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Friday, April 30, 1999 Published at 17:59 GMT 18:59 UK

Nato strikes: Week five

Week five: Nato tightens grip
Week four: Refugees hit
Week three: Nato reinforces
Week two: Refugee exodus
Week one: Strikes begin

Kosovo: Special Report
Nato moved into the second month of its bombing of Yugoslavia with strikes at targets in the heart of Belgrade closely associated with Slobodan Milosevic himself, including his residence and party headquarters.

Ending its 50th anniversary summit, the Alliance warns that President Milosevic faced intensified bombing, an oil embargo and increasing isolation.

Follow the fifth week of the Nato campaign in this day-by-day guide. Read the main stories, BBC analysis and the best video and audio clips.

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Nato strikes: Day 35
(27 April)

[ image:  ]
Draskovic threatens protests
Deputy Yugoslav Prime Minister Vuk Draskovic protests at what he says is a military takeover of a private Belgrade TV station after it broadcast an an interview in which he criticised actions by the Serbian leadership.

Cracks in Belgrade leadership?
Vuk Draskovic: "Settlement must involve UN"
Draskovic: "I'm ready to stand up to Mr Milosevic"
John Simpson: "Are cracks starting to appear?"
Nato strikes: Day 34
(26 April)

[ image:  ]
Nato tightens grip
Ending its 50th anniversary summit, Nato warns that President Milosevic faces an intensified bombing campaign, an oil embargo and increasing isolation.

Nato sidesteps thorny issues
US press: King Tony's call to arms
President Clinton: "Determined to intensify efforts"
Katty Kay reports from Nato summit: Still no agreement on ground troops
Jackie Rowland: Draskovic a well-known maverick
Nato strikes: Day 33
(25 April)

[ image:  ]
Strikes intensify
Nato's bombing campaign in Serbia enters its second month with a night of the most intense and sustained bombardment since the conflict began.

From our own correspondent
Jeremy Bowen: A refugee diary
Keeping Russia on board
Serbian TV again knocked off air: Paul Royall reports
Mike Williams reports on the bombing from Belgrade
Nato strikes: Day 32
(24 April)

[ image:  ]
Nato seeks embargo solution
Nato is trying to patch up relations with Russia following a sharp disagreement over the alliance's plans to block oil supplies to Yugoslavia.

Analysis: How good are the Apaches?
Jeremy Bowen: Traumatised refugees

Nato strikes: Day 31
(23 April)

[ image:  ]
Serbian TV hit
Serbian state televison went off the air for several hours after a Nato missile hit its headquarters in central Belgrade. Bodies were pulled from the ruins and Yugoslav officials said at least nine people were killed.

'Moral outrage' underpins Blair's war
The broadcast as the missile struck: Jim Fish reports
John Simpson: Body of a make-up girl found in a dressing-room
Nato strikes: Day 30
(22 April)

[ image:  ]
Nato: Milosevic 'not a target'
Nato denies attempting to kill Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic after destroying his home in the suburbs of Belgrade.

Tony Blair: Kosovo crusader
Ground troops: How it could be done
Milosevic: "US wants our territory"
Mike Williams in Belgrade on the bombing of Milosevic's residence
Tony Blair: "This is a just war"
Nato strikes: Day 29
(21 April)

[ image:  ]
Nato hits Milosevic HQ
Nato hits the party headquarters of President Milosevic in Belgrade, after a day of reported Yugoslav troop action on the Albanian and Croatian borders and in Montenegro.

Montenegro rift deepens
" A blow to the Milosevic family": BBC's Jim Fish
Mike Williams reports from Belgrade: Building on fire
Brian Barron visits the heartland of the Milosevic clan

Nato strikes: Fourth week
(14 - 20 April)

[ image:  ]
Refugees hit
Day-by-day coverage of the fourth week of Nato's air campaign, with links to original stories, transcripts, BBC audio and video reports.
BBC reports include: Refugees killed as Nato hits convoys, raids widen across Yugoslavia, US holds Yugoslav prisoner, Nato says ethnic cleansing spreading.
Nato strikes: Third week
(7 - 13 April)

[ image:  ]
Nato reinforces
Full BBC coverage of the third week of Nato's action with links to original stories, transcripts + BBC audio and video reports.
BBC reports include: Heaviest bombardments of Serbia so far, Nato brings in large-scale reinforcements, Nato missile hits passenger train, killing ten people, refugee crisis continues, Nato ground troops sent to Albania.
Nato strikes: The second week
(31 March - 6 April)

[ image:  ]
Refugee exodus
Full BBC coverage of the second week of Nato's action with links to original stories, transcripts + BBC audio and video reports.
BBC reports include: Nato intensifies bombing, central Belgrade and key bridges hit, refugee exodus from Kosovo increases massively, three US soldiers captured by Serbia.

Nato strikes: The first week
(24-30 March)

[ image:  ]
Serbia bombed
Full BBC coverage of the first week of Nato's action with links to original stories, transcripts + BBC audio and video reports.
BBC reports include: First raids, reports of scorched earth policy in Kosovo, Nato loses Stealth fighter, refugees tell stories of atrocities, Nato starts round-the-clock air attacks, Russian mediation comes to nothing.

Build-up to conflict

[ image:  ]
Details of the negotiations at Rambouillet, the earlier massacre at Racak and the history of the conflict stretching back to March 1998. With links to original stories, transcripts, BBC audio and video reports.

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