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Monday, October 5, 1998 Published at 10:15 GMT 11:15 UK

Death to the New World Order? Your Reaction

I certainly do believe it's possible that there are an elite group of people who could assume power - at any time. The way things are in society and with recent advances in science, it's just a matter of time really. Just how much do the public really know about what's happening in the world? We see the TV, read the papers, but we're not *there* to judge for ourselves are we? What about scientific research, how much do the public know about what goes on inside government research labs, maybe there are already cloned humans walking around or body double being grown as transplants for leading politicians. The space program, we know what we are told. Maybe there's already several space stations, a base on the moon, maybe the government is in contact with an alien culture. The man on the street WOULD NEVER KNOW. I hate not knowing what really is happening in the world, believe me if I could join the New World Order to find out, I would be first in line to be on the side of the New Government. I don't want to be left out and I want to KNOW!
S J Woolley, UK

The question of there being a New World Order is inevitable. The world becomes smaller day by day and the differences of cultures and time zones will try to be ended and then this will bring round a consensus in the hierarchy that a single powerful government would be better for the stability of the planet and will help us as a people to move forward as one (The UN is an example of an attempt to do that. Though they do not have there own military force). This idea would be at least 20 to 40 years down the line to gain all the people of the world. But inevitably with such power, such things as human testing on a mass scale of new drugs and alike will happen unnoticed with other such atrocities. But it may it may not happen (sitting on the fence or what).
Robert L. Buckingham, England

The bizarre imagination of mid-west America strikes again. Now that the Cold War is over, patriots need a new antagonist to threaten life, liberty and the American way and doesn't the 'New World Order' perfectly fit the bill?

I blame America's enormous size for fuelling this conspiracy. For someone stuck in the middle of North America, the term 'foreign' just about covers Canada and Mexico. The rest of the world is simply too far for comprehension and is thus treated with suspicion. The UN makes for an easy target because it's composed of strange beings from distant lands. I wonder how many of these militiamen know anything at all about the structure of the organisation they fear so much, and perhaps more importantly how inept it has become in the face of complex post Cold War events.
Robert Andari, London, England

I think this "conspiracy" theory is a combination of several fears which are now fuelled by the "usual" millennium panic. Our species has yet to realise that we are ONE species divided by artificially created (by power mongers) racial and ethnic "factors". As we slowly evolve into a global economy and realise that we are interdependent and living together on one polluted planet we must co-operate more in order to survive and these artificial barriers must come down. This frightens some people and so they have created this "New World Order" to focus their fears. Reality check: no single government is currently able to "control" its own people. How is anyone/any group going to control all of us? GREAT show, great series. Many thanks, please keep up the good work.
Robert Nichini, U.S.A.

In East Texas, at least, much of the populace are very cynical, and suspicious of even mere literacy. They are fond of conspiracy theories of all sorts, including the one that claims that the Queen actually owns all of America, and that the NWO is a British plot! Good luck trying to convince such people of anything rational.
M Hall, USA

Aren't you being a little naive - about the coming of the New World Order? Surely it's been with us for years? I don't say that flippantly - I mean it. There's nothing anyone can do about it either.
Wendi Duff, England

Certainly, I believe that the money men take a long term view, I'm sure they form associations, I suspect that many so called crisis are engineered to achieve long term strategies. But, a conspiracy? I think that is a bit far fetched. How could the average person know anyhow? The only information readily available is well spun out for us by those with an axe to grind. Most of us are wage slaves, time poor, so how are we supposed to glean all the hidden information and put it together in a meaningful way? Are we supposed to treat the news like a degree subject? Given that, what are your motives for posing this question? Are you trying to suss out how much we have cottoned on to?
Tom Bowshall, Australia

It is one of the oddest things that the right wing of American politics has come up with, is the idea of the "New World Order" taking over America. There are good reasons to worry about how financial kingpins and our government interact, for the financial sector definitely is pouring in lots of money both legal and illegal, to influence our government in their favour.

I can easily explain the helicopters. During President Bush's time as President, he decided the "War on Drugs" had to be a real war, so he called the troops out to literally fight the American citizens. One tool they started to use was and still is helicopters, who patrol the verdant countryside searching for pot. They fly frequently and very low and are quite menacing, I assure you! How do I know this? I farm, and they spy on farmers the most. Once while I was ploughing with my horse, Sparky and ox team, Chip and Dale, they came so low to see what we were doing, they spooked the horse. I immediately called the National Guard to complain. This stopped. But I greatly resent this deep intrusion into my private air space.
Elaine Supkis, Petersburgh, USA

Governments, especially the "establishments" i.e. the key figures, whether or not in the public eye, that hold power and influence in the running of countries, like to remain in control, whatever happens. This has been the case since mankind has been civilised and certain groups have controlled the rest, arguably "democratically" through elected governments. Check out the agendas for G7 meetings - why are civilian arms controls becoming uniform throughout the developed world? Why does the USA Govt deny area 51 exists for example? Why do USA presidents get killed in office? There are so many denials by Governments around the world that something is clearly going on - how can so many "aware" people be paranoid - why else would so many people be preparing for the worst? I hope it won't happen, but am not so wet behind the ears to think it can't happen.

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