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Monday, 1 June, 1998, 22:51 GMT 23:51 UK
All the President's women

Although Paula Jones's sexual harassment case against the president has collapsed, allegations about Bill Clinton's private life continue to dog his administration.

Among the women who have made the headlines are:

Kathleen Willey

Former White House volunteer Kathleen Willey told CBS's 60 Minutes that she was groped by the President when she went to ask advice about her financial difficulties. Ms Willey, 51, said he hugged her, touched her breasts, and put her hand on his aroused genitals.

Mr Clinton denied the accusations, but said he hugged her and may have kissed her on the forehead to console her, but insisted the incident was not sexual.

She gave a deposition in 1993 that the President kissed her and asked for sex while the two were in a room next to the Oval office.

Paula Jones

Mrs Jones is a former Arkansas state clerk who alleged that when Mr Clinton was governor of Arkansas in 1991, she was summoned to his room at the Excelsior Hotel in Little Rock, by a state trooper.

She has said he then dropped then his trousers and, alluding to his genitals, asked her to "kiss it." She claims that she refused his offer and was then told to keep quiet about the incident. She said that she was later demoted at work as a result. Mrs Jones filed a formal complaint against President Clinton in May 1994 alleging sexual harassment and defamation of character but in April 1998, the case was thrown out.

Federal Judge Susan Webber Wright dismissed Paula Jones's case against the president, saying that her lawyers had failed to provide enough evidence to prove it could win at trial.

Monica Lewinsky

This 23-year-old former White House aide is the youngest of the President's women to emerge. Paula Jones's lawyers discovered her after they spoke to a number of his female aides, in the hope of establishing a pattern of sexual behaviour.

Ms Lewinsky was an unpaid intern when it is alleged that the President first took an interest in her. It is claimed the two had an affair which lasted a year and that they had sex in the White House. When Ms Lewinsky first arrived in Washington she worked in the office of the Chief of Staff and later ended up in 1997 as secretary to the Defense Department Spokesman, Kenneth Bacon.

After leaving the White House she worked at the Pentagon. It is reported that she got her latest job at the Revlon Corporation after being recommended to the company by Vernon Jordan, a close friend of Mr Clinton's. Until last year she lived at the Watergate apartment building in Washington - the same building where a break-in more than 20 years ago led to the downfall of President Nixon.

Gennifer Flowers

Ms Flowers is a former nightclub singer who became the focus of attention during Mr Clinton's 1992 election campaign. She alleged at the time that the she had an affair with Bill Clinton for 12 years while he was governor of Arkansas.

She sold tapes of their telephone conversations and said that he offered her a job in local government in exchange for sexual favours. These accusations prompted Mr and Mrs Clinton to admit on national television that they had experienced problems in their marriage.

Hillary Clinton

Mr Clinton's wife has been always been fiercely loyal. When allegations arose about Mr Clinton and Gennifer Flowers in 1992 the couple went on TV to talk about it. This frankness was seen as laudable honesty at the time.

In public she has criticised many of the allegations against her husband as politically motivated slurs. However, behind closed doors the two are reported to have had blazing rows. Mrs Clinton is a high powered lawyer who married Mr Clinton in 1977. They have a 17-year-old daughter, Chelsea, who is studying medicine at Stanford University in California.

Others include:

Elizabeth Ward Gracen, 37 a former Miss America, told the New York Daily News on March 31 1998 that she had had consensual sex with Mr Clinton in 1982. Her statement followed allegations that the President, then Governor of Arkansas, had forced her to have sex with him.

Sally Perdue, a former Miss Arkansas, who has alleged that she had a sexual relationship with Mr Clinton in 1983. She said that the Arkansas state troopers used to escort him to her house and then wait outside while the two were meeting.

Finally Dolly Kyle Browning, an old friend of Mr Clinton's from Arkansas has also said she had an affair with him. She claims he tried to start up another relationship with her in 1994.

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