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Tuesday, 11 January, 2000, 10:39 GMT
The trial of Dr Harold Shipman

The trial of Dr Harold Shipman, a family GP from Manchester, is taking place at Preston Crown Court.

Dr Shipman is charged with murdering 15 of his women patients between 1995 and 1998, and of forging the will of one of them. He denies all the charges.

The charges

  • Prosecution case: the 15 alleged victims

    The trial - the judge sums up

    10 Jan:
    "A tragic and disturbing case"
     'The summing up is expected to last till next Wednesday

    Closing speeches

    7 Jan:
    Evidence unreliable, says Shipman defence

    6 Jan: Shipman had 'no motive'
     Stephen Cape reports from Preston Crown Court

    5 Jan: Shipman deaths 'no coincidence'
     'Dr Shipman told bare-faced lies'

    The trial - Week 10

    13 Dec:
    Final evidence in Shipman trial

    The trial - Week 9

    10 Dec:
    GP 'fabricated' cremation form

    9 Dec: GP certified death 'before seeing body'

    8 Dec: Shipman account 'complete fabrication'

    7 Dec: Shipman accused of 'bare-faced lie'

    6 Dec: GP denies 'means and opportunity' to kill

    The trial - Week 8

    3 Dec:
    GP 'wicked' to call patient addict

    2 Dec: Shipman quizzed over missing drugs

    1 Dec: Murder trial doctor weeps

    30 Nov: Shipman patient 'had life-threatening illnesses'

    29 Nov: GP 'decided not to resuscitate patient'

    The trial - Week 7

    26 Nov:
    Shipman patient 'refused more tablets'
     'Dr Shipman admitted back-dating entries'

    25 Nov: Shipman takes the stand
     'Dr Shipman denied forging a will'

    The trial - Week 6

    18 Nov:
    Trial adjourned for a week

    17 Nov: GP prescribed drug 'after patients' deaths'

    16 Nov: Shipman patient 'refused treatment'

    15 Nov: Doctor 'lied about having morphine'

    The trial - Week 5

    12 Nov:
    Doctor 'kept morphine in bedroom'

    10 Nov: Shipman defence attacks morphine theory

    9 Nov: GP's 'victims had lethal morphine dose'

    8 Nov: Doctor 'forged victim's medical history'
     'On Tuesday the jury will hear from expert witnesses'

    The trial - Week 4

    2 Nov:
    Doctor 'made bereaved family feel guilty'

    1 Nov: Doctor 'paid victim surprise visit'

    The trial - Week 3

    29 Oct:
    'Shipman declared live patient dead'

    28 Oct: Patient 'died during tea with friend'

    27 Oct: Patient found dead 'seconds' after GP left

    26 Oct: GP's alleged victim 'fine' before visit

    25 Oct: GP called dead patient a 'nuisance'
     'Shipman considered her a nuisance'

    The trial - Week 2

    22 Oct:
    'GP's morphine victim had sleeve rolled up'
     'Mr Steel's voice broke as he recalled touching her hand and finding it cold'

    21 Oct: 'GP's morphine victim had sleeve rolled up'
     'Mrs Mellor had total confidence in Dr Shipman'

    20 Oct: GP's alleged victim had 'good health'
     'Neighbours said he didn't seem to be bothered'

    19 Oct: Shipman patient was poisoned: pathologist
     'Patient's illness not responsible'

    18 Oct: GP 'backdated medical records'
     'Entries made the day after death'

    The trial - Week 1

    15 Oct:
    GP 'tricked' witnesses into signing will
     'A police expert has examined the document'

    14 Oct: Will received 'hours before death'
     'Dr Shipman: admired and liked in the community'

    13 Oct: Daughter's suspicions 'led to doctor's arrest'
     'During cross examination she broke down'

    12 Oct: GP's patient 'left dead in surgery'
    12 Oct: Patient 'killed as friend sat next door'
     'Patient regarded as a nuisance'

    11 Oct: GP 'murdered women for enjoyment'
     'Prosecution alleged he enjoyed killing his patients'

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