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Clinton in China Tuesday, 6 April, 1999, 08:39 GMT 09:39 UK
Historic visit in review
President Clinton's landmark visit to China was the first by an American president since the suppression of student activists in 1989. The visit - marked by a vigorous and lively debate with the communist leadership - has been a triumph for Mr Clinton's policy of engaging, not isolating, China.

Ceremonial dancers
June 25: Xian

"A new day is dawning for the Chinese people - for China's greatness lies, as always, with its people."

President Clinton dismisses opposition to his trip back home. He calls on Beijing to respect the thoughts and beliefs of the people.
Clinton welcomed Imperial-style

President Clinton and family among the terracotta soldiers of Xian
June 26: Xian, Beijing

"If true they represent not China at its best ... not China looking forward but looking backward."

First differences emerge with his Chinese hosts after reports that dissidents had been detained.
War of words over dissident arrests

President Clinton and Jiang Zemin review the troops
June 27: Beijing

"I believe and the American people believe, that the use of force and the tragic loss of life was wrong."

Inspecting troops in Tiananmen Square and a sharp exchange of views on human rights with President Jiang - screened live on Chinese TV.
Tiananmen ghost at the feast

President Clinton and family on the Great Wall
June 28: Beijing

"I believe that Chinese and Americans are brothers and sisters as children of God."

A day for sightseeing and also for highlighting the position of Christians in China. Attends service at one of Beijing's approved churches.
Clinton praises China's 'religious tolerance'

Beijing University student
June 29: Beijing

"Our experience demonstrates that freedom strengthens stability and helps nations to change."

A key speech on human rights at Beijing University, a breeding ground for the 1989 protests. Exchanges with students are broadcast live to the nation.
Clinton's freedom message
President Clinton's Beijing University speech

Clinton in radio phone-in
June 30: Shanghai

"I just want to hear from the questioners and have a conversation."

In a radio phone-in Clinton answers questions on a variety of topics, from football and keeping in shape to Taiwan's independence.
Clinton hails China as 'force for stability'

July 1: Shanghai

"For China, as for America, the promise for the future lies in helping our citizens to master the challenges of the global economy"

The president returns to a key theme - the link between economic progress and political freedom. But there no agreement on lowering trade barriers or market liberalisation - conditions that must be met before China can join the WTO.
Challenge of the global economy
China's housing revolution

July 2: Guilin and Hong Kong

"Let us, Chinese and Americans, preserve what we have inherited from the past and, in doing so, preserve the future"

Standing before the spectacular limestone peaks of Guilin, Mr Clinton urged China to protect the environment. Later he flies into Hong Kong's new airport
Clinton's clean up message
Clinton touches down in Hong Kong

July 3: Hong Kong

"The hard work we have accomplished has put that relationship on a much more positive and productive footing. That is good for America, good for China, good for Asia and good for the world."

A powerful plea for greater democracy in Asia, marks the end of this historic trip. Mr Clinton also met one of Hong Kong's most prominent opposition politicians.
Farewell plea for democracy

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