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Friday, May 14, 1999 Published at 13:04 GMT 14:04 UK

Nato strikes: Week seven

Kosovo: Special Report
The seventh week of Nato's air campaign against Yugoslavia saw Nato's worst setback so far - with an accidental missile strike against the Chinese embassy in Belgrade. An agreement was reached by Russia and the key western countries on a set of "principles" for resolving the conflict - hailed by Nato as a breakthrough. But important differences of detail remained.

Follow the seventh week of the Nato campaign in this day-by-day guide to the best of BBC News Online's coverage.

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Nato strikes: Day 49
(11 May )

[ image:  ]
Nato denies Serb pull-out
Nato says it sees no evidence of a Yugoslav pull-out from Kosovo, while China insists it is not satisfied with western apologies over the bombing of its embassy.

KLA 'still fighting fit'
China seeks to restore calm
Janet Barrie: Nato back with a vengeance
John Simpson in Belgrade: China says no diplomacy until bombing stops

Nato strikes: Day 48
(10 May )

[ image:  ]
China makes peace demands
China places a major obstacle in the path of the Kosovo peace initiative being pursued by Russia and the world's leading industrial countries, saying the UN Security Council could not discuss peace plans unless Nato stopped bombing.

Texts and transcripts
Jiang statement: Nato's 'barbarous act'
James Miles: Beijing's dilemma
How Nato picks its targets
UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Mary Robinson: "Creating civilian death and injury"
Jill McGivering: "Unleashed anger in China could be hard to contain"
US ambassador in Beijing James Sasser: "Unable to leave embassy"
Bill Clinton: An isolated, tragic event

Nato strikes: Day 47
(9 May )

[ image:  ]
China backs embassy protests
Thousands demonstrate for a second day in China over the attack on Beijing's embassy in Belgrade, but Nato raids on Yugoslavia continue.

Texts and transcripts
China's statement on the embassy attack
"Nato deeply regrets ... "
Embassy strike: What went wrong

Nato strikes: Day 46
(8 May )

[ image:  ]
Embassy strike 'a mistake'
Nato admits it made a terrible mistake in firing missiles at the Chinese embassy in the Yugoslav capital, Belgrade.

Texts and transcripts
Full text of Chinese statement condemning the strike
Bombing fuels Chinese hostility
Analysis: Nato's diplomatic blunder
Jamie Shea: "This was a terrible accident"
John Simpson in Belgrade: "Hard to think such a mistake could ever have been made"

Nato strikes: Day 45
(7 May )

[ image:  ]
No let-up in bombing
Nato keeps up the pressure on Yugoslavia with heavy air raids and the announcement of major reinforcements, despite continuing moves towards a diplomatic solution.

Kosovo Albanians: Who's left?
High-tech war in Kosovo
Kosovo: Can diplomacy succeed?
Yugoslav UN Ambassador Vladislav Jovanovic: "Many support our right to defend our country"
The BBC's Jon Leyne: Nato is taking nothing for granted
Nato strikes: Day 44
(6 May )

[ image:  ]
Kosovo peace blueprint agreed
Russia and the main industrial countries agree a draft peace plan for Kosovo which provides for the deployment of "effective international civil and security presences" endorsed by the UN, to secure Kosovo after the withdrawal of Serb forces.

  • Analysis: Is this the endgame?

  • Texts and transcripts
    Full text of settlement "principles"

    Clinton's Nato mission
    Economic crisis for Macedonia
    How warm a welcome for UK's Kosovo refugees?
    World Affairs Correspondent Nick Childs: "Officials hope the gap can be closed further"
    Fergal Keane: Tragedy of the elderly refugees
    Nato strikes: Day 43
    (5 May )

    [ image:  ]
    Clinton's call to battle
    President Clinton rallies US military personnel in Germany with a trenchant justification for Nato's action in the Balkans, in a visit aimed at boosting support and stiffening Nato resolve.

    Germany faces Kosovo criticism Muslim dilemma over Kosovo
    Duncan Kennedy: Clinton's job is part political, part military
    Peter Morgan: War is costing Bulgaria dear
    Defence Correspondent Mark Laity on the Apache crash: Training accidents happen
    Nato strikes: Week six
    (28 April - 4 May)

    [ image:  ]
    Russia's push for peace
    Day-by-day coverage of the sixth week of Nato's air campaign, with links to original stories, transcripts, BBC audio and video reports.
    BBC reports include: Yugoslav Deputy Premier Draskovic fired, Nato strike kills civilians, Belgrade hit by blitz, Nato bomb hits bus, US prisoners freed, 'soft' bomb hits power supply, Kosovo solution 'closer', Clinton's call to battle.

    Nato strikes: Week five
    (21 - 27 April)

    [ image:  ]
    Nato tightens grip
    Day-by-day coverage of the fifth week of Nato's air campaign, with links to original stories, transcripts, BBC audio and video reports.
    BBC reports include: Nato hits Milosevic party HQ and residence, Nato missile hits Serbian TV, Montenegro warns of destbilisation, leaders at Nato 50th anniversary summit vow to press on with campaign.

    Nato strikes: Week four
    (14 - 20 April)

    [ image:  ]
    Refugees hit
    Day-by-day coverage of the fourth week of Nato's air campaign, with links to original stories, transcripts, BBC audio and video reports.
    BBC reports include: Refugees killed as Nato hits convoys, raids widen across Yugoslavia, US holds Yugoslav prisoner, Nato says ethnic cleansing spreading.

    Nato strikes: Week three
    (7 - 13 April)

    [ image:  ]
    Nato reinforces
    Day-by-day coverage of the third week of Nato's air campaign, with links to original stories, transcripts, BBC audio and video reports.
    BBC reports include: Heaviest raids so far, large-scale reinforcements sent for, civilians killed as passenger train hit, Nato ground troops to Albania for relief efforts.

    Nato strikes: Week two
    (31 March-6 April)

    [ image:  ]
    Refugee exodus
    Day-by-day coverage of the second week of Nato's air campaign, with links to original stories, transcripts, BBC audio and video reports.
    BBC reports include: Raids intensify with central Belgrade and key bridges hit, refugees pour out of Kosovo creating a massive humanitarian crisis for its neighbours, Serbia seizes three US soldiers.

    Nato strikes: Week one
    (24-30 March)

    [ image:  ]
    Serbia bombed
    Full BBC coverage of the first week of Nato's action with links to original stories, transcripts + BBC audio and video reports.
    BBC reports include: First raids, reports of scorched earth policy in Kosovo, Nato loses Stealth fighter, refugees tell stories of atrocities, Nato starts round-the-clock air attacks, Russian mediation comes to nothing.

    Build-up to conflict
    (1998 - 1999)

    [ image:  ]
    Details of the negotiations at Rambouillet, the earlier massacre at Racak and the history of the conflict stretching back to March 1998. With links to original stories, transcripts, BBC audio and video reports.

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