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Thursday, November 19, 1998 Published at 13:30 GMT

Special Report

UK rejects attack on climate deal

The UK rejects claims that the agreement to tackle greenhouse gases, struck by world leaders at the climate conference in Buenos Aires, is just a lot of hot air.

Global warming deal reached

After overnight talks at the UN Climate Conference delegates have agreed to curb the use of greenhouse gases.

World debates global warming

An international conference in Buenos Aires on saving the world's climate faces the prospect of hard bargaining and some tough choices.

Our changing world
Graphs showing the trends we are facing: rising sea levels and steady increases in average temperatures and greenhouse emissions.
Saving the world's climate
Special report on the global warming summit in Buenos Aires and the results it produced.
The global impact of climate change
A look at how climate change could affect different parts of the world - from droughts to flooding.
A change in the atmosphere
Former UK environment minister John Gummer, who was at the global warming summit in Buenos Aires, gives his verdict on the meeting's achievements for BBC News Online.
Global warming: The facts
Global warming: What is it and should we worry?
Controversy at climate conference
An international conference on reducing global warming has opened in Argentina with a controversial call for more action from developing nations.
Deadlock threatens climate meeting
Environment ministers are in the Argentine capital, Buenos Aires, in an effort to overcome serious differences over tackling global warming.
'Warmer world threatens health'
The World Wide Fund for Nature says climate change threatens a massive growth in infectious disease, and may also damage world harvests.
The battle for global solutions
Former UK Environment Minister John Gummer, who is attending the Buenos Aires meeting, tells BBC News Online what he hopes will be achieved.
Climate 'threatens third of forests'
The World Wide Fund for Nature says a third of the world's forests are under serious threat from climate change -- with dire implications for the species that live in them.
What is carbon trading?
In the highly developed arena of global capitalism everything has its price - even the Earth's future.
Walruses 'threatened by climate change'
The environmental campaign Greenpeace says it has found evidence that walruses and other Arctic species are being affected by climate change.
Trading in pollution
As the world's governments gather in Buenos Aires to discuss global warming, traders have their eyes on what will soon become a highly-prized commodity: the permission to pollute.
Governments cool on global warming
BBC News Online's Environment Editor Alex Kirby gives his assessment of what was achieved at the Buenos Aires conference on climate change.

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