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Indians saddened by IPL decision

News that the second Indian Premier League cricket tournament will be staged outside India has come as a major disappointment across the cricket-mad nation.

The BBC's Prachi Pinglay spoke to cricket fans in India's financial capital, Mumbai, to gauge reaction to the news.

Readers of the BBC News website have also been e-mailing their views on the decision.

UPDATE 24 March: The Indian Premier League will now be hosted by South Africa. You can send us your reaction using the form below.

Arti Menon

It is really sad that the IPL has been shifted out of India. I think it will send out a wrong message to the world - as if we cannot provide adequate security to tournaments.

Also it will be impossible to follow and support one team from one city. I won't be interested in watching it on TV. I would have liked to see how the second season of IPL was received in India, but it won't happen now.

Arun Mathur

What? No live matches? No way! The best part about IPL was that we could go and watch matches and the entire extravaganza live. Now it's just another televised series. I went for the finals last year and the show before and after the match was very enjoyable.

Ashish Malhotra

If it's about national elections and the Indian Premier League, the elections are really more important. We do not want another Lahore [where Sri Lanka's cricket team was attacked]. Yes, taking the tournament outside India will impact the revenue but national elections are a priority.

IPL is a great platform, it employs lot of people. The atmosphere is of a great festival so yes that will be missed. I will see how the mood develops and then watch some matches on TV.

Jayesh Raje

Finally, the decision has been made and the junior IPL (Indian Premier League) has to concede ground to the senior IPL (Indian political league). The manner in which the whole issue of the IPL was handled shows the direction our country is heading in.

All in all it's a season of great entertainment for the Indian public with both the IPLs in full action, one within the country and the other out of it. The political one is more entertaining as it involves the money of the taxpayer directly or indirectly.

Gargie Tripathi

I was looking forward to the second season of the IPL in Mumbai. The last time there was so much hype and news but since it was the first IPL it was almost over before we could become completely involved in it.

So this year my family and I decided to go for the matches and absorb the atmosphere first hand. Sadly, that won't be possible now. In India we could even have flown to watch matches in other cities but that will not be possible now.

Jasjit Narang

I wanted to take my wife to the matches this year as he got married recently. I went to one match last year and enjoyed it very much. It will also result in revenue loss at this time of recession. Apart from all these things people will lose interest, as live cricket is much more interesting. We will miss most of the action of the IPL this year.

The BBC has also received a number of e-mails from cricket fans in India. Below are selection of responses.

Watching it on telly won't quite be the same as watching the real thing live in person, so that's a major disappointment, and Eden Gardens doesn't get too many international matches these days, so the IPL was all we Kolkatans had to look forward to. And whoever thinks that the IPL is more important than the general elections (like myself), clearly has mixed-up priorities. We can only hope now that the elections are just as entertaining as the IPL would have been.
Arunangshu Mukhopadhyay, Kolkata

I am a die-hard fan of IPL. But I didn't back the decision to move it outside India. As it is a domestic tournament like English Premier League Football, it should maintain the spirit and soul of domestic people. It is so sad for the fans who are forced to watch the performance of their team and player through the television. Just think that the English would feel like if their Premier League was shifted to another country.
Jaiben S, Kerala

The IPL should just be postponed by a year. The nation can survive cheering an Indian squad who will undoubtedly do a fine job over summer.
Salil, Pune

I am a huge fan of the IPL - it has finally brought club cricket to an international audience. As an Indian, to see the IPL shift out of India is extremely painful, but security is paramount. The last thing this country would want is to be labelled as another Pakistan. Shifting it to a foreign country serves as a much better option than cancelling the event. Rather I see it as an opportunity for IPL to break into the international arena in a big way.
Arani Roy, Mumbai

I personally do not like this decision, because it reflects the inability of our government, but if the cricketers can play safely abroad, then we must accept the decision as their safety is much important than our pleasure of seeing them play right in front of us. It is shameful that international cricket is no longer safe in Asia.
Sangita Das, Kolkata

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