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The US Midterms
 1998 Mid Term Elections

Surprise gains for Democrats
Results and reaction What it means
California prize for Democrats
New York goes Democrat
Bush brothers celebrate
Minnesota's ace Ventura
Close second for dead sheriff
Analysis: Impeachment in the balance
Analysis: Lewinsky leaves voters cold
What the players say
Previous Coverage
The Race for 2000 The Monica Syndrome
George W Bush: Republican front-runner
The American mid-term elections show who's in the pack of presidential hopefuls. Texas Gov George W Bush is by far the leader.
Gingrich and Gephardt
Major political differences aside, the two most senior figures in the House of Representatives share a similar dilemma. Will they run for president in 2000?
Stumping for himself
The Vice President is showing personal ambition as much as party loyalty as he uses the November campaign to practise for a presidential bid in 2000.
Home is where the heart is
While the country may be split on Monica Lewinsky, Black America stands solidly behind the president and the Democratic Party.
Lewinksy in Loveland
Has taking the Lewinsky affair on the campaign trail been a help or a hindrance?
Lewinksy ghost looms over South
Conservative Democratic candidates were supposed to give their party a chance to show that, though battered, they were not yet beaten. That was before Monica Lewinsky.
Does Monica Matter?
Will the impeachment proceedings against President Clinton decide the election or will the election decide Mr Clinton's fate?
In California, it's candidates vs Lewinsky
Even in Tinseltown where scandal is nothing new, the Monica Lewinsky scandal won't go away.
On the Campaign Trail On the Campaign Trail
America's most popular politician
Hillary Clinton has swept through 20 states in as many days on the Democrat campaign trail, looking more like Victory than the "wronged woman".
All attacks, all the time
Even hard-boiled New Yorkers have been taken aback by the vitriolic tone of the campaign commercials for the 1998 elections
It's still the economy, stupid
Michigan: The Rustbelt may have rebounded, but voters here still have lingering economic anxieties. Those anxieties will influence their votes in the mid-term elections.
Jeb Bush: Third way Republican
Florida: In 1994, Jeb Bush was seen as mean spirited. Today his down-home campaign style is an example to his party of how to escape zealotry without abandoning traditional Republican philosophy.
Finding the Right way
Alabama: The South has shifted to the Right, but even with the presidential scandal, Republicans can't count on easy wins.
Winning Vermont's hearts and votes
Vermont: Republican senate candidate Fred Tuttle does not plan to win but to turn the art of political campaigning on its head.
Democrat Women running to stand still
Illinois: In an election where the political balance in Congress is viewed as a referendum on impeachment, two key Democratic senators are fighting for their political lives.
Hillary fan club stands by its woman
Florida: As Hillary Clinton supports her scandal-stained husband, she can count on backing from some elderly fans in Deerfield Beach.
The Issues
A BBC News Online provides a guide to the most important campaign issues.
Dirty dealings
In the final days of campaigning, candidates are bad-mouthing their opponents in a barrage of negative advertisements.
What's this all about?
A BBC News Online guide to everything you need to know about the US election on November 3.

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