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Tuesday, November 25, 1997 Published at 14:41 GMT


New doping charges against East German doctors
image: [ Sure they are fast - but are they swimming on drugs? ]
Sure they are fast - but are they swimming on drugs?

Two doctors have been charged with physically harming female swimmers in former East Germany by giving them performance-enhancing drugs.

Dieter Binus, 58, former Dynamo Berlin club doctor and chief of the national women's team from 1976 to 80, and Bernd Pansold, 55, in charge of the sports medicine center in East-Berlin were committed for trial for allegedly supplying 19 teenagers with illegal substances.

Berlin prosecutors allege that the pair was responsible for giving hormones to the swimmers between 1975 and 1989, without telling either them or their parents. They say the swimmers experienced abnormal muscular development and some of them suffered irreversible damage.

The charges resulted from criminal investigations into the use of steroids in East German sport.

Mr Binus and Mr Pansold are not the only ones involved in the doping scandal.

Last month four other coaches were officially charged with giving banned anabolic drugs to teenagers without their knowledge. All were all were accused of causing actual bodily harm by doping the teenagers with steroids.

The four were Dieter Lindemann, Volker Frischke, Rolf Glaeser, and Dieter Krause,

Frischke, who trained European 800 metres freestyle champion Kerstin Kielgass, and Lindemann, who once coached former Olympic and world champion Franziska van Almsick until last year, have been removed from Germany's training squad.

Since German reunification in 1990 more and more evidence has come to light of the former GDR's state-sponsored doping program. Steroids were used systematically to produce fraudulent athletic excellence.

Prosecutors say that coaches, officials and doctors in many other sports may soon face charges.

Anabolic steroid are used by athletes to build muscle mass, enhance their performance and speed up recovery from workouts and injury.

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