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Wednesday, December 10, 1997 Published at 14:01 GMT


Jagger buys rights to Netcast cricket coverage
image: [ Mick Jagger is combining his enthusiasms for cricket and the Web ]
Mick Jagger is combining his enthusiasms for cricket and the Web

The rock legend and cricket fanatic Mick Jagger has bought the rights to use audio from the Sharjah Trophy cricket tournament, so that he can get coverage over the Internet.

Jagger decided on the do-it-yourself approach after discovering that no-one else was providing coverage from this particular tournament, which starts on Thursday in the United Arab Emirates and involves India, England, Pakistan and the West Indies.

[ image: Not giving up the day job]
Not giving up the day job
He said on BBC Radio's Today programme that this was an extension of the sort of technology the band was using already for its music. There are RealVideo and Quicktime movies on the current Bridges to Babylon Tour website.

Mick Jagger on why he's doing it (1'03")
"We do this stuff on the road with the Rolling Stones we do broadcasts from the show. We do them in video and audio," he said, "so I thought it would be a good idea to do it for this Champions' Cup.

"It's another side by side media you know like radio and then there was TV and now there's this and they're adjuncts to each other ... We use all these things."

Jagger has set up a company called Jagged Internetworks for the purpose. The Webcast involves a tie-in with the sports marketing company WorldTel and with CricInfo, which describes itself as the largest single-sport database on the Internet.

CricInfo is hosting Jagged's special events pages.

Fans will be able to hear Michael Holding, Geoff Boycott, Sunil Gavaskar and Ravi Shastri providing live audio coverage of all seven matches.

Mick Jagger on why he's doing it (1'03")

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