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Eyewitness: 'People running from hotel'

Apnavie Thacker is currently in a building opposite Mumbai's Taj Mahal hotel, which gunmen earlier attacked and entered.

She tells the BBC how people are currently running out of the Taj Mahal hotel carrying their luggage.

Indian army snipers climb scaffolding opposite the Taj Mahal Palace hotel
Indian army snipers climb scaffolding opposite the Taj Mahal Palace hotel
I have a clear view of right outside the Taj on the side.

People are now leaving the Taj and running out. I saw two people - a lady and a man. They didn't look like press people or policemen. I can see other soldiers in the distance near the gateway getting into position.

I can see more people leaving the hotel. They are running out with their luggage. They might be escorted.

We have been asked to move away from the windows because the gunmen are not in the Taj Palace any more but are in the Tower, we have been told - that means they are very close to us. They could potentially reach us if they shot us.

The sharpshooters are ready, they are on ground level. The police are pushing people back now and there seems to be people running from one ambulance and getting people out of the way.

The press are cornered up in one place trying to get a view of what is going on.

I had stayed in my room ever since I got in after running through the streets when it was totally deserted after all the mayhem. There was not a single person on the streets. You could hear gunshots go off. But I had to run here to the yacht club to make sure my parents were OK.

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