Georgia-Russia conflict
A column of tanks and other armored vehicles roll near the town of Alagir on the road to the border of the Georgian breakaway region of South Osseti

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Georgian soldiers mark the first anniversary of the Georgian-Russian war
Georgia and Russia mark the first anniversary of their brief war over the South Ossetia region, amid ongoing tension.

BBC sees evidence Georgia may have violated war codes
One year on from Georgia war, the suffering continues
Tracing the history of potential flashpoints


Map showing Georgia, Abkhazia, South Ossetia and surrounding states

South Ossetia has about 70,000 people - mostly pro-Russian Ossetians
1991-92: S Ossetia rebels fight war to break away from Georgia
1994: Russian peacekeepers deploy, sporadic clashes continue
Aug 2008: Heavy fighting between Georgian and S Ossetian forces, Russia sends in extra troops


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