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Monday, 24 June, 2002, 14:41 GMT 15:41 UK

Poet Laureate remembers Paddington victims
A poem in memory of those killed in the Paddington rail disaster is composed by Poet Laureate Andrew Motion.
Train drivers take action over safety
The train drivers' union, Aslef, has told its drivers to double-man a train if its safety system is switched off or faulty, in the wake of the Paddington rail crash.
Families back rail 'super-inquiry'
Relatives of victims of the Southall train crash call for the public inquiry to take in the Paddington rail disaster, ahead of a government shake-up of rail safety regulation.
Why train crash toll fell
In the few days following the train crash outside Paddington station in west London, the anticipated number of deaths has fluctuated wildly. A number of factors have added to the confusion.
How the accident happened
The Health and Safety executive has reported that the Thames train went through a red light before hitting the Great Western express.
'Everyone thought I was dead'
The parents of a survivor of the Paddington rail crash are told she is dead after her coat is found wrapped around a victim.
The 31 victims identified
The 31 victims of the Paddington train crash have been identified.
'Nothing prepared me for the horror'
A firefighter pictured in national newspapers wiping away a tear in the aftermath of the Paddington train crash says no training could have prepared her for the horror.
Police: Crash victims were so calm
The two police officers first at the scene of the London rail crash describe how stunned and burnt passengers urged them to help the most seriously injured.
Southall carriages on crash train
A rail union condemns Great Western after it emerges that the express train in the Paddington rail disaster contained carriages damaged in the earlier Southall crash.
Crash signal 109 was not the worst
There are nine rail signals in the UK with worse safety records than the one at the centre of the Paddington train crash, Railtrack reveals.
The crash report in full
The Health and Safety Executive has revealed its interim findings about the London rail disaster.
Scottish judge heads train crash inquiry
Lord Cullen, who presided over investigations into the Piper Alpha and Dunblane tragedies, is to head the Paddington rail crash public inquiry.
How safe is the UK compared to Europe?
European transport expert Frazer Goodwin answers key questions about how Britain compares to continental Europe in terms of rail safety.
Train driver celebrating son's birthday
The driver of one of the trains involved in the London crash is understood to have left a wife and two young sons.
Passengers relive crash horror
Passengers caught up in the horrific rush hour rail crash near London's Paddington Station told of desperate screams for help as fire surged through carriages.
Inferno survivors speak of relief
Survivors of the first class carriage which burst into flames in the Paddington Rail crash speak of their relief at being alive.
In pictures: Ladbroke Grove crash
Images from the scene of devastation outside Paddington train station in west London.
Is rail travel becoming less safe?
The possibility that travel by train is becoming more perilous will undoubtedly be closely examined over the next few weeks.
Cutting through the crash
Firefighters called to accidents such as the train crash near Paddington Station have to make snap judgements about who to get out first and how to get to them.
Chronology of rail crashes
The rail network in the UK has had a troubled decade, with more than a dozen serious crashes.
Rail crash hospitals swing into action
Hospitals and ambulance services plan for years so they can cope with a major train crash.
Analysis: Is profit to blame?
Rail Magazine's Christian Wolmar looks at the claim that rail privatisation is to blame for marginalising safety on the railways, and looks at the future of safety management after Southall and Paddington crashes.
How the safety systems work
All trains have an Automatic Warning System, but would automatic braking systems have prevented the crash?
Fire worst aspect of crash
The "severe" fire which engulfed an entire carriage in the west London rail crash is the worst to have happened on modern trains, according to experts.
Months of plastic surgery for disaster survivors
Ten survivors of the Paddington train disaster are likely to need months of skin grafts, a hospital consultant has said.
Counting the cost of a life
John Prescott's promise that cost will not be a factor in implementing the "best possible" rail safety system marks a stark departure from usual practice.
Money no object on rail safety - Prescott
Finance "isn't a problem" in introducing new safety measures to the UK's railways, says the deputy prime minister.
Single inquiry 'simpler and quicker'
Everyone is seeking answers over the London rail crash. But could this mean the whole process will be drawn out and confused?
Former MoD adviser to study rail safety
Sir David Davies, who has been appointed to evaluate rail safety systems, is one of the leading academics and engineers of his generation.
Rescuing the rescuers
Dealing with the horrifying aftermath of the London rail disaster is likely to take its toll on the emergency teams involved. But what services are available to help them?
Identifying the dead
The search for clues about the identity, and indeed the numbers, of those who died in the west London train crash, is a painstaking task.
Changing policy on safety
The level of investment in rail has been a source of debate for politicians, British Rail and privatised companies for years. Vivien White traces the history of promises.
French trains: Safer but costly
A disaster on the scale of Paddington could not happen in France, says Nick Wood in Paris.
Crash paramedics faced horrific decisions
Paramedics have told how they had to leave seriously injured passengers to die as they battled to save others after the Paddington rail disaster.
Crash victims offered counselling
Passengers and staff involved in the Paddington rail crash are to be offered counselling from the train companies involved.
Mourning without a body
Coming to terms with the death of a loved one is hard enough - but what about when no body is found?
Compensation procedure simplified
Victims or their families will not have to pin the blame on any of the companies involved before receiving compensation.
London train crash: special report
Disaster in the rush hour