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Thursday, April 2, 1998 Published at 08:04 GMT 09:04 UK

Special Report

Gagarin - son of a peasant, star of space.

New footage is to be released of the solo space flight of Lieutenant Yuri A. Gagarin - the first human being to orbit the earth.

The space race begins
Societ scientists get ahead and start the space race.

Son of a peasant
Gagarin was finally picked out of 20,000 applicants to be "Cosmonaut One"
"The first cosmonaut in the world is in space"
Gagarin was cool as the momentous launch went ahead.
Back to Earth
The first man into space faced 50-50 chance of surviving the launch - his chances of returning were less favourable.
A Space Victory
After the flight, the Soviet Union paid its official thanks to the man who had become its most famous son.
Space Firsts
A brief account of world-firsts in the short history of space exploration and discovery.

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