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Monday, March 8, 1999 Published at 10:49 GMT

Special Report

Policy progress - Special report

The DTI has published a long-delayed consultation paper relating to policy on e-commerce.

Deadline to tackle cyber crime

The IT industry in the UK is given until the end of the month to tackle criminals exploiting electronic commerce - or face law enforcement agencies calling the tune.

Encryption: the business view

UK business is celebrating the government's decision to drop controversial plans to give law enforcement agencies the "keys" to decipher encoded Internet information.

Encryption: the civil-libertarian view
Cyber rights groups have campaigned hard against encryption regulations.
Encryption: the law enforcement view
The UK's law enforcement agencies fear that, if allowed to develop unchecked, encryption technology could become the standard means of communication among criminals.
Encryption: the expert's view
Eminent cryptographer Ross Anderson believes law enforcement agencies' demands are impractical and unworkable.
What is encryption?
As the battle over encryption rages, most people still don't understand how it works. Find out here.
Are we ready for e-shopping?
Britain is on the verge of a new industrial revolution, but does business and the consumer realise this?
Is e-shopping safe?
A recent Mori poll found that half of Britons feared the threat of Net fraud. So is e-shopping safe?
Policy Progress: Recent stories
The Governments consultation paper is the latest step in the policy making process.

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