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Monday, 17 December, 2001, 11:36 GMT

Melita Norwood: A secret life
The woman exposed as the longest-serving Soviet spy in the UK was just 25 when political idealism drove her into spying for the Soviet Union.
Vasily Mitrokhin How they found the spy of the century
One of the longest-serving spies of the Cold War era is now an octogenarian woman who spends her days making jam in her south London home.
Melita Norwood timeline
According to a statement by Home Secretary Jack Straw, the spying career of Melita Norwood goes back more than 50 years:
Q&A: Spy scandal under scrutiny
BBC Home Affairs Correspondent Jon Silverman answers some key questions about the latest developments in the spy scandal.
Shayler: Why Norwood will be spared
David Shayler, the former MI5 officer who now lives in exile in Paris gives his view of the Melita Norwood case.
Q&A: A spy revealed
Professor Christopher Andrew on how Melita Norwood - alias Hola - became one of the KGB's most highly rated spies.
Respected lecturer's double life
East Germany's secret police, The Stasi, knew Dr Robin Pearson by his codename Armin, but to students and staff at Hull University he is a respected history lecturer.
Spying Who's Who
An A-Z list of those reported to be involved in the UK's biggest spying revelations for many years.
Idealist who sold out his homeland
Former KGB officer Colonel Vasili Mitrokhin spent 10 years copying files before he defected to Britain. BBC News Online profiles the man who unmasked "Granny spy" Melita Norwood.
The Cambridge spy ring
The most famous spies in the UK became known by the KGB as the 'magnificent five' but were better known in Britain as the Cambridge spy ring.
The 'Romeo' spy
John Symonds was a former policeman recruited by the KGB and taught to seduce women working for foreign embassies.
Who's being spied on?
The Cold War may be over, but spying is still seen as a crucial means of intelligence gathering by many governments.
Spy in the house of love
Sex and spying was a surefire way to deliver the results in the murky underworld of Cold War espionage.
Fearsome Stasi held nation in its grip
East Germany's secret police had built up a formidable reputation for efficiency and brutality when it recruited UK student Robin Pearson, who has been unmasked as a spy.
Spies who betrayed Britain
Revelations about Cold War spies are putting pressure on the UK Government and secret services.