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Bangladeshis react to election results

Former Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina's Awami League has won a landslide victory in Bangladesh's election.

We have asked people in Bangladesh to send us their reaction of the result. Here is a selection of their emails.

Photo of election posters taken by website reader Faiza Faria, 29 December 2008
Faiza Faria: 'This election opened the window of justice and democracy'
This is the most wonderful election ever held in the history of Bangladesh. The voters have exercised their universal right in a free, fare and festive environment. This has never happened before. This is the people's verdict against corruption, fundamentalism and extremism. I hope that this paves the way to institutionalising democracy in our country. I hope the political parties of Bangladesh have learned a lesson to respect each other's views and there'll be a peaceful transition of power. Faiza Faria, Dhaka

A fair and free election was held on 29th December. Everyone enjoyed their voting power in a festive atmosphere. This election is a milestone in the history of Bangladesh. Sanjib Kumar DebNath, Chittagong

The BNP (Bangladesh Nationalist Party) deserves what it got. I voted for the BNP in the last three elections, but decided not to vote for them this time. And I think this was the case for many others. I hope the Awami League has learned from the mistakes made by the BNP, otherwise there might be someone new celebrating victory at the next elections. Great power comes with great responsibilities and I hope the Awami League will lead us to a better future with a new, healthy culture in politics. Syed, Dhaka

The overwhelming victory of the Awami League is not surprising, rather it was predictable. In my opinion, most politicians fail to understand what people want. They focus on superficial issues, which don't make much sense to the common man. People will always be keen to withdraw their support from politicians, who become corrupt and dishonest. The sooner the politicians address the real issues that affect the ordinary people, the better for the country. Ryan M Haque, Dhaka

After seven long years the people went to the polling station with spontaneous and enthusiastic mood and the result is a landslide victory. We witnessed what the BNP did in the last five years and they wanted to put an end to corruption. The Awami League had plenty of young candidates, which people loved and that attracted lots of the young voters. I am quite optimistic that the next five years will be more peaceful. Hasan T Emdad, Dhaka

The young voters of Bangladesh have decided the result of this election. The recent anti-war criminal movement and anti-corruption tide are the most vital issues that have influenced the young voters to chose the new faces and reject the older, corrupt and extreme right-wing leaders.ABM Monirul Huq, Dhaka

The people of Bangladesh have given their verdict against religious fundamentalism, extremism and corruption. It is a clear message that religion and politics are separate and the days of playing religious cards to win elections are over. The common people of Bangladesh are religious but not fundamentalist. Political parties should rethink their strategy and stop using religion in politics. SK Choudhury, Dhaka

This is a remarkable moment for the nation. It shows that democracy truly exists. Nevertheless, hopefully, the victory will not get too sweet for the Awami League and they will be able to fulfil the longstanding aspirations of our people. Hasan Uzzaman, Dhaka

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