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Monday, November 23, 1998 Published at 18:13 GMT

Special Report

A wider union

The process of EU enlargement is now well underway. Negotiations have begun with six so-called 'fast track' countries. But there is a large gap between rhetoric and reality.

What can go wrong on the road to enlargement?

The European Union faces formidable challenges, as it prepares to expand its borders and increase its population by a third.

The enlargement timetable

The EU has a firm timetable designed to push enlargement forward.

Brussels prepares for tough discussions
Brussels is getting its house in order ready to face negotiations with accession countries and within the EU itself.
Europe as 'fig-leaf'
Hungary is amongst the countries hoping to join the first wave of enlargement. Budapest correspondent Nick Thorpe has detected a deep desire to belong to a European community once again.
Local worries overshadow Czech ambitions
EU Membership too distant a prospect to concern Czechs as Ray Furlong reports from Prague
Polish enthusiasm for Europe is waning
James Coomarasamy reports from Warsaw where there are signs that among ordinary Poles enthusiasm for EU membership is slipping.
Cyprus: country report
The European Commission's assessment: economically, Cyprus looks well suited to EU membership, but politically the issues are far more complex.
Slovenia: country report
Slovenia's prosperous role within the Yugoslavian federation allowed it greater freedoms and more autonomy then other regions.
Estonia: country report
Major efforts are being made to reorganise and modernise the police force in order to fight organised crime.
Czech Republic: country report
The European Commission's assessment: significant elements of EU law have been adopted but this needs to be accompanied by implementation.
Hungary: country report
The European Commission's assessment: Hungary has made vast progress in liberalising its economy.

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