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Wednesday, 31 December, 1997, 09:09 GMT
Order of the British Empire, Civil - OBE (part two)
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John Robert Love. Grade 7, Welsh Office. The Very Reverend Robert Victor Alexander Lynas. For services to Education. Geoffrey William Lynch. For services to the Export Credit Guarantee Department. William Lyons. Lately Regional director, Scottish Agriculture College. For services to Agricultural Education. Professor Sarah Jane MacIntyre. Director, MRC Sociology Unit, Glasgow. For services to Medical Sociology. Brian MacKenzie. For services to the Superintendents' Association of England and Wales, and to the Police. Miss Georgina Mary Mace. Research Fellow, Institute of Zoology. For services to the Preservation of Endangered Species.

Rupert Mahaffy. For services to the National Army Museum Development Trust. Jeremy John Crosby Mallinson. Director, Jersey Wildlife Preservation Trust. For services to Animal Conservation. Professor Aubrey William George Manning. Lately Professor of Natural History, University of Edinburgh. For services to the Environment. Paul Raymond Marshall. For services to Commercial and Economic Development in Wales. Miss Susan Wilson Marshall. Lately director of Housing Services, Brighton Borough Council. For services to Housing. William Robert Graham Martin, JP. For services to the community. Professor Thomas Jefferson Maxwell. Director, Macaulay Land Use Research Institute. For services to Land Use and to Hill Farming.

Miss Pamela May. For services to Ballet. William Greer McCollum. For services to Agriculture. Mrs. Christine E McGregor. Lately Social Work commissioner, Mental Welfare Commission. For services to Social Work. Geoffrey Walter Medcraft. Professional and Technology Superintending Grade, Defence and Evaluation and Research Agency, Ministry of Defence. Walter Millsom. For charitable services in the field of Property Management. Michael Kerry Bostock Molyneux. Senior Group Occupational Hygienist, Shell International Ltd. For services to Occupational Hygiene. James Joseph Monaghan. For public service.

Oswald Norman Morris, DFC, AFC. For services to Cinematography and to the Film Industry. John Bruce Mowson. For services to the community, especially Health Care, in East Anglia. Ian Holstein Muir. Chairman, Board of Management, Jewel and Esk Valley College. For services to Education and to Industry. Miss Shelagh Mary Murphy. International secretary, Royal College of Nursing. For services to Health Care. John Murray. Lately director, Publications Group, Central Office of Information. Michael Murray. Chief Civil Engineer, Babcock Rosyth Defence Ltd. For services to Civil Engineering and to the Defence Industry.

Ernest Naylor. For services to Marine Science Research. Haji Mohammad Nazir. Chair, Sheffield Racial Equality Council Executive Committee. For services to Community Relations. Geoffrey William Newman. Assistant Collector, London Airports, Her Majesty's Customs and Excise. Patrick Nolan. Director of Social Services, Rotherham, South Yorkshire. For services to the Social Services. Mrs. Judy Norman. For services to the Soldiers', Sailors' and Airmen's Families Association. Mrs. Celeste Veronica Nri. For services to the Wandsworth Black Elderly Project and Age Activity Centre, Wandsworth, London. Thomas John O'Malley. Lately head Teacher, St. David's RC High School, Dalkeith. For services to Education.

Patrick O'Neill, JP. Provost. West Dunbartonshire Council. For services to Local Government. Professor Martin Lewis Parry. For services to the Environment and to Climate Change. Rowland Albert Penrose, QPM. National Co-ordinator, Regional Crime Squads for England and Wales. For services to the Police. Timothy Andrew Pickup. For services to the Telecommunications Industry. Mrs. Jennifer Susan Pitman. Trainer. For services to Horse Racing. Miss Lynda Lee-Potter. Feature Writer and Columnist, The Daily Mail. For services to Journalism and for charitable services. John Edward Curtis Prebble. Historian. For services to History and to Literature. John David Miles Preshous. Lately head Teacher, the Community College, Bishop's Castle, Shropshire. For services to Education.

Mrs. Ann Veronica Priston. Senior Forensic Scientist, Home Office. Mrs. Gillian Mary Pugh. Chief executive, Thomas Coram Foundation for Children. For services to Young People's Development. Oliver Rackham. For services to Nature Conservation. Brig John Joseph Regan. For services to the Leonard Cheshire Foundation. Miss Elizabeth Heather Reid. For services to Education. David Richardson. Grade 7, Ministry of Defence. Gareth Winston Roberts. For services to Local Government in Wales. Mrs. Jennifer Susan Margaret Roberts. Chief Probation Officer, Hereford and Worcester Probation Service. For services to the Rehabilitation of Offenders. Richard Noel Roberts. Chairman, Welsh Optical Committee. For services to Optometry in Wales.

Roger Hedley Roberts. Manager, Explosives, AWE Aldermaston. For services to the Defence Industry. Graham Roy Robertson. Lately Leader, Bristol City Council. For services to the community in Bristol. Neil Stewart Robinson. Deputy chairman, Radio Partnership Ltd. For services to Radio Broadcasting. Simon Richard Noel Rodway. For services to the British Red Cross Society. Miss Diana Rookledge. Chairman, Home Office's Immigration and Nationality Complaints Audit Commission. Cdr Walter Ross. Chief Officer, Royal Parks Constabulary. Bernard Rowe, TD. Director, Division of Enteric Pathogens, Central Public Health Laboratory. For services to the Surveillance of Food Borne Illnesses.

Jack Rowell. For services to Rugby Union Football. Charles Keith Rowland. Lately Principal, Tresham Institute of Further Education, Northamptonshire. For services to Further Education. Mrs. Penelope Marilyn Hughes Ryan. Principal, Gorseinon College, Swansea. For services to Education in Wales. Miss Tessa Sanderson, MBE. For services to Athletics and for charitable services. Miss Vivien Inez Saunders. For services to Women's Golf. Mrs. Patricia Molly Scopes. Senior vice-Principal, Queen Mary and Westfield College, University of London. For services to Higher Education and to Science. The Reverend John Francis Searle. Consultant Anaesthetist, Exeter Health Trust. For services to Medicine and to the Hospice Movement.

Mrs. Martha Pettigrew Sheridan. Anti-Smuggling Business manager, Her Majesty's Customs and Excise. Mrs. Elizabeth Sidney. For services to Women's Issues. John William Simms. Grade 6, Ministry of Defence. David Tennant Sinker, JP. For Services to the Legal Aid Board. David Bodfield Smith. Grade 7, Department of Social Security. Gordon Thomas Smith. Lately assistant Controller, Her Majesty's Board of Inland Revenue. Leonard Charles Smith. Grade 7, Department of Social Security. Alan Sparkes. Chief Engineer, ASRAAM, BAe. For services to the Defence Industry. Professor Frank Russell Stannard. Lately Professor of Physics, Open University. For services to physics and to the Popularisation of Science.

Max Laurence Steinberg. Regional director, Housing Corporation, Merseyside and North West Region. For services to Housing in Liverpool. J. H. Alan Stevenson. Executive manager, Scottish Association of Meat Wholesalers. For services to the Scottish Meat Industry and to Export. James Stevenson. Chief executive, British Cement Association. For services to the Construction Industry. Richard Michiel Stevenson. For services to the Galleries of Justice Museum, Nottingham. Mrs. Yvonne Anne Strachan. Scottish Women's Organiser, Transport and General Worker's Union. For services to Industrial Relations and to Women. Edward Cornock Straiton. For services to the Veterinary Profession and to Agriculture. Michael Thomas Street. Deputy chairman, Transfed. For services to Training in the Bus Industry. Paul Strickland. Medical manager, the Paul Strickland Scanner Centre, London. For services to Health Care.

Miss Diane Elizabeth Sudlow. Director, Scottish Road Safety Campaign. For services to Road Safety. Rex Vincent Symons. Regional Human Resource manager, Employment Service, Department for Education and Employment. John Tarbit. Senior Fisheries and Aquatic Resource Adviser, Department for International Development. Mrs. Barbara Ann Thomas. Programme manager and director of Training, Jarvis Breast Screening, Diagnostic and National Training Centre, Surrey. For services to Health Screening. David Emrys Thomas. Local Government commissioner for England. For services to Local Government. Ian Mitchell Thomas. Chairman and managing director, Culpeper Ltd. For services to Export. David Hayhow Thompson. For services to the John Grooms Association for Disabled People.

William Geoffrey Thompson, DL. Managing director, Blackpool Pleasure Beach Ltd. For services to Tourism. William King Townend. Lately Senior Adviser, Waste Management and Regulation Policy Group, Environment Agency. For services to Waste Management and Regulation. Stuart Charles Trotter. Lately Political Correspondent, The Herald. For services to Journalism. Miss Sarah Merion Vaughan. Grade 7, Ministry of Defence. Mrs. Susan Walker. Regional Water manager, Environment Agency. For services to Water Management. William Connell Walker. For services to Air Cadet Gliding. Miss Cecilia Mc Closkey-Walters. For services to Education. David John Waplington. Governor 2, Her Majesty's Young Offenders' Institution Moorland. Michael Daniel Ward. Chairman, Business Link Teeside. For services to the Business Link Movement.

Mrs. Judith Mary Waterman. Speech and Language Therapy Officer, Department of Health. Anthony Waterson. For services to Forestry in Scotland. John Grenville Bernard Watson. Lately chief executive, Bradford City Challenge. For services to Regeneration. David Robert Watts. Principal Professional and Technology Officer, Ministry of Defence. Vincent Challacombe Watts. For advisory services to Financial Management and Change in Public Sector. Miss Beverley Webster. Chief executive, Webster Schaeff and Company. For services to the Coal Industry. Hilary, Lady Weir. For services to the Architectural Heritage Fund and to the Preservation of Historic Buildings. Ian Christopher White. Managing director, The International Tanker Owners' Pollution Federation Ltd. For services to the Environment.

William Haskins Whiteley. Lately Principal Inspector, Health and Safety Executive. Huw Tregelles Williams. Director, BBC National Orchestra of Wales. For services to Music. Professor Brian Wilshire. Pro vice-Chancellor, University of Wales, Swansea. For services to Higher Education. Professor Barbara Ann Wilson. Senior Scientist, Applied Psychology Unit, Medical Research Council. For services to Medical Rehabilitation. James Renwick Wilson. For services to the Engineering Industry. Mrs. Joan Wilson. For services to Counselling. Miss Margaret Helen Wilson. Lately chief Librarian, Department for Education and Employment. Duncan Ramsay Winning. Honorary president, Scottish Canoe Association. For services to Canoeing.

John Winup. Lately director, Procurement Services Division, Central Communications and Telecommunications Agency. Professor John Patrick Woodcock. Clinical director of Medical Physics and Bioengineering, University Hospital of Wales and Professor of Medical Physics and Bioengineering, University of Wales College of Medicine, Cardiff. For services to Medical Science. Fred Simon Worms. For charitable services to the B'nai B'rith Housing Society. The Reverend Professor Frances Margaret Young. Edward Cadbury Professor of Theology, University of Birmingham. For services to Theology. Mrs. Helen Elizabeth Zealley. Q.H.P., director of Public Health, Lothian Health Board. For services to Public Health.

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