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Friday, January 8, 1999 Published at 11:36 GMT

Special Report

Top secret papers reveal 1968 truth

Top secret government papers have for the first time revealed the full story behind the events of 1968.

The truth about 1968

Secret UK documents reveal Harold Wilson's government was on the verge of implementing an economic crackdown that would have thrown the country into chaos.

On the verge of economic catastrophe

Secret government documents have for the first time revealed a plan for a "virtual financial coup d'etat".

UK planned to give Falklands to Argentina
During 1968, the UK Government intended to sign an agreement that would have given Argentina sovereignty of the Falkland Islands, backing down only at the last minute.
Callaghan: I was wrong on police and race
As home secretary, James Callaghan bowed to pressure and excluded policing from his Race Relations Act - 30 years on, he says he made a mistake.
The year the world shook
In 1968 the world was rocking in more ways than one. From mass protests to progressive pop, every level of western society was undergoing turmoil and change.
How top secrets become common knowledge
Thousands of government files are stored away each year - after 30 years some are made public while others are never revealed.
Links to the documents that matter
In association with the Public Record Office we provide you with links to the pick of the thousands of secret papers that have been published online.
Wilson wanted to abolish Lords
Former Prime Minister Harold Wilson nearly abolished the House of Lords, according to papers released under the 30-year rule.
Queen halted Armistice Day reforms
Church proposals to modernise Remembrance Sunday were dropped because the Queen objected to them, according to newly released secret papers.
Wilson feared Communists on CND march
The Wilson government feared communists would infiltrate CND's annual march on Aldermaston, according to 30-year-old papers released by the Public Record Office.
Nato's 1968 nuclear option
Nato was so gloomy about its chances of repelling a Soviet attack after the 1968 invasion of Czechoslovakia that it contemplated using nuclear weapons, records show.

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