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Peshawar blast: Your stories

Pakistani rescue members search for victims among the rubble of a partially collapsed hotel after an explosion in Peshawar, Pakistan
The bomb demolished part of the hotel

Rescuers are searching for victims of a suicide bomb attack on a luxury hotel in the Pakistani city of Peshawar which killed at least 18 people.

Rescue teams are picking through the rubble of the Pearl Continental Hotel recovering bodies and looking for more people trapped in the debris.

The UN says two of its employees - one from Serbia and the other from the Philippines - are among the dead.

BBC News website readers in Peshawar have been sending their accounts of the blast.

I was at my cousin's house 5km away from the hotel. The bomb was so severe that even there the window panes were broken. I have been trying to get home, but the roads are blocked. The police are only allowing ambulances to go near the hotel.
Imran Khan, Peshawar

The lights were off. We were sitting on the veranda when I witnessed a big glow of orange light in the sky. It was very unusual and while I was trying to determine what that was, I heard a loud boom. The ground under our feet shook and our entire house vibrated. A while later I turned on the computer and got the news. The explosion was so loud that I thought it just went off close to our house while we live quite far away from the hotel.
Ayesha Khan, Peshawar

It was a terrible blast, I have never heard anything like that in my life before. I live 6km away from where it took place, but the immense sound had literally shaken my room. I rushed to turn on my TV and saw the breaking news about the bomb blast. We are all living a life under constant fear, it seems we the innocent people have just became scapegoats thanks to the US and the Taliban.
Faheem Ulah Qureshi, Peshawar

I am a lecturer in anthropology at the University of Peshawar. I was having my dinner in a canteen at the university campus, when I heard the huge sound of a blast. I thought it happened at the campus. When I came out, huge amount of clouds were raising from the hotel, which is at least 8km from the university.
Shabir Ahmad, Peshawar

I was praying in a nearby masjid in the University of Peshawar. I heard a heavy explosive sound and all of the people at the masjid went outside to see what happened. There was a big smoke cloud coming out from the area.

Aziz Ahmad, Peshawar

I live in a house about 600 metres from the hotel, with a direct view from my window from which I saw the top of the blast. I heard gunshots. Then no more than five seconds later, the blast occurred. The bomb created a huge red colour (that I could see from the window). It took more than five minutes for the police to come to the site.
Nicolas Jeambrun, Peshawar

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