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Musharraf resigns: Pakistanis react

After Pervez Musharraf resigned as president of Pakistan after nine years in power, Pakistanis reflect on his legacy and their expectations for the future.

Khalid Muneer, PeshawarFarrukh Taj, IslamabadMuhammad Abbas, KarachiQazi Nazir, AbbottabadMuhammad Waseem Elahi, GujranwalaMahbina Waheed, Lahore


Mahbina Waheed
Mahbina says Musharraf worked selflessly for Pakistan
President Musharraf is one of the greatest leaders of Pakistan. He has worked selflessly for the greater good of the country.

He brought us prosperity and because of him women like me have been able to run businesses, travel anywhere and wear anything. All charges against him are baseless and false.

It is a sad day that unelected party heads like Nawaz Sharif and Asif Zardari are running a personal vendetta against him to further their personal goals. It is with tears that we bid him goodbye.

Our future is uncertain and scary. Without him we will fear for our safety because the politicians who have been in power for the past few months do not inspire any confidence when it comes to our security.

They do not care about the real issues facing ordinary Pakistanis, such as our daily power supply. All they care is about themselves.


Muhammad Abbas
Muhammad says Musharraf's decision is good for Pakistan's democracy
I think Pervez Musharraf's decision to resign will be good for Pakistan's democracy. Nine years is a long time and he had to go. He did his best during this time for the people of Pakistan.

For example, he opened up the media. But it is high time and instead of letting emotions run loose the people of Pakistan should study the facts, statistics and history of the last nine years of Musharraf's rule and compare with that of the decade before.

We need to think rationally and ask if Asif Zardari and the Sharif brothers give a damn about this country.

Unfortunately you cannot change your leaders but we do hope they can learn from past mistakes.


Farrukh Taj
Farrukh would like Musharraf to be back as President
Musharraf is a great Pakistani. He really is a hero. I don't think Pakistan will be able to find anybody like him for centuries to come!

He may have committed some mistakes, but overall he was very good for Pakistan, much better than our politicians.

These politicians who are now in power have been tested before and they have never offered any vision; they only looked after themselves.

All they do is criticise Musharraf without offering any solid policies of their own for the welfare of the Pakistani people. Musharraf was a visionary, he worked for peace, for the economic development of Pakistan and against terrorism.

I would very much like him back as our President.


Qazi Nazir
Qazi Nazir says Musharraf should have handled the economy better

When Musharraf came to power the country was in a mess. He opened up the economy for foreign investment, encouraged industrialisation and freed the media.

But Pakistan is facing many problems at the moment because of him and the economy is declining day-by-day because of his wrong policies.

Personally he has been an honest man but his association with Pakistan Muslim League (Q) tarnished his image. I do hope the other parties - the PPP and PML (N) - will work for the betterment of the country.

I also believe that now that Mr Musharraf has resigned the ruling parties should not impeach him.


Musharraf could have done much more on economy and on issues such as Kashmir

Pervez Musharraf has no ground left to stand. He came to power on false pretexts and remained a powerful man in so many capacities but he could not deliver on his promises.

He could have done much more on the economy and on issues such as Kashmir. His resignation is in the best interests of Pakistan.

Now the rule of law, which was absent under Musharraf, will be restored and the judges he sacked will be reinstated.

I am confident that the present government will work harder for the people which will be evident in the next few months.


Muhammad Waseem Elahi
Muhammad Waseem says lawyers will rejoice at the resignation

I am very happy and satisfied about the resignation. Our country has suffered a lot because of this man.

The borders of Pakistan are not yet safe, the unwanted war against terrorism has damaged the interest of Pakistan, the economic condition of Pakistan is not stable.

Law and order has broken down. People are being looted on roads and while in their homes. Poverty, price hikes and the rate of suicide have increased.

In short the era of Pervez Musharraf was a complete failure.

As a lawyer I also believe the legal profession will be happy. The deposed judiciary must now be restored at once without any policy riddles and political gimmicks.

The coalition government is finalising the name of the new president. If promises cannot be delivered and if the economic situation of Pakistan does not improve, then lawyers will launch a new and fresh movement against the present government.

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