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As it happened: Mumbai attacks - 28 Nov

An Indian security forces member leads a freed hostage away from the Nariman House Jewish centre

Indian security forces have still to secure all sites seized by gunmen in Mumbai in a coordinated assault on Wednesday which left at least 144 people dead.

Keep up with events as they unfold here. All times are in GMT (local time +5 hrs 30 min).

0235 CptG316 tweets: seems like its finally over apart from fire


0230 akeiba tweets:saying a prayer for the families of the deceased Jewish hostages in Mumbai

0220 angsuman tweets: What bothers me is how little regard these terrorists have for life. I think they have now set the Taj on fire as their final act.

0150 suhas08 tweets: mumbai ibn and ndtv have abandoned the blackout. live, zoomed in images at Taj.

0145 Fierce gunfire and explosions are heard at Taj Mahal hotel, as Black Commandos make fresh attempt to flush out remaining gunmen. A room on the ground floor is burning, and smoke is seen emerging from windows.

0042 British newspaper The Sun claims that two of the attackers were from Bradford, northern England. The Foreign Office says there is "no evidence" that any of the perpetrators, either dead or in custody, are British nationals.

0025 US President-elect Barack Obama offers his condolences to the families of the Americans killed in the attacks, adding that "these terrorists who targeted innocent civilians will not defeat India's great democracy, nor shake the will of a global coalition to defeat them".

2247 The Associated Press of Pakistan reports that a representative from Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) - but not the agency's director general as previously confirmed - will visit India to help with the Mumbai investigation.

2231 More blasts are heard from the Taj Mahal hotel.

Ben Brown
2202 The BBC's Ben Brown reports from Mumbai:Indian security forces are still fighting gunmen in the Taj hotel. It is not known if they have any hostages.

2147 The BBC's James Coomarasamy reports from New York: Heartbroken friends and colleagues of the rabbi and his wife killed in Mumbai have been paying tribute to what they called the couple's selfless life.

2144 France has sent a plane to Mumbai to bring back about 100 Europeans caught up in the attacks, including 30 French nationals. It is due to return to Paris on Saturday.

2057 Six bodies have been removed from the Jewish centre in Mumbai, Israeli newspaper Haaretz reports. Defence Minister Ehud Barak says some of them were bound, and two women were killed many hours before their bodies were retrieved.

comment from blogger
2045 Vinu blogs from Mumbai after hours spent uploading her photos to flickr: I clicked the picture [below] of an old granny looking out of her window - the morning sun on her face and she was watching the helicopter that was dropping... commandos on to the building beside Nariman House. A delayed response close to 26 hrs after the initial strike. Makes me wonder whether the spirit of Mumbai has been reduced to 'Pray' or 'Prey'! See Vinu's photostream on flickr.
An elderly woman watches security force operations from her window in Mumbai (image:

2025 ajayonweb tweets: Hope does not become like any other attack- paying tribute to the spirit of city, investigations that don't lead anywhere...

2020 BBC security correspondent Frank Gardner reports: UK counter-terrorism officials say there is still absolutely no evidence to stand up the allegations of UK nationals being involved in the Mumbai attacks.

2015 BBC security correspondent Frank Gardner reports: US counter-terrorism officials have told the BBC there are indications of a Kashmiri connection to the men who carried out the Mumbai attacks. However, like most Western governments at the moment, they are wary of placing any definitive blame until more is known.

1932 At least 13 foreign nationals died in the attacks in addition to the five killed at the Jewish centre, according to Indian Home Ministry data carried by India's PTI news agency. A further 22 foreigners were injured.

e-mail sent in by reader
1943 Saad Rizwan e-mails from Lahore: I am from Pakistan and I strongly feel for the Indians as well as foreigners who became a victim to this violence. I pray to God to give all those affected and their families strength at this hard time.

1930 The Indian news agency PTI puts the casualty toll at 160 dead including 16 security personnel with one suspected militant captured.

1900 US President George W Bush says he is deeply saddened by the deaths of "at least two" Americans and all the other victims of "Wednesday's horrific attack in Mumbai", AFP reports.

1831 AurusIT tweets from Mumbai with an old picture of what appears to be the Wasabi Restaurant in the Taj hotel, reportedly the scene of fighting between the gunmen and security forces. Read AurusIT's tweets.

1818 BBC security correspondent Frank Gardner reports: Interpol have told me that 48 hours after the attacks began they are still waiting for permission from the Indian interior ministry to fly in their team. They are quite frustrated.

Ben Brown
1813 The BBC's Ben Brown reports from outside the Taj hotel: The operation to flush out gunmen appears to be continuing though there is less gunfire.

1742 The website of India's NDTV puts the overall casualty toll for Mumbai at 154 dead and 327 injured.

e-mail sent in by reader
1736 Nam e-mails from Dubai: What I saw on TV, did not convince me that Indian anti-terrorist police was well prepared. I think they should have been well equipped, trained and better prepared.

1733 The founder of lingerie company Princess Tam Tam, 47-year-old Loumia Hiridjee, and her husband Mourad Amarsy, 49, were the French citizens killed as they dined at the Oberoi Hotel on Wednesday, says company president Roland de Farcy.

e-mail sent in by reader
1731 Nimrod e-mails from Mumbai: There's genuine terror struck in the hearts of people here... Bombay does not feel like Bombay... The streets, trains and buses are all empty....

1716 A Brooklyn-based rabbi and his wife were killed in the siege on the Nariman House Jewish centre, the Chabad-Lubavitch movement confirms. Rabbi Gavriel and Rivka Holtzberg were "the beloved directors of Chabad-Lubavitch of Mumbai", it says.

1712 The attacks have all the signs of being directed by Pakistan's ISI intelligence agency, a former head of India's Intelligence Bureau, Arun Bhagat, tells the BBC. He suggests it was a bid to sabotage rapprochement between the two governments.

comment from blogger
1707 Arun Shanbhag, Mumbai, has posted pictures of Indian security forces passing his street where the Cafe Leopold is also situated. Read Arun Shanbhag's blog.

1702 The commando-led operation at the Nariman House Jewish centre is over, India's NDTV reports.

1653 UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown sees "no evidence at this stage" of British involvement in the Mumbai massacre. Indian authorities have told the UK there is no evidence of Britons among the gunmen, a UK Foreign Office spokeswoman adds.

1647 Militants stocked weapons and explosives, including 40 grenades, inside the Oberoi-Trident hotel before launching their attacks, an Indian Intelligence Bureau source tells AFP news agency. Agents have reportedly arrested a suspected Islamic militant who checked into the hotel four days before the attacks.

Nik Gowing
1632The BBC's Nik Gowing in Mumbai says: This isn't a mopping up operation, it's a very serious challenge inside the Taj hotel. Officially they have said there's one militant but word is reaching us from official government sources there may be two or three. There could be quite a few hostages inside. Are there booby traps? Are there arsenals of weapons? There must be some pretty gruesome scenes inside.

1624venkysridhar tweets from Dubai: Our soldiers are brave but I feel we could have done better. 48 hours is a lot. Read venkysridhar's tweets.

1616The BBC's Nik Gowing in Mumbai says: We are still hearing gunfire from time to time. It's said there may be more than one of the militants still holding out inside the Taj hotel, as well as some hostages.

A day of explosions and gunfire at the Taj Mahal Palace hotel

1614 The BBC's David Loyn reports from Delhi: The last time there was an attack in India with the international implications of the Mumbai violence was an armed assault on the Indian parliament in 2001. That took the two countries almost to the brink of war. But Pakistan now has a democratic government. Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi says Pakistan's army and intelligence services no longer run secret wars or inspire militancy abroad.

1609 Americans are "still at risk on the ground" in Mumbai, the US state department warns.

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1552 Nimrod e-mails from Mumbai: There's genuine terror struck in the hearts of people here… Bombay does not feel like Bombay.

Ash e-mails from London: My parents live in Fort in South Bombay, which is 10 minutes from the Taj Hotel. They are saying they can't go out and are running out of food.

1532 Only five Israeli citizens in India have not contacted their families or authorities since Wednesday, Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni says.

1527 An Israeli female hostage in the Nariman House Jewish centre telephoned the Israeli consulate in Mumbai with the gunmen's demands, Israel 10 TV reports. The call was made before Indian commandos stormed the building.

1515British businessman Sir Gulam Noon, rescued from the 6th floor of the Taj hotel, tells the BBC: "From London, my daughters and son-in-laws [told us] the fire has started on the sixth floor... The [fire crew] saw us, they brought a crane with a cage... broke the windows and they brought us down."

1510 Indian National Security Guard chief JK Dutt gives details of the aftermath at the Nariman House Jewish centre to NDTV: Three of the hostages were found dead on the building's second floor, killed by the gunmen who then moved upstairs. The other two hostages were found dead on the fourth floor, where the gunmen were eventually killed.

1503 Security force operations at the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel and Nariman House are winding up, India's NDTV says.

1500 The UK's immediate priority is to help Britons caught up in the attacks, Foreign Secretary David Miliband says. But a British police team will "offer to help the Indians on any detective and forensic follow-up once the actual incident is over," he adds.

1456 India's NDTV reports heavy gunfire and several explosions coming from a restaurant in the Taj hotel.

1450 French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner confirms two French citizens were killed in the attacks and expresses his condolences to their families.

1446 A huge blast has occurred at Nariman House, India's Times Now TV says. Five or six gunmen are thought to be still inside the Taj hotel, it adds.

1440 A body has been taken out of the Taj hotel and people on stretchers are also being removed, India's Times Now TV reports. Many stretchers are being taken inside so probably there are more, the TV says.

Adam Mynott
1436 The BBC's Adam Mynott says: There have been three loud explosions at the Jewish Centre at Nariman House but it remains unclear whether these were caused by attackers or security forces.

1428 Reports of the number of gunmen inside the Taj range from six to one, Mumbai-based journalist Malini Agarwal tells BBC World. There has been more shooting at Nariman House, the journalist says, adding: "This death toll is definitely going to rise, I'm sure,"

1426 A fierce gun battle is raging at the Taj hotel while the total number of militants killed has risen to 11, India's Times Now TV reports.

1422 Fresh shots have been fired in the Nariman House area, India's Times Now TV reports.

1421 Rabbi Gavriel Noach Holzberg and his wife were among five hostages killed at Nariman House, where two militants also died, India's NDTV reports. There are no survivors, it says.

e-mail sent in by reader
1420Amitabh Thakur e-mails from Lucknow, India: This is more bizarre and unthinkable than one could even have dreamt. All we can say is that this must be among the blackest days in our country in the post-Independence period.

Ali e-mails from England: Why is the Indian government blaming Pakistan for this attack? Pakistan is willing to help with this matter and get to the bottom of it.

1413 An American and his 13-year-old daughter were killed in the Mumbai cafe attack. Former college professor Alan Scherr, 58, was part of a 25-strong delegation from the Virginia-based Synchronicity Foundation, which promotes meditation. Four other members of the group were injured, the Foundation says.

1407 JustPazz, India, tweets: Appalled at the foolishness of the curious onlookers who are disrupting the NSG operations. Read JustPazz's tweets.

1401 Two unidentified bodies have been recovered from the Taj Hotel, India's Times Now TV channel reports.

1355 The bodies of five hostages were recovered from the Jewish centre in Nariman House after it was stormed by Indian commandos, AFP news agency quotes an Israeli diplomat as saying.

1345 Pakistan says a joint anti-terrorism mechanism with India must be strengthened after the attacks. "Pakistan is willing to cooperate at every level with the government of India," Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi is quoted by Reuters as saying.

1331 Five people have been killed at Nariman House, India's Times Now channel reports. National Security Guards chief JK Dutt says militants killed three hostages and fled. Commandos killed two militants, he adds.

1321 Terrorism expert Prof Rohan Gunaratna tells BBC World News: "The attacks bear all the hallmarks of al-Qaeda. Certainly, those attackers were inspired by al-Qaeda methodology."

1320 India's NDTV is reporting that the crowd gathered outside Nariman House have been told to move away, and that officials have said the operation is not yet over.

1317 Mumbai police commissioner Hassan Ghafoor tells India's CNN-ibn television channel that the operation at Nariman House is continuing, but "should clear up very soon". A National Security Guards commander says his forces have one further floor to secure. A huge crowd can be seen outside the building cheering.

Ben Brown
1314The BBC's Ben Brown says: One of the rooms at the Taj Mahal Palace hotel is on fire. There are several explosions now. We think those may be grenades being thrown by the security forces, rather than the militants, but we don't know.

1311 French foreign ministry spokesman Eric Chevallier tells the Associated Press that it is "still awaiting information about small number" of people known to have been among about 25 French citizens who were inside the hotels at the heart of the attacks.

1306 The BBC learns that the number of foreigners confirmed dead in Mumbai has been increased from eight to 10.

Adam Mynott
1305 The BBC's Adam Mynott, outside Nariman House says: According to sources here, the siege has ended, although this has not been officially confirmed. One injured person has so far been taken from the building and put in an ambulance. Dozens of people are walking away from the building and have been allowed through the police cordon.

1258 India's Times Now television channel says the commando operation at Nariman House, where hostages where being held at a Jewish outreach centre, has finished. Commandos can be seen leaving the building. The channel says the threat has been eliminated and that the security forces are now searching adjacent houses.

1255 The benchmark Sensex index of the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) has gained slightly, a day after trading was suspended due to the attacks in Mumbai. The exchange re-opened on Friday. It opened down 1%, fluctuated during the day, then closed slightly up.

1245 Zaffar Abbas, editor of Pakistan's Dawn News, says he is not surprised India has suggested the militants have links with Pakistan. "What is surprising is the request from the Indian prime minister that the head of Pakistan's premier intelligence agency, the ISI, should be sent to India, and the Pakistani government immediately agreeing to the idea. It all shows that if there's any link with Pakistan, the two sides are willing to discuss it and that might defuse the situation."

1238 Indian TV is showing pictures of a massive explosion at Nariman House. Commandos can be seen standing on the top of the building.

1235 The BBC's Barbara Plett in Islamabad says: Pakistan's new civilian government has been quick to condemn the Mumbai attacks and eager to offer help in jointly combating terrorism. But the security establishment here is wary of its long-time regional rival and it remains to be seen what sort of co-operation will take place.

1226 UK Home Secretary Jacqui Smith says the government has no information regarding reports that some of the gunmen may have been British citizens. "It's important that we make judgements on this on the basis of the fullest possible knowledge and intelligence - and that's obviously what we are working on at the moment," she says.

1223 India's Times Now television channel reports that commandos have blown up a part of the wall on the fourth floor of Nariman House, after loud explosions were heard in the area.

Ben Brown
1220The BBC's Ben Brown, outside the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, says: There seems to have been a real intensity of gunfire and explosions in the last half-hour or so, but at the same time we are just not clear as to who the security services think are still in there.

1218 Additional Indian troops are entering the Taj Mahal Palace hotel. Gunfire and explosions can be heard outside.

Journalists and bystanders take cover after shots are fired at them from the Taj Mahal Palace hotel (28 November 2008)

1213 Pakistan's high commissioner to the UK, Wajid Shamsul Hasan, tells the BBC he was unsurprised by the Indian foreign minister saying that "some elements in Pakistan may be connected" to the Mumbai attacks. "This is the usual blame game to justify the failure of one's own [intelligence] agencies," Mr Hasan says. "The fact is that Pakistan itself is a victim of terrorism, the worst possible victim of terrorism, and it couldn't be a party to something that it wouldn't like to be done unto itself. You know, it could be Hindu extremists."

1210 The BBC's Ben Brown says: Black smoke billowing from the roof of the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel.

1205 ML Kumavat, special secretary of the Indian home ministry in Delhi, says that of the eight foreigners killed, three are German, one Japanese, one Canadian, one Australian and two unknown. One Briton has previously been confirmed dead, while Australian officials have said two of its citizens have died. Mr Kumavat says five Britons were among 22 injured foreigners, including two Americans, two Omanis and one each from Norway, Spain, Canada, Finland, the Philippines, Australia, Italy, China, and two whose nationality is unknown.

Mark Dummet
1157The BBC's Mark Dummett says: Here at the Taj Mahal Palace hotel, there has been a series of explosions in a first-floor corner room - both of its windows have been blown out. At Nariman House the soldiers, who dropped onto its roof from a helicopter this morning, are apparently making slow progress. Darkness is falling in Mumbai, a city still suffering a nightmare.

1147 Reporters at the scene describe the situation at the Taj Mahal Palace hotel as "a stand-off" between the army and a lone gunman, with soldiers firing grenades towards a second-floor window.

Ben Brown reports as fighting at the Taj Mahal Palace hotel continues

1135 Two people have been shot and injured outside Taj Mahal Palace hotel. India's CNN-ibn television channel says they were a reporter for the AFP news agency and a bystander. Both were later able to walk to an ambulance.

1125 Maharashtra state police chief AN Roy tells India's NDTV that his officers found explosives at Mumbai's Taj Mahal Palace hotel after regaining control of the building from armed militants. "We did find explosive boxes at two locations on either side of the Taj. That was a substantial amount of explosives to cause major damage," he says.

1119 Theophanis Liveras, whose brother Andreas was killed in Mumbai, says he believed his British passport would make him safe in India. "He went there for business. The last time was for a boat exhibition in Mumbai. He felt very safe. It was just a normal business trip. He was so happy and safe," he tells Sky News.

1116 UK police and government sources insist the suggestion that UK nationals were involved in perpetrating the Mumbai attacks "remains a rumour". They say the UK security services are working with the Indian authorities and "have visibility" of what is going on. There was no confirmation that officials were studying images of the Mumbai attackers in an effort to identify them. When asked about the reports on Indian television, Prime Minister Gordon Brown said: "I would not want to be drawn into early conclusions about this."

1104 Middlesex cricket captain Shaun Udal, whose team was due to stay at one of the Mumbai hotels as part of the Champions League Twenty20 tournament, doubts England's second Test against India will take place, despite authorities having switched it to Chennai: "I'm doubtful if the guys will want to go back so soon after a tragic event - such an atrocity," he tells the BBC Asian Network.

1100 Dr John Gearson, director of the Centre for Defence Studies at Kings College, London, tells Sky News the Indian authorities still do not know how many people they are looking for, or where they are. "They still haven't got the situation secured. It's highly-dangerous," he says. "There's too many rooms, too much uncertainty about how many people there were in there at the time and there isn't time to take the patient approach and wait them out."

A member of the National Security Guards fires a shell through the window of Nariman House (28 November 2008)

1057BBC defence and security correspondent Rob Watson says: It is almost routine for India to blame Pakistan for any attacks. But, the emerging view of not just Indian counter-terrorism officials but of security sources beyond is that the attack on Mumbai appears too sophisticated and well-orchestrated to have been carried out entirely by homegrown militants. Although it's hard to imagine that either Pakistan's top civilian or military leadership could have authorised such an assault, militant groups based in Pakistan have certainly carried out attacks before.

1053 India's Times Now television channel reports that six people have been evacuated from the rear entrance of the Taj Mahal Palace hotel, where heavy fighting is continuing.

1045 Maharashtra state Home Minister RR Patil, speaking outside the Oberoi Trident hotel, says one of the gunmen who was arrested inside is a Pakistani national. He says two gunmen were killed, 24 bodies were recovered and that 15 policemen and two members of the National Security Guards were also killed. Some 370 people were injured, he adds. In total, nine gunmen have been arrested and, he says, it is clear they came from the sea. Mumbai's sea defences will now be strengthened, he adds.

1043 The Israeli ambassador to India, Mark Sofer, tells Times Now television that the operation at Nariman House is continuing and that he believes six or more Israeli nationals are being held hostage at the Jewish outreach centre inside. He says officials are "worried but hopeful".

An identified foreign national is evacuated from the Oberoi Trident (28 November 2008)

1040 The Indian prime minister's spokesman confirms that the head of Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) directorate, Lt Gen Ahmed Shujaa Pasha, has agreed to visit India to assist in the investigation into the Mumbai attacks.

1034 India's Times Now television channel reports that there is a fierce gun battle going on at Nariman House. Police say the gunmen are holed up on the third floor, it adds.

1025 The chairman of the Indian Jewish Federation in Mumbai, Jonathan Solomon, tells the BBC World Service that a child held in Nariman House has been released, but that he is still very concerned for others still in the building. "I have spoken to the person who received the child when he came out of the house and he mentioned that his information is that the rabbi and his [wife] and one more couple are there," he says. "There is some kind of an indication that they may be unconscious but I am not in a position to confirm that."

1018 The BBC's Rahul Tandon says: It's a very different atmosphere outside the Taj Mahal Palace hotel compared to yesterday. Today, it's cordoned off and there seems to be a much tenser atmosphere. Earlier an army spokesman said there could be 10 to 15 people inside... there could be staff, we don't know. I'm not sure if the authorities themselves know because of the vast size of the hotel.

1015 British citizen Nicole Griffen tells BBC's 5Live she was evacuated from the Taj Mahal by Indian special forces only after they had checked everyone's passports to see if they had been helping the gunmen: "We were asked to wait with other guests while they checked other floors and checked other rooms. We all congregated into one space where they could protect us centrally," she says.

1012 India's Times Now television channel reports that more commandos from the National Security Guards have been dropped onto the roof of Nariman House by helicopter.

Ben Brown
1006The BBC's Ben Brown says: About 10 seconds ago there was another huge explosion at the Taj Mahal Palace hotel. There are explosions going off every few minutes or so. It is unclear whether these are caused by security services' stun grenades or by the gunmen.

1005 The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) reiterates that the Test series against England will go ahead as planned, although the second Test has been moved to Chennai.

Adam Mynott
0952The BBC's Adam Mynott says: Nearly 48 hours after the initial attacks in Mumbai, there have still been shootings and explosions at the Taj Mahal Palace hotel. A policeman I spoke to in the cordon around the hotel said that three gunmen, terrorists as he described them, were still holed up on the fourth floor of the building.

0931Steve Vincent, from Farnborough in the UK, tells reporters at Heathrow airport that he was in his room in the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel when it was stormed by gunmen: "I heard lots of shots, lots of explosions. It was just absolute chaos, pandemonium on the streets, people going everywhere. Really scary, just absolute, absolute carnage. I barricaded the room, just locked the door and that was it, just sit there, turned all the lights off, kept quiet. It was the most harrowing, harrowing thing I've ever been through."

0935 Mumbai police commissioner Hassan Ghafoor says 24 bodies have been found in the Oberoi Trident hotel. It is unclear whether this will increase the number of deaths already reported. Mr Ghafoor says the hotel has been cleared, but operations are continuing in two other locations. One gunman has been arrested, while two or three others are still fighting at Nariman House, he adds. Another is still evading capture at the Taj Mahal Palace hotel.

0928 Claims that Britons were among the attackers in Mumbai are being investigated by the UK Foreign Office. The Indian news channel, NDTV, earlier reported that the gunmen had included "British citizens of Pakistani origin".

0920 Pakistan has denied any involvement. Its Foreign Minister, Shah Mahmood Qureshi, has said politics should not be brought into the issue and that the two countries should join hands to defeat the common enemy they are facing.

Indian police outside the Taj Mahal Palace hotel (28 November 2008)

0915 Indian Foreign Minister Pranab Mukherjee says that preliminary evidence "indicates elements with links to Pakistan are involved" in the attacks. "Proof cannot be disclosed at this time," he adds. He also urges Pakistan to dismantle infrastructure that aids militants. It is the first time Indian officials have mentioned the neighbouring country in connection with the attacks, although earlier its navy said it was investigating two Pakistani merchant ships suspected of bringing in the attackers.

0910 The director-general of India's National Security Guards, JK Dutt, says they now have "full control" of both the Oberoi and Trident hotels. "We had cleared Trident yesterday, we have neutralised Oberoi also now," he says. "We have killed two terrorists today. There was lots of firing. They also lobbed hand-grenades. Some of them are unexploded, we are going to defuse them - you may hear some sound of explosions. We found six bodies today."

0905 Joey Jeetun, from London, who was in the Leopold Cafe when it was targeted by the gunmen, says someone "saved his life" by pushing him to the floor. After arriving back at Heathrow airport, he tells the BBC: "You had Australians, Americans, British. At first I just thought it was a lightbulb going off because it didn't sound like a proper shotgun or rifle. We all hid... we were just really scared, we didn't know what was happening. There was blood everywhere. I was drenched in blood, but... all I had was like a little bump on my head."

0900 Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad condemns the "ugly phenomenon of terrorism". In a statement, he says: "The terrorist attack in Mumbai, during which a large number of Indian citizens have been killed and injured, is a cause of deep sorrow and pain of me, the government and the people of the Islamic Republic of Iran."

0857 British lawyer Mark Abell, who spent the night locked in his room in the Oberoi Trident before being released by Indian security forces, tells the BBC he feels "fantastic" to be free. "I had spent a couple of days in the room by myself with no food, little water and just my BlackBerry. I was swapping messages with other people in the hotel and then the British Council started responding. Eventually, I got a call on the in-house system from someone downstairs saying they were coming to get me. Within about half-an-hour there was a knock on the door. It was great.

0855 Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni says it is not known exactly how many Israelis have been caught up in the Mumbai attacks. "We know that there are Israelis in [Nariman House] and we think there are Israelis in the Oberoi hotel," she says. "We receive conflicting reports all the time which we have to confirm," she tells Israel TV.

0846 The Hindustan Times reports it has received a message warning of further attacks. The e-mail, written in flawed Hindi, states: "We today warn the Indian government that it should end its series of atrocities on Muslims, it should return to them their states." Intelligence services are reported to be taking its content seriously.

0838 A reporter for India's Star News says: "This is the first time I have seen - immediately after blasts - indiscriminate firing by gunmen. This city has reacted by shutting itself down. The government has told schools and colleges to shut down. South Mumbai is pretty deserted. The average Mumbai person doesn't know if it's safe."

0829 Indian television reports "random shots" being fired outside Nariman House, which commandos stormed earlier on Friday.

0827 Indian Foreign Minister Pranab Mukherjee says elements in Pakistan were responsible for the attacks in Mumbai, according to the Press Trust of India (PTI).

Adam Mynott
0823 The BBC's Adam Mynott says: There were reports of firing at the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, the scene of one of the attacks on Wednesday. The shots were a result of the accidental firing of a weapon belonging to the security forces. The incident caused the crowds in the building and outside to panic.

0805 India's CNN-ibn television channel reports that three armed men have just left the Gokuldas Tejpal Hospital. It says the surrounding area has been cordoned off and transport halted.

0755 Indian television channels are reporting gunfire outside Mumbai's main railway station, the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, which two gunmen stormed on Wednesday night.

0750 Maharashtra Chief Minister Vilasrao Deshmukh tells reporters that the operation at the Oberoi Trident hotel will be completed "in an hour or two", adding that it is now totally clear. He says the operation at the Taj Mahal Palace hotel will be over in a few hours. When asked about whether there are any hostages, he says that have so far been no negotiations with any of the gunmen. "It's an attack not on Mumbai; it's an attack on the nation," he says.

Nik Gowing
0745The BBC's Nik Gowing says: In the last 10 minutes, eight trucks carrying members of the Indian police's Rapid Action Force have arrived at the Taj Mahal Palace hotel. Earlier, I heard gunfire and several explosions as troops moved into the hotel to free the two hostages thought to be inside.

0740 The Indian marine commando says a Mauritius ID card, $1,200 and 6,000 Indian rupees were recovered from one of the gunmen's bags at the Taj Mahal Palace hotel. In addition, the gunmen had several magazines of spare ammunition, explosives, food, and credit cards from several banks, he says.

0735 A member of the Indian military's marine commandos tells a news conference that they have so far recovered 30 dead bodies from one hall of the Taj Mahal Palace hotel. "The bodies were lying strewn here and there. There was blood all over and in trying to avoid the casualty of those civilians, we had to be that much more careful," he says. The gunmen were well aware of the building's layout, had fired indiscriminately and shown no remorse, he adds.

Indian commandos have described a raid against gunmen in the Taj Mahal palace hotel

0724 The Associated Press says a further 20 people - a group of airline crew members - have been evacuated from the Oberoi Trident.

0720 Canadian Foreign Minister Lawrence Cannon has confirmed that one Canadian was killed and two others were injured in the attacks.

0703 According to NDTV, the army has advised all news channels not to show live pictures of the Taj Mahal Palace and Oberoi Trident hotels, where commandos are conducting "clearing" operations. It says the army has also asked journalists not to give out any specific details of the operation at Nariman House.

0645 At least 93 people, most of them foreign nationals, have been released from the Oberoi Trident hotel, more than 36 hours after gunmen entered the building, police have said.

Nik Gowing
0623The BBC's Nik Gowing says: I can hear gunfire inside the Taj Mahal Palace hotel and have had to take cover.

0617 India's CNN-ibn television channel reports that the National Security Guards (NSG) have said that some of the hostages have been killed at Oberoi Trident hotel.

0612 India's CNN-ibn television channel reports exchanges of fire at Nariman House, a five-story residential building that contains an office of the Jewish outreach group, Chabad Lubavitch. The fourth and fifth floors have now been cleared by commandos, it says.

0608 Australian opposition Liberal Party leader Malcolm Turnbull has confirmed that a second Australian man was killed in the Mumbai attacks, according to the AFP news agency.

0601 The Australian department of foreign affairs and trade has updated its travel warning for India, advising its citizens "to reconsider... because of the very high risk of terrorist activity by terrorists and militant groups".

Indian police run towards the lobby of the Taj Mahal Palace hotel (28 November 2008)

0555 Lt Gen N Thamburaj, head of the Indian army's Southern Command, tells reporters the Taj Mahal Palace hotel's new building has been cleared and handed over to police. He says there is believed to be one gunman holding out in the older, "heritage" part of the hotel, and that one or two hostages are still in there with him. Gen Thamburaj says the gunman is moving around on two floors, where he has cut off the electricity. A number of hotel rooms remain locked from the inside, possibly by guests who are hiding there.

0530 The benchmark Sensex index of the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) re-opened 1% down on Friday. It was closed on Thursday in response to the attacks.

0525 India's Times Now channel says the army has taken complete control of the Oberoi hotel releasing the last 30 hostages, most of them foreigners.

0500 Times Now channel reports that a US official is among those being held at the Oberoi hotel. The channel also says many of those trapped are without food and water.

0425 More guests are being evacuated from the Oberoi hotel, eyewitnesses quoted by Reuters news agency say.

0410 Deathtoll from attacks rises to 130, police quoted by AFP say.

0251 Commandos are tentatively moving down through the five-storey Jewish centre building, the BBC's David Loyn reports. 0249 A spokesman for the group whose members are believed to be in the Jewish centre said members around the world were praying for a safe outcome.

Indian commando is dropped off on the roof of Nariman House by a helicopter (28 November 2008)

0231 Snipers are reportedly shooting from buildings opposite the Jewish centre.

0210 Indian television shows footage of commandos being lowered from a helicopter onto the roof of the Jewish centre. There are still an unknown number of hostages inside. Troops also move in at ground level.

0200 Indian commandos have cleared the Oberoi hotel, Indian TV reports.

0155 Indian commandos move to take Jewish centre where a number of hostages are being held.

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