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Monday, February 12, 2001 Published at 10:23 GMT

Special Report: 1998: 10/98: Middle East

Special Report: Middle East Peace process

BBC News Online provides news and analysis of the conflict in the Middle East. Also a guide to the key players, the history and regional implications of the conflict.

Historic opportunity for peace

The BBC's Hilary Andersson considers the chances of success in the Israel-Syria peace talks.

Careful words to kick-start talks
Albright: 2000 'year of peace'
Clinton's speech in full

Hurdles on the road to peace

While Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak promised simultaneous peace talks on all outstanding issues of Middle East peace, deep differences must be resolved before an overall settlement can be made.

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Puffbox - interactive map
Puffbox SU timeline

Camp David, 20 years on
Peace between Israel and Egypt has held for twenty years, but reconciliation remains a distant prospect. Profile: Binyamin Netanyahu
Binyamin Netanyahu's arrival in the prime minister's office in Jerusalem in 1996 represented a major turning point in Israeli politics. Gerald Butt assesses his time in office. Arafat: Flawed symbol of Palestine
Yasser Arafat is the unchallenged leader of the Palestinians, but more and more of his people are losing patience with his style of leadership. Oslo in the doldrums
In 1993, the world witnessed what looked like a new beginning in the troubled history of attempts to bring peace to the Middle East. Nearly five years later, hope of a lasting settlement has all but evaporated. Holy city creates unholy passions
Jerusalem is perhaps the most intractable of all issues facing Israel and the Palestinians - charged with historical and religious significance for both sides. Hamas challenges the peace-makers
Security is Israel's greatest fear about the current peace process - it wants the Palestinian Authority to do more to curb the militant Hamas group.

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