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Saturday, November 7, 1998 Published at 18:09 GMT

John Glenn - a return mission
An in-depth look at the career of the oldest person to leave the planet - plus, half a century of space exploration, its ground-breaking ups and costly downs.
Accidental hero
John Glenn would never have become the first American to orbit the Earth had it not been for the frantic space race between the USA and the USSR.
How risky was Glenn's trip?
As John Glenn returns to from space a new analysis emphasises the risks of space travel.
Meteoric rise into space
Chart John Glenn's trajectory to fame - from young Navy cadet to national hero.
New tests on age-old problems
The 77-year-old senator is not only the oldest man in space, he also provided a unique opportunity to examine the problems suffered by elderly Earthlings, like insomnia and weak bones.
Hear John Glenn make history
Listen to the epic moments in Glenn's space career.
Cosmic stories
Laika the space dog, the man on the Moon, mission to Mars - science fact not science fiction and it's all happened in the last 50 years.
Astronomical costs
This century has seen the greatest achievements in space exploration - and there's more to come. But is it worth the expense?
Space age
Turn the clock back by travelling to the stars at the speed of light. It works, in theory at least.

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