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Musharraf duet put on YouTube

Pervez Musharraf
Mr Musharraf is known to be fond of Sufi music

A film clip of former Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf singing a duet has become an internet hit on the YouTube file sharing site.

The clip shows the former military ruler clapping and singing in what is believed to be a location in London.

Former Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz is also in the clip and can be seen joining in the chorus.

Mr Musharraf is currently in the UK as courts in Pakistan consider bringing him to trial.

Police on Tuesday formally filed a case against him for detaining senior judges in 2007.

Mr Musharraf is accused of putting senior judges under illegal house arrest after imposing emergency rule, for which he may also face treason charges.

Musical abilities

The video clip, which has recently appeared on YouTube, shows the president singing with Sufi maestro Ustad Hamid Ali Khan.

It has already generated interest in Pakistan, where viewers are now posting their views of his performance on numerous websites.

Mr Musharraf is rumoured to have made another impromptu performance in front of a London concert audience recently when he played some drums.

But the former president is not the only well-known Pakistani with political connections to share their musical abilities on YouTube.

Earlier this year, the elder daughter of assassinated former Prime Minister, Benazir Bhutto, posted a rap song expressing grief over her death.

The song by Bakhtawar Bhutto, 18, came a year after the assassination and was entitled "I would take the pain away".

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