call to inquire. It is in Gandhinagar 500-1911 to 17. Set by Govt. of Gujrat for info.

4. The condition is really bad in Bhuj itself. 90% of houses are damaged and 10% collapsed. Figures from news sources but confirmed by talking to people in India.

5. Many people spent their nights on the the warning that more might be on the way after 24-48 hours of the quake..some more time to go..
God please help us all. God bless you.
Punit, USA

Two organisations that are accepting donations online - they need your help! Peace.

The Swminarayan temples in Willesden and Kenton have collected lots of blankets/ clothes/ medical supplies etc and are looking to forward them to Bhuj. If anyone knows of any freight forwarding companies that have spare capacity and are willing to take some of these items from any location in England (preferably London) to Mumbai (Bombay) or Bhuj then please contact me on 07977 464025 and I will pass your details onto to the relevant parties and they will arrange everything.
Vasant Bhojani, UK

1,100 telephones lines to Bhuj have been restored. Those of you with relatives there may want to try calling again.
D. Patel, USA

We have had news from Madhapar, there has been hardly any damage there and as far as we know no casualties. The old part of Madhapar has had some damage but nothing serious.
Nitesh, UK

I have found a good website which has specific earthquake information on towns of Kutch, check out
Ketan Makwana, London, England

Latest news on Madhapur-Bhuj, India. I have found out at 6:00pm EST USA that Madhapur has been reported no deaths. Buildings were cracked and such but no harm done to the people in Navavas. This information is very accurate from the message we have received from Gandhigam. Please email me if more info in needed at; virju007@hotmail.comGod Bless all of yours families.
Govind Patel (Hirani), USA

I have established a discussion group for anyone who wants to communicate with others involved in the India/Pakistan earthquake. Please visit :
Marcus Williamson, UK

People in American can send relief via IDRF, a tax-exempt org.; the relief is tax-deductible; they have already released $20,000 for relief.
Himanshu Vyas, Texas, USA

I used to live in Ahmedabad. I heard the news of the biggest disaster in Ahmedabad. My family live in Naranpura and I spoke to them and they said they all are alright. They said Maninagar, Satallite, Navrangpura has been effected very badly. I have got a friend in satellite but I can't contact them yet. I ask everybody to pray and help to the city of Ahmedabad and the other city effected. God helps to save them all. You can contact me if you like to know about your family in Ahmedabad and I will try to find out for your family in Ahmedabad by calling them. My e-mail address is:
Manish Patel, Australia

This is the latest news from the Bhuj and Kutch region of India and it is very reliable. Madhapar and Samatra have suffered little damage and there are NO deaths reported. Baladia has some damage and Sujapur is extensively damaged. Rampar-Vekra has had little damage and Ghadsisa is safe. There have been approximately 10 deaths in Naranpar. If anybody has any more information please email me on as soon as possible.
The SKLP Samaj school is still standing as is the Swaminarayan Boarding and the Kanyashala. I pray that all our children may have escaped this tragedy without harm. Never in all my life have I seen so much devastation in so little time. May God have mercy on all those in the earthquake zone.
Ashok Hirani, United Kingdom

Help is on its way from London. There are several Indian organisations and charities who have got together warm clothing and blankets which will be sent on planes which have been specially chartered. Hang in there everyone. May God keep you safe.
Ashok Hirani, United Kingdom

My family is safe but can't say they are safe as whole of Gujarat and India is my family. It is sad to be in London I should be in Bhuj and my Ahmedabad.
We students of University of Hertfordshire are trying to give as much as information as possible to the loved ones in UK. If any one wants the complete information about the grounded buildings in Ahmedabad it can be seen at the following address: or e-mail:
Trushar Panchal, Hatfield, Herts, UK

Comments from friends and relatives.

We are trying to locate the family of one of our IB students who were all in the region of Bhuj, India and Rajkot, India for family weddings during the earthquake. If anyone has news of the Aggarwal family and their son, Kapish, please contact me via email at All of Kapish's teachers and friends are most anxious.
Jean Greenway

Does anybody have any info about Dr Viren Mehta and his family in Bhuj? My email is Much appreciate the BBC's help in providing this forum to voice concerns/ suggestions and comments, hopefully somebody will respond...
Amit Vora, USA

If anyone has any details of my uncle, Mr Amratlal Budhabhai Patel who works at the Gramseva Mahavidyalaya Grambharti, Amrapur, Mansa District please e-mail my wife at We have not heard from him and are anxious for any news regarding that area. Thanks.
Satish, UK

Please if anyone has any news about Pramod (PJ) Jethi, his wife and his children, Shilpa and Jilpa, of Bhuj contact me. Jethi is a dear friend and will be known to many tourists who have visited the area as he is the curator of the Aina Mahal (old mirror palace) which I have heard has been destroyed. There are also many craftspeople especially Mohammed Isha Khatri who I am also worried about - so again any news would be appreciated.
Kutch had such a wonderful sense of uniqueness in its identities and heritage and I plead with the authorities who have the mammoth task of co-ordinating this work to ensure this is not lost. This must include re-building the old city and helping communities to regain a pride in their life style. If there is anyone reading this message who would like to share their thoughts, please contact me - perhaps we can do something to help.
Lloyd Gee, UK

I had been working in Kachchh for the last 5 weeks and left Bhuj last Wednesday afternoon. When the earthquake struck I was safe in Mumbai and have since returned to the UK. However, I am fearful for the survival of many friends in Kachchh District (my home for more than 4 years in the 1990s) especially in Bhuj, Anjar and Bhachau. In particular, I am trying to find out what has happened to the staff and students at the Rabari Ashramshala Anjar. The Rabari Samaj Wadi is at Jesal Toral Road in Anjar. If anyone knows anything at all, please contact me, either by e-mail or by telephone (0044-[0]116-225-0793).
Eiluned Edwards, UK

I went to India to visit my family on the 01/01/01 in Bhuj Sukhpur and left them all happily alive on the 23/01/01. Then I stayed in Bombay from the 24/01/01 till 28/01/01 and felt the earthquake and cannot describe the terror we all felt in the Kutchi Samaj Hostel. My father is still out there and I'm so worried about my family in Sukhpur. We have heard no news and pray that they are all safe. If anyone has any news please email me at: Before I came to Bombay I went to visit the General Hospital, New Samaj, and girl's school in Bhuj and I have now heard that the buildings have gone down. I feel so much for everyone and feel guilty that we left when we did and were not there to help. The only thing we can do is pray and try and donate clothes and money asap.
Sunita Hirani, England

If anybody has got information about Mr.TV Somasundaran, Adipur, Kutchh, working at JM Baxi & Co, Kandla. Please let me know at 02692-56124 or 35040, VV Ramanathan, Amuldairy, Anand 388001.
VV Ramanathan, India

Please let me know if anyone has news of Zarin Ismail (Aunty) of Bhuj, Rafiq Khoja and family, Boys Hostel and Girls Hostel of Bhuj.
Azmina Hasham, Canada

I am trying to contact my cousins in Godpar and Bhuj. If anyone know of Khamisa Hassam KUMBAR, Hassan KUMBAR, Harroon KUMBAR, Miryam Ali Kumbar, Ayub Abdulla and Amina Kumbar - (near Bhuj Masjid) . Does anyone know about the state of Goriwal village? Are rescuers reaching the surrounding villages like Godpar and Goriwal?
Zubeda, USA

I am from Houston, Texas. I was very shocked to hear the deaths in Quake. I am worrying about my best friend name Ritu who is visiting Ahmedabad, India. Please Ritu wherever you are respond me by e-mail and hope everyone is safe in your family. May god bless everyone in India.
Subhash Sharma, USA

I am currently at university, and am trying to keep up to date on any news. To all those who would like further information on the villages near Bhuj. I have a web site you could try for more information which I found (
Rajesh Raghwani, UK

We are trying to locate the Aggarwal family in Bhuj or Rajkot where they are/were attending family weddings. Kapish Aggarwal's teachers and friends are anxious to hear from him and his family. Please contact at this e-mail address:
J Greenaway, USA

Does anyone have any information on what the situation is like in Gandhidham (not far from Anjar) and 60km from Bhuj?
V. Pujara, U.K.

My grandparents lived in a small town called Mundra a little distance from Bhuj. Although my grandparents are no longer alive, we still have other relatives out there. I am surprised Mundra hasn't been mentioned anywhere. If someone has any news about the destruction or casualties in Mundra, can you email me at We are all praying to god to give the affected people strength and courage to cope with their grief. My heartfelt thank you to all governments and individuals who have contributed money and equipment in such an hour of need. You are friends indeed.
Mitesh Kapadia, UK

Other Sites with Info on the Gujarat Earthquake:
Sudhir, India

I am an orthopaedic surgeon and would like to go to India to help take care of the injured in the earth quake. Can someone guide me whom to get in touch with to go there & work as a part of the team to help. My email is and phone number in UK is 07970327622
Kamal Deep, UK

I'm a physician and feel very low about myself not being able to be there where I am needed most, it's a very bad feeling. I wondering if anybody had information about Zinzhuwada, which is my ancestral village in the district of Surendranagar. I know checking e-mail is definitely not anywhere on people's priority list but I would be really appreciate somebody's taking the time to write a line or two about MY town. My email is, or thanx again to BBC.
Amit Vora, USA

I am looking for details about my friends from REC Jalandhar who are in and around Ahmedabad. Wasif Sheikh (He is in a place called Raikhad) and Varun Narula. Please let me know.
Ejaz Mohammed, USA

I am worried about my home in Sukhpur I Junavas (Old Town) which is 10km from Bhuj, Kutch. I will be grateful if someone can contact me regarding the current situation at Mandir Street, Shiv Gate in Sukhpur. Thank you. Please e-mail on:
Manubhai Kanji Luhar, UK

If anyone knows the whereabouts of Sadak Khalifa and family, Yaleem Kana, Bhid Gate, Bhuj, please tell them that they are not alone. We are praying for them all. Any information, please contact
Steve and Esme-Jane, UK, living in USA

God help all the victims and families of this horrible quake. Please if anybody has any information of Bala Poonja and family (of Jai Barath radio co.) in Bhuj, please email me on
Prasanna Punja, Australia

We are looking for Judy Frater an American woman who had dedicated her life to working in Gugarat in a public trust she established. The trust was Kala Raska - and she was working with The Rabari and other groups of nomads and displaced people. She lived in Banker's Colony - but her project was mostly in Sumraser just outside Bhuj.
Jane McIlvaine,

I have many friends in Tharparkar and Sanghar districts of Pakistan. Many desert communities are to be found in southern Sind and are closer to the earthquake centre than some of the reports of major loss of life and damage that we are receiving from India. There is likely to be damage and loss in places such as Islamkot, Mithi, Chachro, Nagar, Parkar, Kunri and Umarkot and yet we have no reports. Why are there no reporters going out to these areas or are they as ever being disregarded?
John Self, UK

Does anyone know whether Porbandar was affected? (My relatives are there).
Anil Philip, Colorado, USA

Like many of those who have written into this site, I am concerned for friends who I have not been able to contact because the phone lines are either down or busy. Nowhere have I been able to find news of what the situation is like in Mandvi. If anyone has news from there please email me: My thoughts are with everyone in Kachchh.
Edward Simpson, California - USA

Please could anybody give us information about Dahisara and the surrounding villages around Bhuj. Also Shree Kutch Satsang Swaminarayan Temple Bolton is starting a Bhuj earthquake relief fund at Bolton Temple. Any donations will be welcome so please help us by sending cheque or cash to Shree Kutch Satsang Swaminarayan Temple, 1-11 Adelaide St, Bolton, Lancs, BL3 3NT. Thank you.
Nanji Virji Asani, Bolton, United Kingdom

Firstly, I want to convey my deepest sympathy to all those affected by Friday's earthquake. Unfortunately, we cannot afford to just sit back in sorrow and count the losses. The Indians must now take active steps to ensure they are safe and prepared for any 'after-shocks', which are said to be relatively common occurrences. The following wewbsite provides invaluable practical information and advice, and is particularly meant for those currently in the Gujarat and surrounding states.
Mr N P Raichura, Leicester, England

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