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Sunday, 26 August, 2001, 16:04 GMT 17:04 UK

South Africa elections: Special report
BBC News Online special coverage of South Africa's second democratic elections.
The Rainbow Nation takes stock
Though the election is no cliffhanger, there are reasons to find the dialogue going on around it gripping, writes Jeremy Vine.
Flashback: South Africa's new dawn
Fergal Keane reported on South Africa's landmark elections. This was his account of one of the defining moments.
1994 - 99: The Mandela years
Nelson Mandela's personal quest to promote reconciliation has probably achieved more than any government policy over the past five years, writes Carolyn Dempster.
South African elections on the Web
South Africa's discovery of democracy coincided with the world's discovery of the Internet. Read our guide to South African politics and society on the Web.
The overmighty ANC?
The ANC prides itself on having delivered South Africa from apartheid, but some fear its power has grown too far, writes Jane Standley.
Education: A promise hard to keep
The ANC government envisaged a decent standard of education for all, but students and teachers are frustrated with the speed of change.
South Africa's economy: Much to be done
The future of the South African economy will be one of the major issues in the upcoming election campaign, writes James Walker.
Far from home, waiting for change
South Africans of all races living in the UK say they would prefer to go home but it's just too dangerous. Their sense of hopelessness belies a deep concern about the future of South Africa which many refer to as the "best country in the world".
Thabo Mbeki: A president in waiting
Greg Barrow looks at the ANC's "ideas man" who is all set to step into Nelson Mandela's presidential shoes.
The Winnie factor
Winnie Mandela has proved she is a political force to be reckoned with. After the elections, the ANC must decide if she can once again become a political asset.
Election campaign in pictures
Campaigning in South Africa's second multi-racial elections has been colourful even if an ANC majority appears a certainty.
Young turn their back on politics
South Africa's young generation is shunning politics in favour of sex, cars and money, writes Itumeleng Mahabane.
Around the 'Rainbow Nation'
As South Africa prepared for its second multi-racial elections Greg Barrow travelled across the country, reporting on the main election issues.