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Friday, February 13, 1998 Published at 08:19 GMT

Special Report

The eloquence of the rose

So, you still want to say it with flowers.

The rose has therefore to be the natural choice. If you fancy a little experimentation with colour, that's good. It shows imagination.

But choose wisely. Each different pigmentation sends a different message. So make sure you get the right one.

Alternatively, buy one of each.

[ image:  ]

  • First, a single rose in full bloom, in any colour, will mean I love you, purely and simply. But, to really get the message across it should be red.

  • Red rose: I love you, as well as having respect and courtesy for you.

  • White rose : you are heavenly, I revere you. You inspire and possess humility, innocence, purity, silence, secrecy.

  • Pink rose : you have grace and gentility.

  • Dark pink rose: an offering of gratitude and appreciation.

  • Light pink rose : an offering of admiration or sympathy.

  • Yellow rose: an offering of joy and gladness. Sometimes it means jealousy.

  • Coral/orange rose: a sign of enthusiasm and desire for the recipient (most often given to men by women).

    [ image:  ]

  • Burgundy rose: you are bestowed with unconscious beauty.

  • All pastel roses: an offering of friendship and thanks.

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