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Wednesday, February 24, 1999 Published at 14:46 GMT

Special Report

The body closes down

Death is the last taboo for Western culture. We are surrounded by death and violence in films and videos, but we still cross the road to avoid speaking to a neighbour whose wife has died. The BBC's Human Body confronts our final end head on.

The joys of old age

Plastic surgery can disguise the effects of ageing, but there is nothing that can slow the inevitable process towards death.

Shooting the human story

The BBC's fantastic voyage around the human body took over two years to film and used a vast array of scientific techniques to depict the complexities of being alive.

Brain power
Once the human body has stopped preparing for surviving the perils of living, it settles down to the everyday business of acquiring knowledge.
The hormones take over
Parent problems, voice changes, raging hormones and, worst of all, spots - this is the nightmare of teenage life.
Soaking up knowledge
Babies may look like miniature adults, but in their first four years they are still in a cocoon of development.
The miracle of being
We get so much information about the need for contraception that it is hard to believe how difficult it is to have a baby.
Fantastic journey through the seven ages of man
BBC 1's new biology programme takes viewers on an exciting trip into the inner workings of the Human Body and discovers what makes us who we are.
The human body and its vital statistics
Eighteen things you need to know about being human

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