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Monday, March 8, 1999 Published at 14:47 GMT

Special Report

Why do we build to celebrate the millennium?

What is it about the millennium that has made Britain go construction crazy?

What does the future look like?

There are several major construction projects in Britain being partly funded by the Millennium Commission and designed to be ready by 2000.

How is the rest of the world celebrating the millennium?

Different countries are celebrating the millennium in various ways, but few are putting up as many buildings as the British.

Explore the possibilities of the next millennium
The Millennium dome at Greenwhich will, it is hoped, enable up to 12 million visitors to 'explore the possibilities of their own personal futures in the next millennium.'
The Learning Curve continues for a lifetime
The Learning Curve is aimed at promoting life-long learning responding to an ever-changing world.
Protect the environment on a Living Island
Living Island will explore the relationship of Britain, its people and the environment.
Find tranquillity in Dreamscape
Dreamscape will offer visitors the chance to dream, imagine and return escape from the pressures of everyday life.
Getting the most out of our bodies
The Body Zone will provide a voyage into the human machine and will explain how to push the body to its limits.
Faith and belief in the Spirit Level
The Spirit Level will offer an oasis of peace under the Millennium dome and will reflect humankind's deepest common beliefs.
Beaming from a lighthouse
By Internet Correspondent Chris Nuttall

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