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Wednesday, July 1, 1998 Published at 12:52 GMT 13:52 UK

Special Report

Chris Patten: Reflections on Hong Kong

"I've always believed that no one would be able to snuff-out Hong Kong's democratic spirit ... And so it has overwhelmingly proved."

Voices of Hong Kong

One year ago, pundits, journalists and businessmen were predicting apocolypse for Hong Kong. In the run-up to the one-year anniversary, three local Hong Kongers say life has hardly changed at all.

Hong Kong: a cultural evolution

Anthony Chan, a Hong Kong lawyer, says the problems in Hong Kong stem from financial crisis, not the Chinese takeover. In fact, the province's shift towards a more Chinese culture is natural.

Hong Kong: better all the time
For Elsie Tu, a lifetime campaigner for the Hong Kong underprivileged, life since the handover is even better. In Hong Kong, life goes on
Neil Taylor, an inspector for the Hong Kong Police for the last 10 years, says Hong Kong has not seen the apocalypse that was predicted a year ago. Hong Kong: Who was wrong?
BBC Chinese Affairs Analyst James Miles considers whether Beijing's record suggests the outside world misjudged the Chinese leadership.

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