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Sunday, March 14, 1999 Published at 11:49 GMT

Holyfield-Lewis: Was it a fair result? - Your reaction

It's all become a real joke!
Alan Visser, South Africa

There was just one winner in this match - Don King.
Sanjiv Sheth, UK

Could you ever imagine this happening to Ali? Boxing died last night. The sport of men with integrity is lost. Greed the devil's plaything is alive and running America.
Yes, USA

Lewis should have won, its a farce to believe it could have been any other way.
Victoria Wood, UK

The biggest boxing rip off since Tommy Farr, Eugenia Williams is known for her out to lunch decisions, however all boxing enthusiasts both sides of the Atlantic know who really won the fight.
david hargreaves, Canada

What about a special prosecutor for boxing? At least it would give Ken Starr something useful to do.
David Port, USA

If the fight had been close, Holyfield would have been given it. As it was, this was the only way that Don King could get one last big payday from his man. I found it disgusting - Lewis' display of superior boxing skills were made to count for nothing by the cynical money-makers who run the sport.
Paul Nagle, England

Don't count on me shelling out 49.95 for a rematch. Boycott Don King! It's a shame. Jean Williams should never work as a judge again in her life. It was a sad day for boxing.
Tony, USA

Lennox was robbed, it's as simple as that. Just when you thought the sport was on the way up after some joke fights you get this. A lot of people will turn they're backs on boxing forever after such a farce.
Darren Cole, England

I think that Holyfield didn't have a chance, and I think that he fights bad. I saw him headbutt Lewis a couple of times and that is very bad sportsmanship.
Gary Sutter, Sweden

I'm no expert in boxing but I'm sure I know how to use my eyes and mind correctly. Certainly, Lewis was "robbed".
Sixto D. Caypuno, Philippines

I watched the fight in its entirety and was completely outraged by the results. This is the most disgraceful thing I have seen in sports in sometime. The "judge" that gave the bought to Holyfield should be stripped of her credentials. She is a disgrace to the United States. Lewis almost landed more punches than Holyfield threw. It doesn't take a boxing expert to figure out who won that fight. The decision was almost as bad as the two versions of the represented countries' national anthems at the beginning of the fight.
Trev Wooten, USA

Yes he was robbed in he most disgraceful way. This one takes the cake. Though I am an American myself, I think the judges scoring was unfair and partial and I am ashamed that such an atrocity could have occurred in our country, for the most important match of the year.
Lennox Lewis is definitely the World Champion despite what those thieves for judges scored. So in ending "Congratulations Great Britain and Lennox Lewis." May he have many more world defeats and if it means anything I backed him from the start.
Nerissa Hopkin, Grenada

I love Holyfield. But Lewis was robbed...and we need to find out why. I say that Don King must be banned from the sport...or let's just fix all the fights and call it wrestling.
Ken Engelking, USA

Lewis was robbed but he should have known the only way to win was to knock him out.... it is boxing after all.
Ross, New Zealand

I'm starting to get used to this Don King cash racketing scheme.
Popolinos, UK

Lewis beat him as simple as that and decisively so. Over here the commentators said that it was a travesty and a couple said that they were ashamed to be Americans after they heard the result. Even George Forman who was cheering Holyfield on in the fight could not believe that it was a draw. I think that Holyfield is a great fighter and has shown great dignity in the past but this was fraud. Lewis beat him in every department. Lewis made two mistakes, one he expected a fair fight in a Don King promoted fight and two he wasn't born in America. If this was a draw then so was Desert Storm and the battle between the iceberg and the Titanic. A disgrace.
Ian Butcher, USA

YES! Even Holyfield knew he'd lost. There is no doubt that Lewis won the fight.
Aaron, Wales

As an Englishman living in the US I am used to this sort of thing. The Americans are notoriously bad losers and will do anything to avoid being embarrassed, particularly in their own backyard. Outrage is the word that springs to mind. Bring Evander to Wembley or one of our other footballing cathedrals this Summer and let Lennox punish him there. And see how many American fight fans make that trip. You will be able to count them on two hands.
Christopher Orriss, USA

We had a house full watching this fight. All got up to leave as the fight ended and weren't going to stay for the announcement because we "knew" that Holyfield had lost. All were greatly shocked by the decision!! I think both men are great fighters and what a set up for the rematch. It seems like a Don-King thing to me!! Lewis definitely won this fight and if it wasn't a planned farce, it certainly turned out to be one anyway. I also would like to apologise on behalf of Americans - we don't all act as badly as those last night.
Steeler, USA

Boxing is turning in to WCW. It's a complete shambles. If this was any other sport results like last nights fight would not be allowed to happen. Yes, Lennox was robbed by American greed, all they want is money and more money they don't care about the results. Boxing is no longer about the better fighter but the better managers.
Stuart Collins, UK

Lennox should be rightly the new boxing champion of the world.
B M Lila, Malaysia

Lennox Lewis has every right to feel robbed, and also has every reason to feel proud. He beat Holyfield; he won in almost everyone's eyes. The judges cannot make us change our minds. Congratulations, Lennox Lewis! To us, you have proven that you are the undisputed champion.
Douglas Plumley, Canada

Having a rematch in New York would have no change on the outcome, if it were to go to the full 12 rounds.
Hugh Pascall, UK

Yes, he was robbed. There has been a preponderance of bad decisions in American boxing. Coming from Lewis's other home (he was raised and started boxing in Kitchener, Ontario), my family was disappointed with the strange decision.
Roy Daniels, Canada

I listened to the fight on the radio and after round 12 had ended switched off to go back to sleep, not waiting to hear the verdict as I assumed Lennox had triumphed. On going on-line this morning I was amazed to read this story - surely a gross injustice. Rematch please!
Mark S Smith, UK

Tom Glenn thinks you have to hurt someone to win a boxing match. Doesn't he know the rules of boxing - you score with jabs.
Ernest Barrow, USA

Absolutely gutting. Lewis's corner said it all; "we got robbed".
Rachel Oke, UK

Lewis was not robbed, however it was a very bad decision by the English judge, there was no way that he could have scored it as a draw. Clearly Lewis had done enough to beat Holyfield but never really took the opportunity to finish him off when he had the chance. I look forward to the rematch in the summer.
Lee Cullip, UK

It was a close fight, with Holyfield the agressor but Lewis controlled the fight and did enough to win.
Mark Bowman, UK

I feel sorry for a sportsman who has risked and given his all, to end up without his deserved reward. Congratulations to the travelling Brits, your vocal support was terrific! If Holyfield believes in justice, let's hold the rematch here in England!
D Bellamy, UK

I feel very distressed for Lenox Lewis, he easliy won the fight. It was a disgrace to boxing. I won't be watching the re-match; as far as I am concerned Lewis is the champion.
A D Elsey, UK

Let us have a rematch in the UK at a time and place where money doesn`t matter. Neither athlete needs the money now so in the name of sport lets get this sorted.
Steve Taylor, UK

I don't think Lewis was robbed; he didn't win clearly enough, and his waist-guard was far too high, yet Lewis' trainer complained about Holyfield's! Lewis got what he deserved.
Mairi Strachan, UK

What a discrace. If there is a rematch it should be on UK soil. Once again the "great American Dream" wins. Looking at the statistics, how can anyone think that was a draw?
Steve Padmore, UK

Lennox can consider himself a very unlucky man - when was the last time a heavyweight world title fight finished in a draw? However, should we be that surprised? It could be aruged that the only way Lennox was going to win on US soil would have been to knock Holyfield out.
Glenn Canterford, South Korea

Holyfield was not the same as when he foughtTyson. Lewis was a much better boxer on the night. Lewis's jab ruled the fight from start to finish.
Malcolm Rees, Saudi Arabia

Lewis had far more control of the fight and achieved more contact punches than Holyfield. I was a Holyfield fan before the fight, but, now I can categorically state, as I witnessed, that he totally lost the fight to a far batter tactical fighter. Lewis is the heavyweight champion of the world.
Carmen, USA

I saw the fight and it is obvious that America is not ready for a champion that is non-American.
Ahamadu Katagum, Nigeria

Holyfield got the enormous benefit of the doubt - not that I wouldn't want my countryman to win. Lennox very nearly went down. However, Lennox remained stronger throughout the match, whilst Holyfield seemed awfully strained.
Jim Kirk, USA

Was Lewis robbed? Was he ever. I'm from Holyfield's hometown, so I feel I'm a relatively unbiased source in this matter. Unfortunately, I must say I'm disgusted with the entire sport of boxing after this decision. Hats off to Lewis for fighting an incredible fight - and, in my opinion, for showing Holyfield what it means to be a true champion. On the one hand, I hope there's a rematch.. but on the other hand, one has to wonder: What's the point?
George Davis, USA

Fight statistics don't hold bias - they just show the winner.
Philip Johnson, UK

The worst decision in boxing history. Britain has waited 100 years for this fight.
Adam Sheppard, USA

I am a HUGE Holyfield fan and myself and everyone else who watched the fight with me tonight (about 10 others who are Holyfield fans as well) felt that Lewis got ripped off. The "tie" decision was completely wrong, Lewis clearly won the bout. On behalf of this group of Americans, we apologize. He deserved the win and the belts. Way to go Lennox, not sure that I could have been as cordial on camera as you were after the decision. It was very impressive to all of us that you kept your cool. Keep up the good work!!
Loni C, USA

Lewis is the champion. Holyfield in the ring looked like the father of the champion.
Rishi Prasad, India

It's not important what the American judge has decided.The judges are all of us. Lewis is the world champion. I think Holyfield has been humiliated by this embarassing decision.
Benmira, USA

Although Lennox Lewis didn't take full advantage of the chances he had to take Holyfield down, there was no doubt at all that he had won the bout, with Evander taking at most 3 rounds, one of which possibly 10 to 8. However, that still leaves the fight generously to Lewis. As the decision is going to stay as it is, it's only fair that the re-match be here in England, where a better-judged fight would result.
Daryl Penny, UK

Lennox Lewis was robbed. Isn't there a way of cleaning up the sport of boxing? This was a travesty for boxing and for all of us who saw the fight. Is there any way to disqualify or ban judges who make such outrageous decisions?
Alex Lithgow, USA

Lennox won the fight. The American judge was obviously influenced by the fact that the US media would not have welcomed a victory by the British boxer. There's no real need for a rematch - everyone knows Lennox deserves the title of undisputed heavyweight champion of the world.
Alistair Budd, USA

Even to the most ardent naive fan, this was a ludicrous decision. Where did Holyfield get the extra punches from to actually WIN the fight on one judge's scorecard? This is truly 'the case of the missing punches'. Shame on us all to keep tolerating these travesties!
Didi Emokpare, USA

My grandfather said a British boxer had to KO a US champion to win, because you just can't win on points. This fight proved him right. Lewis was robbed.
Philip Logan, Canada

Yes, but why not have 3 neutral judges? It also goes to show that we Brits are too sporting by giving the fight as a draw when the American judge just gave the fight to the Yank.
Paul Rigg, UK

Lennox I'm sorry, and on behalf of all true American sports fans and even Evander Holyfield who had no say so in the outcome, we are ashamed and disgraced.
Michael Bocchino, USA

I really thought this was the moment, had the thing taped to one day show my son. I'm English - you get used to it!
Mike, USA

I think Lewis scored 9 out of the 12 rounds. The English judge was trying to be too fair when he called it a draw. I guess he was trying to show the world that he was not biassed in favour of the Englishman!
Peter McCready, Canada

Lewis should have won. He was the one in control for most of the rounds. The UK judge should be ashamed of himself.
Donald Bain, Canada

Bad judgement syndrome is rapidly creeping into the sport.
Isaac Oppong, Japan

The only two people in the whole world who thought Holyfield got something out of the fight were two of the people who judged it. Unbelievable. A rematch would never be the same, there should be an authority that over-rules it and gives Lewis the result.
Chris Salmon, UK

Yes, Lennox Lewis was robbed of his victory. I am ashamed of the way the sport of boxing has degraded in the United States.
Daryl Castellaw, USA

What more can a fighter do than go in a boxing ring, fight his heart out, and hope that the judges will carry the RIGHT decision. It boils down to this: the Americans couldn't bear the fact of losing the crown, so what do they do? Make it a draw!!! It makes me sick!
Gordon Ganning, Australia

Everybody knew Lewis was the rightful winner. Even Holyfield looked resigned to defeat after the final bell. Where do they get these judges?
Nick Gray, Thailand

I'm absolutely disgusted. I feel sorry for Lewis. It's the last boxing match I'll ever watch.
Sonny Athwal, Canada

Lewis completely destroyed Holyfield. Even though Holyfield won the third round Lewis was at least five rounds ahead at the end of the fight.
Boris Masterson, Australia

This really is just carping from Lewis. The judges don't sit together or compare notes, they just did their job. Lewis never hurt Holyfield, he just jabbed away and didn't come up with anything else. At the end of the day you have to abide by the judges decision. I you don't like it then get out of the game.
Tom Glenn, USA

It's a barbaric sport anyway. I'm just glad that neither boxer got seriously hurt. The sooner boxing is banned the better.
Charlotte Harris, UK

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