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Wednesday, December 2, 1998 Published at 18:49 GMT

Special Report

Woodward lied on TV, says baby's uncle

Louise Woodward is still guilty of killing baby Matthew Eappen, despite her TV denial, says the family of the baby.

'Absolute child abuse' says Woodward detective

The officer who arrested Louise Woodward following the death of baby Matthew Eappen has made a scathing attack on the former British au pair over the Internet.

Panorama - Louise Woodward's exclusive interview

Louise Woodward tells Panorama she felt there was a feeling someone had to pay for Matthew Eappen's death - and that someone was her - video on demand.

Woodwards cash in
A newspaper admits paying Louise Woodward's parents for an interview which was published after her manslaughter conviction.
If parents didn't do it, who did? - Woodward
The BBC's Panorama programme has broadcast an exclusive interview with Louise Woodward.
Parents go back to court
The family of the baby killed while in the care of Louise Woodward are launching a court action to stop her selling her story.
US press slam Woodward
Louise Woodward, the US justice system and the practise of employing au pairs are all targets of the US newspapers following Tuesday's verdict.
It's easier for Louise - baby's uncle
The uncle of the dead baby Matthew Eappen has told Louise Woodward to do something positive with her life.
Louise's Panorama interview: What do you think?
Louise's Panorama interview: What do you think?
Press restrained over Woodward's release
British newspapers remain cautious over the release of Louise Woodward.

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