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Friday, 17 November, 2000, 10:00 GMT
Presidential race: How can it be resolved?
Help out talk show hosts with ideas for how the presidential race can be resolved. E-mail us now.
Re-counting votes in the state of Florida could take days. The legal challenges which loom could take weeks to sort out.

The country that prides itself on being the most advanced democracy in the world remains unable to elect a president.

Late night chat shows and satirical publications are having a field day trying to find ways out of the impasse.

Suggestions have included dividing the White House into sections, with Gore and Bush taking the Presidency on alternate weeks. Others say the country should be run without a president.

Do you have any bright ideas? Talk show hosts will need plenty of good jokes in the next few weeks. Help them out.

A re-election please!

Matthew Ogie, London, England
A re-election please! The candidates should be reminded that wining in this cloud of confusion is not decisive. A clear mandate of American voters will be known in a re-election. Get on with it, the earlier the better.
Matthew Ogie, London, England

Why don't we genetically engineer a Bush-Gore hybrid and let it be President?
Brad, Maryland, USA

How about seeing what Dan Quayle is doing these days?!
Matthew, Britain

Please send in UN observers to ensure that the vote counting is democratic and fair.
Bill Decker, Chicago, IL, USA

It's simply a case of sour grapes and being a poor loser

Belinda McCarter, Phoenix, USA
Vice President Gore needs to concede if he has any love for his nation, the people he has served for the past 8 years as vice president and the country's reputation as one of the world's leaders. The US has suffered enough from the current administration. By not accepting the results of the recounts, Gore is behaving selfishly without regard for the country he claims to want to serve. It's simply a case of sour grapes and being a poor loser. For the love of your nation, Gore, give it up!
Belinda McCarter, Phoenix, USA

A game of hot potato should sort it all out. Or, hang on, should that be "hot potatoe"?
Tim Miller, Orpington, Kent, England

It's so simple if you look at the map of results: Bush will be President in the blue states, and Gore in the red ones! The White House can be turned into an entertainment centre (no big change there!). And the nation will continue to be ruled by the real top central authority and decision-maker - Alan Greenspan.
Monica, Milan, Italy

Perhaps they will make a better job of it

Ian Summers, Dublin, Ireland
I propose that there should be a nation-wide re-election with the electorate restricted to the 100 million Americans who did not bother to vote first time round. Perhaps they will make a better job of it!
Ian Summers, Dublin, Ireland

A penalty shootout is the only sensible way to solve this. Have Bush and Gore choose the best five footballers from their respective campaign staffs with the two candidates playing keeper. Of course, you could also allow Gore and Bush to spend even more millions than they have already spent campaigning and hire professional players to play for their squads. Make and event of it, sell tickets, and take bets on the game, with the proceeds being used to add to the budget surplus. If one of them starts another legal case and argues over this, just send them off!
Elliot Fineberg, Columbus, Ohio USA

Oh, all right then. I'll do it.
Andy, London, England

In response to Colin: with the Rock/Paper/Scissors - best 2 of 3, unless Gore loses. Then its Best 3 of 4, unless Gore loses, then best 4 of 5.
R Toth, Grayslake IL

You can argue until you are blue in the face that this is democracy in action, but until the Americans realise that an election is only fair and over until ALL the votes are counted, I'm afraid it is tantamount to manipulating the result. Who ever heard of a UK MP being announced with some ballot papers uncounted!? USA sort yourselves out you are becoming a lot of critters! Hypo - critters!!
Steve, Trowbridge, UK

Hey it could be worse - there could be metric and imperial methods of counting votes, and NASA could be doing the counting.
Martyn, Reading, England

Send in Commonwealth observers

D. Smith, London, England
Send in Commonwealth observers for a re-run of the whole election and let them decide on the winner if the re-run is undecided.
D. Smith, London, England

Why not give each an anonymous run of a month alternately - then see if the public can tell the difference.
John, Lincoln, England

Either Judge Judy or wait for Jerry Springer's "final thought". Seriously though... One should be president, the other vice-president and the first item on the agenda is call another election and design the voting cards properly this time!
Alan, Ramsgate, Kent

In view of America's position as a world leader, the rest of the world has a legitimate interest in who becomes the next President. I'd say take it to the United Nation's General assembly, and decide between the two candidates on the basis of one member, one vote.
George N, Bradford, England

I propose a 3-way Gladiatorial contest

Lyndon, Sweden
I propose a 3-way Gladiatorial contest in Rome between Gore, Bush and Russell Crowe, winner being the last man alive.
Lyndon, Sweden

The candidates should appear on a show called "Who Wants to Be a President?", where they'll be asked a series of progressively harder questions about principles and the lives of real everyday people. Of course neither has any chance at winning, but it would be fun to watch them sweat.
Paul H, Brooklyn USA

What I am waiting for is what they are going to do in 4 years time to prevent this from happening again.
Russ Black, Los Angeles, CA, USA

Let Maggie Thatcher become President! After all she and her poodles spent half their lives pandering to the Americans in just about everything - economic and foreign policy, welfare and education. So she would do just as well as any of the presidential candidates!
Anders Dybwad, Tromsø, Norway

Does it really matter who is President? We all know that Elvis is really in charge...
Eric Lee, London, UK

The easiest solution would be for Gore to concede on the basis of less Electoral College votes and for Bush to concede on the basis of a lower total vote

Simon Gleave, Hong Kong
Personally I don't see what all the fuss is about. The easiest solution would be for Gore to concede on the basis of less Electoral College votes and for Bush to concede on the basis of a lower total vote. We might then at least restore some dignity to the Presidency.
Simon Gleave, Hong Kong

I've got it! Offer Gore an administrative position with AOL (he invented the internet...didn't he?) and let Bush be the president.
Don Bosne, USA

The solution to this is obvious. Just leave the White House vacant. A vacuum in the White House didn't hurt anything under President Hoover, and it won't hurt anything now. Just think of the rent that can be collected to further pay down the national debt. If Clinton can rent out the Lincoln bedroom while he's still living there, imagine what we could get for the whole White House for four years!
Scott Gavin, Villa Park, Illinois, USA

Both Gore and Bush lose. Jeb wins. He's obviously smarter than his brother!
James, USA

What about a staring contest?

A Chandler, New York, USA
The country should be partitioned. Britain should take everything east of the Rockies, and Microsoft everything to the west.
David, London

I think we should let Fidel Castro decide - after all he is the one with the longest experience in dealing with the Yanks!
Markus Braun, Bangor, UK

I think they should race of a hundred yard dash for it

John Rehagen, California
Basically, this election had under a .01% difference in vote and should be called a tie. In America, in baseball, the tie goes to the runner. I think they should race of a hundred yard dash for it.
John Rehagen, Cypress, California

Let Bill and Hillary repeal the Constitution and crown themselves the King and Queen of America. Or, if all else fails, link back up with Britain and throw tea all over the place.
William Norman, Washington, DC

How about a sudden death, winner-takes-all game of the quintessential American game Monopoly!
Nancy, Pittsburgh, PA, USA

According to Gore, you should just keeping voting until you get the result you want!
Emily, Denver, CO USA

How about the one who got the most votes - or am I missing something!
Rob. P., Manchester, UK

How about transplanting Gore's brain into Bush's head. That way everyone will be happy, both candidates will get the White House, and we'll all have a president who can smile and think at the same time..
Taurus C, Denton, UK

How about a good old American staple, the hotdog eating contest

Earl, New Jersey, USA
How about a good old American staple, the hotdog eating contest. It'll take place in Miami. Most dogs eaten in an hour declares the winner. The victor thereby proves his ability to consume food, thus exhibiting his strong leadership abilities necessary for this great democracy.
Earl, New Jersey, USA

Now that extra time has been played out, it will surely have to go to penalties.
Dave, Orpington, Kent, UK

Tell your former PM; the Lady Thatcher to start packing. We have an opening in the states for the job she really wanted anyway.
Philip, Mass, USA

The impasse should be resolved by both candidates selecting a darts pro and then taking part in a Bullseye tie-break. Jim Bowen would compere with the non-darts players to throw first.
Steve Mallinson, London

Make them take part in the BBC programme "Weakest Link", subject them to gruelling questions, then set Anne Robinson on them "You are clearly the weakest link -Goodbye!"
Ann Lofthouse, UK

Why don't we leave the position vacant?

Tim, USA
I think David Letterman has the best solution. The electorate has pretty much said neither of these guys is suited for President. Why don't we leave the position vacant?
Tim, Conway, SC, USA

Let the media decide. They already have twice!
Matthew Berryman, Adelaide, Australia

In a 1 to 10 contest, G. Bush is required to describe as best he can how he spent his summer; Gore has to, as best he can try to utter a phrase which does not sound pre-programmed: the winner then gets to debate with Nader, whereby we get a chance to see real issues discussed. Never mind the current problems, it is the best thing these two clowns could have done for democracy.
S. Ripplr, Seattle

Jimmy Carter, feel free to jump in

A. Loth, CT, USA,
S.O.S. to the world: Please treat us as you would be treated if your "democratic vote" were not fair. Embargoes, sanctions... go ahead and make us walk our talk. Jimmy Carter, feel free to jump in!! Thanks!
A. Loth, CT, U.S.A.

The Bland leading the blind
Lee, Winchester, England

Give it to anyone who can say "subliminal".
Peter Smith, UK

Conduct the recount under the scrutiny of foreign observers, e.g. a team of politicians from, say, Russia, Serbia and Belarus. Results in no time!
Jyri Kokkonen, Helsinki,Finland

Looks like the biggest democracy in the world (India) had less trouble electing it's leader.
Ghaisas, India

Give it to Hillary...she's only going to take it in 2004 anyway

Stephen Crouch, Valencia, Spain
We all know that the problem lies in the fact that neither candidate garners enough enthusiastic support to be President - which is why we have this ridiculous situation. I have the perfect solution...give it to Hillary...she's only going to take it in 2004 anyway and then the country also saves on the moving bills, maybe they could give Florida a few bucks!!
Stephen Crouch, Valencia, Spain

Take the tally of IQ for the total voters of each candidates and the highest IQ wins! Se ya Gore! Bingo players won't overrule corporate intelligence in this day and age. You Brits are great with your comments! Keep 'em coming!
Cindy, New York, US

The candidate who's less likely to fall asleep at his desk and accidentally press the red button should win
Charlie, UK

The real answer: emergency amendment to the constitution, such that, in the event of an unresolved election, the outgoing president's spouse takes charge. Hillary for the White House!
Philip, Oxford, UK

To the citizens of the United States of America, Following your failure to elect a President of the USA to govern yourselves and, by extension, the free world, we hereby give notice of the revocation of your independence.

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II will resume a monarch's duties over all states, Commonwealths and other territories...Tax collectors from Her Majesty's Government will be with you shortly to ensure the acquisition of all revenues due (backdated to 1776).

(Not my own "original thoughts" but well worth sharing!)
Trevor Sheppard, England

Why not let Wall Street pick directly? After all, why should the US public decide who will represent capital?
Mark, Canada

Why don't we do what Al Gore has done and keep asking people until we get the result that HE wants? Gore should just give in and accept defeat - next time you play scrabble and you are behind, keep re-counting the points until it works out that you win (it'll happen eventually!)
Antony Little, Norwich, UK

The answer is obviously Paper, Scissors, Stone. No doubt about it... lets say best of 3?
Toby Nichols, UK

Either toss a coin, or call another election

Observer, Perth, Australia
I thought Castro's offer to send independent observers for another election was a beut. quid pro quo to a nation so obsessed with its own grandiosity, and one that has sent "independent" observers to other nations' ambiguous 'democratic' electoral functions. Either toss a coin, or call another election, blokes, and let the rest of us get on with the nitty-gritty of life!
Observer, Perth, Australia

As both men come from important American political families, there is really only one way - Family Fortunes.
Rob, UK

Let Bush and Gore fight it out in the courts for four years. Problem solved!
Abigail, Netherlands

Do you suppose we could appeal to the Queen to take us back?
Walter Paszko, Merrimac, USA

The only way to resolve this dispute is a good, bare-knuckle fight. First to go down loses. Easy, eh?
Dean Childs, Durban, South Africa

How about a drinking contest with William Hague as a judge?
David Palmer, Scotland

Try Saturday Night Live style - guest Presidents each week.
Christopher, Brisbane, Australia

There's only one way. It has to be through competition in a sport that has captured the world's attention like no other this year. Beach volleyball.
Kieran, Barcelona, Spain

Both should be Presidents, the US is a big place.
Benny, Sliema, Malta

Since the US is making such a big fuss about the Amazon, I would suggest leaving both candidates in the middle of the forest. The one who can return home on his own, wins.
Fabio Adiron, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Cut the USA across the middle and give them half each

John Yates, Finland
No problem. Cut the USA across the middle and give them half each. The half with Washington in it could be called the United States, the other half, say, the Confederate States. The flag might be a problem, The Washington half could have the Stars and Stripes, the other half could think up something and call it maybe the Stars and Bars.
John Yates, Finland

How's about job sharing? Al Gore mornings, George Bush afternoons.
Jon Yates, Edinburgh, Scotland

The whole election process has been undermined by this debacle. The only way forward is to scrap all votes and quickly hold another election. As things stand, whichever candidate gets the key to 1600 will be viewed with suspicion and will have a mammoth task uniting the country behind their leadership
Phil, Zurich, Switzerland

Al Gore won the popular vote. He has the most Electoral College votes so far and there is strong evidence that he won Florida. So Al Gore should be the next President. However the USA hasn't been so divided since 1968 so the new administration should reflect this when it assumes power on 20 January 2001. So Al Gore should nominate George W. Bush to be his new Vice-President (subject to approval by the Senate).
Michael Lee (a US citizen), London, UK

Democracy will be served best if there were to be two presidents

Welshmun, Australia
Clearly this is the "half empty or half full" problem. You could say "neither have won" or that they both have an equal mandate to run the country. I propose the latter; democracy will be served best if there were to be two presidents; if they're any good they can sort out the minor differences in their policies and just get on with it.
Welshmun, Morayfield, Australia

I like the idea about a President for the North and one for the South. England tried it, we had Thatcher for the South that's right, we didn't get one for the North. Seriously though folks! How about doing something democratic like having the one who got the most votes over the whole of the country be president? Doesn't America usually invade countries or bomb them or something if that country puts someone in power who didn't get the most votes? I think we should have foreign UN officials come to Florida to monitor the recount.
Leon, Mancunian in Wash. DC

Let's take another 3 or 4 billion dollars, 2 or 3 more years, countless man hours, and all the yearning for real goverment, put it all togather. Then see if we were lucky to end up in another lovely gridlock.
David A. Richards, Perris, USA

In true American style, they should have a chocolate chip cookie eating contest - the one who reaches the average American voter's weight first (approx. 220lbs) wins.
P Swaddle, Boston, USA

If the USA is having trouble electing a decent head-of-state they could ask our Queen to do it again! Directly elected heads-of-state have too much power for one man anyway !
Dave H, UK Expat in Brussels, Belgium

As Greece invented democracy why don't they just poll the Grecians?
F Policy, UK

Send Bush and Gore to South America to pick coffee beans with Jaun Valdez, and hire Colin Powell for the job of president. On the other hand that wouldn't work, he's too smart to want the job.
David O., Arkansas, USA

Toss a coin boys!
Siraj, Karachi, Pakistan

All the candidates should be locked, "Big Brother"-style, in the White House, where they will be watched 24 hours a day by the American public, who can vote out their least favourite contestant. Alternatively, they could give the presidency to whoever has the prettiest intern.
Stuart Inskip, Cardiff, UK

We should demand a re-count of votes of all the past elections: at least of the past 100 years

Khalil Alkathiri, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
I'm just trying to imagine how many candidates became presidents in American history that should not have been president because they got a minority vote, it could have happened several times before without anybody noticing. In any case, we should demand a re-count of votes of all the past elections: at least of the past 100 years. Who knows, maybe we had the wrong presidents all along!
Khalil Alkathiri, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

One solution is a shoot-out at the OK Corral.
TJ, England

Legally or constitutionally whoever wins in recount in Florida should be the President. If the issue still remains unresolved then Americans should have a new experiment and appoint either Saddam Hussein or Fidel Castro as the new president.
Abrar, Kuwait City, Kuwait

Perhaps Prince Charles could rule in these colonies for a while to get some experience!

Nick H., UK
Why not bring back the Monarchy? We have a few spare candidates. Perhaps Prince Charles could rule in these colonies for a while to get some experience!
Nick H., UK

Convene Congress to change the constitution so that Clinton can serve another four years. In those four years get the Republicans and Democrats to find serious contenders for the post of President. Neither Gore nor Bush really excite the electorate the way characters like Clinton or John F. Kennedy have in the past.
Gareth Walden, Braintree, UK

Form a national reconciliation committee composed of neutral experts on international and domestic issues. Quiz Bush and Al Gore. Who scores best will be in the White House
Girma Desta, USA

Why can't we just divide the US into two independent countries to resove this conflict

Dave, UK
Well, the US seems virtually divided half-half by votes. Then, why can't we just divide the US into two independent countries to resove this conflict - similar to the Microsoft case. I know it is not good for the American people and US economy, but I am sure these two candidates will be happy about it (they care most about the presidency), and some countries that are dreaming to be super powers will welcome this idea as well.
Dave, UK

We could all learn a lot from the Bush camp in our daily lives. The next time you play a game with someone just declare yourself the winner and don't wait for the end! For instance the next time you play scrabble, you're 80 points adrift, no problem, just say you've won and insist your opponent give in!
E Drennan, Scotland

The WWF should stage a barb wire cage no-holds barred match on prime-time pay-per-view TV to 100 million braying Yanks

Gordon Waller, UK
The WWF should stage a barb wire cage no-holds barred match on prime-time pay-per-view TV to 100 million braying Yanks. Then Big Bubba Bush and Gorgeous Al Gore can hit each other with metal chairs and dustbins until Hulk Hogan intervenes, knocks them both out and claim the presidential belt for himself.
Gordon Waller, UK

Gore is president Monday, Wednesday, and Friday; Bush on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday; Nader gets Sundays.
Mike Page, Fort Worth, USA

When faced with the choice between a clever but un-charismatic candidate and a candidate with limited intelligence and ability only the Americans can choose the latter. I remember a sketch on Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In when an American tried to explain the presidential election process to some 'savages'. The savages put the candidates in a ring with a gorilla - last man in the ring was made leader.
Paul, Manchester, UK

Divide the number of votes by the amount spent. The guy with the highest vote yield per dollar wins. Unless of course it's Bush then we have to think again.
Tim Adams, Englewood, Colorado, USA

Suitable candidates:- Big Bird (Reading and Writing Party), Bo and Luke Duke (Driving Party), BA Baracus (Don't call me 'fool' Party) or Jerry Springer,

Ian Mehrer, London, England
Suitable candidates:- Big Bird (Reading and Writing Party), Bo and Luke Duke (Driving Party), BA Baracus (Don't call me 'fool' Party) or Jerry Springer, as he is obviously used to dealing with mad, lost, out of touch lunatics.
Ian Mehrer, London, England

I think both candidates would agree to the following: Gore gets to be President when there's a vowel in the month, and Bush when there's a "W".
Rupert, London

Job share - Gore can do the mornings and Bush can take the afternoons.
John McJannet, London, Britain

Exile both Gore and Bush to the British House of Lords where they will be permitted to sit only with the hereditary peers (where they truly belong.) Call a new election asking John McCain and Bill Bradley to represent their respective parties in debates, outlawing political advertisements which benefit only those who have made promises to the largest group of the wealthy corporations and hear the citizens of the United States breath a collective sigh of relief!
Hopeless, New Hampshire USA

Take the 19,000 ballot papers in which people voted for Buchanan and Gore, and split them equally

Richard Wingrove, York, UK
Take the 19,000 ballot papers in which people voted for Buchanan and Gore, and split them equally. Gore gets an extra 9500 votes, more than enough to win! Might upset the Republicans though¿
Richard Wingrove, York, UK

Make them sail to Bermuda from 2 different directions. The first one to get sucked in - WINS!
Jo Sz, London UK

I think the UN should impose an economic embargo and cut off all aid. How can a man get the most votes and still not be a president? This IS a banana republic!
Shoky, London

Why not put both of them in a cage with a rabid dog and see which one it attacks first? The winner is the one that gets attacked by the dog as the other one is obviously so slippery the dog can't even get hold of it!
Pete, Woking, UK

A solution to fit both candidates, lifestyles..
Bush 9am - Midday
Gore Midday - 2pm
Bush 2pm-5pm
Gore 5pm - 9am

Trev, UK

Why not one president for the north and one for the south?
Bob, London UK

How about a TV quiz show - 'Who wants to be the President'

James Dawkins, UK
How about a TV quiz show - 'Who wants to be the President'. The man who can name the most foreign politicians wins. Easy!
James Dawkins, UK

As I'm a Gore supporter though, I would suggest a spelling contest, just to make sure. Or Kerplunk.
Richard T, UK

Arm wrestling. It's the only way.
Steve Hill, Bristol, UK

May I suggest staging a bare knuckle Ultimate Fighting Contest. One Cage, Two men and 100 million screaming Americans. Come on people, its what you really want.
Mr D King, Liverpool, UK

I propose we flip a coin. Heads Gush wins it, tails gives it to Bore

John B, UK
These two men are both so mediocre there is virtually nothing to choose between them. On that basis I propose we flip a coin. Heads Gush wins it, tails gives it to Bore.
John B, UK

How can Simon Millard suggest that something so important be resolved by something as trivial as the turn of a card? There is ONLY way to resolve this fiasco: paper/scissors/stone.
Colin, England

How about cutting cards, highest card wins!
Simon Millard, UK

Since the two candidates are so similar that this issue has occurred, why not try something different and let the people decide.
Add up all the votes for each candidate from all of the States, the one with the most votes wins! WOW what an amazing idea, lets call it democracy!
Andy Trigg, England

They say this is going to make a great movie one day. Well, why not go the whole hog? User test both endings in special Palm Beach screenings, and see which one wins on the clapometer. Failing that, why not organise a fistfight?
Bibby Binky, UK

How about the loser admits defeat gracefully and doesn't cause a fuss or make a legal challenge. Now that would be a radical idea.
Paul Williams, UK London

Wouldn't it be more entertaining and in line with American tradition for it to be decided by pistols at dawn

Richard, UK
Wouldn't it be more entertaining and in line with American tradition for it to be decided by pistols at dawn (then again Mr Gore wouldn't do anything as he's anti gun and from what I've heard about Bush he's more likely to shoot himself in the foot than anything else).
Richard, UK

Why not this radical idea - have a nation-wide vote where the most popular candidate loses. Then scrap the nation-wide result in favour of one chosen state. Have a ballot in which half the populace can't understand the ballot paper then lose most of the remaining ballot boxes Finally and most importantly ensure that anyone who doesn't like the governor's big brother is kept well away from the polling booths. Whoever gains a simple majority of the remaining three votes wins!
A Cynic, UK

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