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US drone 'kills five in Pakistan'

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A missile suspected to have been fired by a US drone has killed at least five people in north-western Pakistan, officials say.

The missile hit a house in Janikhel, in the Bannu district of North West Frontier Province, late on Sunday.

Correspondents say this is the sixth drone attack on Pakistani territory since Barack Obama became US president.

Pakistan is critical of the tactic because, it says, civilians are often killed, fuelling support for militants.

Separately, an attack on a terminal on the outskirts of Peshawar has destroyed supplies bound for Nato troops in Afghanistan, the second such attack in as many days.


Local tribesmen in Janikhel said the house destroyed in the missile attack was frequented by the Taleban and foreign militants.

All the men killed were militants and they included two Arabs, the tribesmen said.

Local administration officials confirmed the missile attack but said the identity of the dead could not be confirmed.


All the supplies on the trucks were destroyed in the Peshawar attack

This is the second attack in the region in the past five days.

Twenty-five people were killed in a missile strike on a Taleban compound in the tribal region of Kurrum on 12 March.

The attacks are believed to have been carried out by US drones, although this has never been formally acknowledged by the US authorities.

Pakistan's government has strongly criticised the attacks, which have led to an increase in anti-Americanism in the country.

The attack on the Peshawar terminal took place at 0300 on Monday (2200GMT Sunday) when militants used rockets to strike lorries parked at the terminal.

At least eight trucks were destroyed and several others damaged as a blaze engulfed the terminal.

A policeman told the BBC that all the supplies loaded on the trucks had been destroyed.

This is the second such attack on Nato terminals in as many days.

Before dawn on Sunday, about 40 militants attacked the Pak-Afghan Container Terminal near Peshawar burning dozens of vehicles and containers.

The road from Peshawar to Afghanistan is a major supply route for US and Western forces battling the Taleban.

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