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Wednesday, 20 December, 2000, 10:25 GMT
Kirsty MacColl: Your tributes

BBC News Online has received hundreds of tributes from users to singer and songwriter Kirsty MacColl, who has died aged 41. Here is a selection of your e-mails.

Kirsty was a friend to me through good times and bad. A rare talent, She deserved so much more appreciation as a singer and songwriter than the British music industry gave her.
Holly Johnson, United Kingdom

I'm shocked and saddened beyond words. I've loved Kirsty's music and voice for many years. Deepest sympathies to her children and family.
Steve Richardson, USA

My heart goes out to Kirsty's family, friends & loved ones. I think the world is poorer for her passing. My most sincere condolences.
Jason Talley, United States

What a terrible tragedy to befall one of the genuine talents to emerge from the British music scene in the last two decades

Steve McCabe, UK
What a terrible tragedy to befall one of the genuine talents to emerge from the British music scene in the last two decades. She'll be missed by music lovers and my thoughts go to her family.
Steve McCabe, UK

I had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing Kirsty MacColl in Atlanta during the Titanic Days tour. I had interviewed her by phone and she told me to pop into the theatre early the night of her show. I did and got to watch the soundcheck, plus she invited me up to the dressing room to enjoy some of the goodies I had brought her to take on the tour bus. She was one of the most amazing songwriters and singers I have heard or seen. I have been stunned all morning. I am truly devastated by her passing.
Collin Kelley, USA

Such a talent, such a great voice, such a great loss. God Bless
Stuart , England

A very talented and underrated artiste. One of the best female singer / songwriters to come out of the punk / new wave movement.
andy, N Ireland

I don't really know her but i sympathise with her family.May she rest in peace.
Salami Ahmed, United Kingdom

Sadly missed.
Dave Simmonds, England

I have been stunned all morning. I am truly devastated by her passing

Colin Kelley, USA
It is so sad to hear the news. Our thoughts are with her family. My husband and I have lasting memories of listening to her music whilst travelling around Australia for a year.
E Whiting, England

This is like losing a member of my family--I'm truly at a loss for words in the face of this tragedy. She was a songwriter and singer without peer who is largely unknown in the US. But those who have been touched by her artistry worldwide must be as devastated as I am. Profound regrets to her family.
Lawrence Rapp, USA

It is truly a sad day. The world is a poorer place for the loss of such a gifted musician
Ian, UK

What can anyone say, she was the female vocals on one of the cleverest, emotive and evocative songs of the last 15 years, Fairytale of New York

Duncan Connors, UK
What can anyone say, she was the female vocals on one of the cleverest, emotive and evocative songs of the last 15 years, Fairytale of New York.
The irony is that the song has been re-released just recently, perhaps now the current record buying generation can be shown the worth of true vocal power and lyrical skill that was Kirsty MacColl, as oposed to the current crop of marketing led bubblegum pop that lacks any poetic skill whatsoever.
Submitted by a fellow Gaelic folksy type.
Duncan Connors, United Kingdom

I was desperately sad to hear of Kirsty's death. She really had what many 'pop stars' claim to have - a social conscience. She'll be sorely missed.
Alan Patterson, UK

I am very sad to hear about Kirsty. I was very fortunate to meet her early this year - as a graphic designer I was involved in the production of Tropical Brainstorm. She was the nicest and most genuine 'Popstar' I've ever worked with. This is a GREAT loss and I feel for her family. Ivo
Ivo Marloh, UK

Kirsty, thanks for all the music and the memories. Sleep peacefully.
James Lawne, England

Experience & words fail me now when I need them the most, a tragic loss indeed.
Robin Febry, England

This is terribly sad news. Kirsty is going to missed by music fans everywhere. She had an instantly recognisable voice, was a good song writer and always came across as a solid, honest and very likeable person with immensely good taste in music. I would like to pass on my sincere condolences to her family at what is going to be a very difficult time for them.
Malcolm Clark, USA

What a tragic loss from a tragic accident

Barry Sullivan
This is tragic news to the music world- she was one of the greatest female singer-songwriters and will be much missed. Perhaps only now will she get the recognition she truly deserves as she was one of the best.
Thomas, England

What a tragic loss from a tragic accident. Goodbye and God bless you. You will not be forgotten. REST IN PEACE
Barry Sullivan, United Kingdom

Kirsty MacColl was one of the most intelligent, humorous and unique talents to ever emerge from Britain. Although she was never a star in America she did draw close to 2,000 fans the last time she played in NYC. She was a true jewel in the crown of pop music and will be sorely missed.
Janis Schacht, USA

You had a great voice and will no doubt add timbre to the angels' choir this Christmas. Deepest sympathy to your family and friends.
Bernie, San Francisco, formerly Dublin

Kirsty's delicate voice always belied her age -- and now, it will truly be eternal.
Laurell Haapanen, United States

I was looking after Kirsty at the BBC Music Live Event in May of this year. Despite the fact that I was overkeen and called her up to the studio floor far too early, she was very gracious and didn't blink an eyelid. The UK music scene has lost one of its most inspired and inventive talents. I would like to offer my sympathies to her family, friends and colleagues.
Trine Adler, UK

The UK music scene has lost one of its most inspired and inventive talents

Trine Adler, UK
Distinctive, innovative, and never boring. Kirsty always surprised and delighted with her diversity, and she'll be sorely missed. Condolences to her family. Death is always a tragedy, but especially at this time of year.
Duncan Taws, England

A unique recording artist that spanned the divide of time. An irreplaceable loss.

Kirsty will be sadly missed. A real woman who stayed true to her music roots.
Leni Smith, UK

Such bad news - I'm speechless
William wells, UK

A soulful, angelic voice. A savagely intelligent, witty pen. Great tunes. An an absolutely unerring ability to collaborate with the finest talent. Everyone I know who hears her music loves it. I am sad to hear of her death and am thankful for the records that she gave to the world.
A Nouraee, USA

A very sad loss of one of the world's best female singers. My thoughts to the family, fairwell electric landlady
Jon, Bristol, England

This is awful news... she had the most amazing voice where so few people are genuinely talented these days

B Tyler, UK
I am really, really shocked. My thoughts and my prayers are with her family. A great singer and a very sad loss.
John Huckle, England

God - this is awful news... she had the most amazing voice where so few people are genuinely talented these days. Kind thoughts to the family.
B Tyler, UK

I just found out about this tragedy. As I work for a formerly British company, and my colleagues know of my friendship with Kirsty, they made sure to inform me of her death just hours ago.

May her memory and her work carry onwards

Alex Wise, USA
I am deeply saddened by this untimely tragedy, especially during this holiday season. I have known Kirsty as a friend for 11 years, and we have kept in touch often. She has made my business trips to London more personal by inviting me to her home to dine with her family, and by showing me parts of London I would not have found on my own. On my most recent trip to London we could not meet with me as she was completely engrossed in the Cuba project, which gave her great pleasure. She also was flying to Iraq that week, taking time out of her non-stop schedule, to protest the continued sanctions against Iraq. Luckily we had 5 very warm and illuminating phone conversations in which we shared our current personal, family and business details with each other. I extend my deepest condolences to her two boys and her mother Jean. I think you all [UK citizens] know how lovely and wonderful and important a human being Kirsty was, but there are those of us in America who know as well. May her memory and her work carry onwards.
Alex Wise, USA

I am shocked and saddeded by the news of Kirsty's death. I wld like to offer my commiserations to her family and friends, she was a very talented and colourful women. Life has been richer for her presence and will seem paler for her passing.
Simon Hiscocks, UK

I am so saddened to hear this news. Kirsty was a unique talent - especially in these days of manufactured pop! The 'Tropical Brainstorm' album was her best work - especially 'In These Shoes'. If you haven't already got this album you must get it! Also, check out 'Galore - The Best of Kirsty MacColl' - best track for me is 'He's On The Beach'
Robert, UK

Kirsty MacColl's music touched me through my life. Pop classics like A New England and On The Beach and others such as her collaborations with the Pogues, Billy Bragg and Evan Dando. The Electric Landlady album with Walking Down Madison is also one of my favourites. Rest In Peace Kirsty, you will truly be missed. "And the bells were ringing out for Christmas Day"
Graham Thomas, Australia

Such a tragedy at such a young age

Mark Haywood, UK
Such a tragedy at such a young age. Although she never achieved the limelight many of her great songs deserved she will be missed by many.
Mark Haywood, UK

I have never been quite as stunned by the death of a well-known figure. She was such a force for good in music (and other aspects of life)and seemed to be producing some of the greatest music of her life. Selfishly, I can only be grateful that I last saw her in concert last month (front row centre too): after a long lay off, she played a rare gig: one of her last ever we now know. Everyone who followed her career knew of her love for her sons. I cannot begin to think of how they must feel now.... Her last LP was recorded in the aftermath of her marriage: this ironically resulted in some superb songs. I only hope that her last days wree happier than the days when she wrote them. The heavenly choir just improved....
Andrew Holdcroft, UK

Deeply saddened. The loss of a great talent the world simply can't afford to lose. She will be missed by many.
Mark Robert Stalker, England

Quite simply the most unique female voice in music. Terribly sad.
Keith Muir, Scotland

A sad untimely death of the greatest backing singer in the world ever. And she appeared on the greatest Christmas song ever written. Stu Leeds
Stu Mitchell, UK

The voice of an Angel indeed. Niw hopefully gone to join them and spread her joyous music there. The music world is the poorer for her sad loss
Joe Ramsbottom, England

It was only last night that I was reviewing tracks from the year 2000. I had elected Kirsty's In These Shoes as my favourite song of the year. Today's tragic news has left me stunned. Kirsty will live on through her music but the world has a hole in it from now on.
Eddie Thornley, UK

Kirsty, along with contemporary Billy Bragg, were the epitome of social commentary through music for Thatcher's children

Dave Robertson, UK
Our heartfelt sympathy to her children and her entire famly. She was such a young person.
Arthur & Annie, USA

I'm absolutely gutted at this. Kirsty, along with contemporary Billy Bragg, were the epitome of social commentary through music for Thatcher's children. Her voice was distinctive. She was unique. I will miss her.
Dave Robertson, UK

Kirsty was a wonderful talent, my three favourite bands when I was a teenager were The Smiths, The Pogues and Billy Bragg all of whom she worked with. I saw her live several times with the Pogues and solo. One of the most memorable times was at the Glasgow Barrowlands in 1987, the week Fairytale was at No.2, and she belted it out holding up a very drunk Shane MacGowan. My parents were bith Ewan MacColl fans and she was a credit to her father's musical heritage. I saw her recently, just a few months ago at King Tut's in Glasgow - she was brilliant and her version of Billy's New England brought the house down. She will be sorely missed by music fans. My thoughts are with her family.
Angus Dixon, UK

So many times your words and songs have given me strength and inspiration, i have grown up with you and feel the loss so deeply, as will anyone who appreciates real music. My love goes to your family, i know what your going through, be strong xxxx
Tess, UK

Was shocked and saddened to hear about the death of Kirsty McColl. My sympathies with her children at this time. She will be sadly missed by music lovers world wide
Mandy Docherty, Scotland

I can't believe it - a true artist has gone. She never worried about fads or fashion, Kirsty remained true to herself and her music. Goodnight Kirsty and thank you for your music legacy.
D Venture, Brit living in the USA

I'm totally gutted, I only just heard it on the news and I'm so sad. What a complete waste of someone who was briliant and brimming with life
Lisa Berkshire, England

I can honestly say that I was shocked to hear of her death and under such tragic circumstances. Yet another talented person lost, at least we will always have her music to remind us of that great voice and character. We will miss you Kirsty.
Philip Prise, United Kingdom

So sorry to hear this tragic news. My thoughts are with her family at this difficult time. God bless.
David Adams, UK

I have just heard the news and I am quite shocked. I have been a fan for years and feel this is a very sad loss to music. I'm thinking of Kirsty MacColl's family at this tragic time.
Kate Arnold, UK

The first time I heard Kirsty MacColl sing was following the release of her single 'New England' in the late eighties. I was greatly impressed by this (then) pregnant woman standing up and singing proud. I have followed her career over the years and am incredibly saddened by this dreadful turn of fate. My condolences to her family and, especially, her two young sons.
Dominic Francis, United Kingdom

Kirsty MacColl crossed all musical boundaries - her music was not merely a product

Simon Cantwell, UK
Kirsty MacColl crossed all musical boundaries - her music was not merely a product. A light has gone out in the music industry. My sympathy goes out to her family and friends.
Simon Cantwell, UK

What a tragic and terrible loss to her family and friends and to her millions of fans. We will all miss her wonderful strong voice and her humour
Karen Tighe, Ireland

Thank you, thank you, thank you for the wonderful music you have left us. It breaks my heart to say goodbye ... My most sincere sympathies to Kirsty's family ... and fellow fans around the world who are just as devastated as I am today. Kirsty truly is our angel now.
Brian O'Rourke, USA

So very sad. I met Kirsty briefly when she was on the Radio 2 Music Live performance on HMS Belfast with Johnnie Walker. She was great. So sad, for the children, so terrible a time for them. Bless them and I wish I could give them a hug.
Gill, UK

Coincidentally, I was just listening to "Kite" over the weekend and thinking as always how good it is¿ I am absolutely horrified by her sudden and tragic death and feel terrible for her many family members and friends. At least her music will continue to be heard around the world.
Bridget Goldschmidt, USA

Dreadful news.
"Been trying to compose someway of explaining what that voice meant to me since I read the news today however hard I try I fail to express why this remains the longest day"
My sincerest to all her family, friends and fans.
Steve R, UK

I am completely undone by this tragic news. I have been a fan of Kirsty and her music since "They Don't Know" and find it hard to believe that I will no longer hear any new music from the inimitable,strong,golden voiced diva (and that she WAS and IS to me) that graced the notes of Billy Bragg's "A New England", The Pogues' "Miss Otis Regrets", and her own "Walking Down Madison", just to name a few of my personal favorites. My heart goes out to her family, friends, and fans all over the world. The world has just become a whole lot darker due to this shining star whose light went out too soon. She will be sorely missed.
April, USA

What a sad loss. Each year at Christmas, the song "Fairytale in New York" which Kirsty sang with the Pogues, never fails to bring a smile to my face. Condolences to her family.
Alexandra Evans, United Kingdom

I never had the privilege to meet Kirsty in person, but a friend of mine did, and apart from getting me an autograph, he told me what a lovely, normal, kind, down-to-earth person she was. Her music brought me much pleasure, and I mourn the loss of what she had yet to give us. My sympathies and best wishes go to her family - what a tragedy, and at such a terrible time. What a desperately lonely Christmas they'll have.
Mark Toynbee, England

I was at the last show that Kirsty did at The Shepherds Bush Empire on 28th October. She was very nervous of live shows but she did them brilliantly. Real humour is rare in todays popular music and now it is virtually extinct.
Matthew Bell, UK

How sad I was to read the news of the death of Kirsty MacColl. Many a drunken night I have spent lying on the floor singing my heart out to Fairytale of New York, New England, Free World and others. I have sought solace in the words of Don't Come The Cowboy after many a lousy date. She was my idol and will be missed badly.
Celia, London, UK

Many a drunken night I have spent lying on the floor singing my heart out to Fairytale of New York and New England

Celia, UK
I was lucky enough to see Kirsty live twice. The first time was on her 'Galore' tour. She came out at the end with a glass of wine and some photos to sign. She sat and chatted, answered our questions -- which she'd probably been asked a thousand times -- and posed for photographs. She struck me as a wonderfully warm and humorous person. Her music exuded those qualities. Some friends and I are having our own Kirsty tribute night, with her songs and some Tortillas. She is a massive loss to music. We will miss you, and our hearts go out to your family and friends. Thank you for some of the best music this country has ever produced.
Sharon Mathews, UK

I enjoy listening to her music very much. Her music is played extensively on a public radio station here in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She definitely had a great voice and a unique style and she will be sadly missed, but remembered for ages with her music.
Renee Simkins, USA

Really sad to hear this. I always looked forward to her new albums, and there are few artists these days I can say that about. One less now. My one regret is I never saw her live. I'll miss her.
Steve Rogerson, UK

Kirsty was a true gem - funny, clever, insightful, hugely talented musically. I've been singing along (badly!) to her songs and seeing her gigs since I hit my teens in the early 80s, and consider her a fantastic role model in a sea of female pop bimbos! We'll miss you lots Kirsty, and to your family - much love and condolences and our thoughts are with you this Xmas. xx
Kate , UK

I've just learned of the tragic death of Kirsty MacColl, and am saddened at the loss of such a talented artist. Her loss is tragic enough, the manner in which she died even sadder.
In America, Kirsty probably was best known for her song "Angel"; others (like myself) loved the emotional rawness of her craft, especially on her collaboration with The Pogues. I know two things are certain: that her work was underappreciated here in the States, and that her loss is one which the music scene is going to feel for a long time.

First Ian Dury and now Kirsty - what a tragic year for British music

Jeff, US
On behalf of my fellow staff members of "The Daily Vault," I'd like to offer my most sincere condolences to Kirsty's children, and to all who knew and loved her. I never had the chance to meet her, but her music lives on in our hearts.
Christopher Thelen, USA

First Ian Dury and now Kirsty, who ironically sang at his tribute concert. What a tragic year for British music and what a horrible way for someone so talented and fun to go. Very grateful I saw Kirsty in New York about 8 years ago and sad that there will be no more from her. My condolences to friends and family.
Jeff, USA

Kirsty was an amazing talent who filled me with joy through her writing and her singing. She will be greatly missed. My heart goes out to her family and everyone who knew her.
Tom Page, England

I feel so sad by this. I have followed Kirsty since the early 80's. This summer our house thrilled to the sounds of Tropical Brainstorm and I was even listening to Kite on my way to work today before hearing the news. She was just so cool.....
Mark Benson, New York, USA

I heard the news whilst driving this afternoon and had to stop the car, I could not believe the terrible loss, she had a wonderful voice, and I loved her music, My thoughs go out to her sons and family, she will never be forgotten.
Peter Thomson , England

I was just reflecting (as I always do at Christmas) on how Fairytale of New York is my favourite Christmas tune

Martin, Scotland
When I heard the awful news, I was just reflecting (as I always do at Christmas) on how Fairytale of New York is my favourite Christmas tune. It's sad, but filled with hope. A song that will have all the more poignancy and irony now that we've lost Kirsty so close to Christmas. She will be sorely missed.
Martin, Scotland

Being a Pogues fan, I first heard Kirsty MacColl on "Fairytale of New York" and loved her voice. Then when I got a video of a St. Patrick's Day Pogues concert and saw her, I was knocked out by her beauty as well as her voice. I started hearing her on the radio (college stations only, she never seemed to crack commercial radio, at least not in the US), particularly "Can't Stop Killing You" and "Walking Down Madison", both great songs. With the advent of Napster I discovered more of her music and snapped up her latest (and sadly, last) CD "Tropical Brainstorm" (love the Cuban/Caribbean influences). I was surprised to hear "In These Shoes" used on the HBO series "G String Divas" but it fit perfectly with the segment (about exotic dancers and their chocie of shoes). I now regret that I never saw her perform live; she had a wonderful voice and talent and her songs were several notches above the pablum available on the pop music scene today. She will be missed.
Joe Hauser, USA

An amazing loss. One of the great talents of all time. She rivalled Wilde for her wit, and any modern songwriter for beautiful melodies. My condolences to her friends and family.
Brian, UK

I always associate your voice with Christmas because of Fairytale of New York

Russ T, England
I was truly stunned by the news. I have always had great respect for Kirsty MacColl - she is one of the more talented, if less celebrated artists of our time. Strange how you can suddenly miss someone you haven't even known.
H P Hayward, UK

What words can summon up a lady as fine as Kirsty?From her first steps as on Stiff, through to her awesome latest, Tropical Brainstorm, you've never walked the path, you've run and galloped it, dragging us all joyously behind you. You were wonderful, and this news is devastating. For your family, especially your 2 sons, your friends, of whom I know there are many, and for us, your humble fans. I always associate your voice with Christmas because of Fairytale of New York. What a sad Christmas this will be. Goodbye love.
Russ T, Bristol, England

A wonderfully talented singer songwriter, music has lost one of the brightest stars in an increasingly soulless business. My condolences to all her family and friends. I will always enjoy listening to the songs of Kirsty MacColl.
Jeremy Nicholls, UK

Met Kirsty in Pittsburgh on her Galore tour. She graciously signed autographs and posed for photos. I used to play her tunes frequently on my radio show the Modern World. The voice of an angel is silenced.
Dieter Mod, USA

Such a sad loss, particularly after such a superb re-emergence album recently. Fairytale of New York is one of THE greatest Christmas records ever written. Deepest sympathy to Kirsty's family and friends.
Pip Apple, Worcester, England

I am stunned at this news. I have only just bought "Tropical Brainstorm" for a friend's Christmas present when I heard the news. I was lucky enough to see her earlier this year at The Forum in London and she was sensational. I cannot believe we will never hear her wonderfully perceptive but joyously funny lyrics again. Along with Morrissey she was the best lyricist of her generation and I feel as profoundly sad at the news of her tragic death as I did when I heard of Dusty Springfield's. Although I never met her i feel I have lost a friend. Thank you for the days... and the songs Kirsty.
Chris Voisey, England

Being a musician, I am always listening for new sounds that I like. I remember the first time I heard her voice on radio. I was in England, driving down a tiny little Cornish road and she came on the radio. I was so taken by her voice, that I had to pull over and stop. I just sat there listening. When the song was over, they didn't say who she was. So, I wandered into a music shop in Truro and hummed a bit, and sang the part I remembered for the shopkeeper. He handed me "Galore". Since then I have collected all of her material. She had a captivating voice. I will miss her writing, her voice, and her no nonsense attitude toward song. My deepest sympathy to her family. Truly a treasure has been taken from the world.
Richard Prince, United States

Music has lost one if its best songwriters, storytellers and singers in one cruel blow

Rich Hanson, UK
Music has lost one if its best songwriters, storytellers and singers in one cruel blow. Sorry, the cliche would make her cringe, but it is of course true.
Rich Hanson, UK

When our 16 month old son died of meningitis, we used "Days" by Kirsty MacColl to remember him. The words summed up how we felt about him and Kirsty's voice was fantastic on that track. May she rest in peace.
Paul, United Kingdom

Still can't believe it. Why do people of this calibre have to die so young? I've been listening to Kirsty for ten years, since high school and she's never let me down. A great writer whose effortless melodies have touched many. Death has acted irresponsibly. It's hard to believe you're gone. I will miss you Kirsty.
Matt Martindale, USA A great, great singer and songwriter. Underrated in her time but her songs will live on. Her death is made even more sad by the fact that it should happen at this time of year, synonymous with one of her true classics, Fairytale of New York.
Bill, Dublin, Ireland

Most my friends at school had never heard Kirsty's music until recently when I took Tropical Brainstorm into school one day. Not one person could find a single bad thing to say about her. This just proves how much people don't realise what talent there is out there. She was a wonderful woman and listening to her music will keep her alive in my heart for all time. Sleep well, Kirsty. You may be gone in soul, but you will never be gone in spirit.
Jenni (age 15), England

I have thought about a thousand things, that I could say or write. But with tears in my eyes, there is nothing I can think of that expresses the gratitute for sharing your wonderful music with us.....
Bart-W. van Lith, The Netherlands

My first exposure to Kirsty's music was in the late 80's, when she recorded a cover version of "New England". Since then, her music and voice have developed and matured. I was shocked to hear about her untimely death today on TV. Kirsty, we will miss you!
Danny K, Israel

A very sad day for British Pop Music. A special and unique voice and a gifted and clever song-writer. I was very proud to meet her after a TV recording this year and even though she needed to rush off she made a special effort to pose for photos and sign records. God bless.
Ross McMichael, England

"Fairytale in New York" has always been 'our song' for my partner and I - this tragedy serves to remind us how short life can be, and to make the most of every day we still have. My heart goes out to her family.
Jane Cumberland, England

On Sunday my flat mate and I were singing Fairytale of New York and saying how much we love the song. I often sing her cover of New England and Days while I'm driving along. I loved her music. It's so sad to hear when anyone's life is cut short. My sympathy goes out to her family and friends.
Sarah, England

I had the pleasure of being of her close mates at secondary school and beyond. She was always a star who had a colourful time and a brilliant artist too. I've always kept track of what's she been upto. Only recently having access to the internet, I now feel a loss which cannot be put into words. My thoughts and prayers are with all her family. Goodbye my friend.
Penny Moore (n Reeves), Kent, England

We heard the news over breakfast this morning. Put on Electric Landlady straight away. She was such a beautiful artist. Goodbye Kirsty.
Ben Giles, Australia

I was shocked to hear the tragic news. What a loss - a great voice and highly original music. I agree with Robert - the Galore greatest hits is a wonderful album. Kirsty - rest in peace.
Claire Gordon, UK

The death of Kirsty MacColl is an unbelievable tragedy for her family, her friends, and also for the record-buying public, who will now be denied further works of genius from the wittiest purveyor of pop on the planet. Kirsty said in an interview recently that if she died tomorrow, she wouldn't want her obituaries to say that her last album was her 'not very good' album. There is no danger of that, as Tropical Brainstorm was the latest in a long line of perfect pop albums, and one that I will always listen to with the greatest love and affection. Bless you, Kirsty, for touching all our lives.
Alan Morton, Scotland

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