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Musharraf resignation speech: Excerpts

Pakistan's President Pervez Musharraf has said he will resign after nine years in office. Here are some of the key excerpts from his hour-long televised address.


False allegations were filed against me and they tried to turn truth into lie and they tried to deceive the people.

To impeach is parliament's prerogative and to answer it is my right. I believe in myself and I have faith in my god, Allah, that no charge sheet can stand against me. Not a single charge can be proved against me because I never did anything for myself. Whatever I did was for Pakistan first. That was my motto.


After consulting my legal advisers and closest political supporters and listening to their advice, in the interest of the nation, I resign from my post today. I leave my future in the hands of the people, to let them be the judges and let them do the justice.

I am going with the satisfaction that whatever I could do for this nation, for the people, I did it with honesty and integrity. But I am also a human being. It is possible I might have committed mistakes, but I hope that this nation and the people will know that my intentions were true.


Now I am satisfied, but at the same time I am sad - and in pain as well - that Pakistan is sliding downhill very quickly. This is my heartfelt sorrow, I am very sad. I hope that the government will consider the people's problems and will attempt to improve things, that the government will manage to stop this decline and will work for the people of Pakistan.

I am pleased to say that I am leaving a vibrant media, and I hope that the media will enjoy the same level of freedom and independence, and [act] with responsibility.


There are lots of my supporters and well-wishers, and there are lots of opinion polls, that say I should stay in power. I know that there are many well-wishers and supporters that were telling me to do something else, but I would like to tell them, please accept this honest decision for the nation and in the people's interest.

Finally, goodbye to Pakistan. God protect Pakistan. God protect you, Pakistan forever. Long live Pakistan.

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