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'My family were forced to flee'

A man in the southern Afghan city of Kandahar tells the BBC how his family fled nearby Arghandab district after being told by the Taleban to support them or leave.

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My relatives are from Arghandab district and they were forced to flee.

When the Taleban arrived in the district they told my family that they should either take the Taleban's side or leave the area. They chose to leave and they can survive here in Kandahar for some time.

They are living with other members of my family.

Many people were evacuated from the district to Kandahar city centre. I have seen them there. I talked to them.

People are very worried about their homes. Arghandab is very close to Kandahar city so, for sure, it is not just the people of Arghandhab who are worried.

Many Kandaharis are also asking questions.

But now we have a greater presence of government forces, Isaf and Nato forces - we can only see what will happen.

The Taleban came in October last year. They were in Arghandab for two days and one night, I heard, and then they were pushed out by military force.

This area has been very active recently. On the night of 13 June 350 Taleban escaped from jail. After that the international military and local Afghan forces came to the district.

We don't know exactly what is happening in Arghandab now.

There is some talk that the Taleban could come to Kandahar now. To be honest, people here have experience of this situation. This sort of thing has happened before. We know how to deal with it.

But the situation is not easy.

The situation really is bad for the residents of Arghandab. They have fled to safe havens. They don't want to put their lives in danger.

Those who had money came to Kandahar city. Some poor people cannot come. They fled to other parts of Arghandab district.

A river divides the district. The Taleban is occupying the north-western part. Those poorer people who cannot afford to come to town have simply moved to another part of the district on the other side of the river.

We will see what happens.

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