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Malaysia crisis Monday, 15 November, 1999, 16:34 GMT
A crisis unfolds: Timeline
Police outside Anwar Ibrahim's home after his arrest on 20 September
September 1998

Malaysia's Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Anwar Ibrahim is sacked after months of economic policy differences with Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad.
Anwar sacked (2 September)

Mr Anwar accuses the prime minister of paranoia and resisting urgently-needed political reform.
Malaysian PM 'paranoid' (4 September)
Thousands join reform rally (13 September)

Anwar Ibrahim alleges a smear campaign against him, after two men reportedly confess to allowing him to sodomise them.
Sodomy charges increase heat on Anwar (19 September)

Malaysian police arrest Anwar Ibrahim after a raid on his home in Kuala Lumpur. Hours later, his wife tells supporters she will continue his struggle.
Anwar arrested amid protests (20 September)
Anwar's wife continues fight (21 September)

Malaysian riot police break up a demonstration by Mr Anwar's supporters.
Crackdown on Kuala Lumpur protest (21 September)

Police say Anwar Ibrahim, is "safe and sound" in custody, in response to fears among his supporters about his fate.
Police say Anwar 'safe and sound' (24 September)

Mahathir Mohamad suggests injuries sustained by Mr Anwar - revealed in a court appearance - may have been self-inflicted
Anwar accused of beating himself up (30 September)

A Malaysian doctor who says he has examined Anwar Ibrahim says the bruising on the former deputy premier's face is the result of an assault.
Doctor says Anwar 'victim of assault' (30 September)

October 1998

The controversy surrounding Anwar Ibrahim's arrest worries and angers a growing number of Malaysia's regional allies.
Mounting criticism to Anwar detention (4 October)

Wearing a neck brace, Anwar Ibrahim pleads not guilty to charges of corruption and committing illegal homosexual acts, in a second appearance at the high court in Kuala Lumpur.
Anwar in court (5 October)

Hundreds of people are arrested in Kuala Lumpur as supporters of Anwar Ibrahim clash with police.
Hundreds arrested in riots (24 October)

In a statement from prison, Anwar Ibrahim denounces the use of force by police to break up anti-government demonstrations.
Anwar denounces police violence (27 October)

A judge throws out an appeal by Mr Anwar against his imprisonment. The decision means his 2 November trial is set to go ahead.
Appeal fails (28 October)

November 1998

On the first day of his trial on corruption charges, Anwar Ibrahim tells reporters he is "in good health and expecting a good trial." But the day ends in controversy over the judge's refusal to allow observer status to foreigners.
Anwar trial begins (2 November)

The first prosecution witness delivers fresh allegations of homosexuality on the second day of the trial.
New sex claims (3 November)

A senior police officer discloses that he has found indications of a conspiracy to smear Anwar Ibrahim.
Anwar sex claims 'were false' (6 November)

Hundreds of Anwar supporters demonstrate in Kuala Lumpur in the first anti-government demonstration since the start of the trial.
Anwar supporters protest (8 November)

In a TV interview, Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad dismisses calls for his resignation and defends the sacking of his deputy.
I'm not quitting - Mahathir (10 November)

The judge in the trial of Anwar Ibrahim tells defence lawyers to avoid allegations of political conspiracy and concentrate on the charges of corruption.
Conspiracy not an issue, says judge (11 November)

The former Malaysian Deputy Prime Minister, Anwar Ibrahim, files a legal challenge against his sacking by Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad.
Anwar sues Mahathir (13 November)

US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright visits the wife of Anwar Ibrahim, before cutting short a trip to Malaysia.
Albright snubs Malaysia (15 November)

The Malaysian Government reacts angrily to criticism about the reform process by US Vice-President Al Gore, describing his comments as 'most disgusting'.
Malaysian anger at Gore rebuke (17 November)

The trial of Anwar Ibrahim resumes after adjourning for a week while Malaysia hosted a summit of Asian-Pacific countries.
Trial resumes (23 November)

A former senior police officer testifies for the prosecution, saying Anwar Ibrahim forced him to modify key documents to clear him of allegations of sexual misconduct.
Witness says Anwar doctored sex statements (27 November)

The trial is thrown into disarray as one of Anwar Ibrahim's lawyers is given a three-month jail sentence for contempt of court.
Anwar: Where is Justice? (30 November)

December 1998

Azizan Abu Bakar, a former driver for Mr Anwar's wife, tells the High Court that the jailed politician turned him into a "homosexual slave", but abruptly changes his testimony days later.
Anwar driver tells of sex 'slavery' (2 December)
Witness reverses sodomy charge (7 December)

The judge in Anwar Ibrahim's trial refuses defence demands to disqualify key prosecution witness Azizan Abu Bakar.
Double blow for Anwar team (10 December)
'Mistress' claim in Anwar trial (14 December)

Prosecutors at the Anwar trial produce a mattress in court which they say was stained with semen from Mr Anwar's alleged sexual misconduct.
Prosecutors show mattress in trial (15 December)

Anwar Ibrahim and his wife call on Malaysians to strengthen their struggle for justice.
Anwar urges justice, in Christmas message (25 December)

A doctor appearing as a prosecution witness in the Anwar trial says there is no evidence that Mr Anwar's adopted brother, Sukma Darmawan, was sodomised. Doctor: No evidence Anwar's brother sodomised (29 December)

A government chemist at the Anwar trial says a mattress produced in court was stained with semen from Mr Anwar.
Anwar trial hears DNA evidence (30 December)

January 1999

Malaysia's attorney-general says police were responsible for injuries sustained by Anwar Ibrahim while in custody.
Police assaulted Anwar (5 January)

Malaysia's police chief resigns over the beating of Mr Anwar while held in police custody.
Heads roll over Anwar beating (7 January)

Prosecution lawyers amend the charges against Mr Anwar so that they no longer have to prove that he was guilty of sexual misconduct.
Anwar prosecutors change charges (13 January)

February 1999

A summons is served on Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad by his former deputy, in a private prosecution for slander.
Anwar sues Malaysia PM (5 February)

Anwar Ibrahim gives a commission of inquiry a graphic account of how he was beaten in police custody on the night of his arrest.
Anwar tells of police beating (23 February)

The wife of Anwar Ibrahim says there is a very strong possibility she may challenge Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad for his own constituency in the next elections.
Anwar's wife could run against Mahathir (26 February)

March 1999

Former police chief Tan Sri Rahim Noor admits he hit Anwar Ibrahim, saying he did so in a fit of anger and under pressure at a time of rising social unrest.
'Insult' provoked Anwar beating (2 March)

The trial of Anwar Ibrahim comes to an abrupt halt, with the defence team facing possible arrest, with the judge citing them for contempt of court when they refuse to make their closing arguments.
Anwar trial halted (23 March)

Judge Augustine Paul rejects an application for him to stand down after Mr Anwar's defence team accuses him of bias.
Anwar judge will not stand down (27 March)

Mr Anwar's lawyers close their case, saying his only crime was to stand up against powerful politicians. The judge warns them to keep politics out of the courtroom.
'Anwar's only crime was courage' (31 March)

April 1999

Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad files his defence against a $25m defamation case brought by Mr Anwar.
Mahathir lodges slander defence (2 April)

Mr Anwar's wife Wan Azizah Ismail launches a new political party to fight the upcoming elections, calling on opposition groups to unite to oust the prime minister.
Anwar's wife launches new party (4 April)

Rioting breaks out in Kuala Lumpur after Malaysia's former Deputy Prime Minister, Anwar Ibrahim is convicted of corruption and jailed for six years.
Anwar sentence sparks riots(14 April)
Online anger at Anwar verdict (15 April)
Ex-police chief charged with Anwar beating (22 April)
Lawyers appeal Anwar conviction(26 April)

May 1999

Anwar judge gags press (4 May)

June 1999
Mr Anwar goes on trial for the second time, this time charged with sodomy.

Anwar sex trial begins (6 June)
Malaysia takes on websites (6 June)
Anwar's brother: Threats forced sex confession (30 June)

August 1999

Another setback for the Anwar defence team as a judge rejects the defamation suit filed against Prime Minister Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad.
Anwar loses defamation(2 April)

September 1999

The trial is suspended as Mr Anwar is taken to hospital with what his lawyers says is arsenic poisoning.
'Anwar poisoned' (10 September)

As the case continues Prime Minister Mahathir defends the judiciary against calls for a royal commission into the independence of the country's legal system.
Malaysian PM defends judiciary (13 September)

As thousands of supporters hold a rally to mark the first anniversary of Mr Anwar's arrest, a number of key pro-reform allies are arrested.
Anwar's allies arrested (20 September)

Mr Anwar's former driver, Azizan Abu Bakar, who accused his former boss of sodomy is himself found guilty of sexual misconduct by an Islamic court and sentenced to three months in jail.
Anwar accuser jailed for illicit sex (28 September)

October 1999

Medical witnesses testify that Mr Anwar does not have acute or chronic poisoning as he alleges
Anwar poison claims dismissed (5 October)

Justice Arifin Jaka, issues a subpoena calling on Dr Mahathir to appear as a defence witness in the trial of his former deputy.
Court summons for Mahathir (21 October)

November 1999

Complaining of splitting headaches and after losing a lot of weight, Mr Anwar is once again admitted to hospital for a medical check-up.
Anwar back in hospital (5 November)

As campaigning begins for Malaysia's snap general election, Dr Mahathir renews his attck on his former deputy accusing him of faking illness to incite opposition supporters to riot.
Mahathir says Anwar faked illness (14 November)

With Malaysia heading towards its general election, defence lawyers say they have been told that Mr Anwar's trial has been suspended with no date given for its resumption.
Anwar trial postponed 'indefinitely' (15 November)

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