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Tuesday, December 30, 1997 Published at 23:47 GMT

Special Report

Order of the British Empire, Civil - OBE (part one)

Ian Adamson. For services to Local Government. Miss Elizabeth Allen. Head of Division, Personnel Policy and Management, The Highways Agency, Department of the Environment, Transport and the Regions. Nigel Alliance. For charitable services for the good of human kind in the North West of England. Ronald John Amy. For services to the Pensions Industry. Michael Deane Munro Ann. For services to Tourism and to Young People. Bertram Henry Annett. For services to Animal Welfare, especially FRAME. Kenneth Armstrong, JP. For services to the Magistracy in Tyne and Wear. Anthony Austin. Team Leader, Her Majesty's Board of Inland Revenue. John Christopher Stewart Baker. Grade 5, Ministry of Defence. Mrs. Anne Heather Barlas. For services to the British Red Cross Society in Scotland. Tony William Bastock. Group Sales and Marketing director, Contract Chemicals Ltd. For services to the Chemical Industry. David Leonard Nowell Battersby. Managing director, Hospitality and Leisure Manpower. For services to Training in the Tourist Industry. Philip Stafford Baxendale. For services to Industry, especially Employee Share Ownership in Lancashire. Professor Brian Leicester Bayne. For services to the Prevention of Marine Pollution. Daryell Beaney. For services to the Police. Bruce Richard Bedwell. Audit manager, Mational Audit Office. Geoffrey Bingham. Group manager, Lord Chancellor's Department. Mrs. Margaret Jean Blackburn, JP. For services to the British Red Cross Society in Berkshire. Peter Anthony Blake. Lately head Teacher, Windsor Boys' School, Berkshire. For services to Education. Norman Charles Blamey. Painter. For services to Art. David Edward Bland. Director general, Chartered Insurance Institute. For services to Training in the Insurance Industry. John Raymond Botham. Head Teacher, Greenwood Junior School, Nottingham. For services to Education. Ashley Keith Bowes. For services to the Federation of Fresh Meat Wholesalers. Mrs. Pamela Ann Bowmaker. Head Teacher, Varndean School, Brighton. For services to Education in East Sussex. Mrs. Dorothy Codling Bowman. Chairman of Governors, Cherry Willingham Primary School, Lincolnshire. For services to Education. Sqn Ldr Barrie Epwell Lear Browning, MBE. For services to the Soldiers', Sailors' and Airmen's Families' Association in North Yorkshire. George Bruce. Chairman, Caithness and Sutherland NHS Trust. For services to Health Care. Graham William Butler. Deputy chief Fire Officer, Tyne and Wear Metropolitan Fire Brigade. For services to the Fire Service. David Byers. Officer in Charge, Her Majesty's Board of Inland Revenue. Mrs. Jennifer Cardwell. For services to Women's Hockey. Alistair Richard Cheyne. Director of Operations, Automobile Association. For services to Motoring. Christopher David Clark. Principal Professional and Technology Officer, Ministry of Defence. Barry Keith Clarke. For services to the Save the Children Fund. Mrs. Yvonne Jean Constance, JP. Chairman of the Chairmen's Group, Electricity Consumers' Committees. For services to Electricity Consumers. Barry John Cooke. Head Teacher, Hyde Technology School, Tameside. For services to Education. Laurence Charles George Cramp. For services to the Administration of Justice. Martin James Crane. Underwriting manager, Export Credits Guarantee Department. Mrs. Mary Cropper. Director of Operations, Community Healthcare Bolton NHS Trust. For services to Health Care. Miss Annette Crosbie. Actress. For services to Drama. Alan Curless. Chief executive, Chamber of Commerce, Training and Enterprise Hereford and Worcester. For services to Training. Peter John Davey. For services to Architecture. John Michael Davidson. For services to Groundwork and to Environmental Regeneration. Brian Keston Davies. Lately director of Education, Catholic Fund for Overseas Development. For services to Development Education. Christopher Norman George Dawes. Grade A Department for Culture, Media and Sport. Robert Dean. Lately Grade 7, Crown Prosecution Service. Satish Balkrishna Desai. PB6, Department of the Environment Transport and the Regions. Brig Anthony Keith Dixon. For services to the Ex-Services Mental Welfare Society. Mrs. Rita Margaret Donaghy. For services to UNISON and to Industrial Relations. Walter Done. Deputy County Education Officer, Cheshire. For services to Education. Robert Frank Dorey. Chairman, Tramtrack Croydon Ltd. For services to Public Transport. David John Meredith Doubble. For services to the Property Advisory Group. Mrs. Anne Coultas Dunford. President, Anglia Region, the Guide Association. For services to Guiding. John Bryson Durno. Director of Custody, Scottish Prison Service. Grattan Endicott. For services to the Foundation for Sport and the Arts. Lt Cdr George Evatt. R.N., Member, Board of Visitors, Her Majesty's Prison Dartmoor. For services to Prisoner Welfare. Mrs. Judith Mary Eve. For services to the community. James Edmund Everitt. Chairman, Centre for Applied Microbiology and Research. For services to Health Care. Joseph Finklestone. For services to Journalism. Frank A. Flear, DL. Chairman, Grimsby Fish Dock Enterprise Ltd. For services to the Fishing Industry. Mrs. Lorraine Fletcher. Director of Social Policy, Equal Opportunities Commission. For services to Equal Opportunities. Professor Alexander Robert Forrester. Vice-Principal, University of Aberdeen. For services to Science and to Education. Robert Gale. For Services to the Consumer in Europe Group. Nicholas Withycombe Garland. Cartoonist. For services to Journalism. Ronald Stanley Gee. Deputy Chair, Local Government Association. For services to Local Government. Mrs. Cecilia Margaret Gerrard, DL. Lately chairman, Surrey County Council. For services to Local Government. Keith Gillard. Chief executive, Mid Glamorgan Education Business Partnership. For services to Industry and Education in South Wales. Group Capt Eric John Goodman. For services to Princess Marina House and to the RAF Benevolent Fund in West Sussex. Antony Mark David Gormley. Sculptor. For services to Sculpture. Miss Teresa Colomba Graham. Member, Government Better Regulation Task Force. For service to Small Business. Sqn Ldr Andrew Duncan Green. Driver, Thrust Supersonic Car. Dennis Green. Principal Valuer, Her Majesty's Board of Inland Revenue. Leon Greenman. For services to Community Relations. Paul Gregory. Director of Planning and Development, Scottish Borders Council. For services to Local Government. Mrs. Judith Grice. Head, Environmental Design and Planning, British Waterways. For services to Waterway Conservation. Gwilym Huw Griffith. Senior consultant Surgeon and Medical director, Glan Hafren NHS Trust. For services to Medicine. David Nicholas Hall. Director, Foundation for Science and Technology. For services to the Understanding of Science and Technology. Miss Rosemary Charlotte Hall. Inspector of Taxes, Her Majesty's Board of Inland Revenue. Trevor Hall. Senior Race Relations consultant, Home Office. Leslie Edward Hamilton. Lately Mayor, Hove Borough Council. For services to the community in East Sussex. Miss Ann Elizabeth Hamlin. For public service in the Built Heritage. Colin Hammacott. For services to Health Care and to the community in Swansea, South Wales. Mrs. Alison Joy Hardinge. For services to the Food Advisory Committee. Geoffrey Hare. Lately County Librarian, Essex. For services to Librarianship. Mrs. Anke Harris. Vice-chairman, Dorset Training and Enterprise Council. For services to Training. Peter Richard Head. Chief executive, Maunsell Ltd. For services to Bridge Engineering. Richard John Heald. Consultant Surgeon, North Hampshire Hospitals NHS Trust. For services to Medicine. Mrs. Patricia Herrmann, JP. For services to the Magistracy and the community in Essex. James Higgins. Consultant Forensic Psychiatrist. For services to the Advisory Board on Restricted Patients. Anthony Brian Hill. For services to the community in the North East of England. Keith Stevens Gleave Hinde, TD. For services to the King George's Fund for Sailors and to the Cutlers' Company. James Keith Howell. Head of Publicity Section, Office of Fair Trading. John Robert Hume. Chief inspector of Historic Buildings, Scottish Office. Martin Osborne Johnson. For services to Rugby Union Football. Michael Stanley Johnson. Director, France Area, Commonwealth War Graves Commission. Brig Peter Dunbar Johnson. General secretary, The Officers' Association. For services to ex-Service personnel. Mrs. Jane Madeleine Johnston. For services to the community, especially Health Care, in North Cumbria. Mrs. Helena Denise Josephine Kellaway. Section head, Department of Health. Abdul Matin Khan. President, Ethnic Minorities Minority Group. For services to Community Relations in Scotland. Mrs. Sandra June Kilner. Lately Principal Scientific Officer, Ministry of Defence. William Andrew Kilpatrick. Farmer. For services to the Dairy Industry and to the Hostein Friesian Society. James Leckie Kinloch. Chairman, Kinloch Group. For services to the Electronic Engineering Industry and to the community in Inverclyde. Brian John Kirby. Chairman, Advisory Board on Homoeopathic Products. For services to Health Issues. Mrs. Beryl Edith Knox. Grade 7, Health and Safety Executive. Arthur Ernest Lally. Head of Radiochemistry Unit, Veterinary Laboratories Agency, Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food. Peter George Lambert. Regional director, Business in the Community. For services to Business/Education Links. Professor Ronald Lander. Chairman and managing director, Scotlander plc. For services to Small Businesses. William Antony Lawrence. Business Development director, VSEL. For services to the Defence Industry. Morris Daniel Levine. Director, North West London Housing Association. For services to Homeless Offenders and Substance Misusers. Ronnie Stuart Levine. General Dental Practitioner and Scientific Adviser to the Health Education Authority, Leeds. For services to Dentistry. Kenneth Charles Lewis. Managing director, Dutton Engineering Ltd. For services to Industry in East Anglia. David Lindley. Managing director, Lindley Associates. For services to Renewable Energy and to the Wind Turbine Industry. Mrs. Margaret Rutherfurd Lindsay. Director, Centre for Residential Child Care. For services to Young People. Peter Woodgate Lipscomb. External Affairs director, Diageo plc. For services to the Packaging Industry, Business and the Environment. Gerard Anthony Lobo. Grade 6, Department of the Environment, Transport and the Regions.


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